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Egil's awesome guide to booze

Yes so people liked it when I wrote about hats so now I am going to tell you a bit more about a very important thing you need to know.

The important thing is this: booze. Or well...good booze. So I am going to give you a good guide to good booze in Ridgeport so you know what to get when you visit Tiff and Amy's or some other place and don't make the horrible mistake of getting absinthe cause absinthe tastes like cow pee.

Soo here we go:

Absinthe - tastes like cow pee. But more like the cow has been dead for a long time. Martel really likes this drink but I seriously wonder sometimes if his taste buds maybe have died or something. 2/10 don't drink

Ale - mehhh. Unless Rjurik ale. Then YEEEES! Rjurik ale is amazing and you should definitely drink a lot of it when you can. But it is not always available unfortunately. In that case maybe try normal ale, but only if you have no other options because it tastes like...extra watery pee I guess. Very meh. 8/10 for Rjurik ale! 5/10 for normal ale.

Calvados - kind of fruity. Almost makes me feel healthy because fruit but then the enormous amount of alcohol doesn't really help, yes? Also tastes a lot like cat pee. 5/10 if you like fruit..I guess.

Mead - I love mead! I think this is one of the only drinks that does not vaguely remind me of pee somewhere. I love mead more than I love bacon I think and that says a lot. Mila and I got quite drunk of mead this one time but that was after I did something very stupid again. Is a bit of a long story but I will tell you if you buy me a drink sometime? Anyway here is a very simple rule for buying booze in Ridgeport: if there is mead, buy mead.

Oh you were waiting for more? Nope, that is it. That is the only rule you need.
11/10 doesn't get any better!

Gin - Ooh Martel let me try this once when we were doing guy things. It is very interesting, but mead is definitely better. Maybe 7/10?

Halfling wine - Bad idea. Very bad idea. Unless you have done something very very stupid Lina says I cannot write here because it is secret. Otherwise you will go blind.(Also wine tastes horrible) 1/10, would not recommend.

That is it. Egil's guide to buying booze. Have fun!

...Why are you still here? Go buy some mead!

(Oh you're wondering how I know what pee tastes like? Weeeeell...)
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Egil's list of hats (and their rating by awesomeness)
Yes hello. I am Egil. Mila tells me I should try to write a journal sometimes. I do not like reading so I will keep it short. I will write about important information you really need to know: I will write about my hats.

1. People-talking hat - this is a very awesome hat. It is green and looks really cool with my cloak. It helps me talk with people sometimes. 9/10, very cool.
(scribbled in a different ink, later)
I realise now that this hat got ruined in the fire. This makes me sad. 2/10, not so awesome anymore)

2. Natasha's old hat - this is also a very awesome hat. It is furry and fluffy but a bit small for my head. It keeps the top of my head warm though! 6/10 very cool but a bit cold.

3. Spoiled bacon hat - this is maybe the least awesome hat I have. I returned it because everyone said it was a really bad idea. 1/10 never do it again. A real bacon hat though? (heart doodles and scribbled tally of current money to the side)

4. Brigand hat - again a very cool hat even though it used to belong to a dead person. It does help me sneak and be a bit more like Martel, so 7/10.

5. Investigating hat (Martel's present) - a very very awesome hat. This is a hunter's hat...with pockets! It makes me very happy and it was also a present from Martel so that makes it extra cool. 9/10 coolest hat ever.

6. Beanie (I do not know how I got this) - Mia didn't want to swap this hat for her fascinator so I don't like it a lot :( 4/10

Okay, this was my important writing about hats. This was more fun than I thought it would be so maybe I will do it again later?
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Shimti's Confession
The whole world has been turned on its head again. Mama has confessed to the temple that she gave birth to triplets and is serving penance there. Lina and I went to see her and it was heartbreaking. She was crying tears of fire... I've never seen the like before.

She told dear Khalina that she has always loved us both and that she has just done what she needed to protect us. She has given her blessing for Khalina to be with Martel but still won't let me take this ribbon out of my hair though. It's so frustrating... am I now the one who has lost her favour? Or will she just never let me be free?

And then, after all that, we attended the funeral of Rudolf and all our houses had been searched. Are we suspects for something now? I haven't met this new captain of the guard but it doesn't make any sense at all to me.

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The Red Glove
Leif was presented with a red glove from his sister, delivered by one of her company. He explained that this meant he had to do a special training session with her.

The party attended the training session, at which the only other person present was a medic from Liv's company. Unusually, they fought in full armour and with real weapons rather than training ones. They did not pull any blows and kept fighting full out until Leif was downed. At which point Liv scarred him on the shoulder before letting Khamila attend him.

Leif did not seem bothered when he was healed back to consciousness, and in fact hugged his sister and thanked her, ruefully declaring that one day he would be the one to beat her.
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Save the Heir
Awarded a medal for saving the youngest prince from stable fire.

Sadly the elder prince died.

Leif, Egil, Martel and Khamila came to the keep to talk with Klaus. They discovered panic and the stables on fire. One of the stable boys cried out that there was somebody still inside. Leif and Egil both dived straight into the building. Egil took an early breath of smoke. Leif faired better and managed to pull both Egil and the young prince out of the fire. Later it was realised the older prince was missing and a body was found further in the stables.
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