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In The Shadows
Dominic's mentor, Nicolo Rizzuto, a capo in the Rizzuto crime family, disappeared mysteriously during the war with the Hells Angel's. to make matters worse, night ranking members of the family are being gruesomely murdered across Montreal, and the "talented" Alice's to the family won't make a move without Nicolos support.

Via the Alliance, Dominic contacts Gaston for information on Nicolo's location. Gaston agrees to help rescue Nicolo if they assure him no HA are harmed. True to his word, Dominic waits for Gaston to lure the bikes out, then knocks him out and leaves with Nicolo.

Contacted by a member of the Rizzuto family to look into the murder of family members, a tracking spell lead me to a group of HA. After following them around for a bit, I saw what happens on the full moon. not a pretty sight, I tell you. but here's the funny thing - those HA are hanging around some of Rizzuto's boys. I don't think this Nicolo dude is going to be happy about this power play. Good news for him is that while these berserkers are thought, they're also stupid and bleed like anything else.
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Warlocks and Friends
Reggie was left in Montreal to mop-up his family's coterie of low-grade warlocks. It took him some time to find them since he also spent a great deal of time training. After a few brushes with Mortal police and various crime organizations, he finally found the warlock who contributed to the corruption of his new world cousins, and confronted him. This ended poorly for Reggie. while he beat some henchmen, his purely physical approach did not work against a mind-bender.

I had been tracking a foul sort of monster. some type of mental fuckery, making monsters more monstrous, and humans into monsters. Apparently someone else had the same idea. Man, he was pretty effective against those thugs. I didn't have to come out of the shadows at all. Poor sod came up short with the head honcho though. .Had to wait until the evil ass-hat was focused on the wizard. Gave me enough time to get around him, drop my cloak and drop his knife.

It was lucky the mind bender lacked conviction. This allowed Persephone to protect Reggie, while he was Infuriatingly focused, but unable to comprehend the lack of results. The mind bender was taken by surprise as Elric plunged his blade deep into his kidney. Now aware of the others in the fight, and shrieking vows of revenge he vanished into the night.
"Who is this you're mixed up with?" asked Persephone,
"I need a drink to regain my fortitude" he replied. "I'll tell you about it at the pub"
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Training for a leadership role in the faerie court, Persephone was taking on more responsibility in the outside world. While practicing her glamour abilities, she was spotted by a group of soldiers. Her guards were slain and she was taken.

Biding her time in a maximum security prison, build on a magic sink, she met her father for the first time. Unable to take her revenge, not knowing how to fight without her fay powers, he was able to prove his identity and explain his absence in her life.

She chose to stay and train with him, embracing her humanity for the first time.

Trouble began brewing when monster hunters were recruited to join the military cause. After a confrontation on base, she contacted the court to explain her absence. She then left the base, to get her revenge hunting the monster hunters.

Elric -
Hmmm. It appears my family has been up to i'ts usual mischief. Hunting
"monsters" while ignoring the corruption in it's own ranks. When I saw this... Circus Performer(?) tracking a third cousin of mine, I had to step in and give a hand. She didn't notice the two other members following her. A classic family tactic of baiting. Time to take the family down a peg. I just hope they don't recognize my face and realized that I'm still alive.

Jack -
Just got a frantic calls from both Elric and Persophone. Looks like they've bitten of more than they can chew. I grab my kit and run out the door. I arrive to find them together, surrounded by a horde of Elric's family. Good thing we're near the old fort. I close my eyes, gather my will, and Call. From a suddenly gathered fog comes a rush of British and French troops. I push my will against the startled hunters and to their perceptions the troops are real. The fight is soon over, and the hunters fled.
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Drug Bust Gone Wrong
Gaston -
The Hell's Angels had a drug deal going down in an empty garage. The cops were supposed to shoe up to arrest them, while Gaston ducks out for a smoke. Instead the Alliance shows up, guns a-blazing.

Persephone -
Realizing his mistake too late, Gaston makes a run for it. He's cornered by some heavily armed Alliance thugs. He fears his betrayal of the HA's lead to this somehow, and no one will be coming to his aid. He closes his eye's, preparing for his end, and hears the closest Alliance member hit the ground with a sickening crunch and heavy thud. Gaston opens his eyes again to see the rest of the alliance members rapidly falling. Before he could comprehend what has unfolded, a light appears in the shadow of the garage. A pixie glides towards him - human sized.
"what are you?" he asks.

"I am Persephone. Pixie. Assassin of monster hunters.
You've betrayed your kind. Why should you not die as well?" She answers.

"I did this for the club!" he shouts. "This war will kill them all if it isn't stopped! The cops were supposed to come and arrest them, but those Alliance assholes double crossed me.
...I guess I outlived my usefulness..."

Dominic -
Just them, Dominic steps out of the shadows.
"This wasn't the Alliance's doing. I don't know who these guys are, but they are definitely not AAA. I was in the neighborhood to let you know we needed to reschedule. If you guys are up to it, let's find out who these guys are.
I owe you that much."

The trio tailed the remaining killers back to a secure compound bearing the logo "St. George du Lac"

Reggie -
I followed Gaston back to the pub. I still need to know if the Hell's Angel turned Bear had anything to do with my family. It was convenient that Elric was there, but Elric was still mildly suspect, so I decided to simple ask Gaston outright. My social graces failed me. I resorted to the soul gaze. Poor lad didn't now know to avoid it. I don't know what he saw, but I saw enough to know he was not my guy.
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Where everybody knows your name...
Jack -
So a ghost walks into a bar...
After a long day on patrol, all Jack wanted was to relax over a cold beer and a pool table with his friends, until the ghost of his cousin, another officer, came in looking for Jack's help catching his killers: a gang of drug dealing bikers...

Dominic had two missions in New York. 1st kill the Hell's Angel; 2nd take the package he's sitting on before his buddies arrive... The only problem is that his buddies showed up early, and there was no way Dominic could handle all twelve. To make matters worse, a spud-eating cop is shadowing Dominic everywhere he goes.

After jumping the cop, Dominic realized that the cop wanted to get these guys even more than he did, so they cut a deal...

Dominic would sneak in and plant guns that matched some cops murder in the Hells Angles hideout, just in time for a police raid, and Jack would help get a package out of evidence lock up. Everybody wins!

Persephone -
It's not long before Jack is discovered. He had hoped the deal with Dominic would go unnoticed, but soon both the NYPD and the HA were after him. Seeing no way out, he runs. After some time on the road, he finds himself in Montreal, listening in on a rapidly whispered conversation. Could he believe his ears? A pixie assassin and monster hunter working together? He was so caught up in the conversation that he gave himself away and face to face with the pair. Could he make a deal to save his skin?

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