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    Naolexa Vhiski Human/F/Witch/12
    Description:Naolexa Vhiski is the provocative and free-spirited daughter of Kaye Tesarani & Jubrayl Vhiski. She is 19 years-old and 5'7" and known for her looks that she has most graciously received from her mother.
    Background:Naolexa Vhiski, daughter of Kaye Tesarani and Jubrayl Vhiski, grew up in Sandpoint just about as any girl would; dainty and delicate. Her mother owned the local brothel in town, The Pixie’s Kitten, and Naolexa helped with the business there. She had a childhood friend, Thanning Catum, who Naolex...
    Details:Witch Debuff build.
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    Valtyra Aasimar/F/Oracle:Gunslinger/10:2
    Description:Valtyra has an unnatural, angelic beauty to her. Both captivating and a little frightening. Although at the beginning of the campaign she had flawless skin and long golden hair that rested just above the small of her back, her countless battles have scarred her and she cut her hair just above h...
    Background:Raised by Sandpoint's priest, Valtyra and her sister Nualia were practically worshiped by the citizens. After a fire took the church, along with her sister and adoptive father, Valtyra promised herself to help the people of Sandpoint, if only to get her mind off of her loss. She trained with mili...
    Details:Valtyra acts as the party's healer. Her Aasimar Oracle abilities are perfect for healing and support of her friends. Additionally, Valtyra wields an array of melee and ranged weapons. A longsword, a medium shield that boosts her magical abilities, a rare musket, and a pistol she crafted out of...
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    Nevik Human/M/Rouge/8
    Background:(*For those in the campaign with my Character, this infomation is for the player. Not the character. Please do not mix this into your character information. Hopefully some of this will be brought to light for the characters at some point* KG) $1
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    Reiner Suli/M/Fighter/10
    "Hold the Vision. Trust the Process… Or just slash everything up!"
    Background:Reiner Glamdring was born in Sandpoint, son of Vera Glamdring, and sister of Malia, Reiner was born due to the tryst between Vera and a janni who left shortly after finding out Vera was with child. Malia was a child of another father, who did manage to stick around. Their family resided in Riddle...
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    Details:Transmutation Wizard

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