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Egil's list of hats (and their rating by awesomeness)
Yes hello. I am Egil. Mila tells me I should try to write a journal sometimes. I do not like reading so I will keep it short. I will write about important information you really need to know: I will write about my hats.

1. People-talking hat - this is a very awesome hat. It is green and looks really cool with my cloak. It helps me talk with people sometimes. 9/10, very cool.
(scribbled in a different ink, later)
I realise now that this hat got ruined in the fire. This makes me sad. 2/10, not so awesome anymore)

2. Natasha's old hat - this is also a very awesome hat. It is furry and fluffy but a bit small for my head. It keeps the top of my head warm though! 6/10 very cool but a bit cold.

3. Spoiled bacon hat - this is maybe the least awesome hat I have. I returned it because everyone said it was a really bad idea. 1/10 never do it again. A real bacon hat though? (heart doodles and scribbled tally of current money to the side)

4. Brigand hat - again a very cool hat even though it used to belong to a dead person. It does help me sneak and be a bit more like Martel, so 7/10.

5. Investigating hat (Martel's present) - a very very awesome hat. This is a hunter's hat...with pockets! It makes me very happy and it was also a present from Martel so that makes it extra cool. 9/10 coolest hat ever.

6. Beanie (I do not know how I got this) - Mia didn't want to swap this hat for her fascinator so I don't like it a lot :( 4/10

Okay, this was my important writing about hats. This was more fun than I thought it would be so maybe I will do it again later?
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