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Pressing On... To Pyrrhic Victory...
The party chose to rest up, using another tiny but ritual just to get their bearings. Once they did, they pushed forward taking in the impressive cavern. Murals carved along the walls were clearly of dwarven design, but showed the dwarves in defeat. This is a rare find by any historian, as it means that the giant had kept dwarven artisans just to create a tapestry of their own failure and loss. Ngithol was able to make out the clan as Thunderhoof. They were prominent during her time, or place, or whatever she was from. It mattered little, but was interesting none the less.

As they continued on, they found the hall of dwarven armors. All of the kings and generals in the Thunderhooves clan stood here; a trophy room. Some were slowly becoming encased in ice, as if the magic in this cavern was broken somehow. Nissa recognized an animation spell when entering the hall and prepared party for assault. The suits not frozen to the bases walked off their mounts and began assault. It wasn't a nasty battle, but the animated suits did get a few licks in before being shut down permanently. Ngithol suited up one of the full plates that were mostly undamaged and the party forged ahead.

The next room was even more corrupted by the magical ice, creating a slick incline that hampered the party when assaulted by a group of Minotaur skeletons. The first leveled a direct goring charge at Ngithol, taking her to the ground for a moment. The others rallied behind Darius and Reckoning, as it is truly a sight to behold when a paladin wields a smiting hammer against a skeleton. There was little cause for concern when the powdered bones mixed with the melted ice from Nissa and Ngithols Firebolts. And on they walked....

The party eventually uncovered the cause of the magical interference. An ancient shrine to the Flaymaster was damaged and pulsing erratically, messing with the caverns magical auras and likely the cause of the undead. Unfortunately, there was more undead in here! From high up in the ceiling came two beholder zombies!! Eye rays launched and reflected off the ice, blasting the party in all angles. Darius flew up to meet them with his winged boots, while Ngithol tried to goad one down to her terms. All was going well with strong tactics and focused fire, when an erratic beam caught the dwarf in her shoulder. Disintegrate. In an instant Ngithol was gone. Nissa, Darius and Sorn redoubled efforts and barely survived. The rogue was then able to shut down the weird shrine, protecting them from any future magical issues. Darius gathered up the dust left behind of ngithol's passing, hoping the dwarves could maybe bring her back. He might even trade his mighty maul for his friend's life. But that was after they finished the mission. The end of the hall had two large vault doors locked and sealed tight. They found the treasury.

Sorn proved to be useful, again in getting them passed the locks. Once inside, they found a large cache of gold, gems, silver and copper coins, along with potions and scrolls, and in the center of the room on a dais rested Kargi-Mourn. Decorating the room were beautiful tapestries adorned with fire snakes. Each worth a sizable amount of money, but also hiding a nasty secret. Before Darius could reach for the sword, the snakes came to life and leapt from the tapestries. Most were simple flame snakes, but two were much more dangerous: Nagas! One guardian and one bone naga, all working together to protect the dungeon for all time. In an instant, lightning shot from one naga, hitting Nissa and Sorn and killing Beshenen outright. Sorn fell next, but was brought back up with a goodberry, while Nissa and Darius finished off the bone naga. Darius then suffered a nasty hit and was dropped, forcing Nissa to also bring Darius up with her last berry. That was just enough, as he was able to finish off the last naga while Nissa destroyed the tapestries and stopped more from emerging. She fell from a snakebite but Darius was able to stabilize the wizard after attending to Sorn. Beshenen was already lost to them.

The party gathered the treasure and the sword and took their fallen comrade's body out to be buried as is his people's custom. They made a simple rock grave and burned Desarkis' body, though Darius did grab a finger bone with intent to see about his squires resurrection as well. Unfortunately, they had nearly 100 miles to cross in less than ten days, and their guide was dead. It was not going to be easy....
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White Death
The barn was a poor replacement for the now burned farmhouse. As such, the party gained little to no rest in the broken down building. As soon as the sun rose over the Vrykarr peaks the party saddled up and pressed on to Hirekk. It was at least a four hour trek and many were already exhausted. So exhausted, in fact, that they failed to notice the creature stalking them.

A few hours into the ride Frug stopped and looked along a ridge of trees. Castigen was, as usual, grumbling about the weather and Darius was trying to explain the searching to his new squire. The druid tried to get the party to hush, but it was too late. Sweeping over the tree line emerged a young white dragon! The great beast unleashed a blast of frozen hell from her mouth, catching everyone off-guard. Frug, Darius, and Malvus were hit hard, instantly thrown from their mounts. Castigen narrowly avoided the hit, and thanks to his dwarven boots, Aguirre soldiered through the assault. Unfortunately, their animals fared much worse. All but one of the horses died instantly. Jynx was frozen to the saddle and crushed when Castigen's horse fell. Fayoress took the worst of it. She was ill prepared to handle a dragon and turned in to the blast with the intent to charge. Shew was frozen in mid-air, falling from J'hera. Castigen and Aguirre feigned unconsciousness in fear of the dragon's return. When she did not come around for a second attack Castigen jumped and quickly aided Malvus and Darius. Sadly, he was too late to save poor frug. The druid succumbed to his wounds almost instantly. Perhaps he would have survived had he not still been poisoned by the clay golem some week's back. Alas, we will never know.

Once everyone was conscious, the surviving party made haste to Hirekk. They arrived shortly before nightfall to the panic of the townsfolk. You see, Hirekk was all-too familiar with the dragon they named White Death. She had been in the area for a little over a month now, having killed a few dozen farmers and travelers. The kobolds in the area worshipped her and were raiding the farms at her behest. Boykkin, the town's leader, offered what aid the town had to the heroes. They were low on supplies due to the farmers holding up in town, rather than on their own settlements, but they would not leave anyone in need. While the party rested and regained their strength the chapel prepared Frug's body for burial. The following day Castigen and Aguirre reloaded on supplies. Darius was elated to learn that the local leatherman/smith, Hrapfen, was skilled at making splint mail. It had been nearly a month since the paladin wore a fresh set of armor.

Rested and full of a thirst for revenge, the party enlisted Boykkin's cousin, Dejjner, to aid them. A skilled tracker, he was able to lead the party to the dragon's cave, a hollowed out fortress beneath the Hirekk creek falls. They dispatched of the Kobold guards and entered the lair with murderous intent. Inside, they not only found many of the kobold worshippers, but also dragon hatchlings! The party made short work of the first one they encountered and saved the life of a Fhokki traveler named Knut. He hefted up an axe from the ground and charged into battle. The White Death was furious at the party's dispatching of her young and threw herself into a rage-filled assault. Between her and the lone surviving hatchling, they were a formidable threat. Ice, claw and fang lashed out, dropping Aguirre and Malvus, while Castigen focused on the remaining kobolds and baby. Knut got in a good strike, distracting the dragon long enough for the paladin to swiftly end her reign of terror. Victory would not come without a price, however, as the party saw Malvus gasping his last breath, "Don't let... the warlord. win."

Over the next few days, Malvus and Frug were buried together out near an old oak tree. A wagon was borrowed from Hirekk and the party filled it with both the treasures and dragon corpses. They celebrated in the face of the townsfolk, but mourned when none were around to see them. Their journey was far from over, and yet they had already buried too many.
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A Murder in Nyton
The week went by slower than a drhokkeran charger in a tug of war contest with a hill giant. Malvus made many attempts to begin rebuilding the fallen church, but was met with resistance from the council. It seemed as though they were using it as a political tool to oust the Dothoki from his seat of power. This did little to stop the stubborn monk and he did succeed in getting much of the foundation and one wall put up.

As the week drew to a close, the heroes spent some time gathering supplies. They knew a trip south was imminent and wanted to be as prepared as possible before their journey. Chada's contact confirmed the Hojeshy could be found in Shrur-Narr within the next two weeks. With their plans settled, the party was ready to head out. Much to their surprise, however, Jjela would not be going with them. Eager to get back to her family, she signed on with a caravan heading toward Tharggy before winter. The party said their goodbyes and Jjela gave her husband's pendant to Darius; again, for good luck.

Later that evening as things were winding down, a well-dressed man confronted the party in the Lady's Fancy and requested a word with them. A member of Nyton's council, Burkke had serious allegations against the Dothoki. He claimed the Dothoki and the pestilent one were in league with eachother, likely even having an affair. These accusations called into question many things happening in the city of late, and Burkke wanted the party to come forth and speak out against the Dothoki. The heroes were suspicious and would not speak out against someone without evidence, but would at least speak to the council about getting the church rebuilt and sanctified. Evil was flourishing in the city and they needed the church to guide them. Burkke was disappointed, but understood and left to gather the council for the meeting.

When the party arrived at the hall they were greeted not by an anxious council, but by guards on alert! After speaking with captain William, the party was briefed on the situation; councilman Burkke was dead in the hall with a silvered dagger in his back. The heroes quickly went into action digging up any information they could. Frug used his wildshape to pick out a scent, but was unable to follow it. It was a strange smell of ozone and rain -- but the air was unusually clear and it had not rained for days. The Dothoki was visibly agitated and became moreso when Darius confronted him about his dalliance with the pestilent one. Another council member, Mennet, had much attention drawn to him when Frug smelled the strange scent on him. But with little to go on, the party could take no real action. They exited the hall and checked the ground for any other clues, finding some charred parchment and a stronger instance of the scent around the chimney.

The party's largest concern was the dagger, a near match for the one being carried by Malvus. After a brisk walk across town, they found Yerdster in his usual spot at the Stout Oak. The dwarf was none to happy to see them again, but was more forthcoming this time and confirmed he had sold a dagger of that type to Burkke a few weeks back. With the wererats in town, the councilman wanted to have it for protection. This was somewhat refuted by Yerdster, saying until the pestilent one pulled her strings, the rats were a mostly harmless gang. He also let slip that one of the rats they killed was the brother of Koshy, the owner of the Lady's Fancy. That at least let them know why she was so cold to the party. Their best lead, then, was Thibble. He might know something about the wererats and Darius noticed a strange wound on the halfling's arm the last time they spoke.

The paladin's suspicions were confirmed; Thibble had gone and got bit again, turning back into a wererat. This disgusted Kalamor to no end. He made an offer to heal Thibble again, but it was clearly more of a threat to the halfling who declined. To the halfling, the world was a dangerous place and he was all alone. The wererats took him in and treated him as family. He would not give them up and would not go back to being weak. His words hit Frug hard, but were ignored by Kalamor who drew his blade to strike. Darius, taken back by his comrade's forceful attitude, let the halfling go and Malvus stood aside. Kalamor looked at his party with a bit of contempt, "It is on your hands when he infects or kills others".

With that path dried up, the party sought out the owner of Curio, a small shop of arcane treasures. He might know about the parchment, and could maybe help explain the weird smell Frug encountered. Before he could, Frug lost his temper with his companions. It was clear the halflings words had bothered him, and now, being percieved as nothing more than the group's bloodhound caused him to lash out against his friends. He accused Kalamor and Darius of not respecting him. But where Darius was taken back and apologetic, Kalamor just got up and left the building. The old wizard, drunk as he was, just offered some sherry to all and continued answering questions. Despite his inebriation, he was able to not only correctly identify the scent as the after effects of a misty step spell, but confirmed he had sold a scroll with misty step on it to a member of the town guard not over a week ago. With that information, they quickly sought out William to see if he knew where the guard named Tommen was.

In the opposite direction marched Kalamor. He made a stop at the Lady's Fancy to offer his condolences to Koshy for what transpired and made it clear he intended to put the wererats to the sword. Koshy advised him to rethink his intent, as they had not killed anyone and she personally knew some of them. The paladin's response was simply that they were evil and a disease and would eventually do harm. Koshy believed paladins to be of a similar station, yet she did tell Kalamor where to find them.

In a run-down bar called the Lean-to near the western wall of Nyton walked Kalamor. He ordered all non-wererats to exit the building. The bartender begged the paladin to turn and walk away, but he would hear none of it. If they didn't accept his holy healing, they would be put down. Six wererats stood and asked him to reconsider, stating they were under the pestilent one's control and they had no quarrel with the paladin. Still Kalamor advanced, loosing his shield and telling them to surrender or draw. A few of the rats' friends moved around to encircle Kalamor and the rats began to transform. When Kalamor moved to put his shield on, they all attacked...

On the north end of town rode Malvus, Frug, Darius and William. The captain had put Tommen in charge of protecting Mennet. Thus the party was sure Tommen would make his move against the councilmember before dawn. Their arrival startled the drowsy guard who admitted to buying the scroll (which he thought was a map) for Mennet. The party entered Mennet's house to have words and more. The jittery council member was not to be found. In his place was a conniving and wickedly smiling Mennet. The study was also disturbingly layed out. Each of his items, from tables to candle holders were layed out as to make the unholy symbol of the Covetous one. When the accusations were layed forth, Mennet denied nothing and instead summoned forth spinagons to defend him from the heroes. Even his butler caim to help, transforming into Chada and charming Darius into attacking the captain.

It was a bloody battle, but in the end, the heroes stood victorious. The butler-turned-Chada was exposed as a succubus and Mennet was put down. With all the proof they needed, the Dothoki was mostly cleared of suspicion and the heroes could finally get some sleep. However, when they returned to the inn Koshy told them of Kalamor's intent. Sighing, Darius turned to go find his friend. He would not be found at the Lean-to. Rather, following a bloody trail they located the body of Kalamor floating in the river; his gauntleted arm snagged on an iron grate. They drug him from the river and could clearly see the claw and bite marks covering any open area of skin. His weapons and shield were nowhere to be found.
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Just a gnome
Darius and Malvus finish pulling Kalmor's body up on the shore

Frug stares at the lifeless body

"This is too much... We're in over our heads. Dragons, demon orcs, hordes of goblins. This isn't, Frug shakes his head staring through Kalamor's body, these aren't things that a guy like me was ever supposed to see, let alone triumph over."

Frug looks up at Malvus and Darius

"How do you do it? Darius, you never break. You persevere. You show no fear in the face of danger. Malvus, you find way around any problem. You never give up. Even if you can't overcome your adversity, you know there's another way."

Frug turns around, facing to look downstream

"What am I? I'm just a gnome. I wanted to get out and explore, see something new, experience the world. I ran away from a life that I never wanted, from the responsibility of protecting my people. All this, all that we've done... This is more than I planned for."

Frug turns back around

"There are forces far more powerful than a small group of, of whatever we are. Maybe we shouldn't stick our snouts so far in, into places we don't know. The Halfling was right to be scared. It is different for guys like us. At the end of the day, I'm just a gnome. I don't have a god to back me up, or training to keep me alive. Kalamor's god didn't even save him..."

"Where do we go from here? Kalamor is dead. We could be next. Maybe this is a sign. Malvus, Darius, if you both feel right for what you do, I'll follow you both, I'll do my best, I'll use what I know to keep us safe, but what now? This is all so much bigger than me and I don't see things the way you do. I just know how to survive."
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Death & Taxes
As the sun begins to set behind the Kakidela Mountains, a weary group of travelers make their way into the small farming community of Drhyff. Some may ask where they come from, but most would say it doesn’t matter. Adventurers come from everywhere and nowhere. They’re drifters, sell-swords and brigands. Filled with a wanderlust that cannot be sated otherwise, this party has joined together in search of that spark of life found on the open road and in the dungeons of antiquity.
Before we continue, let me introduce you to the party. First there’s Kalamor Aeternus, a young paladin who hopes to swear an oath to Koverr, The Pure One, should he find himself worthy. He is flanked by Jeshela Velsin, a half-elf bard just happy to be on the road. Off running ahead in the bush is Frug Timbers, a forest gnome druidic initiate. His love of the wild can be seen (and smelled) clearly. Behind Kalamor is a young brandobian monk named Malvus. His clothing marks him as a guardian of the Earth Mother. Taking up the rear a somber dwarf keeps her hood up. Ngithol is a fighter, clearly, but her eyes betray an intelligence not normally seen in the warrior caste. They are settling into the hamlet of Drhyff for the evening and hoping to find some work.
Drhyff is a small community, numbering less than 700 even accounting for the migrant seasonal workers coming in from Bynarr and the eastern towns of Thybaj. The town itself is situated on the edge of the Fyban forest, where the inhabitants get the lumber required for their log homes and buildings. The heroes, if you’re inclined to call them such, quietly find themselves a bed at the Green Gryffon inn (so named from the moss and ivy that has grown wild over the log cabin) and settle in for some cabbage stew and Tharggy sausage. Jeshela provided music for the small crowd of residents. The owner, Jish, was delighted to have such company in his inn and gave up his room to the bard as thank you. The others accepted cots in the common room; all but Malvus, that is. He was happy to sleep in the barn’s loft.
Before the party retired for the evening, however, Kalamor secured them some incoming funds from the town’s constable, Elmin Hersir. The annual census and Queen’s tax was upon them and the hersir sent by Jorjen Thane has gone missing. Elmin figures the young hersir took off with the taxes or was robbed on the road. Either way, he has no time to finish collecting and is willing to pay the party 1 gold each plus 1 silver per house. There were other rumors and mumblings of trouble that could have been profitable; a horse thief had made off with at least three horses in the last few weeks and Elmin Hersir was no closer to discovering who the culprit was. And an influx of wild dogs has been causing farmers some trouble killing chickens and terrorizing other farm animals. Both sounded like more work for less pay, so taxmen they became.
The following day the party headed south to the furthest homesteads to count heads and collect taxes. The greater portion of the day was made up of winding paths through the forest and the occasional stop at a homestead for a quick count. Most had little issue with the taxing and were easy going. They were threatened by an old Fhokki hermit, but that’s expected of a taxman’s job. No, the real troubles came when they approached the Brovnar homestead.
The Brovnar family, Brendol and Dela were immigrants from the young kingdoms, looking to start a new life in Tharggy. Until recently, they were fairly successful at getting the farm going and making some friends, including regular attendance at the sermons in the Assembly of Light church of Drhyff. No one has seen the couple or their child Granden in months.
The party approached the farm with caution, as it was eerily quiet for such a large farm. When they called out the owners, Brendol appeared looking tired and ragged as a man can. Bruises and cuts marred his arms and neck; the same for his wife, Dela. Fearing they may be hiding some truth, Frug called upon his ancient druidic teachings to charm the young housewife. She happily told Frug and the party about the mass of kobolds that invaded the farm and kidnapped her boy. They dug out tunnels underneath the barn and keep wild dogs there as guards. Ngithol heard enough and walked out to approach the barn and deal with the kobolds. Dela’s concern for her son was pointless as Ngithol was certain the boy was long since dead.
Had the party taken caution, they might have handled the dogs better. Unfortunately, Ngithol wrenched the barn door open to the sight of six wild animals ready to pounce. Clearly Tharggy wolfhounds, the beasts were a threat that had to be put down. When the party cleaned off the dust and shite from their clothing, they noticed a pile of hay stir before hearing the sound of a dinner bell or clanging pot below.
Throwing the hay aside, they found the entrance to the Kobold lair. Kalamor went first only to find the tunnel at the bottom of the ladder to be a good foot and a half shorter than his 6’4” frame could navigate. Malvus fared no better, but the others were all short enough to move about with relative ease. Frug took point and laughed at the pitiful attempt at a pit trap before leaping into a much better disguised pit trap with spikes at the bottom. Ngithol aided Frug in getting out of the pit and helped place some boards down that the kobolds likely used to cross the hole. A kobold guard jumped out to strike Ngithol, but Jeshela’s quick use of her flute put the creature down. They were free to continue, but were very aware of the alarm. They pushed on through the small tunnel until finding a larger room (Still only 5’ tall) full of Kobolds geared up for an advancing attack. Each was armed with a spear and positioned behind broken fences they stole from the Brovnars. A couple stood at the end of the hall firing arrows at the party. There was also a kobold hidden behind a dug out arrow slit in the wall, giving the party no real cover.
Kalamor went down first, attempting to defend and block the arrows with his shield, while Ngithol made for the door opposite the kobolds. Unfortunately, before she could reach the door, Malvus was also injured and the heroes realized they may need to withdraw if they wished to go on living. Frug took up a defensive point while Jeshela healed Kalamor, who in turn laid his hands upon Malvus. During the skirmish, Jeshela was brought low by arrow fire as the party began their retreat. Frug kept the kobolds from advancing with a well-placed entanglement and Malvus miraculously hit the kobold behind the arrow slit with a well-timed throwing spike. A last ditch effort by Frug killed the remaining kobolds when he lit his own entanglement on fire. There was little time to cheer, however, as Kalamor was brought low again, and the party had to drag him out of the tunnel to escape.
In the barn, while the others quickly recovered, Ngithol set to preparing some torches and readied a fire to set the barn ablaze and smoke out the kobolds. None had even fully realized Jeshela bled out during the scuffle.
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