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April 2nd, 2017
Much has happened since we last checked in with our adventurers.

The wing they last inhabited was controlled by a powerful necromancer, Azaven, who gave the party a bit of trouble when he retreated with one of Nevik’s wakizashi’s still skewered into him after Nevik threw them at the flying wizard. After they could not find a trace of Azaven, they decided to move onto the next wing, as Nevik was not completely out of commission without his second wakizashi, and they could simply return here.

The moved their attention to the Halls of Wrath, where a whole slew of evocation spells were flung at our heroes. Warriors of Wrath harnessed the power into their blades, and came in large numbers. Only proving to be of nuisance to the heroes, they encountered the ruler of the dungeon in the grand hall. Highlady Athroxis, accompanied by many of her most trusted associates, gave quite the fight for our Heroes, but eventually fell. When Athroxis died by Reiner’s hand, a magical glyph was transferred from the forehead of Athroxis to Reiner’s. He felt stronger, and this was likely the mark to show who ruled these halls. It is in the shaped of the rune of Wrath. They also discovered the ashes of vengeance needed for Philip’s ritual for the Super Soft, as well as the legendary sword hinted by the book Reiner read.

Afterwards, they visited the final wing of the Runeforge, The Shimmering Veils, which belonged to the sin of Pride, and the magic school of illusion. As they entered a grandiose image of a peacock inhabited a large, mirrored room. Reiner, unsure of the image, swung his new sword at the image. He discovered this was an illusion, and thus his blade simply passed right through. However, during this, their reflections in the mirror seemed to spring to life, and our heroes had to battle exact replicas of each other. While Shalelu did fall during this, she was quickly brought back to life using the last resurrection scroll provided by the Black Monk. After the fight, they discovered a secret room, where the body of the ruler of the wing lie dead, perfectly preserved. They looted a few things, and gained valuable information from his journal entries, including how to exit the Runeforge.

They couldn’t leave without doing two things first, though. First, they needed to recover Nevik’s wakizashi. Second, they had gathered ingredients vital for enchanting a weapon with the power to greatly aid their fight against Karzoug. They turned their attention to recovering the wakizashi, and returned to the Ravenous Crypts to hunt down Azaven. He put up a tough fight once they found him, but he eventually fell.

They turned to do their final task in the Runeforge: enchant a weapon with the power to greatly aid in their fight against Karzoug. The party collaborated, and agreed that Reiner’s new greatsword was the best candidate for the powerful enchantment. He entered the shards of the mirrors from the Shimmering Veil, along with the ‘toy’ gifted to them by Delvahine, with his sword into the pool in the center of the Runeforge. It glowed a bright blue, and began to swirl. That swirling continued as the bright blue enchantment surrounded the blade. He lifted the weapon out of the water once the glow surrounded the blade completely, and raised it high as the glow faded.

Suddenly, an explosion of water burst out from the pool and a bright yellow light shot out straight past Reiner and hit the Karzoug statue that was directly behind the party. The statue animated and enlarged, as the party was now suddenly face to face with a gigantic stone golem of Karzoug. It’s voice boomed through the room: “You. Again. Your optimism is inspiring, but this is where you will fall. Your weapons cannot save you, the Runeforge will be your grave.”

The party fought valiantly, with the casters retreating to safety immediately, replaced by Reiner, Nevik, and Valtyra, who all rushed in to confront the construct. The status focused all of its attention on Reiner, likely due to him having the new weapon with the enchantment. The new found power came in handy, despite this statue hitting them incredibly hard and accurately. They quickly dispatched the statue, and as it crumbled, the voice returned “Come then! If you wish your death to be the first before the kingdom of Shalast, then come find me atop Mhar Massif. I will deal with you personally.” Relieved that the dangers of the Runeforge are all but gone now, they gathered their loot left behind, and used the exit portal in the Halls of Wrath, after discovering its existence through the journal notes from Vraxeris, the previous ruler of the Shimmering Veils.

The heroes returned to Sandpoint, and immediately handled the selling of all of the various loot. If they couldn’t find a buyer within town, they traveled to Magnimar to find someone to purchase the numerous items off of their hands. They profited greatly, as adventurers normally do. They now needed to prepare themselves for a powerful fight, but first needed to find out how to get there
Session: Sins of the Savior: Weapons of Sin - Monday, Apr 03 2017 from 5:00 AM to 8:00 AM
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August 21st, 2016
They opened the double doors to a shadowy sight: two portals connected by a body of energy similar to a curtain. Connected to it, dark energy cracking with slow-motion lightning moved into further hallways. This was a very small room, so the heroes lined the wall to get a closer look at it all safely. They quickly deduced this was a portal to the Negative Energy plane, and that they could destroy it by destroying one of the crystal pillars holding the portal together. Reiner, eager to do so, took swings at the pillar with his sword. With two fell swings, he smashed the pillar to bits. It shattered and exploded, unfortunately causing shards to hit everyone.

Of worse note, however, it also summoned a creature before the portal completely shut. It forced a large batlike creature, a nightwing, into a room too small for it to move in. Luckily, Reiner and Nevik were close enough to set up very quickly, making quick work of what could have been a very lethal threat to the party. They moved out of this room, and noticed that the air seemed less stale and hindering. Closing the portal must have done something to hinder an aura in this area.

They moved forward in the remaining direction to find a room splattered in blood and corpses. The bodies had their organs removed carefully, Philip catching on that this was the work of an expert necromancer. Reiner, not having any of that, quickly piled the bodies into the center of the room and lit them on fire with Calabolg. Aside from the smell, Reiner had no reservations about hindering any potential further happenings from those bodies.

Nevik scouted ahead to find an empty labratory with various bodies on examination tables. Vincent struggling to keep his lunch down, the group moved into this room before discovering two more directions to take. Nevik scouted the north door, spotting an odd creature standing at a table in the room ahead. Luckily for Nevik, it did not hear him at all, so he was able to report back to the party to tell them the news of the creature. They readied themselves for a fight. Reiner borrowed Philip’s ring of invisibility and proceeded into the room with nevik to get the spook on the creature.

The creature was eating a liver torn from the body on the table before it, and did not detect Reiner or Nevik before they got the jump on him. The ghoul like creature screamed, summoning skeletons from the bookcases that lined this room. Despite the major threat this creature had to the party, it stood no chance against Reiner and Nevik, as they tore through him quickly before it could do any damage. They cleaned up the skeletons with little issue, despites some of the skeletons actually exploding in fiery vengeance upon destruction.

The party turned their attention to the other door now, not sure what they should expect. Anything could be beyond that door, and whatever it is, it was likely not friendly.
Session: Sins of the Savior: The Ravenous Crypts Part 2 - Monday, Aug 22 2016 from 5:00 AM to 8:00 AM
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August 14th, 2016
Proceeding into the crypts, the first room they encountered was a large circular room with twelve statues lining the walls, aside from another set of doors. The heroes perceptive eyes caught on easily that the statues were the cover for a hidden door. Reiner and Valytra moved to open one of them to find a sarcophagus disturbed. It was lucky that the one they opened was empty, however, as the other eleven doors sprung open, followed by a loud groan from 6 mummies who showed to be behind these doors. Valyra and Reiner dealt with the ones showing near them, while the other casters hung back and dealt with the others. They noticed that the mummies seemed to target no-one but Naolexa, as they quickly surrounded her, putting her in a very tight spot. Reiner, thinking quickly, tapped into his suli ancestral powers to teleport across the room to slash at these three foes, clearing the way for Naolexa to retreat away from the mummies. Philip unfortuantely took a hit, and managed to contract the disease from them. After all of the mummies were dealt with, they turned to deal with the disease on Philip.

Afterwards, they moved on to find themselves at a four way intersection. The walls lined with impressive murals to what seemed to be four families, each representing something under the rune of gluttony. They moved to the right, managing to find a long hall with a armored clay golem at the end of it. They dealt with this threat before it could even touch them, then inspected the room. They found numerous bottles of wine in the room, which matched the description of the component needed for a gluttony ritual. The sarcophagi in this room were all empty, bodies were not found either. This rang a strange note to the party, but the pressed on to the next room across the way…
Session: Sins of the Savior: The Ravenous Crypts - Monday, Aug 15 2016 from 5:00 AM to 8:00 AM
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July 31st, 2016
Philip readied a tarpool to cast to slow one of them, while Bael prepared himself to intercept the other golem. They handled these two new ones just fine, but they were perplexed at knowing there were four golems. The fourth was nowhere to be seen. They planned to hunt that one down, but Valtyra noticed that the pond was filled with numerous goldfish. They were told in the book that the mist would transform victims into goldfish and transport them to a pond, so these fish they see here are likely unfortunate victims over the years. Excited at this reminder, however, Philip wanted to know what would happen if they dispelled the magic on one, and see what would happen.

Luckily enough, the fish targeted regained his normal shape, which turned out to be a dwarf. The dwarf surfaced quickly and took a second to get used to his limbs again. After coming to reality with the situation, he quickly thanked the group, and introduced himself as the Guildmaster. Years ago, he lead a thieves guild. They came here after years of research, only to fall prey to the transforming mist. His companions were likely long gone, insinuating that it would not be worth the trouble to try to dispel the magic on other fish in the pond. He agreed to help out the heroes through the Vault, as he’ll find his path after that.

They pressed on, coming across numerous room that were filled to brim of a material. Steel, silk, stone, and others simply filling a room. Our heroes couldn’t really figure out the meaning behind the rooms, so they moved on. After finding another fountain room with a door, they cautiously entered the room beyond the door. As they rounded the corner, Valtyra was quickly targeted with a spell that petrified her before she could react. The mithral mage, Ordikon, was seen floating in the high corner of the room, ready for our heroes. Ordikon quickly retreated to a bookcase across the room to snag a figurine off the shelf. The heroes quickly dispelled the petrification magic off of Valtryra, and slowly worked their way into the room. Ordikon summoned a large arcane cannon, and blasted the casters with a cone of cold. He fell to Naolexa’s sleeping magics, however, and lost his life (and fingers) afterwards.

They proceeded out of this room to find an unexpected guest; a Nalfeshnee demon stood towering over the party. They didn’t attack at first, as the Nalfeshnee didn’t seem too interested in killing them. He explained that they are potentially the only way for him to escape his prison of this room. He shared his story of how he was called and trapped here, and now had no way to complete his contract to actually leave. He has been trapped from years and years, with no hope of escape. The party toiled, and found that might be able to assist the demon in escaping, despite his possibly ill intentions in the Abyss. They released him, and to his delight he was able to escape immediately. They pressed on to the remaining hallway before him, where they found the final golem. After taking it out, they found the room it was guarding; a magical arcane pool. Not sure what to exactly to do, the heroes tried dipping an item into the water. It backfired, and ended up damaging Naolexa. They didn’t want to risk damage further, to they ended up not fiddling any further with the pool. They decided to rest in the vault to restore themselves completely before moving on to the Ravenous Crypts.
Session: Sins of the Savior: The Vault of Greed pt2 - Sunday, Jul 31 2016 from 11:30 PM to 7:30 AM
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July 11th, 2016
Reiner kicked in the doors, and found himself in an unexpected room. It was indeed a throne room, but it was filled with vats; 1 large and 4 smaller ones. All of these filled with gross looking liquids. Before them, a grossly obese man sit in a chair, well apparent of their entrance. He seemed ready for anything, but was taken off guard with Reiner wanted to talk instead of fight. He decided to hear them out.

Reiner stated they knew they were outpowered here, and wanted to know if they could work out a deal. Luckily for them, Jordimandus, the ruler of this wing, was simply too exhausted to actually fight them, so he was open to the idea of talking. The heroes explained their quest to find a weapon to fight Karzoug, and Jordimandus had the perfect answer; the list of components needed to attune a weapon to battle greed. He provided them his list of components needed, and explained the process. He also offered them further power if the heroes agreed to deal with the other wings, as he explained to them their potential threats to the Material Plane.

Greed was an obvious choice. Taking out his subordinates would only help them with their endeavours to take out Karzoug.

Wrath was the next potential threat, as Greed and Wrath warred to the point of the world’s destruction many years ago. With taking out the ruler of the wrath wing, they hampered that threat for years, potentially completely.

Gluttony was controlled by Azaven, a powerful necromancer. The threat he posed is as they dealt with greed and wrath, powerfully necromancers would follow in suit to simply raise those armies again in undead. The world was already battling an undead war currently, so this would hamper that front and aid with that war front.

Pride served only the purpose as the other component needed to complete the ritual to attune their weapon. He was unsure of it’s current status, as he had not heard from that wing in years.

The heroes agreed to deal with these, but was curious why Jordimandus was not seen as a threat to them. He explained that they already hampered years of progress of army raising, so he had a lot of ground to recover anyway. This agreement would also be a mutual agreement to mercy between the two groups. Jordimandus also sweetened the deal by offering a book to the party. This manual would bolster the reader’s strength; permanently. Reiner was eager to read through this, but that would be saved for another day.

They traveled into the Vault of Greed next, where they were greeted by a giant golden door. Wary of this place, they inspected the area for traps, and good that they did. The door was a trap that would splatter those who attempted to touch it against the opposite wall. They found the real door to the side of it after disarming the trap, and moved on. They decided to let Nevik scout ahead, who found himself face to face with a blueish mist that filled the hallway. Knowing this was the mist detailed in the book they found, he put up as much defenses as he could, and walked through it.

He was unaffected completely.

Relieved by this discovery, he moved forward through the mist to scout to the other side, and found a water fountain where a handful of water sprites played in the water. He drank an invisibility potion and approached the group of sprites. He took them off guard at first when he decided to speak while still cloaked, as they instantly put up their guard. He talked them down, and got information out of them about why they are here and what hazards might be around here. The sprites explained that this was their fountain, and no-one would take it away from them. They also talked of a mithral mage who pestered them, and scared them away often.

Nevik was pleased with this information, and asked them to get to safety. They retreated back through the blowhole of the statue in the fountain, as Nevik turned back to assist his allies through the mist. They debated about how to go about it , but managed to simply blow it away and run through it before it came back up again.

They scouted ahead, finding a new room with a giant golem in it. This was likely the golems read about in the book, which stated the golems powered the mist found at the entrance. They decided to sneak up on this golem as best as they could, and take him out as fast as possible. They quickly rushed it, and did manage to kill it quickly. They, however, heard heavy footsteps coming down both directions out of this room. They had to steel themselves for a fight.

Session: Sins of the Savior: The Festering Maze of Sloth - Part 3 - Tuesday, Jul 12 2016 from 5:00 AM to 8:00 AM
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