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Return to Shyta-Thybaj
The trip back to the temple was uncomfortable, but not all together unpleasant. The golden arrows remained solemn and guilt-ridden at their failure to see the truth. Three of them abandoned camp in the middle of the night, hoping to avoid punishment. Beshenen advised against hunting them down, as Syjem would handle the process. It is somewhat pointless to attempt to run from worshippers of the goddess of hunting, after all.

They arrived at the temple to much praise and hooplah. Had this become a larger schism and more golden arrows killed, it could have severely damaged the church and its standings within Thybaj. As such, they only lost a few members and safely returned most of the opposition without further bloodshed. Syjem was pleased with his decision to hire the mercenaries and held up his end of the bargain. The rituals to restore Darius and Castigen's respective eyes completed without incident. The young warlock cried for longer than it may have seemed appropriate, but it was not commented on by anyone other than the narrator. As a thank you gesture to all of the heroes, Syjem placed the boon of the hunter on the party. By invoking the phrase, "Nykker, my aim be true", they would gain insight into their attack, granting advantage against their opponent. Syjem also guaranteed the churches' aid against Novei and his warband. Any enemy of the House of Shackles is a friend to the golden arrows.

Most of the golden arrows received loss of rank and significantly inreased workload, while a few were excommunicated based on their involvement with damaging the Rowan tree. The three that fled were named heretics and to be brought in by the hunt. Beshenen was a strange case, however. His initial involvment should see him excommunicated, but his wisdom in seeing Darius' intent and helping the party showed promise. As such, Syjem offered a compromise. He would remain at his rank and station, but only if he accompanied the party for a year, helping to guide them on their journey. The party could choose to deny him this, of course.

When all judgements and rewards were finished, a dinner was provided and the party was offered time to rest and heal before they left for Shyta-Thybaj. There, they were once again encountered by Terza of the Golden Alliance, letting the group know she lent what aid she could to backing their story, and that Dakary II has ordered arms and equipment from the Alliance. Since this is part in parcel with their involvement, she pays the party a sum of 300gp. Also provides a script that will guarantee them 20% off any wares purchased through a Golden Alliance merchant.

Zak'Hara also sought out Darius and was overjoyed to hear of the paladin's helping Huntmaster Syjem. He also informed the paladin that Darius would be gaining a squire on his journey out of Shyta-Thybaj. One of their younger members, a half-orc orphan named Desarkis, is readying for his searching but needs more training before he can begin on his own. Unfortunately for Desarkis, orc blooded people are barely treated with contempt, even in the wild lands. Success on training Desarkis would be seen as a great accomplishment by the church.

It would take a week or so to prepare for their next adventure, so the party has plenty of time to look for any supplies they need or just carouse about the city.
Session: Game Session 32 - Friday, Jul 17 2015 from 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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