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Shimti's Confession
The whole world has been turned on its head again. Mama has confessed to the temple that she gave birth to triplets and is serving penance there. Lina and I went to see her and it was heartbreaking. She was crying tears of fire... I've never seen the like before.

She told dear Khalina that she has always loved us both and that she has just done what she needed to protect us. She has given her blessing for Khalina to be with Martel but still won't let me take this ribbon out of my hair though. It's so frustrating... am I now the one who has lost her favour? Or will she just never let me be free?

And then, after all that, we attended the funeral of Rudolf and all our houses had been searched. Are we suspects for something now? I haven't met this new captain of the guard but it doesn't make any sense at all to me.

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