The Clone Wars have ended, but are a recent and painful memory. The new Galactic Empire has gained a stranglehold on the galaxy from the Core Worlds to the Outer Rim. In the months since the fall of the Republic, with the promise of peace and security, most systems have joined the Empire willingly. Certain less scrupulous human leaders have encouraged the trend because doing so promises to bring them more power.

A few brave souls have begun rebelling against Imperial oppression, but their successes have been scattered and inconsequential. Dissidents are forced to live in a galaxy that tolerates no opposition to the Empire. At present, there is no organized opposition, and what few dissenters arise are usually put to death before they can pose a serious threat.

The Jedi are being eradicated, but a few — a very few — still exist in exile, scattered and vilified by the Empire for their "attempted overthrow" of the legitimate government.

In a galaxy in turmoil, a disparate group of potential heroes all find themselves on the star cruiser Oathbinder, a decades old cargo ship that has seen better days. Chafing against the increasing injustice of a Galaxy under the boot of Emperor Palpatine and his minions, the brave souls of the Thunder Child could be the only hope for a future free from darkness.

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Season VI: Blood is Thicker Than Antur (part 2)
AKA: Claire is spamming posts for XP!!! No, actually I had another thought to add to my previous post, so I made it part 2. And I wanted XP... haha

\\ Begin Transmission \\

Senator Lirik, loyal friend of former Marquess Krava, and trust-worthy ally in a world littered with foe. I hope you are well, and the peoples of Shili are still prospering under such worthy leadership like yourself. There is little word of the doings of Togrutan's as of late, so I have only hope that good fate has fallen on our people.

I write to you with very little news on my behalf. It seems my search for Silus Antur and the fate of the Tarruk nation is still in full effect. I have some information recovered from allies I have recently discovered that may prove useful to you. It is encrypted and attached to this message.

My concern in writing to you today is on behalf of a female Togrutan I recently encountered. More importantly, she was sent to eliminate my fellow companions and I, and for this reason I would like any information you may have. She goes by the name of Revalla. We do not know much more about her than this, and an image of her from security footage, also encrypted and attached. Lirik, you were a beloved and true friend to my father, even in his darkest hours. I trust you will see to it that any information regarding this woman will be sent to me immediately. I fear for my own life now, and I mustn't, if there is any hope of finding resolve to the massacre that happened to my people.

My last request, like everything else I have mentioned, must also be kept with great secrecy. I have gone through extraordinary measures to ensure this message is sent directly to you and passes through no others eyes. I know you will be the one to decyper it, because I used my father's own encryption to hide it.

The information regarding Antur is not the only thing of great concern to me. I now have reason to question some of my alliances with the once known Jedi Order. I believe with great faith that my Master Anaron is still loyal to the cause. However, a dear friend to him and others of the order, Master Daklena, has brought concern to me. I have received information about an illness she was stricken with, a month or so prior to my latest departure from Togruta. She has since been progressively worsening. Now, in your most worthy trust, I speak of this only to you. Master Daklena, I fear, has had a suspicious mind towards me from the very first time we met. She took great interest in the Tarruk massacre, and seemed to constantly have a watchful eye on me in particular. The recent incident with the Corellian Security has put questions in my mind that she may very well be pulling strings with the Empire, and could have taken a false path away from those who remain true Jedi. I believe she has special interest in my father's operations and may have been corrupted by the Empire to sway her ways. Something deep inside me fears she had something to do with the framing of Galanor, but I am not sure. I question all my thoughts as of late. This sort of heresy would be unthinkable to say in front of the remainder of the Order, but I place great faith in your silence.

My hope is that you can be watchful for me. I know Master Anaron is in frequent contact with you and trusts the few left loyal in the government on Shili to keep his information private. I too trust you will do the same, and keep my best interest close to heart. I ask of you to relay any important information regarding this matter to me in secrecy. I have not mentioned any word of it to Master Anaron, although I assume he must know I am suspicious of something at this point. I am careful, but I fear my emotions have taken toll on me as of late. I could never have enough watchful eyes behind me. I appreciate any help you can give.

I hope to visit you again soon. For now, please send your lovely Delaana my kindest regards, and stay well my friend. Thank you for your loyalty to the Drii. We are forever indebted to you.

Marquess Noval Drii of Tarruk

// End Transmission //
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Sesson VI: Tell of Tel
\\ Begin Transmission \\

I hope this message reaches you well Jedi Master Anaron. I apologize if it must come with some delay. Finding ways to reach you or others that remain of what was once our order is, as I'm sure you are well aware, quite difficult.

My travels have taken me to Corellia, where myself and the others (Locke, Onix, and Galanor) have been on the search for a missing archaeologist named Dr. Hrithris Tikon. Unfortunately we have since found him murdered in a local Cantina, the murder weapon still at the scene upon our arrival. We had much trouble after we decided to keep the weapon afterwards, and since then Galanor has found himself wanted with Corellian security forces for revealing possession of the weapon.

This brings me to the urgent matter at hand, of which I have reason to write you. I feel I am becoming somewhat 'attached', for lack of better words, to the current situation. When it was revealed that Galanor was wanted for charges of Dr. Tikon's murder, it was also assumed that Galanor was known by the alias Silus Antur. I'm sure you are as troubled by this news as I, and I have done much since this event to ensure I do not loose sight of this man.

What am I to do, Master? I find myself at odds, having acted with emotion over logic the past few days as these events unfold. If I am truly within grasp of Silus Antur himself (which I still do not believe), should I not take action? Surly the troubles of Tarruk take priority over the matters with this archaeologist, and his assistant in which we now seek.

Somehow I believe that Galanor, although not a Silus Antur that we seek, holds a path towards the answers we need. I have not found it yet, and unfortunately it has caused me much distress. However, I hope that in time more information will be revealed about the true history of Galanor, and what connection he may have towards finding justice and resolve for Tarruk.

Please forgive me if I sound troubled and make little sense, or that I am without more information about my whereabouts these past few weeks. I ensure you I will write again soon with more information, both on the trail of the archaeologist, and of Silus Antur.

I send my thoughts to Master Daklena and hope she is recovering well.

// End Transmission //
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Session 6 Summary: The Hunt for Tel Jersho
Arriving in Kor Vella, Noval seems suspicious of Silus, er....Galanor and makes several secret communications to the Resurgence. She later explains that Silus Antur is the name of an Imperial Agent known to have been involved in a great tragedy that devastated the Tarruk region of her homeworld, Togruta. Though she seems to find it 8unlikely that Galanor is Antur, she nonetheless vows to stick close to him for the time being, to make certain.

Galanor's face being transmitted to every corner of the planet in every official data stream, he dons black gunner's helmet, to hide his features. The group also speculated on how easy or hard it would be to track Galanor back to the Thunder Child herself, and hacked the secure ID for the ship to make her appear to be transport. It would take a relatively masterful computer slicer (or a physical inspection of the ship) to see through the ruse.

After landing the ship in Kor Vella, the party makes use of public terminals to learn more of the Jersho family and its properties in the city. Jersho's parents are long since deceased, but he and his brother Dom Jersho were raised in relative luxury by a wealthy aunt, who is the legal owner of six separate resort communities located on the Kor Vella plateau. Although no reference is found to a specific domicile for Tel, Dom is listed as living on the grounds of the Wildsprings Resort, the largest of the Jersho family's holdings.

The city itself was sprawling, with each of its many resorts acting like a self-contained community. Wildsprings was no different. It's principle hotel was a massive gleaming tower, at least 100 stories tall, surrounded by various smaller buildings, hot springs, pools (closed for the winter), with the entire complex enveloped in dense foliage to separate the spa from its many neighbors.

Making their way into the hotel, the party learned that Dom Jersho was living in a separate compound, surrounded by security. Luckily for them, Noval used the force to convince one of his security detail to usher the group inside to meet with the drall.

Dom Jersho was a miserly critter. Short and thin, he was a study in contrasts against his taller, more handsome brother Tel. He didn't seem pleased to be disturbed, but warmed up to the party, somewhat, when Noval took control of the conversation and turned on the charm. It seems Dom expected the party to be bringing him a ransom demand for his brother Tel, who'd been taken away from Kor Vella earlier in the day by goons sent by Gezrool the Hutt. Galanor agreed to help aid in Tel's safe return in exchange for more information on Dr. Tikon's research. Dom agreed and (with some prompting by the party) offered to put the party up in the hotel at a reduced rate while he waited to hear from the Hutt's kidnapers.

The room at the Inn was less than spectacular. For a mere 25 credits a night, the party was treated to accommodations is in subbasement 12, staff quarters. Free to choose from among the many bunk beds that the hotel workers otherwise shared. Finding a staff galley, the party did learn more about Gezrool.

It seems the Hutt was well-known for running much of the gambling on the continent and is himself based in seaside city of Tyrena, where he oversees the operation of several (legal) casinos as well as certain underground establishments where less-than-legal competitions are held. No specific location for Gezrool was found, but the party deemed it likely that Tel Jersho would have been taken to Gezrool, to answer for the non-payment of his gambling debts.

Deciding to head to Tyrena, the party left Wildsprings. At the shuttle to the spaceport Galanor was struck by a dart from a neural inhibitor, which injected a non-lethal poison into his system... The assailant was a Togruta by the name of Revalla, a former Republic government official who turned to hunting down war criminals who had committed atrocities against the Togruta.


She was exceptionally skilled at sniping, but couldn't gain the upper hand on the party as a whole. The party would occasionally catch sight of her as she fought, and was able to close in on her position, only to have her vanish into hiding again. Noval took control of the shuttle and launched it, which prompted its frightened pilot to jump over the side. Falling 20 feet, the pilot snapped his neck and died instantly. Noval then flew the skip over the area where she believed Revalla was hiding but couldn't pin down her fellow Togrutan.

The pilot falls

Noval Drii as the shuttle pilot plummeted to his Death
(Artist's Conception)

Eventually, Revalla was forced into a fighting withdrawal, rendering Locke unconscious with one of her darts in the process. Unaware that Galanor is not the war criminal Silus Antur, doubtless she will return to claim her quarry again.

Galanor used stealth to hide in the dense foliage as the authorities gathered around the body of the pilot and took Noval into custody. After being questioned, they decided that Noval could not be blamed for the pilot's unfortunately accident or the hard lives his many children would now face, growing up without a father. Noval mind tricked them into sharing the footage of the attack with her, which revealed the identity of their attacker to her.
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Session 6: Mysteries and Enigmas
Star Wars Crawl: Session 6

Here is the text:


VOICE remains missing. HRITHRIS TIKON is dead by an unknown hand, and Galanor is the prime suspect.

Hoping to find a new lead on Voice's whereabouts, the party heads to the resort city of KOR VELLA in search of the archaeologist TEL JERSHO.

What insights he may have, if any, are unknown. Tikon's connection to the Empire is obvious, but the details remain obscure. How Voice fits into the complicated life of this murdered archaeologist, and what, if anything, that has to do with the Empire is a mystery.

Meanwhile, Noval has been greeted with more unpleasant questions: How is Silus Antur tied in to any of this, and why have authorities identified Galanor as Antur?
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Session 5 Summary: Trailing Voice
Another first draft...but we are meeting again tomorrow. Sorry for the length, this is the only creative writing I get to do. As I mentioned, there is a 10% XP bonus per session if anyone writes a journal entry, so you can do your own summaries. (And I'll be lax with the award, so nothing has to be anything nearly as long or detailed at the summary below. Character vignettes or back-story elements also count, as do in character musings on life, in-game events, the nature of the Force, why you hate the Empire, etc..)


Escape from Telti

The party stood over the unconscious body of Locke, wracked with wounds from his fight with the dark Jedi. The fight was over for only seconds when a voice, the voice of Joren Thell, rang out over the coms.

Joren sounded afraid.

"Hel...Hello? I hope you're getting this. There isn't much time. I'm uploading the access codes to the Moscoi Dome airlock into your computer now. You need to take off and leave immediately! They know where you are. The imperial forces will be on you in minutes. There was talk of simply blowing up the dome! They're coming for me too, but I've barricaded myself in my office. The Governor...I think he's crazy. I traced his activities over the past two weeks, and it seems like he's been issuing commands to build thousands of battle droids...I don't know why... and I think they all may be sentient. He was enraged when he found out that I was helping you. It's like he's two different people. Maybe it's an elaborate act, I don't know.

They're almost through my barricade now. I don't have much time. You need to take off and ge...."

The com went silent.

Skipping the pre-launch checklist, Galanor took the Thunder Child into the air and, using the codes slid her through the dome airlock in record time. The moonlet Raykoi, an asteroid dragged into position over Telti so that tidal forces could generate geothermal heat, hung in orbit directly ahead. In any other direction one cared to look, tie fighters approached at high speed. Worse, in the distance just beyond the edge of the micrometeoroids that trailed in Raykoi's wake, the Star Destroyer Herald hung like dagger silhouetted against the blackness of space. Even at this great distance, Galanor could see the Herald was hurtling toward them.

Galanor steered the Thunder Child away from the Herald, and at three of the oncoming ties. Still within the twin gravity wells of Telti and Raykoi, he'd need to get the ship clear of them both before a jump to hyperspace could be attempted.

Onix manned the main guns. Noval rushed to the engineering station. Blaster cannons and torpedoes flew, and again and again the Imperial fighters drew, or tried to draw, the Thunder Child into dogfights, all the while the Herald drew closer and closer. The more they fought, the more Ties caught up to them. The ship and its shields took a pounding that would have surely been the end, save for the makeshift shield adjustments made by Noval. Just when the crew began to fear for their lives, the enemy fighters made an error. Galanor saw a gap open up and punched the ship's engines into high thrust to exploit it. The Ties maneuvered into position to fire again, but at a longer range, missing their target. With another burst from the engines, the Thunder Child cleared Raykoi's gravity well, and the hyperdrive indicator was green. In a flash, the blue light of hyperspace filled the cockpit, though a groan of straining metal rang inside the ship itself. For now, they were safe.

The heroes convened in the cockpit and decided their next move. They would pursue Voice by investigating the xenoarchaeologist
SX-ρ had mentioned, Hrithris Tikon on Corellia, but first they needed to return to the Resurgence to treat their own wounds and effect repairs.

Arrival in Coronet, Capital City of Corellia

The ship landed in the Coronet spaceport without incident. The Holonet had revealed some, but not much, information on Dr. Tikon. From what could be gleaned in public records, he had never published a single paper, taught no classes, and the drall was placed in charge of the Department of Xenoarchaeology in this sector—the sole non-human still employed in a position of importance within the planet's university. Other than himself and his assistant, Tel Jersho, all drall researchers had been purged, despite their notable history as scholars dating back to the drall scientist Tiran's Theory of Universal Reference, 35,000 years prior.

After picking up an archive droid and having Noval reprogram it to serve as a field medic, they headed to the campus of what was once Corellia University—now just a satellite campus of the Imperial Colleges on Coruscant. Eventually locating Dr. Tikon's office, his secretary told them that he was never in Coronet. She was emphatic, as if no one had ever asked to see him before. She made it plain: for years, even before the rise of the New Order, he had lived and worked on Centerpoint Station. It was only six or seven months prior that he chose to leave and come to Corellia. Even then, he had no use for Coronet or the campus itself. His sole focus was the search for ruins in the Nomad Mountains to the north. Eventually finding a site of interest, he and his team began exploring and excavating the site, racing to beat the winter storms.

Three months ago, the storms caught up with them. Tikon's team fled the brutal winter weather of the high mountains. The doctor and Jersho, removed themselves to the nearest civilization, the city of Doaba Guerfel at the edge of the Nomad range. Luckily, Tikon controlled an enormous grant budget provided to him by the Empire, and he could easily afford the accommodations through the long northern winter. When asked further about his work, the secretary spoke in hushed tones to explain that all of it, every word written, was classified for Imperial Eyes Only or higher.

After an aborted attempt to break into Dr. Tikon's office, the team flew north, to the mountain city of Doaba Guerfel.

Murder at the Grinning Wampa

Having obtained Tikon's address from his secretary, they party made their way there. Noval charmed the doorman of the building into revealing where Tikon was spending his time, a high end stripper-cantina nearby called the Grinning Wampa.

The club itself was well-maintained, though the dim lighting inside probably concealed more than just the lewd acts of its many patrons. The smell of alcohol and deathsticks permeated every millimeter of the place, and the pounding music threatened permanent damage to anyone with average or better hearing. Dancers of a dozen different species prowled the floors and worked the six main stages, humans, twi'leks, iridonians, zeltrons, muun, and others, both male and female. There was even a shaved female drall making the rounds.

The heroes spread out looking for their quarry, using his photo from the university holonet records as a guide. Pressing through the crowds, the dim lighting made the search difficult. They found nothing in two passes through the patrons and reconvened at the main bar to consider their options. After several minutes of deliberation, they looked on as a sudden blackness filled the club, shooting across the open spaces in tendrils extinguishing every operable light source. In the darkness, for a moment, all was quiet.

Then, a scream rang out.

From the rear of the club a great wave of bodies started to press forward, moving away from the source of the scream. Galanor readied his glowrod and again pushed into the crowd as well as he could. When the knot of people in the back room had finally thinned a bit, he saw the source of the commotion. The body of a drall, Hrithris Tikon, lay slumped to one side on a couch, a shining metallic dagger protruding from his throat. At first, Galanor hung back, not wanting to be implicated in the death, but curiosity got the better of him.

Galanor walked up and pulled the knife from the drall's neck, careful to get as little blood on himself as possible. the blade that killed Tikon was unusually stylized. The hilt was in the form of a gundark, it's head the pommel and its four arms outstretched to form the quillon. It was nice work, probably expensive work. He placed the weapon in his backpack and moved though the club toward the exit. Other than his own glowrod, the rooms were still dark as deep space, so he was hopeful that meant the authorities were not yet on scene.

They weren't. In the confusion, the party slipped away and returned to their ship, where Galanor cleaned up what mess there was, and the party hid the gundark blade.

News of the Knife

As Galanor changed, Noval and Onix took to the holonet looking for references to the strange knife. The only mention, to an identical weapon, was in the police files in Coronet. It seems a merc who was a member of the Charbones Mercenary Company was arrested for fighting in public, six months prior. Among the items still in police custody was a knife fashioned to look like a gundark , the scan of which was, for all the world, the same of the knife now hidden away on the Thunder Child. Records said that the Coronet Police still has custody of theirs. Either their records weren't worth a damn, or there is more than one of these daggers. Further searches on the Charbones themselves suggested they were more a gang of miscreants than a true mercenary company. The occasional theft, public drunkenness, minor assaults, they sounded like petty criminals with delusions of grandeur more than assassins, and all their prior known activities were limited to Coronet.

Galanor saved a scan of the dagger on his datapad, in case it was needed.

Dr. Tikon's Apartment

It was still hours before sunrise.

The group decided that they needed to investigate Tikon's apartment. They made their way back to his building and to the doorman Noval had previously chatted up. She distracted him again, while pretending to wait for Dr. Tikon., as Galanor slipped inside the building unseen and made the long climb up the stairs to the Doctor's 44th floor apartment. The lock on the door was sliced and it stood partly ajar. Power to the room was cut, leaving the space inside in darkness.

Weapon drawn, Galanor slid the door aside cautiously, but whoever had done this was long gone.

The room had been turned upside down. Furniture, pictures, papers and ancient artifacts were scattered in every direction. Galanor scanned what he could, as quickly as he could, but it seemed that there were no records of Tikon's work left. All that he found of any note was a computer disabled by a very nasty virus and love letters back and forth between Dr. Tikon and a woman named Velis Mohta. Strange to use paper to send communications, but some people are romantics. One of the letters complained about the lackadaisical attitude of Tel Jersho, and the thanklessness of Tikon's work, but anything of value describing what that work was appeared to be missing. Galanor looked for maps to the secret site in the mountains, but if a map was here, it was gone now.

Galanor slipped out of the building like a ghost, leaving building security none the wiser.

The Sins of Tel Jersho

With only three hours left until sunrise, Onix, Noval and Galanor felt they could lose no time, and it was decided to track down Dr. Tikon's assistant, if he was even still alive.

Tel Jersho, another drall, was living an even more ostentatious lifestyle than his mentor, having a well-appointed mansion all to himself on a posh Doaba Guerfel neighborhood. a light snow fell and melted instantaneously on the immaculately clean, self-heated streets near Jersho's temporary residence. Every building reeked of old money, and the well tended Corellian gardens told the tale of the many servants that worked in the area during daylight hours.

How out of character for this scene to be marred by the sound of a howling Trandoshan and a Rodian banging and clawing at Jersho's front door. No lights were on in the nearby homes, which was either a testament to their soundproofing and the distance between each, or to the fact that they knew better than to alter the pair of rabblerousers to their location.

"Come on out, Tel!" the trandoshan snarled, "Nobody cheats the boss! Give us our money! Now!"

As the party drew closer they also spied a wookiee in the shadows in the distance, a large Ryyk blade strapped to its back. Galanor approached the pair at the door. Evidently Jersho came from a wealthy family, known for the several resorts it owns in the tourist city of Kor Vella, he also had more than a little bit of a gambling problem, and was in it for 25,000 credits to Gezrool the Hutt.

Sirens could be heard in the distance, and concerned they could be after him for questioning in Tikon's murder, Galanor backed off and hid. An air speeder marked with the symbol of Corellian planetary security landed next to the Rodian and the officer inside exchanged words with him. It was the officer who backed down, raising his hands in supplication before getting back into his speeder and flying away. No doubt a neighbor had complained about the noise and the toughs threatening the neighborhood. No doubt Gezrool has more pull than some anonymous tipster.

Bad as they were, Galanor knew if these thugs had wanted Jersho dead, they would not be impolitely banging on his door. They'd have blasted it open and taken the drall's head as a prize. Plus, as they explained, you don't kill the scion of a wealthy, well-connected family over 25,000 credits, as he'd always be worth more than that in the long run.

Noval used her forceful personality and the force to convince these mooks to move along, and search for Jersho at another location. Meanwhile, Galanor sliced the home's computer and gained entry through a back door. The place was tidy, everything in its place, except in the bedroom. There, signs of someone hastily packing to skip town were everywhere. Galanor returned to the computer and verified that Jersho left just half-a-day before, just hours before the doctor was killed. The computer suggested that he might have headed back to Kor Vella, where his powerful family had the pull to keep him hidden, and he could live in comfort.

The party contemplated following him, but decided to pursue one final lead in Doaba Guerfel, Tikon's flame, Velis Mohta.

Angel or Agent?

Finding Velis Mohta was again no harder than a quick scan of the holonet, but with daylight nearly upon them, the party learned that she was currently a guest of the police. Not a suspect, as the closest thing to family Tikon had, Mohta was merely identifying his remains, and answering what questions she could. According to her public files she worked as a dancer, and had previously placed ads offering her services as an "escort" in several local periodicals. She stopped placing those ads just three months prior. Something seemed off to Galanor. The information looked almost, but to quite right to him. His computer slicing skills came in handy again, as he probed deeper and discovered the truth. Her entire life history seemed to begin only six months prior. There was no record of her prior to that. Her "escort" ads were fake and had never been run in the local periodicals, though to anyone less savvy with computers it would have looked like they had.

With her still in the hands of the local authorities, Galanor scaled the outside of her building. Her apartment was modest, but clean. A holographic image of an orange skinned Twi'lek and a gray bearded drall embraced on her mantle, Mohta and Tikon. Nothing seemed to be out of place, so Galanor descended.

She arrived home shortly after, and Noval convinced her to speak to them. The hologram didn't do her justice. Despite what looked to be many hours of tears and crying, Velis Mohta had the face of an angel. She also had a body built to get men in trouble. It was little wonder why Tikon would have fallen for her, though why she fell for him was more of a mystery.

Noval has suggested they knew Tikon and were concerned about Tel Jersho, but Mohta made it clear she didn't know much of anything specific about Jersho or his and Tikon's work. She did recall a reference to "Ko-'Lar-A-Lock" and to something called the "Chamber of Tomorrows."

She was very clear that Tikon was a true genius, and seemed to take a certain vicarious pride in that. When Galanor asked about his keeping notes, Mohta replied that he was brilliant enough that he never relied on notes or maps, simply storing details in his head. Galanor explained that they knew about Tikon's death and shared the scanned image of the dagger with Mohta. A stunned look crossed her face as she saw the image of the bloody weapon. She connected some of the dots quickly and realized that the locals had never mentioned the highly unusual knife. she demanded that Galanor share the information with Doaba Guerfel's investigators. Galanor dodged saying that he intended to, and quickly, then changed the subject.

Confronted with the evidence that "Velis Mohta" only appeared in the public records months before, she explained that she was new to Corellia, and had lived through certain experiences she was not proud of. Doaba Guerfel, and her life with Hrithris was her fresh start, and it required a new identity.

Galanor accepted that, though Noval used the force to press further and see what more could be learned. Mohta turned to Noval and stated, matter of factly and without self-consciousness, that she was an "agent of Chandrila" and that she was investigating connections between Tikon and the Empire. Unaware of what she said, so far as the party could tell, Mohta continued the conversation normally after that.

She still seemed agitated by the thoughts of the knife and again demanded that Galanor contact Corellian Security. Galanor agreed, but was clearly hedging on when he would contact them. This time, Mohta was not so easily put off. She was already at her data terminal. In a moment, a hologram of a Corellian Security Officer appeared, identifying himself as Doaba Guerfel police. Mohta explained Galanor's having an image of the murder weapon, and the officer asked Galanor to transmit it to Corellian security and then wait for an air speeder to bring him in to take his statement.

Noval and Onix had to stifle gasps as Galanor dutifully transmitted the image. The party then excused itself and beat a hasty retreat to the Thunder Child.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Kor Vella

Once on the ship, the party set their sights on Kor Vella and Tel Jersho again. Galanor made it plain that their best bet was to find the dig site in the Nomad Mountains that so interested Tikon, as that was their best connection to finding Voice.

Fleeing Doaba Guerfel, the party took time to rest after their long night, setting down in the Agrilat Crystal Swamps. There, after cleaning the dagger thoroughly to remove Galanor's prints and trace DNA (along with any evidence left behind by Tikon's killers), they used Locke's lightsaber to break the dagger up into small unrecognizable chucks which they scattered in various locations over the vast expanse of the Agrilat.

Now ten hours after Galanor had sent the scan of the weapon to Corellian Security, he anxiously scanned news feeds for stories on the incident. The latest updates caught his eye, as well as Noval's. Security Alerts beamed around the planet. It was a holoimage of Galanor accompanied by the text:

Corellian Security
WANTED in connection with the slaying of Dr. Hrithris Tikon.

May be using the alias Silus Antur. The suspect is be armed and considered extremely dangerous. Approach with caution."
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