It was in recent history that the warring races of the Visible Wyrld ignited the land with fire and rage. Then one day, from beyond the horizon, the Watchers made themselves known. To the wyrld leaders, these...Corpesians explained how they seeded this unpopulated planet in the earliest of times. How they planted the long-earred peoples in the nests of the great dragons. How they kindled the fire of humanity in the fertile lands of the north. How they seeded the dwarves, and beastly Tarsans and the empathic Yagunal together in a great experiment of wyrld building that grew into this planet Aragos. The diverse workers and warriors learned that beyond the frozen horizon there was an outpost, clouded from the mind by these telepathic watchers. They informed the populace that their experiment had come to an end and it was now time for the Visible Wyrld to spread its wings and become the true planet of Aragos. Their scientists taught the ways of agriculture, science and technology. The hands that just years before held rakes and swords now held tools of fine precision, energy manipulation and artificial life tech. The technological development of centuries unfolded in less than ten years.

And then, as quickly as they arrived, the Corpesians left this radically changed Wyrld...along with their base of operations, tools and information stores. Aragos and it's children now face a future unplanned, with the power of space travel and the technology to bring dreams to reality. The three most powerful kingdoms formed a Triad government, an enforcement agency, an exploration division and an open network of societies without borders. And above it all patrols the vast Praemos Station and the Aragosian Defense Force. Together, these children of Aragos will work toward a unified tomorrow. Unless the powers of greed and deception can sabotage the peace and set the young Aragos on a path of war and destruction.

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Personal Files Praemos Station Bio-Med Warden Fur S'tol, Meinir
Medical Report: Subject Flight Warden A'Siiran
Attending physician Bio-Med Warden Fur S'tol, Meinir
Notorüs 12 - Bivarus

Blood Pressure: Nominal
Respiration: Nominal
Reaction time: Nominal
Rads: Nominal

Crom-scan: Nominal

Slight hormonal over production. Recommend usual supplements.
(Unofficially recommend a healthier social life. Note to self: Warden A'Siiran is a smart ass.)

Medical Report: Subject Constable Trathan Du Carr
Attending physician Bio-Med Warden Fur S'tol, Meinir
Notorüs 12 - Bivarus

Blood Pressure: Nominal
Respiration: Nominal
Reaction time: Nominal
Rads: Nominal

Crom-scan: Nominal

Osteo-degradation left hip. Recommend usual supplements. Regular checkup.
(Note to self: Schedule Constable Du Carr low traffic hours for patient comfort.)

Medical Report: Subject Constable Gaar Tu? Ra'aviik
Attending physician Bio-Med Warden Fur S'tol, Meinir
Notorüs 12 - Bivarus

Blood Pressure: Nominal
Respiration: Nominal
Reaction time: Nominal
Rads: Nominal
Other: Vertigo undiminished. Med Assist B'argoenda recommends increased dose Dionex5. Bio-Med warden confirms.

Crom-scan: Nominal. Neuro scaring and cellular degradation due to pre-logged flight accident. Healing progressing nicely.

*Classified Security Clearance 3*
Patent shows abnormal neuro scaring and activity in telepath-centers of the brain. Unusual cellular degradation in scar tissue surround prior shoulder injury.

Genome shows excessive signs of manipulation and genetic encoding. More tests necessary. Full report pending.

Incident Report
Notorüs 12 - Bivarus

Incident: Intruder encounter, security alert, discharge of firearm, personal physical trauma

During ASC3 alert encountered two unknown unidentified civilians, one Shar'Sariin, one Cóng Manii, in tunnels on the way to Command. When confronted men refused to identify and threatened violence. I then drew my firearm and issued a warning. When warning was ignored fired once, disarming Shar'Sariin man, shattering the humeroradial joint. Possibly severing the profunda brachii contributing later to fatal blood loss. When both subjects fled I put in a call to station security and pursued with the aim of detaining subjects. Intercepted after short chase by Cóng Manii with blunt weapon. Attack resulted in muscular contusions to right hand causing me to drop my firearm. At this point weapon discharged causing severe damage to fibular collateral ligament and patella of the subject. Hand to hand struggle ensued. Cóng Manii armed with baton,. Eventually disarmed. After retrieving firearm, incapacitated Shar'Sariin subject when we saw he was retrieving a knife. Damage to the lateral femoral likely chief cause of eventually fatal blood loss. Continued struggle with Cóng Manii suffering stab wounds to right arm, hip and abdomen. Discharged firearm, unintentionally causing massive organ trauma. Cóng Manii subject died instantly.

Both subjects declared dead by Bio-Med Warden Fur S'tol and attending medic A'milaar. Warden Fur S'tol in stable condition.

Signed: Bio-Med Warden Meinir Fur S'Tol
<The clink of glass on glass>

Today we raise a glass to Tulan Pont N'Gal. G'Forl Surl take the crazy bastard and give him rest.


We also drink to his replacement. Congratulations, the new Bio-Med Warden! May the continuation of your promotion be long and less eventful than it's inauguration. A tough act to follow.

Ow! Stone cursed…! A'milaar is going to be hearing about this skin graft on her monthly eval. Shoddy work. Probably leave scaring. I should have done it myself.

Still. Could be worse I guess.

They are going to want a Psych eval. Like I don't have better things to do than talk about my feelings with some headshrinker pretending to be a proper scientist. Guess what? I feel like shit! Surprised. I dedicate my life to keeping people alive and in the course of five minutes two men are dead at my hand. And talking about it doesn’t make it any better because there is no cure for regret. You just treat the symptoms.

I can write my own prescription for that. Thank you.


What a day.

The same day I flag genetic genome tampering in a flight pilot his long lost twin breaks onto a secure station? Coincidence? Not likely. There is no such thing as convergent development in individuals. Monozygotic twins though. Yes.

Hmph… Monozygotic brothers would be nearly genetically identical, but not perfect. Enough to bypass DNA scans? Thumb print would be anomalous. Retina scan too. Both develop independently. Shit… Even a clone would have a hard time getting around security on this station without alteration. So why not fix that ear? No…

I need to get a sample and run a full genome sequence and comparison. I'd like to see what our mystery man's Chormo-Scan can show us and compare it to the secure data on Constable Ra'aviik.

<Beep. "Warden there's someone here to see you. Constable Ra'aviik.">

Yeah. I'm expecting him. Send him in.

End log.

<File Ends>

Fur S'tol, Meinir - P-com reminders

•Acquire full service record-Constable Ra'aviik

•Acquire full medical file-Constable Ra'aviik

•Acquire full psych file-Constable Ra'aviik

•Run full spectrum genome analysis-Constable Ra'aviik bio sample.
Priority flag: Chromosomal abnormalities. Markers pointing towards cloned tissue. Markers for mutation. Biological tampering. Unusual Radiation exposure. Cross reference with xeno-bio and Corpesian database.

•Run linguistic, symbolic, chemical analysis on coding data found in Ra'aviik chromo-scan. Cross check xeno-linguistic and Corpesian database.

•Run genetic comparison-Constable Ra'aviik/Unknown Cóng Manii subject, deceased

•See if it is possible to run a mineralogy scan on Ra'aviik bio sample confirming preadolescent development in Taiir Lavak, Cóng Manaar. May need more samples.

•Schedule routine post combat psych eval.

•PT. Don't be a hypocrite Meinie

•Search student apartments Bregor City, safe neighborhoods

•Schedule R&R time planet side

•Replace bottle Gartan brandy, bottom drawer

Session: Whispers in the Dead of Space - Friday, Jan 31 2014 from 11:00 PM to 3:00 AM
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Epic × 2!
Voice record… one I guess.

<There is a long pause.>

Wow, listen t'me, I dunno what to say… It's been a weird couple of weeks.

I guess it was a good job Arc got me in the habit of recording these things, cause paper work's gonna get a lot more complicated pretty soon.

Takin' the Deputy test, then this undercover gig, a budget, responsibility… shit…


Debrief after the Vineyard incident was pretty rough. I mean, nothin' said, but I still can't feel like it ain't my fault somehow. Got some new ink. Seems like somethin' worth rememberin', y'know. I know what you'd say, but I ain't never been closer to just givin' up. Sleepin' less than usual, twitchin' for a ping like I was back in rehab. 'Faal's been a rock dunno what I'd do without him around. Probably still be hiding under the blankets with out the two of you to kick my ass for me.


Springin' that deputy test like that. Shit! I ain't studied that hard since goin' for Aux.

<Pause, this time more thoughtful>

Guess that's actually worth noting, huh? Jun'rae Kai official BCC fuck up. No surprise to some of the boys at the precinct. Still it would be nice to wipe some of those smug looks for a change, but guess I'm bigger than that, huh? I mean, hell, why should I give a fuck what they think? Yeah? I'll always be pointy trash to them anyway.

But I'll this worthless Tin'sig came second place in a room fulla academy grads. Sealed records don't change that.


Woulda been nice to rub their noses in it though.

Not the point Kai! Fuck 'em! You got it right ol' man. I'd be pretty useless growin' my roots out and settlin' down on some beat. I can do better work without that redtape, never could really deal with all those rules anyway. Guess that's why you decided to trust me with this. Don't worry, I don't plan on letting you down.

Which mean's I better start takin' this shit seriously.

I know there's a lot of qualified freelancers out there. But I ain't a commissioner. I'm walkin' into a den like the downs again I want people I know watchin' my back. I'll get 'em to fill out the paperwork, don't worry.

Rohri. He's a fuckin' genius kid. Kid?! What is he? Like five years younger'n' me or somethin'? Still he looks twelve, can't get over that. May not have the paper, but he's got a good college schoolin' on top of the stellar brain. Makes some smart toys too. Gotta put him on the payroll.

I know you ain't a huge fan of Bandit, and we ain't been talkin' lately. But it's good to have backup and the guys sure can shoot. Flynne too a guess. The man can drive… which is more than can be said of Bandit I hear… can't believe he got his hands on a hover 'n' didn' gimme a call… son'a'bitch… hadn' takin' one o' those for a spin since… ANYWAY! It's not like I'm holdin' auditions or nothin'. Gotta look at people. I know, can't tap the cons, and I don't trust no one from before. Not anyone still standin'. Bandit's saved my life once already.

You know 'Faal. He's got a better head on his shoulders than I do, and he knows what it's like on the streets too. Couldn't do this without him one way or another and it would be stupid not to bring him on board. Don't know anyone better qualified. Shit, he's probably more qualified than I am. Certainly in the not-totally-poro l'aal department.

Man… this still doesn't seem real. So much to take in. Shit, I still gotta call my mom!

End recording.

<File ends>

Addendum. Unofficial.

Hey ol' man. I know you said I shouldn' tell you anythin' you ain't supposed to know about. So I ain't filin' this. But incase the chunx hit the wall I figure I owe it to leave you somethin'. You know all my passcodes.

You told me not to touch the Goblins. And yeah, this operation is more important that my feelings about Gunner and the rest of those shits. But… 'Faal's got some unfinished business. You know what kinda shit Blüd got off on, well 'Faal's tough, but this is just a kid. Younger'n' me when you picked me up and he's sick. I can't just walk away from that sort of thing. That's why I do what I do. You know that.

So 'Faal 'n' Rohri are gonna bust him outta there. And fuck the Goblins over while they're at it. I shouldn't have to get involved, but if I get the call… well hopefully we get away with it would getting made. Yeah? And that's one more kid off the streets. That's why you gave me this beat. Yeah?

Hopefully you're never gonna have to hear this. But if you do… I'm sorry.

End recording.

<File Ends>
Session: The Bounty, the Boys and Bregor City's Finest - Friday, Dec 06 2013 from 11:00 PM to 3:00 AM
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Epic × 2!
<Jun's voice is unusually tired. In the background the sound of sirens.>

Voice record three. Kai, Jun'rae. Time… twelve… fifty two? Date, Notorüs… fourteenth? fifteenth?...

Oh just… fuck…

<A deep sigh, the click of Flyne's borrowed lighter.>

I fucked up ol' man. I fucked up big time. This… Aethelgrim's beard… this is my fault. All my fuckin' fault. I gotta see the reports. Gotta know. Who was sent into that building? And the civilians… Ah shit! Shi-it! If I hadn' called this one in… If we had just walked away… If… I didn' think… I didn' believe… Fire, sure… maybe…but…

Fuck! A cigarette?! What the fuck am I doing?! How can I?... With this… All this smoke… burning… Oh chunx I think I'm gonna be sick!

<The sound is muffled, sirens continue in the background, the general ambience of a disaster area clean up. A long pause.>

Leshaal Laas Va'iir a'maan maniin nakai m'agiir! If I hadn't called this one in those men might still be alive. Pen pushin' or walkin' the beat… I had friends die b'fore, I mean, fights, drugs… Heck I killed before, but… self defense… accidents… This is different ain't it? This is… Is this what it's like when you write those reports? Send the letters on the black letter head?

Ahh! Get grip! Get a grip Kai! Want to… to cry… NO! Want to break something! Want to get whoever the fuck did this! This freak! Or who ever made him this! Or.. or… anyone! Just… Just… Where's Bandit?! I'll break that skinny Dunbach scraper in half! Gettin' me involved in this! I trusted him! This… this…

Shut up Kai! Get a grip! Paperwork. Arrows.

It was supposed to be a backup call. A buncha Nyvo scrapers and an extraction. I shoulda known shit was burnt when Bandit's topside friend got involved.

I got to Al's, like Rohri said, and waited about ten minutes before I get a text telling me to meet the kid at Roundbottom's. Which… Y'know, I don' think I wanna think about stackers right now… not with that seventh festival smell in the air... Oh! Father Aethelgrim!

<Chokes. Another pause.>

Roundbottom's. Where the make really good… gourds. In case you're looking for a place. I don't know what happened since I last saw the boys, but apparently Bandit's engaged. And Rohri's been adopted by the proprietress. That kid needs to grow a proper beard or he'll never be taken seriously. Oh! And Bandit employed a new driver. Terek Flynne. Nyvo guy. The Talon driver who bailed on Dax. Keeps to himself and knows when to call his boss psycho. I like 'im. He drove Rudy and me to pick up Rohri. Which was a twenty minute job between Bandit's squeeze and her sister.

Turns out Rohri gets made by this guy, says he's from an organization calls 'emselves "The Thyrd." That's with a "Y". Convinced the Corpesians have some three stage plan for the evolution of Aragos. They believe the government's behind experimentation with C-tech. Real crackpot shit. Brax says they're everywhere. No real known agenda. But he's twitchier than Rudy about 'em.

Did I mention Bandit's topside friend. Derigo Brax. Black Watch. That's all I got on him. No rank or anythin'. Wouldn't flash ID but he's got the tech to back up the claim, gave Bandit and the boys some burnt ass hardware.

So, this guy… did Rohri mention his name? I can't remember. Saul! This is important. He's Higband Sharpley. I mean… not really. This is messed up shit. I don' wanna get you in trouble. Maybe this is better buried. I've caused enough trouble already.

I'm just gonna say what I know. It sound's tweaked and maybe most of it isn't true. I just dunno. He said, he replaced Hingband Sharpley after the guy was killed in a freak explosion in order to keep an eye on the kid, Tag. Taglius. Higband was supposed to have been killed in a shooting a few years back. There should be paperwork on it. I dunno.

But that's when we shoulda walked! Fuck! He told us to walk.

Damn it! I don't have all the information! If I had, maybe… When he said "light fires with his brain" I thought Bandit was tweakin'. Or maybe he meant like… I dunno, candles and shit. I didn't think…

Gods and Dragons! What was I supposed t'do? Not report a dangerous robbery? I'm a Con!... Aux Con… Shit do I even deserve a shield after this? I shoulda checked my intel! I shoulda been sure! I shoulda known!

How was I supposed to know…?


How am I supposed to write this up?

<Another long pause.>

I wanna go home…

<File ends.>
Session: Do You Smell Smoke? - Saturday, Aug 17 2013 from 12:00 AM to 4:00 AM
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Back at it again (Letter to little brother)
Hey Aidan,
Got your last letter, sounds like you got the same instructors I had, or at least hard like'em. Keep your head up and don't stop pushing. Things are same old around here. Don't know, but you may have heard what happened with Talon. I'm lucky I guess, hasn't been that long since I got my walking orders from the company, and now I got some work again. The way I figure, my lucky streak started when I got canned, they let me go just before the chunks hit the fan. The boss man got pinched, and from what I can tell everything went widdle shaped after that. All because of some kid, that and the fact that Dax was a raging lunatic, let me tell ya, twitchy doesn't even begin to sum him up. Oh well enough of that, at least I'm working again.

I'll be working with a bounty hunter named Bandit. He's got me driving,and that's fine by me. We're running an extraction op, I just hope this one goes over better than the last one I was on. Anyway, I won't take up you time with the details, keep up the good work, and I'll see again come graduation, don't forget to write mom, you know how she worries.

Take care of yourself,
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Internal Incident Report
Incident: Fallen Operatives
Date: Undisclosed
Time: 1740 hrs.
Location: Undisclosed Warehouse
Report Written By: Dax, Killian

At 1740 hrs. on the grounds of an undisclosed warehouse two Talon operatives fell in the line of duty while carrying out orders given by lead operator Killian Dax. The opearatives were ordered to locate and dispatch a target, target's identity will remain undisclosed per the parameters of the contract. Lead operator Dax was on hand at the scene to identify the bodies of the fallen operative, and to give a statment to local authorities. The operatives next of kin have been notified by Talon Security, and arrangements have been made with the city corroner's office to release the bodies to the families. Full details regarding the incident are pending further investigation.

At which time when more information becomes availiable it will be included wiht the current report and filed for company records.
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