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Episode 1 - She Left in the Night
The Missing Girls
Jeanette Dupree called everyone to the Note on a Thursday afternoon, when only the upstairs café was open. She introduced her friend Tomas. He needs some help finding two Iroquois girls, Kani and Lilly, who went missing from local colleges. The first went missing three months ago, and the second just a few days ago. The police have no leads and Tomas suspects they are treating the cases as run always. He's sure they have been taken, even though they both came back to pack all their things, emptied their bank accounts, and maxed their credit cards before disappearing.

The group questioned and Tomas. It appeared the girls didn't have much in common other than both being Iroquois, and both frequenting a few of the same clubs. The Violet Hour was mentioned, and Jeanette slightly tensed at it's mention. When asked about it, she had very little to say. After Tomas shared all he knew, he thanked everyone for their time, and went to resume his search. He told the group what motel he’s staying at, and that he would be there for a few days.

Reggie tried to question Jeannette about the Violet Hour after Tomas left, but was too direct for Jeanette's taste. She answered in her predictable, vague way, and when pressed further, took offense and asked Reggie to leave.

The group was speculating about the Violet Hour when Gaston got up to leave. He was sorry to hear the tale of the missing girls, but would leave this for the others to look into. It was really no concern of his. Jeanette said she understood, but it seemed like it worried her. She made a point out of offering Gaston some black coffee before he went. It was odd the way she said *black*. He declined the coffee left, all be it confused. It was also odd enough that Jeannette was getting involved in any matter that was not strictly Note business...

Persephone and Elric noticed the exchange between Gaston and Jeanette and believe they knew what it meant. They decoded the message for everyone once they were outside the Note. She was talking about the Black Court. Ever vigilant about remaining neutral, Jeannette managed to indicate that the Black court is at the Violet Hour by offering her patron a drink. This information made the situation rather serious, and not just for the missing Iroquois girls. Persephone knew a thing or two about these creatures and shared a rundown of their strengths and weaknesses, including their ability to create Renfields out of pure mortals.

Even though the group arrived separately, they decided to work together. After a moment of reflection, it was Dominic’s involvement that changed Gaston’s mind about joining the investigation. It was something to do with debts to the Rizzuto family.

The White Invitation
Before they walked away, the group was approached by a mysterious patron from the Note, dressed all in white. He asked for a meeting with them today, regarding their interest in the Violet Hour. He had clearly been in the cafe to eaves drop. They raised their collective eyebrows at the offer, but the group agreed to meet back here this evening. This man was obviously White Court. Given the circumstances, more information at this point is crucial, and seeing what the White Court had to say could be valuable indeed.

Research and Prep
That gave the group a few hours to look into the missing girls, and prepare for a possible confrontation with Black Court Vampires. Reggie obtained some Holy water and garlic, and loaded some plastic easter eggs for holy hand grenades. Sticks were sharpened, silver was sought out, and folks generally loaded up with all the Black Court anathema they could find.

Dominic and Gaston took one of the colleges and Elric and Persephone took the other. After talking to roommates, RA’s, and even posing as students, they were both able to confirm Thomas’s story about how the girls disappeared. One other clue immerged: both girls came to empty their rooms at night, when their roommates were gone. They left absolutely nothing behind, and only took what was theirs.

Elric wasn’t able to get material for a tracking spell on the girls, so he did some divination using grave dirt and a map of the RESO. By interpreting the dirt clusters, he believed there are approximately 9 Black Court in or around the Violet Hour. Two of the clumps were larger than the rest. One of the larger clumps appeared to have an extra layer of fine dirt around it, and two of the smaller clumps. It almost looked like a grouping. It was hard to get an understanding what, if anything, that meant.

Meeting Tilda Raith
Once they had all arrived back at the Note, and were seated at a table in the club downstairs, the mysterious White Court gentlemen approach the table. He was there to introduce his superior, Tilda Raith, and then left to sit at the bar. Tilda was a very smooth character, also dressed in white. She had bought the table some expensive wine in friendly but arrogant way, and immediately took over the conversation. Tilda had information to offer about the Black Court in the Violet Hour. It appeared there was no price for this info either. She said that the White Court would benefit from their elimination. They were getting in the way of a construction project next door to the Violet Hour, and was willing to lend assistance by sharing some of what she knew.

Tilda said the scourge is fairly new in town. They have created at least one Renfield that she knows of – there was a news report a few months back about a city official that went crazy and started shooting up the street. He was put down by the police. This man happened to be an associate of theirs and was helping them get their new gentlemen’s club approved. The construction site remains closed off and unmanned. Since it’s underground in the RESO, it sounds like an attractive place for the Black Court to retire to.

Tilda answered questions from the group, but rebuffed any veiled accusations or threats with un-phased sense of authority, as Dominic discovered. Continuing with more specifics, she believes that there are two masters. One of them is new in town, and she suspects is assessing the new scourge in some sort of official capacity. She’s unsure of the nature of that relationship, but believes that they are indeed in control of the Violet Hour and managed to protect it politically, through the death of more than one city official.

The Violet Hour
The group considered all their information carefully, including the fact that eliminating the Black Court would clear the way for a new White Court foothold in the city, and still decided to gear up and head to the Violet Hour for some recon. It was after dark at this point, but still fairly early at the night club.

The gang arrived separately. Gaston took a seat at the bar – a big man who barely fit on the tiny stool. The bartender, over the noise of the music, managed to infer that they were well stocked and could get him *whatever* he wanted. Elric and Persephone arrive together and made their way in through the smoke, stench and sticky floors. Dominic was interested in what was behind the curtains off the side of the dance floor. But Reggie, true to his nature, walked in and opened his Sight.

He swept his gaze around, which could spell trouble by taking in so much at once, but he managed to keep his vision from lingering anywhere and look too deep. He was after a general survey of the room and saw that the smoke in the room matched the true physic miasma in the air. This place was for the depressed, the disenfranchised and general misfits of society. In that regard, it was exactly what it seemed to be. The bouncer at the door was clearly a changeling – probably ½ Troll. Even to normal vision, if you looked close you could tell his hair was a shade of dark green. Also, at the far table, there was a man sitting alone. To the Sight he looked like a shell of rage and hate with nothing inside. His was clearly a Renfield with empty, black holes for eyes. To normal vision, he was subtly rocking back and forth, but not in time with the music. A nervous waitress brought him a drink, set it down carefully and hurried away. Once he had determined there were no Black Court hiding among the patrons, Reggie closed the Sight. It took a couple of tries, but he managed to shut it down without doing too much damage to his mind.

The changeling at the door was a surprise. The is getting more complicated. Dominic and the gang made their way behind the curtain, past the bathrooms, and found a locked office. Dominic tried to pick the lock, but the door opened on him, revealing a very annoyed hulk of a man demanding what he was doing. He had the telltale green hair – another Troll changeling. A not-too-small man got up from his desk. He was clearly mob. His office décor looked like wanna be European, and even though he was dressed in black, it was a fine turtleneck under a jacket. He was too tan and too conservatively dressed to fit in this club.

From behind his bodyguard, he demanded what the hell they were doing. Dominic tried to fake drunk, but neither of them were buying it. They heard him messing with the door handle – there were sound dampening panels lining the walls. Assessing the situation, Dominic changed tactics and claimed to be investigation for the Rizzuto family. He claimed the business in this place was infringing on treaties. Again, the man wasn’t buying it. Apparently he’s from the McGuire family, and had never heard of Dominic’s capo. He told them to get the hell out. Right now.

At this tense moment, the group grudgingly decided to leave. It was a calculated call – it was night and the Black Court would be awake. This is their home turf, and it seemed a strong possibility that they could make an appearance as back up for this guy.

They used the side door to leave. It’s an emergency exit that lead out to walkway between businesses. Once outside they took a look at the construction site next door. It was locked up with fencing, wood boards, and wrapped with construction fabric. There was no wandering in.

Another Invitation
While pondering the wisdom of breaking in at night, the waitress they saw earlier came out the side door. She brought them a business card and without a word hurried back into the club. The card was for Gerard Rodgers, owner of the Violet Hour. On the back it had a hand written note:
7 am, Corner of Rue Saint Alexandre and Rue Dowd.
Session: Mischief in Montreal - Chapter 1 - Sunday, Mar 24 2013 from 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM
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