The Age of Gods was closing.
Eternity had come to an end. The heavens
shook as the armies of Falis, the supreme
God of Light, clashed with those of Falaris, the
supreme God of Darkness. In the seemingly endless
battle, the earth wept and the oceans trembled in

The final battle between the survivors, Marfa,
the Mother-Goddess of Creation, and Kardis, the
malevolent Goddess of Destruction, echoed to the
ends of the earth.

At the climax of their fierce battle, a continent
separated, creating a land on which both the
goddesses of light and darkness perished like a
flame and flickered away.

Several thousand years later, the land to the
south of the continent of Alecrast has become known
as "Lodoss - The Accursed Island."

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The Rescue and the Loss
After a hard fight, Aelis, Kaylyn and I went to the tavern. Had a drink and a good laugh when we sow the merchant, who we resuced earlier, come into the tavern. He invited us up to a gathering. he was able to read a scroll that Kaylyn had. Little did we know it was a group a Karidashians, preparing to make a sacrifice. They were draggin a girl, bound and gagged. So I initiated the rescue. Chopped the leg off of one fellow and Aelis did something to the other fellow and we were able to get away.

So following the scroll, we went to the town it suggested. We met some bandits. 6 of them and 3 of us. They demanded to look thorugh my stuff, I said no. That may not have been the wisest I have ever made. I remember seeing severl spears come my way with one striking my knee and I went down. I remember waking up with Aellis' help. We made it to town. The priestess of Marfa healed my knee and out of gratitude, I gave then all my money and stuff I did not need. I think my mission now is to protect Aelis since she is a priestess of Marfa as well.
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Xian and the Merchant shop
Was walking the bazaar and followed a merchant lackey into a shop. Don't get me wrong, they do a good service, but their fees are on the border of extortion. Not sure why I had a sticky apple in my hands. Must have picked it up somewhere, I just don't remember.

Anyways, While making a deal with the merchant, three goons came in and tried to shake us down. One customer, a priest I think, tried to calm the situation down. The goons would have none of that. So as they were about to attack, the priest wiggled his fingers and mumbled some jumbo and brought up a waerwall. We heard on of their goons mumble something and the wall came down.

Kaylyn, the little kid, was so scared she tried to run away, but one goon went after her an just attacked her for no reason what so ever.

The merc that was leading Kaylyn, attacked the leader of the group. Got him pretty good too. I went after the spellcaster, reaching for my swords, all I had was Alistar's rapier, Not sure how I ended up with it. in any case, that boy needs to learn how to use a proper weapon. Kaylyn was able to hide, but not after one of the goons hit her.

With her gone the craven idiot went after the priest. he knight and I took care of the spell caster. But out of the corner of my eye I see the last goon's head, explode. Looked at his face, and all that was ther was a dart. It must have been magiced some how.
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Born in the city of <TBD> When he was three, his family decided to move to <TBD> for a better life. The caravan was attacked by a big group of ugly things. They killed the adults and took the children captives.

Four things he needed to survive was learning, patience, survival and stealth. In order to cope, he would retreat into each of these personas, each developing separate skills. after 8 long years, he was able to make his escape. He was able to survive in the wilderness for a while when he was found by a master who took him in and taught him the art of Magic.
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