Set in the small city of Collinsport, Maine, this is the chronicle of the Slayer and her allies. These tales are works of dark terror, tragic romance, heroic resolve, and unexpected triumphs. In other words, they're all about going to high school and fighting monsters. Collinsport has a long, dark history of supernatural terrors and doomed relationships. Par for the course with any town set atop a Hellmouth! The Slayer and the other white hats will learn some of this tragic history as they unravel a centuries-old conspiracy. The fate of the Collins family, Collinsport, and perhaps the world are all at stake, and only one girl in all the world - plus her friends and allies - can dispel the dark shadows that surround them. It's a good thing she has super powers!

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The TERROR of Valentine's Day?!
If there's one thing I like about being around Astrid, it's the fact that I always have an excuse to practice my magic. From telekanizing vampires to distracting entire hordes of love-crazed girls, there's always something I could be doing.

I never want to face anything that terrifying again. At least the monsters are open about their intentions!

The downside about being around Astrid is the utter chaos she inspires in her surroundings. Who else in school would get reality changed for them other than Astrid? Sure, Jason had no idea what he was doing and would never have done anything if he had known, but the point is that it still happened to Astrid. She's a born weirdness magnet if I ever saw one.

Poor Collinsport needs a rest from all this. Maybe I'll help Mr. Jennings do the paperwork to approve that field trip to England he's been talking about. I've always wanted to go abroad, and Mr. Jennings seems like a cool guy to do it with. He keeps mumbling about a castle and nobility and all that.

I really need tell Mama about the monsters and fighting and all that one of these days. She's busy dealing with all the other shit from her job, but she always has a useful spell up her sleeve for every occasion. I just have to make sure I do it on a day nothing's been happening - I don't need both Mama and Chloe fussing over my nosebleeds.
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Season 1, Episode 11 - Love Bites

It was after dark in Collinsport, and the Slayer and her friends were on patrol in St. Catherine's Field, one of the city's larger cemeteries. Seamus had some concerns over Astrid's recent performance in the field, and was using this opportunity to critique her to speak. At any rate, Ben, Blaze, Chloe, Robert, and Cory Jennings had all tagged along. Rumors were that a large nest of vampires had taken up residence somewhere nearby. In between the banter, the group noticed that the old rectory near the east side of the cemetery seemed like it would be the perfect place for a group of vamps to hole up.

Astrid approached the two-story house quietly, clambering up the side and through an upstairs window. It had been boarded up, but the Slayer was able to wrench the boards aside with a minimum of noise. Ben and Blaze took up positions near the front door, while Seamus and Cory stood back. Robert and Chloe crept around the back, and the young male witch used a little spell to pry the boards loose over one window in silence as Chloe Collins sent one of her drones flying up and around to get a good look at the place.

As it turned out, the place was far from empty. Astrid moved through an upstairs room to a landing overlooking the main room below. There were seven vamps there, mostly young women, all led by a blonde who looked like she had stepped out of an episode of a 90s sitcom about a bunch of friends. There were also four bodies on the floor, but all were beginning to stir. Freshly-made vamps, without a doubt. Using the clever little sub-vocal communicator Chloe had whipped up for them in her workshop, she let the group know what she'd seen, and then leaped down and straight into action. A flying kick, a quick stake, and one vamp was dust.

Ben and Blaze were through the front door and into the midst of the vamps in a hot second. Blaze's twin composite blades cut down one of the newbie vamps, while Ben's axe took the head of a second, leaving twin piles of dust on the floor. But the rest were on them just as quick, fangs bared, punches flying, and hands grabbing as they tried to weigh them down with numbers. Astrid went at their fashion victim leader, exchanging a flurry of blows and kicks with the vamp.

Chloe circled around, using her drones to blind a few of the vamps while launching arrows from her composite bow. Cory shifted into his werewolf form, and charged in, claws tearing. The remaining vamps broke and fled, and Cory launched Blaze out the window after one! Ben chased down another, and both of the football players dusted their vamps. The leader meanwhile had tipped over a candelabra and set the place ablaze, jumping out a window on the far side. Astrid leaped through the flames, tumbled out the window after her, and pursued the blonde vamp into the cemetery. As the blonde hefted a tombstone to smash Astrid, Robert tweaked her hands with a little hex, and the heavy stone crashed down on her head. It was almost anticlimactic when Astrid drove a stake through her heart.

But things had been a the dust-up. And Ben and Blaze were fairly dismissive of Astrid as they left. Seamus was annoyed with her, but that was just Seamus. Cory left without saying much of a word, and Robert was kind of short too. Chole seemed just fine towards Astrid, though. Maybe it was just a guy thing?

The next day at school, it seemed like there was definitely something going on. People were cold or even downright rude to Astrid. Josie blew her off on the way to class, and Maryanne ignored her completely. Meanwhile, Jason Stoddard had arrived at school, and the gang could see a whole gaggle of girls talking to - and outright flirting with - the Collins's cousin. It got worse. During first period, Ms. Darcy had Jason move to the front of the class and stuck Astrid in back - right next to Laura Collins. Some of Laura's little gang of mean girls did everything shy of pick a fight with the Slayer, only to have Laura put them back in line. Apparently she had enough cold contempt for Astrid normally, that whatever was affecting everyone else had no hold on her.

It all reached a boil at lunch. Not only did Ben try to pour milk all over Astrid, but Blaze decided to yell "food fight!" Literally everyone targeted the Slayer, pelting her with meatloaf medley and noodle surprise. She ran out, straight to the library, and locked the door. Seamus went from disappointed at her shoddy reflexes to realizing that it should simply be impossible for everyone to hit the Slayer with public school food.

Astrid cleaned up as Robert made his way to the library after lunch. He was well, and decided to look into the matter. Although he was somewhat contemptuous of Astrid's plight at first, he did some research and cast a few divination spells. Something was really, really wrong. He and Seamus dismissed the idea of a curse, and this definitely wasn't a blanket spell affecting the school. Something had literally re-written reality, making Astrid a sinkhole of negative energy. The same thing had happened to Jason, only in reverse - he was a literal girl magnet. Only one thing could alter reality this way - a wish. But genies had certain tells, and no demon lords or demi-gods were about. This could be only one thing.

A vengeance demon.

Robert was able to brew up sort of a magic Prozac in his cookies, and by the time Blaze, Ben, and Cory joined them, he had them all cooked up. Their feelings for Astrid normalized (more or less) and it seemed something in Chloe's cybernetic architecture made her immune to this subtle reality alteration. But this was all temporary stopgap. The situation was bound to get worse. They had to figure out what had happened, and who was responsible, and put an end to it before things turned really ugly.

Astrid sneaked out the back of the school after hours, and the rest of the gang went back to their homes (or in Blaze's case, Collinwood) to get a night's rest. Unfortunately for Astrid, things had gone from her dad avoiding her when he got home, to him packing up her stuff and leaving out brochures for a military academy! She left out one of Robert's cookies for him, and things were smoothed over, at least for now.

The next day at school was even worse. Astrid was greeted with cold silence and murderous stares from everyone. They saw that Jason was greeted with awed whispers and longing looks from some, jealousy from others. But that all changed when he snagged his pants on his locker door and they tore, revealing just a little too much skin. With a chorus of shouts, nearly all of the girls and a few boys started chasing after him, hungry for more. The gang realized he would likely be torn apart by the mob, and while Blaze and Ben ran interference, Robert distracted most of the crazed teens. They got him to the library, and figured out what to do next. Robert had spoken with him the day before, and managed to work out that he'd talked to a cute sort-of-goth-in-a-nerdy-way girl named (he thought) Carla at the shop, and inadvertently made a wish. It had to do with rejection for Astrid and love for him, but it had all gone horribly wrong, as was the case with most vengeance demons and their wishes.

With very little else to go on, Astrid, Ben, and Blaze decided to head to the comic shop. Robert and Seamus did some research, and found a ritual to summon a vengeance demon named Vincarla. With a few misadventures along the way, including a high-speed pursuit by Collinsport's finest and a few shots being taken, the trio that headed to the local comic shop arrived, sneaked in the back, and managed to give Chloe a remote hook-up to the place's digitial security cameras. A quick review of the footage revealed Jason's mystery gal, and worse yet, Astrid saw she was there!

Without a second to spare, Astrid went to confront her. Even though Astrid caught the vengeance demon with a solid punch, she only smiled, revealed her true face, and teleported away. "Your suffering is only beginning, Slayer!" The trio hightailed it out of there and back to school. A plan had been put together. Robert and Seamus would summon the vengeance demon and try not to get killed as Ben, Blaze, and Astrid tried to get her power center away from her and smash it. Chloe and Cory would run back-up, and keep Jason safe. Based on her cute, sparkly nose-ring with the shiny green stone, they figured this was likely the trinket they needed to smash.

Things hit a snag when Astrid got spotted by the student body, and had to leave in a hurry. She ran off, trolling a crowd of angry students, and made her way into the nearest cemetery. The underground passages and utility tunnels beneath Collinsport actually sounded safer than aboveground right now!

Meanwhile, things went about like expected in the school library. Robert and Seamus managed to summon Vincarla, and Robert nearly had a cerebral hemorrhage keeping her from teleporting out. Blaze and Ben went after her with axe and open hand, and found themselves beat up and thrown around the library, right alongside Seamus. But in the end, Blaze managed to grab her long enough for Ben to rip out her nose ring and Seamus to smash it with his cane. With a flash of green light, a howl from the demon, and a rippling wave re-writing things, reality snapped back to normal. Astrid had encountered a small nest of vamps in a mausoleum, but with one dusted, the rest decided to be elsewhere. All was right in the world.

After all was said and done, Jason apologized to Astrid. He realized that it wasn't about the way he felt - it was about the way they both felt. And in the end, they'd be better off as friends. They both went solo to the Valentine's Day dance at school that night, and watched while eating cake. Blaze and Maryanne had a dance, so did Ben and Vicki Winters. And even the chaperones got in on the action as Cory and Angela Darcy cut a rug. But Astrid and Jason shared a laugh as they realized that they were likely cursed to be alone. And then it kind of hit them that, hey, that was likely the case. A sobering thought. Eh, at least they had cake....
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Valentine's Vengeance
Things got pretty twisted this year for Valentine's. A inadvertent wish and a vengeance demon wound up setting the entirety of town against Astrid. Poor Jason was nearly torn to shreds before we managed to undo the demon's twisted wish.
I'm really hoping for a nice quiet few weeks. Spring break is coming up soon, and I'm going to head out to Rose Castle. I plan on inviting Angela Darcy to come along. I'm going to ask Maryanne if she wants to invite anyone as well. It might also be a good break for Seumas wants to tag along. Give the man an excuse to head back to the old country.
I have this sneaking suspicion that the entire scooby gang is going to wind up rooming at my estate. I could probably spin it as an extra-curricular school trip and give everyone class credit somehow. It would have two, possibly three, teachers running the show. I would simply need to convince the principal, and avoid Boothe screwing it up completely. I think he's still got it out for Astrid after the food fight, and after his car was completely gutted in the parking lot.
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Data Entry: 2-6-16
This has been a strange week...

So we finally ran into lord Ruthven and he got the canopic jar that Mr. Murphy was keeping locked up. I think we need to look into some better more super natural creature proof security for the collection of world ending devices that we seem to be coming across. Maybe something a little more reliable than a 100 year old safe with only two 1 inch thick lock bolts. I would like to think the only reason he got it was because we had to prevent an elder god from being summoned. But I get a feeling after watching the videos he may have still walked away with it.

Something strange happened in the third reading room. Caine and I witnessed what looked like an alternate time line of my sister and I. I managed to record it. I cant stop watching it... I'm normal... I am fully human. Could it be what I would look like... what I would be like if I hadn't fallen from the cliff?

I have come to the conclusion that I need to develop some instrumentation to better analyze these situations and phenomena. I am putting the armor project on hold once I finish with Blaze's armor tomorrow to do this. I have already completed Astrid's, Roberts', and Ben's. I wish I thought to bring them so Astrid and Ben wouldn't have taken such a beating.

There are just too many things that I cant find an explanation for. Too many things current science cant answer. I have to find new ways of investigating, analyzing, recording, and fix these things. There are energies in use that we cant yet analyze. I need to start there.

I cant stop watching this. The alternate me is a little taller with longer legs. Its hard to tell from the one angle in the video but she seems to be at least two inches taller. I seem to be very close in my age progression projections outside of that... and my alternate has a slightly bigger rounder butt. I guess I made mine a little small... why am I thinking about my butt size? O_o

We were ice skating... Laura and I haven't done that since the day of my accident. She hasn't been ice skating since then. She used to love it. It was... probably, the only time we really got along too. I wonder if I can ice skate with this body?

Then there is Blaze and Laura... First I find them naked together then a few days later Laura is putting on weight? Have... have they been... doing it? Could she be pregnant? Oh no should I tell dad? What would I tell dad? I knew they liked each other. But why do they always pick on each other in public? Are they really that worried about their images that they have to act like that in public? Maybe I'll talk to Robert and see if he has any ideas about those two? I mean if they are really going to have a baby they should get along better. Maybe we can help?

"Who is having a baby?" Adrian's voice broke in over the computers speakers.

"Adrian? How did you get in my system again?" Chloe yelped.

"Sorry Closters your fire wall is on the fritz and I think I am starting to learn how you think... it only took me twelve hours this time." Adrian bragged giving her a cheep smile as his face appeared on her monitor.

"What do you want?" Chloe asked in a flat tone, clearly annoyed with his intrusion.

"Well I would like to know why I have burn marks on my back and why the vice principal found me hog tied with para-cord?" Adrian asked holding up the rope Chloe used to tie him up after knocking him out before the play.

"Oh!... Sorry..." Chloe said sheepishly as she realizing she hadn't checked up on him after the play.

"Why did you tazer me and tie me up?" He asked again a little anger in his voice.

"You where under the control of an elder god. I had to do it to keep you from messing up our plans to stop the magical ritual taking place."

"What?" Adrian asked looking puzzled.

"His name was the king in yellow. Turns out the script was actually some ritual to summon him."

". . . WHAT!" Adrian repeated louder.

"More of the strange stuff we deal with." Chloe said with a sigh.

"Oh... Maybe next time you could just handcuff me to a chair? I promos not to put up a big enough fight to threaten you." Adrian said with a raised eyebrow.

Chloe paused to try and decide if there was any innuendo there.

"WOW what the heck is this about handcuffs young lady?” Ms. Hoffman's voice called out from the door.

"Ms. Hoffman!" Chloe Yelped nearly falling out of her chair.

"Ms. Hoffman?" Adrian asked not being able to see her in the camera.

"MS. Collins... Mr. Lennox... You two are not engaging in indecent behavior over the internet are you?" Ms. Hoffman asked in a sharp cold tone.

"WHAT! NO! Ms. Hoffman there is no chance of that happening" Chloe cried out jumping to her feet.

"Not even a little?" Adrian asked giving Chloe a hurt look.

"Adrian!" Chloe snapped at him trying to sound angry but was much to scared and embarrassed to sound convincing.

"Sorry I'm joking." Adrian said waving his hands in front of him.

"Am I going to have to talk about this with your father?" Ms. Hoffman asked leaning in close to Chloe.

"No Ms. Hoffman its not like that at all. It happened when we where working on the play. It was an exorcise that went wrong and he got shocked. His joke was in poor taste." Chloe said.

"Is this true Mr. Lennox?" Ms. Hoffman asked suspecting the truth.

"Yes Ma'am I apologize for my uncouth behavior. I have nothing but respect for Ms. Collins." Adrian replied sitting up strait and trying to look presentable.

Ms. Hoffman's eyes narrowed as she glared at the monitor with Adrian's face on it. Adrian scooted back slowly.

"Your father asked me to tell you that Mr. Burke is here and ready to take you to the cannery to look at the machine line. He will be ready to leave in about twenty or so minutes. He is having a talk with your father.” Ms. Hoffman said her eyes slowly leaving Adrian's face to look at Chloe.

“Ok I'll be ready to go by then. Thank you Ms. Hoffman.” Chloe said with a nervous smile.”

Adrian and Chloe waited for her to leave before resuming their conversation.

“Now I don't feel so bad about leaving you tied up.” Chloe gave him a sour look.

“Really not even a little chance?” Adrian asked at the same time she spoke.

“What?!” They both responded at the same time.

“Why are all guys such perverts?” Chloe asked with anger in her voice.

“Awkward adolescence and hormones.” Adrian responded.

Chloe's eyes narrowed and she sat back down at her computer and started typing at her two keyboards.

“OH? I'm ready for you this time.” Adrian responded as he began typing away at his keyboard.

“How did you get a bug in past my security encryption?” Chloe asked frowning.

“Damn you caught that already? You are amazing.” Adrian replied.

Chloe blushed and lost her momentum. Suddenly the displays all around the one that had Adrian's face on it all displayed in large font letter. “Adrian is the master.”

Chloe grumbled and typed a few key strokes executing a command. Adrian's monitors then went blank before showing in the same large text. “No he isn't.”

“Huh... how did you compress that worm into such a small file size?” Adrian asked as he scrolled through some code.

“Sorry the masters secret.” Chloe responded.

“Oh funny.” Adrian chuckled.

“So what this about the cannery?” Adrian added.

“Part of my business venture involves providing parts for the cannery. I have done some small repairs already and now that I have built an official business out of it I am looking to step up the upgrades to the cannery. I have machined a few parts so far and fixed a couple of flaws in the design. The machines are ten years old though and the company that built them is no longer in business. I never found out why your father went out of business though?” Chloe said.

“You know I don't even know why. All I know is that he was happy to sell you that building and recuperate some of his losses. I mean we aren’t hurting for money but it seems to have lifted his spirits.” Adrian explained.

“That is strange because a lot of the machines where brand new when he closed down the place. Why would he invest in new machines then close his business?” Chloe asked.

“Hmm you know I never really thought about it. He just let me use it for my... science fair projects.” Adrian replied.

“Hey you know I could meet you down at the cannery and take a look at the machines with you. I have studied all my fathers designs and specs.” Adrian said.

“I know the machinery and I have modified them.” Chloe replied.

“Yea but didn't you want me to work for you? Wouldn't it be best to bring along a consultant?” Adrian replied.

“Ms. Collins Mr. Burke is ready to go.” Ms. Hoffman's voice came from behind the door.

“Fine! Meet us there. I have to go and get out of my systems.” Chloe said standing up and grabbing her backpack and coat.

“Computer pause data entry.”

“Wow so confident and strong.” Adrian replied with a smile.

Chloe staggered and almost tripped as she reached her door.

“There we go.” Adrian added before the monitor went blank.

Chloe glared at the screen.

“Lennox...” She said with narrowed eyes.

Chloe opened the door to find Ms. Hoffman standing at it.

“Ms. Collins. Don't forget that you and I have an appointment tomorrow as well.” Ms. Hoffman stated.

Chloe looked at Ms. Hoffman for a second her normal cool stern expression had a slight smirk to it.

“What?” Chloe asked tilting her head to the side.

“Oh nothing sweetie.” Ms. Hoffman replied as she turned and walked off.

“Ms. Hoffman?” Chloe called after her.

“Yes Ms. Collins?” She replied.

“Umm can I ask you a question?” Chloe asked.

“You may.” Ms. Hoffman replied.

“Well.. Umm you see I have a friend that umm she may be pregnant and the father is another friend of mine. I... I dont know how to talk to them about it.” Chloe said in a timid voice.

Ms. Hoffman staggered mid step.

Chloe Collins you better not be telling me you and that Mr. Lenux have somehow.” Ms. Hoffman began striding back up to Chloe.

“What! NO! NO! NO! This isn't about me its about Laura...” Chloe slapped her hands over her mouth too late to stop the words from coming out of her mouth.

Ms. Hoffman stood frozen. Her eyes wide.

“Ms. Collins you are going to tell me everything when you get back tonight.” Ms. Hoffman said in a stern voice.

“Yes... Yes Ma'am.” Chloe replied with a squeak to her voice.

Ms. Hoffman's eyes darted down to Chloe's stomach for a moment before she turned around and walked off.

“Oh god Ms. Hoffman I cant get pregnant you know that. I wouldn’t do anything with Adrian like that.” Chloe cried out.

Ms. Hoffman ignored her as she continued to march down the hall. Chloe couldn’t see the smirk on her face.

“Oh crap what should I do now?” Chloe mumbled to herself.

Gizmo settled on her shoulder and looked down the hallway at Ms. Hoffman.

“Why do you always hide when she is around?” Chloe asked Gizmo.

Gizmo recoiled and hid behind Chloe's shoulder as Ms. Hoffman threw a glance back before preceding down the stairs.

“I guess she can be kinda scary at times.” Chloe said in a low voice.

Chloe and Adrian followed Mr. Burke down the row of machines that where giving them trouble.

“So your saying your father had put out a recall on this thing and we didn't get the notice?” Mr. Burke asked Adrian as he came to a stop pointing at the part of the system that aligned the cans and filled them.

“Yea I looked up the parts when Chloe told me about this. Fortunately there are fixes for these things.” Adrian said.

“These things?” Mr. Burke asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yea well there are at least six other things that have flaws in their designs. Like that feed belt there, It's tension pulleys are not strong enough and... Oh it has been fixed already.” Adrian said looking back at Chloe.

“Yea I fixed that a year ago.” Chloe said looking up from her tablet.

“Gizmo can you give me a scan of those parts pleas?” Chloe added pointing a laser pointers at four different parts.

“So what ells did you fix?” Adrian asked.

Chloe simply handed him her tablet after pulling up the files.

“Mr. Burke have you talked to my dad about replacing some of these machines?” Chloe asked.

“Yea we have talked. The problem is finding the machines that will meet our needed capacity and getting them installed in a timely manner.” Mr. Burke said.

“I understand Mr. Burke. Time is money. You have four lines here. If you can keep three of them running I think it is possible to replace one line at a time and only have them down for a month tops each. I think I may be able to build the machines given the time to invest in the machines to build them.” Chloe said.

“Your father told me about your business. Do you really think you could do this? It's not easy to predict all the things that can go wrong. Don't get me wrong Chloe I know you are a genius and you have yet to really let us down. Just remember the first part you made for us.” Mr. Burke said with a smile.

Chloe let out a sigh as Adrian gave her a curious look.

“Well it didn't help that dad wouldn't let me take it apart to get a proper look at it.” Chloe replied.

“HA HA True! But I want you to be certain with this. This is a business. It is the livelihood of your family and a lot of people that work for them. You have to be careful in your decisions and so do we.” Mr. Burke explained taking a seat on a work bench.

“I know and trust me the scale of this hasn't escaped me. I know it wont be easy. But the reason I want to do this is to help the people who work here and help my family. I have lots of ideas to keep this place running and up to date. I understand that the board has talked about expanding and opening another cannery too. I want to be of help.” Chloe explained.

Mr. Burk took a deep breath and let out a sigh.
“I am glad to hear that. Unfortunately major upgrades to this cannery have been put on hold. We had to dip into the budget to replace the boat that went missing last month. However Collins International is still looking to expand to the UK. The decision was actually made last year the budget has been cleared and they are going to begin ground work on the new buildings in Maryport, Cumbria in late June. The talk your father and I had was actually about the possibility of flying you out to the site and working with the contractors to design the layout of the building. I saw those plans you gave your father. I got to say I am rather impressed with how well you took so many details into account. I see a couple of little flaws in the layout but still very impressive. I want you to go out there because I have come to trust you Chloe. Like your father you are a genuine person. One I can get along with and you know me I don’t get along with many people. It will also piss off some of the board members and I enjoy that idea very much.” Mr. Burke said with smile.

“Wow!… I… I… thank you Mr. Burke… that means a lot to me. This is a lot to take on but I think I can handle it.” Chloe said shyly.

“Of cores she can she has the brilliant son of the engineer that built these machines working for her.” Adrian said resting his hand on Chloe's shoulder.

“Ha! “working for her.” I see kid.” Mr. Burk said with a smirk as he winked at Adrian knowingly.

Chloe looked confused looking between Mr. Burke and a slightly blushing Adrian.

“Wait so does this mean you are going to work for me?” Chloe asked looking up at Adrian.

“Yep I have decided you are totally worth working for.” Adrian said pulling his hand away from Chloe's shoulder.

“Well we obviously have a lot of work to do on our end and the final decision on the site has yet to be made. But your job for now is going to be convincing your father to let you go. He isnt 100% sure about letting you go.” Mr. Burk said.

“I'll talk to him. I will also work on more designs and ideas. Send me an email with changes you would like to see and I will make them.” Chloe said.

“So what happened to the boat?” Adrian asked.

“We don't know. It is missing. Three weeks of searching hasn’t even turned up a life boat. One moment they where on the GPS the next they where gone.” Mr. Burke explained.

“Weird.” Adrian said.

“No the weird part is they where only three miles from the coast. There was no hard weather and only a light morning fog.” Mr. Burke said.

Chloe looked uncomfortable as thoughts of supernatural things happening to it ran through her head.

“What was the name of the boat?” Adrian asked.

“The Barbosa.” Mr. Burke replied.

“Oh Mr. Burke I wanted to apologize again for the delay in those parts. We had a strange snag in the production line. I have already expedited the next parts so you should get them a couple of days earlier.” Chloe said redirecting the conversation.

“That is great but like I said over the phone don't worry about it to much. Some of the maintenance crew where freaking out a bit but I wasn’t too worried. You know I sat down last week and crunched some numbers. In the past two years that you have been machining parts and fixing the problems we couldn’t figure out. Well the way I figure it we still owe you a good 80k in saved time and money spent on parts. So I think we can tolerate a few small delays. Besides it wouldn’t look good if we fired the bosses daughter.” Mr. Burk said with a laugh.

Gizmo hovered over Adrian before disengaging his rotors and falling the short distance to his shoulder. Adrian let out a yelp as Gizmo skittered down his arm and began poking at the touch screen of the tablet.

“You get the scans Gizmo?” Chloe asked turning to face Adrian and holding out her hand for the tablet.

She took the tablet from his hand as he handed it to her and paused long enough to let Gizmo jump over to her hand.

“That is a nifty little toy you got.” Mr. Burk said looking at Gizmo.

“Oh Gizmo is more than a toy. He is a very handy little guy.” Chloe said poking at Gizmo's top hat lightly.

Gizmo straightened his top hat before removing it and mimicking a bowing action towards Mr. Burk.

“Ha! That is very cool.” Mr. Burk laughed.

“So I understand you are making these little drones and selling them?” Mr. Burke asked.

“Not ones like Gizmo. He is special. But I am making a line of toys and hobbyist drones. I will be rolling out a series of utility drones in July.” Chloe said.

“I'll have to take a look at them then. I used to be into model plains and boats. This looks like a fun hobby.” Mr. Burk said.

“The hobby models come in kits so you can assemble your own.” Chloe said.

“I got one of your drones for Christmas... my neighbor shot it out of the air five minutes after I took it outside to try it out.” Adrian said.

“Well that’s extreme.” Mr. Burk said with a chuckle.

“Tell me about it. The drone was barely a foot over my head when he shot it. Scared the shit out of me.” Adrian said with a slight shiver.

“You sure he didn’t shoot it because you where peeping on his daughter?” Chloe asked giving Adrian a glare.

“What? No! I don't need the drone for that....” Adrian trailed off realizing he engaged his mouth before his brain.

“I am working in an anti peeping program into future models.” Chloe said in a flat tone.

Mr. Burke laughed.

“Well if you have everything you need then I need to get home. I have yet another early morning.” Mr. Burke said with a yawn.

“Yea I have all I need.” Chloe said double checking her tablet.

“Hey um I can take Chloe home if you want to get home Mr. Burke.” Adrian said with a smile holding up his fathers car keys.

“Hmm I don't know... You two wouldn't take advantage of the situation to sneak out on a date would you?” Mr. Burke said with a sly grin.

“What? We are not dating.” Chloe stammered.

“No Sir I will see to it she get home safe and sound.” Adrian said once again straightening up and trying to look presentable.

Mr. Burke laughed.

“Well if its ok with the little lady then I will relinquish her to your care.” Mr. Burke said yawning again.

“I... I guess it's ok.” Chloe stammered.

“Great!” Mr. Burke said slapping Adrian on the back.

“I will talk to you later Chloe take care.” Mr Burke said walking off towards his office to gather his stuff.

The drive was rather awkward. Chloe sat tapping at her computer while Adrian adjusted the mirrors for the fifth time and was driving five miles under the speed limit.

“So... umm next Sunday is the V-day dance. You going?” Adrian asked breaking the silence.

“I try to actively avoid social situations especially dances.” Chloe replied without giving it much thought.

“But I see you at the Soundbox almost every time I go there.” Adrian replied.

“Not exactly by choice. I... I am trying to get over my social anxieties. My... my friends think they are helping me by taking me there... I don't know if its working or not. I still worry about being found out.” Chloe explained.

“Well then could I uhh say I am being a good friend and asking you to join me at the dance so that I am not bored out of my mind?” Adrian asked nervously.

“I... I guess.... wait... Are you asking me out to the dance?” Chloe yelped her voice becoming modulated as she reached too high of an octave for the voice synthesizer to produce.

“What umm uh no it uh well I'll be attending to take care of the stage lights and sound system. I don't like these kinds of things either.” Adrian stammered.

They sat awkwardly for a few minutes until they pulled into the driveway to the house.

“I... I need to think about it.” Chloe stammered before she looked up at the house and was reminded of the talk her and Ms. Hoffman would be having.

Chloe hesitated opening the car door.

“What's wrong?” Adrian asked.

“A great many things... right now though… I cant decide if I would rather sit here and talk to you a little longer or go face Ms. Hoffman.” Chloe said in a small voice.

“Why do you have to face Ms. Scary lady?” Adrian asked.

“I... I accidentally told her that I think Lora may be pregnant. I don't know for sure... I panicked and just kinda blurted out what was on my mind when she accused you and I of doing inappropriate things.” Chloe said blushing.

“Oh the classic mousy little nerd girl and her social blunders trope?” Adrian replied.

“Wait what kind of inappropriate stuff?” He added looking at Chloe with a cocked eyebrow.

Chloe glared at him and Gizmo's eyes turned red as he glared at him too.

“Sorry?” Adrian said throwing up his hands defensively.

“I am just joking.” He added as his eyes darted back and forth between Chloe's eyes and Gizmo's

Suddenly the passenger door flew open and Ms. Hoffman stood there with her arms crossed and a cold glare on her face. Both Adrian and Chloe screamed hugging each other tight.

“Just what is the meaning of this young lady? You where supposed to be with Mr. Burke and here I find you with the very same young man you where holding inappropriate conversations with on the internet?” Ms. Hoffman scolded.

Both Adrian and Chloe breathed rapidly trying to calm down from the near heart attack they both had.

“I, we, he, Not doing inappropriate things.” Chloe stammered shoving Adrian away from her and hard into his door.

Adrian grunted as the air was knocked out of his lungs. He then began gasping for air.

“I swear we are not doing anything inappropriate Ms. Hoffman. Pleas believe me.” Chloe begged.

“Are you alright young man?” Ms. Hoffman asked noticing Adrian gasping and struggling to catch his breath.

He searched his pockets for something as he struggled to take in enough air to speak.

“Asthma attack” He croaked out.

“Oh no.” Chloe began to panic.

She began helping him search his pockets for his inhaler finding it in his inner coat pocket. He gasped painfully at the inhaler trying to get the medicine into his lungs. He managed to but not soon enough to prevent passing out from lack of air.

Adrian woke a few minutes later laying on the couch in the main room. Chloe stood over him with a stethoscope listening to his lungs.

“Oh... are we playing doctor now?” Adrian said in a weak voice.

Chloe blushed bright red as she looked over her shoulder at her father who stood just a few feet away.

“Young lady I think its time we had a talk.” Mr. Collins said looking at his daughter then Adrian.

“Oh no... not the talk.” Chloe said in a low voice.

“Oh yes. But first what is this business about Laura?” He replied.

“Oh crap. Look I don't even know for sure whats going on. I... I may have caught Laura and Blaze together... naked... a few days ago. Then Laura's costume in the play was too tight on her and I heard people talking about her putting on weight.” Chloe explained.

Blaze and Laura?” Mr. Collins asked in disbelief.

“I... I think they like each other... But I think they are just acting mean to each other in public to cover for their reputations.” Chloe explained.

“Where is Laura Ms. Hoffman?” Mr. Collins asked in a stern voice.

“She is out with some friends.” Ms. Hoffman replied.

“And Blaze?” He added.

“I do not know where he is... I do know the last time I saw him was shortly before Laura left.” Ms. Hoffman replied.

“Inform them that I wish to talk with them tomorrow when I get home.” Mr. Collins said in stern authoritative tone.

Ms. Hoffman nodded and then looked to Adrian.

“And what about him?” Ms. Hoffman asked.

Mr. Collins glared at Adrian. Adrian grew extremely uncomfortable and wished he had still been unconscious.

“I... I umm should get going.” Adrian said standing up rather quickly.

“Sit!” Mr. Collins said in a stern commanding voice.

“Yes sir.” Adrian replied sitting quickly and sitting perfectly still.

Mr. Collins sat in a chair letting out a sigh as he gathered his thoughts.

Ms. Hoffman stood behind him with her arms crossed adding to the already tense atmosphere with her cold hard gaze. Chloe scooted to the opposite end of the couch sitting down.

“I understand that you know about Chloe's condition right?” Mr. Collins asked in a slightly less commanding tone.

“Yes sir. I understand that most of her body is machine. I... I don't know exactly how much and I don't know the cause of it. We honestly have not talked to each other much. I swear to you sir there has been nothing going on between us. I respect Chloe. She is brilliant. I... I want to get to know her better. So I offered to help her with the machines at the cannery and to give her a ride home.” Adrian explained.

“I believe you.” Mr. Collins said after a solid minute of eye contact with Adrian.

“You do?” Ms. Hoffman asked.

“Yea... he doesn’t have the right attitude and courage to be an inappropriate brat chasing after my daughter.” Mr. Collins said with a grin.

“Hey I can be...” Adrian started to protest but was cut short by Gizmo swatting him on the back of the head with a tentacle.

“Ouch!” Adrian cried out rubbing the back of his head.

“Ok young lady just be sure to...” Mr. Collins began only to be cut off by Chloe.

“Dad! I don't need “the talk” I know all about that stuff. I cant even do that stuff so pleas stop before this gets any more embarrassing.” Chloe pleaded blushing bright red.

Mr. Collins let out a sigh before standing up.

“Just be safe sweetie.” Mr. Collins said before walking out of the room.

Ms. Hoffman gave them both a glare before pointing at her eyes then at them. She then turned around and walked out of the room.

“It is getting late. Perhaps Mr. Lennox should get home.” Ms. Hoffman said as she left.

“Umm yea my dad needs the car back.” Adrian said standing up quickly.

“I... I'll see you at school?” Adrian asked looking down at Chloe.

“Yea... I guess.” She said in a low voice before standing up and leaving the room still blushing.

Adrian found his way out and got into his car. He sat there taking another hit of his inhaler before starting the car.

“Wow… what am I getting myself into?” He asked himself before driving off.
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Season 1, Episode 10 - The Play's the Thing, Part 2
Tuesday night, the gang made their way to their first play practice. Needless to say, it was a bit of a mess. Although Laura Collins had plenty of, uh, volume in her performance, there wasn't much in the way of acting skill on display. Blaze had a great time with his three lines, and more than a few barbs ready for Laura. He did get in a bit of trouble with Ms. Darcy after basically calling her a fat pig, but apologized. And Laura looked (surprisingly) genuinely hurt afterwards. Astrid did take the time to convince Vicki Winters to take Laura's costume by half an inch, though.

Tony the janitor had been keeping an eye on things as well, and had a brief conversation with Astrid about the piece of mail she had received. He said he'd do what he could to get in touch with the Initiative and find out more. He let her know about the rumors he'd heard, something about a big shake-up, something that wasn't good for the Slayer and her bunch.

As rehearsal wound down, Tony saw a figure watching from the door back into the school's halls. A hooded figure. He moved to follow, and ended up chasing the figure into a classroom. It turned out to be a vamp in a hoodie! He quickly let the Slayer and her friends know, and a chase was on. Astrid, Ben, Blaze, and Tony followed the vamp down a storm drain grate into the tunnels beneath Collinsport. Chloe followed their progress with one of her drones, only to have it cut out after the vamp left the sewer. It had exited into an alley, and as the Slayer and her allies saw it start to duck around a corner something flew down from the night sky and snatched it up! A trio of strange lights overhead faded as two more of these strange creatures flew down. They were larger than a man, and had moldering black exoskeletons with a beak-like face, hooked claws, numerous feelers, and bat-like wings, and smelled like rotting corpses. A fierce encounter followed. Blaze and Tony were almost taken up into the air, but Astrid and Ben managed to save them. Astrid's knife and Ben's axe worked the best, while Blaze managed to get in a few shots with Sam & Dean, his custom composite blades. Tony's guns proved almost ineffective - at least until he literally stuck them in one creature's beak and blew its head off.


The creatures' corpses broke down into a stinky, slimy goo. Although Blaze managed to save some fro Chloe, the residue clinging to their clothes left them stinking so bad that Robert refused to let them ride in his car when he picked them up. It was the trunk or nothing. Going by the description, he recognized the creatures as the Byakhee, demonic servants of the Old One known as Hastur. Stuff was getting really weird around Collinsport...

Astrid and Tony made their way on foot, the Slayer and the janitor stopping by a liquor store long enough to get a couple of bottles of whiskey - one to wash off with, one to drink! Well, none for Astrid. She was still underage no matter what her fake i.d. said. In the meantime, Ben made his way home and told his grandfather what had happened. "Strange things are happening in this town boy, and they are only going to get worse." Ben was not comforted.

The rest made their way to Collinwood, where they ran into Chloe's much, much older cousin, Caine. There was some amusement (and nearly some hypothermia) as Charlie Loomis told Blaze he needed to strip down and get hosed off before he could enter the mansion. There was an unfortunate incident where Blaze exited the bathroom through the wrong door after his shower and ran into Laura as she was changing. There was some towel slippage and screams, but it was all good. Of course, Chloe would wonder what really happened between them after Laura said she was getting fat. Chloe also got news that her business venture had run into a snag; something was fouling up the 3D printed parts from her factory, affecting repairs at the cannery. She found out something had thrown off the timing on the big, industrial printers...and she couldn't figure out what. Nor could she figure out what the goo she had been brought actually was. The Old Ones, she determined, were weird and scary.

Wednesday was a bit weirder. Students and faculty members seemed lost at times in the halls of Collinsport High, and some were visibly disturbed. Play rehearsal went better that night, and Blaze's diligence in learning the male lead's lines paid off, as Jayden Morse dropped out, stating the pressure had been getting to him. Astrid and Ben saw some...thing in a hood backstage, but could not find where he, she, or it got off to. Astrid went on patrol that night, but the vamps were laying low. Something was brewing, and Caine Collins hit the bar-with-no-name under the Fisherman's Folly for more information. Lord Ruthven's lackeys let slip he was looking to steal something on Friday, something he had been looking for. He passed that information along to Seamus, who checked the wards on his safe in the school's library office. And then, of all things, Cory Jennings got out of his safe-room on the last night of the full moon, just after Angela Darcy had showed up to drop off his notes on the play! Luckily, Astrid had been in the neighborhood and got the "stray dog" wrangled back into a cage before Ms. Darcy got hurt. Things were quiet at Collinwood...except for Chloe and Caine witnessing a room that should be empty change into one occupied by a flesh-and-blood version of Chloe that was (shudder) on good terms with her sister, Laura! Something was playing fast and loose with the laws of time, space, and reality it seemed. Yup. Chloe really didn't like the Old Ones and how physics went wacky around them.

Thursday was stranger still. Half the classes were cancelled, and half the people normally in school were there. Well, until Chloe did a headcount. Everything came up normal, which made her wonder...were her perceptions off or were people being erased from reality? Ben even found himself looking out on a strange, alien city by a black lake under twin moons, another strange city on the far shore. He blinked, and the vision was gone. The King in Yellow was getting closer. Robert finished preparing his counter-ritual. They would have to cast it during the play, with Blaze being the trigger-man on stage. He, Seamus, and Cory would cast the spell while Astrid, Ben, Caine, Chloe, and Tony stood watch.

Friday came and things seemed calm. Too calm. The day literally flew by, and it was time for the play to start. Time had started breaking down, and things were reaching a breaking point. The play began, the ritual was started, and things were going smoothly. Naturally, it couldn't last...

A silent alarm went off, indicating someone had broken into the library. Chloe had repaired them after the break-in Tuesday night, and she alerted Astrid and Tony who ran to the library. They saw the windows had been forced, the office opened, and there were two piles of ash by the safe. Five vamps were there, including one with long, dark hair wearing Gothic clothes about a century and a half out of date. Astrid's crossbow training paid off as she plugged a vamp in the heart with a bolt, cutting down the odds.

Lord Ruthven was charming, urbane, and sort of terrifying in a fashion victim sort of way.

"How rude," Lord Ruthven commented. He introduced himself, and told the Slayer he had been looking for her. He seemed utterly unruffled - mostly because he had the Jar of Ammut in hand after ripping off the safe's door - and was ready to leave. Astrid and Tony tried to stop him and his cronies. Tony engaged a couple of veteran vampires as Astrid and Lord Ruthven faced off for the first time. It almost turned out to be the last time, as his hypnotic gaze overcame her will. Had she not snapped out of it at the last second, his sharp nails would have sliced her throat open! Their fight spilled into the hall, only to be interrupted when the other vamp landed a slam tackle on Astrid and carried her through a door into the auditorium!

That should have been impossible, as the auditorium was nowhere near the library. But reality had started breaking down. The play was nearing the end of the first act, but as the vamp and the Slayer crashed into the audience (none of whom seemed to notice), the counter-spell went a little...awry. The backdrops seemed to fall away, becoming a real city behind Blaze. A hooded figure in yellow robes was approaching, things writing beneath the mustard-colored folds of cloth. The King in Yellow was here. Caine and Ben leaped on stage to stand with Blaze, who had thought to keep Sam & Dean on his person. Tentacles lashed out from beneath the cloak, and the trio fought with axe, composite blades, and sword cane as Chloe stood to one side, using her drones to blind the crowd (to preserve their sanity) while she peppered the figure with arrows.

"I don't remember this part from rehearsal.."

Both fights reached critical mass. Tony and Astrid managed to dispatch Ruthven's minions, though he left her and the former Initiative commando in a heap. She'd had the measure of him though, and he was formidable to say the least. She had nearly died, and this gave Astrid a lot to think about. Meanwhile, Ben's axe severed a tentacle that seemed to stretch off behind the figure in yellow, much like the hand of a puppeteer. He did that just as the spell went off and Blaze presented the Elder Sign he carried to the King in Yellow. There was a rush, a flash of light, and everything was back to normal. The crowd was applauding. "Best school play I ever saw," Blaze heard someone say, "and those special effects were amazing!"

The Cast took a long weekend to rest. They had managed to save Collinsport - maybe most of the world - from the rise of an Old One! But it came at a cost. Lord Ruthven now had the Jar of Ammut, and was one step closer to fulfilling his plans. Perhaps the time had come to turn the tables and start hunting him...
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