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Player Lore- The city of Erabu

Erabu. The seat of civilization.

It was built in the fertile fields of Ar'nor, surrounded by vast grasslands and gentle rivers. It was a nation unto itself; a hub of commerce, culture, and knowledge. As spokes on a wagon wheel, the nations of men revolved around this great city.

This was in the days before man sought meaning in the stars. He made his own destiny, and did not bow to the might of greater beings. Gods were not a thing to be feared, nor worshiped.

They were simply a thing that wise men left alone.

And so we meet a foolish man, named Ral'ashish. His story, and that of his daughter, Yieve, are for another time. But know that he sought power through the grace of gods, rather than his own merit. And he was called a blasphemer, a wastrel, and a traitor.

By his scheming did civilization fall. The day the earth trembled, and spat out mountains. The day the winds flayed the soil from the fields of Ar'nor, down to bedrock. The day the oceans boiled, and the sea did rush to fill the vale where Erabu once stood.

It's all gone, now. The wheel snapped, and mankind fell broken and bleeding into the mud. They cling to life, and seek hope where none exists. Mankind was doomed when Ral'Ashish was born.

His mother should have throttled him in his cradle.

-The Mad Historian, Maras Tholl
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