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Session Recap 11/4/2014
Our current adventuring party, consisting of Antonius, Roland, Lia, and Nashoba begin to explore the muddy and smelly land outside of Castle Naetyar in the late afternoon. Neshoba cracked open the fishing gear and in an hour was able to reel in a spell in a bottle, given to Roland, the spell allowed him to see the thoughts of creatures and potentially manipulate them. Identifying the huts of the Bullywugs and the Lizardfolk, the party discovers a slew of penned up brontosaurs used for heavy lifting and pack hauling.

Remembering that Antonius still had several cult-member's robes, the party dons the purple garments and quickly realize that, though they've certainly been spotted, there hasn't been an arrow loosed nor any hostility from the amphibious workers in the castle.

Quickly, the party enters the castle, exploring first a war forge manned by lizardfolk who seem curious about the party's intentions. Finding a series of well oiled doors, the party is quickly backed into a corner as night fell and several lizardfolk proceeded to hold a secret meeting where our party was just standing!

Among the guttural conversation, the party hears talk of a revolt against the Bullywugs and a sacrifice to what would later be remembered as the name of the last known black dragon in the realm. Once the lizards return to their barracks, the party climbs up to the third floor over the forge to discover an attic lined with bones of all sorts of creatures. While investigating, a group of five giant spiders descend and attempt to make a feast out of our party. Lia quickly dispatched three of the spiders leaving Antonius to take out the rest while Neshoba launched arrows from afar and Roland was pinned to the wall with web.

The party made their way back to the open yard, now in the deep of night, made their way towards the chapel, a dilapidated room that had tributes to gods long past as well as an Onyx shrine to Tiamat. Neshoba, ever eager for something to impress the ladies with, finds a poisoned dagger hidden in the statue. The party finds a flight of stairs and travels up to the second floor, leading them to the study of Rezmir Wurmspeaker, the lead cultist that confronted them in the Dragon Hatchery and led the attack on Greenest.

Snooping in this room, Neshoba discovers the operation manual for a portal along with it's activation word. Also discovered is Rezmir's personal sanctuary to Tiamat. Sensing imminent danger, the party decides to test out the new scroll Roland acquired and began to probe the dreams of Rezmir, sleeping in the next room. Seeing images of lizardfolk carrying crates out of a hunting lodge in the mountains, and feeling a great sense of anxiety, Roland decides to attempt to plant a seed in her thoughts to attempt to cause her to turn against the cult and Tiamat. Unfortunately, the attempt failed but still left a sleeping Rezmir.

Lia and Roland devised a plan to kill her in her sleep with a charm spell, but as they entered her bedroom, an acid trap is triggered, knocking Roland out and Lia severely wounded. Awoken by the trap, Rezmir puts on her black dragon mask and commences with a half-dragon ass beating.

Lia and Antonius are able to whittle her health down, though not without seeing Death himself approach, and she flees under a veil of complete darkness into the night.

Lia dons a new set of +1 platemail armor and the party struggles to catch their breath as the rest of the castle sleeps, and Rezmir now knows people are after her.
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