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    Leif Rjurik/M/Fighter/2
    Description:Long dirty blonde hair. Usually worn in a warrior's queue. Shampoo advert worthy when untied. Bearded with a number of braids.
    Background:Soldier. Served in sisters' units whilst growing up.
    Details:Level 1 Second wind (1). Short or long rest. Level 1 Two weapon fighting. (use stat bonus for offhand attack damage) Level 2 Action surge (1). Short or long rest.
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    Khamila Khinasi Human /F/Cleric/2
    "Laerme's blessings are with you"
    Description:Khamila is a petite, slender and beautiful Khinasi priestess with kind, dark eyes and long black hair. Born with the blood of Basaia, her hair tends to shimmer with firey colours when she feels intense emotion, or when she is using magic. She is normally seen either wearing the official robes ...
    Background:Born along with her twin sister Khalina into the wealthy and influential Bin Al Nader family, she was a well-behaved child, willing to do anything to please her mother. She became a junior priestess of Laerme after spending much of her childhood at the temple near the family home. She has sinc...
    Details:Khamila aims to embody her goddess. She upholds Laermeā€™s ideals of love and beauty, however she can sometimes be overprotective, naive and often takes things very personally. She is currently romantically involved with Egil, a Rjurik barbarian whom she has known since childhood.
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    Martel Brecht Human/M/Rogue, Arcane Trickster/3
    "Everything can be bought with gold, apart family"
    Description:Tall, skinny, handsome, young man whom you might seen in quite posh district of Ridgeport spending fortune on drinks and food. His long wavy hair, sly smile and very beautiful and expensive scarfs is his visit card whenever he is in town for business of just for leisure. Many are aware that he is...
    Background:Descendant of Wassa family, second oldest son, currently in his probation to become worthy of competition for Wassa family seat after his uncle Lance Wassa. Previously, wasn't a descendant, hence second oldest. Was a pupil in Wassa SAT Squad$1, where he improved his personal attributes and becam...
    Details:Currently in romantic relationship with Khalina from Bin Al Nader, their destiny is not yet decided, but Martel believes she is the one he will marry no matter what.
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    Khalina Bint Al Nader Khinasi Human /F/Bard/2
    "Why does everyone think it was me? "
    Description:Petit dark skinned beauty with large eyes. Eyes that become fiery when emotional. Previously dressed in silk tops and trousers and diaphanous veils made of turquoises and greens and golds. More latterly in dressed in warmer dresses in blues, whites and grey (the colours of an associate of the Was...
    Background:Khalina endured a terrible childhood, emotionally and physically abused by her mother. She is the younger twin sister to Khamila (Mila), As a second twin, in Khinasi tradition, she was bound to be bad and therefore her mother treated as if she were. She was never one to be interested in the stri...
    Details:Living with her boyfriend, Martel, in the Wassa household. Their relationship only started weeks ago but she has been in love with him since they first met when they were both 9 years old. She is determined to be his wife one day, despite all the family rules and difficulties.
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    Egil Human/M/Def/Barbarian/2
    "Do you need a hug?"
    Description:~Such a babe~ Egil is a tall, muscly Rjurik guy whose constant bright smile almost makes up for his total lack of social grace towards people he doesn't know. His hair is blonde and braided back in typical elaborate Rjurik fashion (although you could spot a Khinasi braid in there somewhere...)...
    Details:Look at me! I'm the babest of babes Flying high as an eagle While you try to save your face (filled in later ;))

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