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May 3rd, 2015
The Heroes left for Jorgenfist, following the Lost Coast Road north, heading through Galduria, then Wolf's Ear, Ravenmoor, and then reaching to Storval Stairs. A 15 day trip on foot, the heroes visited the Goblin Squash Stables and those who did not already have a horse or way to travel, bought a horse. This helped speed up the trip and helped shave off roughly 2 days.

As they headed north, they staved off a giant vulture who wanted to pick a fight, and shortly thereafter encountered a mysterious cave that peaked Yama's and Nevik's curiosity. Valtyra, Naolexa, and Philip were not interested, but Yama got the smell of loot to be had, and quickly surveyed the area to get an idea of what was in the cave. They were able to spot a small tail out of the shadows of this very dark cave, but could not identify it from the tail alone. Yama approached, and discovered that these were simply giant geckos. Yama, not worried about these pests, dismounted his horse by leaping blindly into the cave to discover what might be inside. He managed to catch himself on a wall before running into it, spooking the geckos as he rebounded off the wall. Nevik approached more calmly, walking past the hissing geckos, and into the empty cavern area.

Nevik saw an odd sight past the geckos, however. Using Philip’s everburning torch, he illuminated the room to find a large egg in the corner. If these geckos were anything like the shocker lizards, these eggs were not that of a lizard’s. Intrigued, he picked up the egg, alerted the 4 near him, and booked it out of the room. Vincent, recently being rewarded a new enchantment on his rapier, got overzealous with his attack on the gecko. He skewered and killed the gecko, but put too much force into the attack, and ended up snapping the blade. Vincent was devastated, but picked up the broken blade pices and focused on assisting Nevik. Vincent could tell at a range that it was a bird’s egg of some sort, perhaps a giant vulture’s, an axe beak’s, or even a giant eagle. The spots were a little different on the egg shell, however, upon closer inspection.

VINCENT: “Now that I am closer to it, I can confirm this is some sort of axe beak egg. However, it is a little different, as the spots on a normal axe beak’s egg are usually circles. These are...filled-in circles, which is a little different.”

Nevik was happy with his catch regardless, and hefted it into the cart with Shalelu’s assistance.

Yama walked into the opposite side of the cavern from Nevik, and found himself in a room with 4 geckos, and a small coin purse on the ground. He picked up the coinpurse, and immediately alerted the geckos in the room, who moved to attack him. He slew them easily, but not before one got a hefty bite on his foot. He shook this off with no problems, and retreated from the cave. However, two of the geckos still remained from Nevik’s troubles, and headed right for Yama and his horse. They gnawed away at the horse’s legs, and brought his massive beast to it’s knees. Yama killed off a gecko, while Shalelu sniped the other. Yama refused to ask for a heal for his horse, and immediately put it out of it’s misery. Everyone was shocked at this motion, but Vincent decided then that he could ride his horse, Nightmare, and place Yama on cart duty. Yama agreed to this, and took a moment to review over the coinpurse. Delighted, he squandered it away, but not without Shalelu and Nevik knowing of the coinpurse. Shalelu dismissed it, knowing there was better things to worry about, while Nevik met Yama with a look of understanding between two thieves, and let it slide.

The group continued onward, and found themselves passing through Galduria and Wolf’s Ear. On their way to Ravenmoor, they found themselves in close proximity to a large ant hill. It was covered in tiny carpenter ants, but something caught the group’s eye; a belt was hanging in the top of the ant hill. Philip, intrigued, mage-handed the belt to him, but not without covering himself in ants that were on the belt. Valtyra acted quickly, fire-hosing Philip via a create water spell, washing off the ants and drowning them easily. However, the incident stirred up the ants within the hill, who formed massives swarms, aimed for those trying to pass. Naolexa acted quickly, tossing a fireball at the hill. It scorched the ants quickly, and the group escaped from the scene quickly before they could recollect.

The group found themselves at Ravenmoor for the evening, trading with a few vendors and merchants before the heroes went to their own wishes or resting. They neared the Storval Stairs, closing in closer and closer to their destination of Jorgenfist, where they hope to find answers.
Session: On the Road: Jorgenfist! - Monday, May 04 2015 from 12:30 AM to 3:30 AM
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April 26th, 2015
Tired and bruised, the Heroes had only one more problem within the town; the Scarnetti Manor was on fire. They quickly rushed over to the manor, luckily void of any giants along the path. They seemingly abandoned a looting cart, and had numerous belongings of the Scarnetti's in the cart, ready to be rolled out. Unsure on why they left the cart, they only saw Aldern over at the front of the Kaijitsu Manor, out of breath. Did he take on the giants single-handed?

Valtyra quickly went to work trying to douse the fire, but the manor was near destroyed. Naolexa spotted a piece of paper sticking out of the desk, however, and took the opportunity to snag it. It just so happened to be a letter from Jubrayl, her father, to Titus Scarnetti. It detailed the blackmail that Jubrayl was putting on Titus for hiring Jubrayl to start the fire that destroyed the competitor's lumber mills. The rumors they heard on the lumber mills just so happened to be true, but Naolexa never expected Jubrayl to be the cause. The letter detailed the agreement of a payment to Jubrayl, and the continued protection of Kaye Tesarani. Naolexa pocketed the letter just in time for Titus to show up, out of breath, and not able to believe the situation. His manor, his home, destroyed, all while he was away. Naolexa decided it best to approach him later about the letter after getting an idea on what she wanted to do with this information. She could certainly have Titus locked away for this, but would the agreement of Kaye's protection be voided?

The group took the opportunity to assess the damage and rest. They found out that not only was Shayliss Vinder and Greyland missing, but also Ameiko Kaijitsu was missing after the dust settled. Other villagers reported missing family members, the Two Knight Brewery was destroyed, and the two brothers missing as well.

Speaking with Mayor Kendra Devrin, they explained the situation, who they knew to be missing, and waited the opportunity to rest and recover. Mayor Deverin paused a moment, and asked if any hostages were taken. It was then that Naolexa remembered, Dov freezing a giant outside the north gate. If the heroes were lucky, that giant was still there.

Luck have it, it was still there, frozen. The ice definitely took some hits, but it looks like whoever was trying to free this giant failed to, and ran off before finishing the task. Reiner melted down the top of the ice to the giant's shoulders, as it gasped for air. They immediately began questioning it, asking where they were commanded to take hostages to, and why they attacked Sandpoint. The stone giant was hard-headed (literally and figuratively), and grunted at the thought of giving information as a prisoner. After threats against his life from Vincent, he finally decided that it was either provide information, or die at the hands a puny human.

Captured Stone Giant
Defeated by nosy little humans, never thought this would happen to the Plateau People. Well, I can tell you this: My lord is might Mokmurian, one of the dark giants of old come again. His magic, the things he has made...He has convinced the tribes that they will rule all the lowlands again, down to the sea. He has mastered the ancient arts.

He will certainly kill you all, run rough over your tiny homes with the army he has called. The fortunate few will become slaves. You beat us today, but you won't beat us when there are a hundred or a thousand of the Plateau People marching together. Lord Mokmurian will make it happen. He's almost a smooth a talker as you are, little one.

Teraktinus--he was the leader of our scouting party. He convinced us that you'd be easy pickings and we'd all get rich. He obviously underestimated you, and he paid for his mistake. I've no interest in paying for that mistake as well. Grant me safe passage out of your lands, and I'll tell you everything you wish to know.

They wasted no time asking him where the hostages were being taken to. He explained that they were to take them back to Jorgenfist. He knew not why they were needed, or what sort of ritual they were needed for. THey asked where Jorgenfist was, and he explained that was indeed northeast of Storval Stairs. They also asked if he had heard the name Nualia at all. He thought for a moment, and said he believes he heard a similar name spoken of around the camp by the leader, but he wasn't sure of the details.

The heroes wanted one minor revision to the agreement before setting the giant free; when they release him, he had to go south instead of back to Jorgenfist. He agreed, saying that returning to the fort could mean death by dishonor regardless. Philip used an arcane mark on him, showing a image of a garden hoe, and they melted away the rest of the ice. The giant stood, stretched after being in his icy confines for so long, and then left on the road, turning into the forest he could cut through to begin his travels south.

The group turned to the Mayor, asking what to do now? She, stern faced, had been at the interrogation the whole time. She stated they knew no details on this Mokmurian leader, aside from him being able to use powerful magics. They also don't know why the leader was going after the Old Light, but something had the attention of who the giant called Teraktinus. They need a plan going forward, it was obvious they would be heading for Jorgenfist, but they needed to rest, and Valtyra was still missing an arm.

The Mayor had a connection in Magnimar who specialized in prosthetics, specially made from clockwork gears. The Mayor wanted to go visit the Lord Mayor anyway, to inform him of what had happened in Sandpoint and to see what support he can provide, so Valtyra decided to join on the trip to Magnimar as well. The others stayed in Sandpoint to help clean up the mess, and get some rest.

The body of the dragon still lay in the sanctuary grounds, so the group took as many trophies as they felt necessary; numerous dragon scales and even severing the head to have it mounted and placed somewhere in Kaijitsu Manor. The other villagers helped pick through the remaining parts of the dragon, scavenging meat, bones, what scales were left...they wanted nothing to go to waste from this dragon. The Heroes feasted well, as dragon meat is very filling when cooked correctly. Sandpoint ate well that night, thanks to the heroes and likely will for a while.

The group split to do their own activities. Yama and Nevik agreed to round up the various equipment of the fallen foes, bringing it to the armory in town for scrap metal and coin. Vincent approached the Pixie's Kitten, hoping for a good time, but was only greeted by a sour-faced Kaye. "Shop's closed for now, dear. Come back when there isn't a giant hole in my building." He meant no harm, and agreed to come back later to perhaps assist with the cleanup and reconstruction. Philip collected his thoughts and simply meditated prior to going to bed. Reiner helped where he could with the clean up, before turning in for the night.

Naolexa helped with the clean up of the Pixie's Kitten, while asking her mother on what to do with the letter. Kaye was just as shocked to hear that Titus was in agreement to protect her, she hardly sees the man a protector role. She thought about it for a moment, and said she should approach Titus on it. See what he knows, and how he reacts to Naolexa knowing this information. Naolexa agreed, and said he would approach him tomorrow.

THe next day, Valtyra made it to Magnimar in the early morning. The Mayor showed her to the doctor she mentioned, and said she can meet back up with Valtyra here afterwards. After a hefty bill, some signing of contracts, and a few minor preparations, she readied herself for the surgery. It went through with no problems, and she easily healed of the tissue damage that was caused by the various incisions. She now had a clockwork arm to replace her previous one, and catch back up with the mayor afterwards. They secured some assistance in the guard for the next few months, so they headed back to Sandpoint to get Valtyra back with her friends.

Naolexa, Reiner, and Vincent went to the Scarnetti Manor to approach Titus Scarnetti. Naolexa caught them up to speed on the situation, and Vincent was all for blackmailing him. Naolexa approached him, and slyly explained that she knew of the agreement between Titus and Jubrayl. This of course displeased Titus, as it meant his belongings were gone through. He offered to pay for Naolexa's and her friend's silence, but that was not enough for Naolexa. She wanted 3500gp, assistance given to the reconstruction to the Pixie's Kitten (a blow to the Scarnetti family, as they protest the building daily and wish prostitution criminalized), and the continued protection of not only Kaye, but also Jubrayl and Naolexa. He scoured, but agreed, knowing he had a reputation to protect. They left Titus to his own devices, pleased with the results. Naolexa debated about turning him in anyway, since she already pocketed the funds given by Titus. She held onto the letter and the thought for now.

Philip was introduced to not only Aldern, but also the Heroes' Manor they acquired. Excited to have a place for the group to call a base of operations, he quickly got to work taking orders on what plants to grow in a miniature garden for the party. His garden hoe, imbued with magic, helped foster the plant's growth, and he already saw progress of the plants when he finished his work. He spent the rest of the day writing scrolls and resting his mind.

The others rested, waiting for Valtyra's return before heading out for Jorgenfist. The sun set and rose again, as the dawn of a new journey awaited our heroes. They rejoined with Valtyra and her new arm in the morning, and left for the road north.
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April 19th, 2015
The Heroes had to act fast. Naolexa was worried about her mother, hearing the Pixie's Kitten was in danger. She used dimension door to get herself, Valtyra, and Philip as close to Pixie's Kitten as possible. Vincent, Reiner, and Yama wanted to intervept the retreating boss, while Nevik, Malia, and Shalelu took a round-a-bout way to scout and keep Malia safe.

Vincent, Reiner, and Yama teleported to a 3 way intersection to get themselves in front of the boss. This landed them in a position not exactly favorable, as they suddenly noticed they were outnumbered and surrounded by an additional 6 giants. They had to act fast if this was going to work; they were going to focus all of their attention on the boss, then dimension door again to teleport to safety. They wailed on the boss, and while they were pelted by rocks, managed to slay him in one fell swoop. They quickly left the scene, seeing the despaired look on the giant's face as they left.

Naolexa, Philip, and Valtyra were able to land on a dock near the Pixie's Kitten, with only a short jog over. They rushed over to find a stone giant holding a bag, accompainied by two bears. They worked to try and bring the sitution in their favor by charming the bears to turn against the giant. As they had some success with this, they were unable to control one of the bears from tearing into them. However, the previous group teleported into the scene to help clean up this rabble. The giant managed to get a vital hit on Yama, crushing his throat. He still fought bravely, as he slowly suffocated. Luckily, the foes fell just as Yama went unconcious from the loss of breath, giving Valtyra the opportunity to address the situation. He was healed up as best as possible. Naolexa helped her mother out of the bag, who had only taken minor injuries. They looked upon the building of the Pixie's Kitten, now with a gaping hole in its front. The other heroes eventually teleported over to Thanning's house with the others.

Nevik, Malia, and Shalelu originally tried to set themselves up on top of the roofs to help with the boss fight, but they others dissapeared before they made themselves noticed. They then turned their attention to a group of three giants they spotted eariler, who had bagged Thanning Catum. Malia swallowed her pride, and stood against the giants bravely. She acted as a decoy to let Nevik attempt to drop down on the giants, and Shalelu riddle them with arrows. They managed to take one down, but two more remained, and they were broken and bruised.

Just then, Reiner, Vincent, and Philip teleported over to this area hearing the commotion, and helped tear through the giant towering over Malia, ready to smash her to the ground. The final giant was already retreating, and went into a full out sprint once the other giant fell. Reiner, enlarged still from an eariler spell, followed in pursuit. Using his genie bloodline, he closed the gap and attempted to trip the giant to stop him completely. Sadly, the giant saw this coming and stood firm. However, when he continued to retreat, Reiner caught him in the leg, drug him closer, and finished him for good. The bag fell to the ground and a feeble Thanning crawled out.

Nevik took the opportunity while near the Bottled Solutions to try and find some healing potions to help with the damage. He snuck into the building, but the owner of the store was there. Frightened already, Nevik threatened him, stating that he needed the best healing potions he has, and all of them. THe storeowner hesitated a moment, then quickly scampered to the back room when Nevik stated that more will die if he does not provide this. He rushed out with 24 potions of Cure Moderate Wounds, plenty of healing to even help soothe Yama's repairing throat. Nevik gladly took these, and stated that the Heroes owed the shopkeep one.

Vincent, Philip, and Naolexa teleported over to again intercept the giant with the bag that Reiner was intercepting, in the event he wasn't able to catch him. They were close to the general store, but sadly a second too late. Giants far to the north, near the Old Light again, were seen running. The players exausted their options to hunt them down, and saw the gaping hole in the Vinder's general store.
Session: Raid on Sandpoint?! Part Quatro - Monday, Apr 20 2015 from 12:00 AM to 3:00 AM
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April 12th, 2015
The group prepared themselves as the giant slowly moved it's way over. It downed a potion while he approached, and rested his hand on one of his picks. He saw an opportunity arise while the party moved about, and he threw the smaller of his two picks. It was aimed directly at Valtyra.

It hit with sure accuracy, and severed her right arm off. Carried by the momentum, her arm smacked Vincent in the face, and the pick went crashing into the raised platform that Shalelu stood on.

While the party tried to handle the situation, the giant had made it close enough to speak.

???: "Are you certain you want to fight? You seem to have a member not fully functional. I offer to you a bargain; let us leave the town peacefully at this point, and we will spare your lives. Stop us, and you will die beneath the foot of the Plateau People."

Reiner, worried about Valtyra wounds, gripped his sword tight, and stood to face to giant. The others tried to help Valtyra get it under control, but Valtyra insisted she would be fine and told them to worry about the giants.

???: "Very well. Men?"

Before, the giant only showed himself. However, behind the houses, other stone giants were waiting, along with another dire bear. The party was certain they were outpowered by these numbers, but stood against their foes.

Naolexa conjured up a Wall of Ice, in an attempt to bottleneck the forces straight to Reiner. Yama used the opportunity of tall ice columns to climb on top of them, ready to get the drop down on the enemy. Vincent did what he could to help assist by casting haste and get a few bow shots off, and Shalelu fired a barrage of arrows on the enemy. Valtyra handled her wounds as best as she could, just in attempts of stopping the bleeding. She wavered a few times, but managed to keep herself alive through out all of it.

The group slew 4 of the giants before the mysterious leader decided to retreat back into the town. The remaining giant followed after him when the bear was defeated, and the party decided not to give immediate chase to help Valtyra deal with her continuing wounds. Yama, not well-versed in the medical fields, took the opportunity to get a vantage point from a rooftop to keep an eye on the boss.

When he did, he also saw that there were numerous villagers being stuffed into bags. He caught sight of a few isntances, but since he was not from Sandpoint, he didn't recognize the people. He saw a human female being snagged from the Pixie's Kitten (Kaye Tesarani, Naolexa's mother), a Tengu male being stolen from the Rusty Dragon (Greyland, one of Dov's tribes members), a human wizard, being defended by a tiny bird who pecked at the giant's hand (Thanning Catum, Naolexa's childhood friend), and finally a red-headed human woman from the general store (Shayliss Vinder, who at a tryst with Nevik eariler this year). Other villagers also were being grabbed, but they were not as well seen as these four.

The group had to act fast if they wanted to rescue them all, but how would they go about doing it, and taking out the retreating leader?
Session: Raid on Sandpoint?! Part Trois - Monday, Apr 13 2015 from 12:30 AM to 3:30 AM
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March 24th, 2015
Not sure what to do about the raid, the party decided to use the night to unwind and relax.

Naolexa caught up with her mother and Thanning, and then spent some time with Shazam to learn some new spells.

Reiner checked in with Kaijitsu Manor, and then waited at the Rusty Dragon to unwind.

Vincent went to the local weapons shop to purchase a longbow that he could use, and then went to go find himself some "entertainment" at the Pixie's Kitten. He joined the group at the Rusty Dragon afterwards.

Philip and Valtyra went to go visit Brodert Quink, the local Thassilonian expert, to inquire about the purple cloth, and if he knew anything on Jorgenfist or the library. Sadly, the only information Brodert had for them was that purple was a typical color of the royal troops of a Runelord, and that Jorgenfist was north-east of the Storval Stairs. They joined the group up at the Rusty Dragon afterwards.

Dov spent his time relaxing in the Rusty Dragon, but was greeted by those he would not have expected to ever see again: his tribe elder, Yabu.

DOV: "I would not have ever expected to see you here."

YABU: "Well, we didn't exactly expect to be here in the first place, but it's nice to see you are well."

Yabu explained that they were forced out of their home in Whisper Wood by stone giants. Encountering the remainder of the ghoul problem, they hurried north, following the road to Sandpoint. Many of the Blackwing tribe fell not to the ghouls, but to the Stone Giant ambush in the forest. He spoke with the sheriff immediately upon arrival, and Sheriff Hemlock welcomed them with to Sandpoint as solace since their home was destroyed.

There were only 4 additional people with Yabu, so only 6 people were known to be surviving members of a almost destroyed tribe:
  • Dov, our tengu wizard hero
  • Yabu, the Blackwing elder
  • Greyland, a fierce warrior who duel wields katanas
  • Oakseeker, the tribe's druid scout, in tow with her owl companion, Sage
  • Whitefall, the tribes only remaining cleric, worshipper of Gozreh
  • Ebonfeather, a overconfident warrior in training under Greyland

Yabu did mention that it is possible Zaki might be alive still, but he position is unknown. He ran off a day after Dov left the tribe, likely in embarrassment as Yabu explains. Dov stated he will keep an eye out for him in his travels. Reunited with his tribe, Dov caught up with them over food and drink, carrying on into the night.

The party rested in the morning at Kaijitsu Manor. Traveling around town, it was another peaceful stride through town.

And then they heard a scream from the north, followed by a large impact against the gate, and bells ringing. They rushed to the north to find stone giants tossing boulders at the gate, guffawing at the guards and making insults in broken Common. The heroes wrapped them up rather quickly, while also destroying the catapult that was going to be used on the gate before it launched. Hear further screams to the south, they ran over to the east bridge to find two more stone giants leading dire bears into the town. One of the stone giants already busted into the tanner's house, and was looting the place.

They killed these giants will little issue, holding them still with Black Tentacles, and them blasting them with spells like Flame Strike and Volcanic Strike. Despite the buildings taking some damage in the process, they weighed the cons and blasted the giants with all they had.

As the final bear fell, the turned to the west just in time to see a red dragon light the Sandpoint Garrison on fire.

What will the heroes do?
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March 10th, 2015
Confronted with this threat they thought they handled, they had to act fast. The water has rose from previously, so getting to the dam the same way might have been difficult. Instead of taking the road by Kreeg Wood, the heroes opted to go by Ash Wood, and north into the Wyvern Mountains.

They made it to the border of Ash Wood when they ran across the scene of a cleric huddling over a body. He noticed the adventurers approaching, and rose to greet them. He explained that his friend was recently taken down by the local werewolves. Luckily, by inspecting what he could see, there were no bite marks on the body, only claw marks. The cleric did not want to see his body rot out here, but also wanted the equipment to still be put to good use. The party opted to relieve the gear from the cleric and provide it to Malia, giving her the opportunity to train with sword and shield.

They assisted with getting the deceased cleric's body back to Turtleback Ferry with the cleric, and then rethought their decision on attending to the dam first. The only thing stopping them was the guilt of still carrying around Lamatar's remains in a bag of holding.

VINCENT "The people can defend themselves against the flood. They can't defend themselves against the wrath of whoever this person was demanding the bones."

They opted to go to Whitewillow first, return the remains, and then head to the dam. They recovered a fishing boat to get the group across Claybottom Lake. When they neared Whitewillow, they heard the small sound of someone crying. Continuing forth, they discovered a small pixie trying to get their attention, as it was talking about how his mistress has gone mad and cursed the forest. The pixie was requesting the help of the adventurers to help put Myriana at peace. The heroes happily agreed, since they now knew the pixie could lead them straight there.

However, this forest was certainly cursed, and proved to have some troubles for the group as they passed through. Gnarled trees, mystical reflections in the water, and a ghost pirate ship greeted them here. Passing all of this and trying to stay focused, they followed the pixie's guidance the entire time.

Reaching Myriana, they discovered her sad fate of also being undead. Not wanting to anger the fey spirit, they offered Lamatar's remains rather quickly. Instantly gratified, she began to make numerous lights around the forest spin in the clearing they were in. As they swirled faster and faster, the area grew brighter and brighter. Vincent got a last glimpse of the nymph, as she smiled upon him before the flash. He felt confident from this smile.

When the light died down, Myriana was no-where to be found, and before them was a naked elf. Myriana used her own life force to bring Lamatar back to life via reincarnation. Vincent offered his cloak of elvenkind to the elf to help him cover himself. Lamatar thanked the adventurers, and stated he should honor Myriana's sacrifice and take over the forest as it's protector. Seeing the forest restored back to it's glory, the group said their farewells to the elf and went to pursue the ghost ship.

Luckily the ghost ship was still there, as they clambered up onto it to see what they could find. Inside of the captain quarters, they found the remains of the captain, but also a massive harp. On top of it was some sheet music, of which Vincent immediately snatched up. When the group exited the captain's quarters, they saw a white, ghostly dog sitting on the ship, looking off into the distance. It got up, hopped down off the ship, and then ran off into the forest.
While Reiner wanted to pursue the dog, the group decided they should leave this place. Out of fear, Vincent left the sheet music behind on the ship.

They moved quickly to try to get up to the dam. They decided to just go as far as the water would take them along the Kreeg Wood, and travel north-east through there. They made it to the dam and used Dimension Door to pop right back to the room where they fought the Skull Ripper. Seeing the device there, Vincent walked up to it and pulled down on one of the skull's mouths. A sudden rumble shook the dam a little bit as water began going through one of the floodgates. Too terrified to return to the devil with no results, they evacuated the dam as quickly as they could, not knowing anything about his condition.

After checking back in with Turtleback Ferry and updating the Mayor, they decided they were ready to head back to Sandpoint to try and help with the raid if Sandpoint still stood. They recovered the ferry which had floated down towards Pendaka, and followed back through the Yondabakari River to Magnimar. After making some quick stops to the library and various stores to sell and restock on supplies, the group made their way to Sandpoint.

Arriving there, they saw the building still stood, the people still here, and the seagulls still flying above. The town looked the same, but on the horizon to the north-east there were billowing clouds of white smoke...
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March 3rd, 2015
Once the party woke up for the morning, they gathered around the campfire to devise a plan to get back at the necromancer, and end his threat to the region for good.

Reiner decided it would be easiest for him to teleport right up to the necromancer, and cut him down there. Vincent and Valtyra would teleport behind the throne and try to flank him, while Shalelu and Philip would keep their distance as best as possible.

When they returned to the cave and the throne room, they found not only the necromancer waiting for them, but also a skeleton of the stone giant they killed yesterday. They wasted no time, as Reiner poofed in to get toe to toe with the necromancer. Malia was instructed to stay out of sight, should they target her and kill her.

The Necromancer stood no chance. Valtyra and Vincent took out the skeleton while Barl Breakbones was cleaved in two, only able to get of a single spell. Our heroes looted his remains, and found a stash of Black Arrows equipment behind the throne as well. Most of it benefited Shalelu, so she outfitted herself with some of the things found.

They returned to Turtleback Ferry to convene with the mayor-priest. Upon reaching the town, however, they were greeted with a loud crack coming from the north.

The dam was nearing collapse.
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Feburary 17th, 2015
Needing to know the rest of what this cave had in store for them, our Heroes opted Nevik to do some scouting ahead to find out what else remained, and what the biggest threat was. He borrowed Philip's ring, and went to work.

He discovered that there were two other rooms in the cave; one with a single man standing in front of an altar, while the other room was the largest of all. It had two stone giants and a whole slew of humans in the room.

Taking this back to the group, they needed to decide what the biggest threat was; the room full of ogres, the one "big-bad" as they referred to him as, or the room with the stone giants?

Weighing their options, they decided that the "big-bad" should be first priority.

Sneaking up onto the room, they wanted Nevik to set himself up so he can get the spring up on the enemy first. Vincent quicken the pace with haste, as the group went to work. Nevik noticed something while sneaking up on the target: This creature donned the symbol of the Black Arrows, and wore a crown. Reiner came crashing into the scene, however, eager to lay a heavy hit into the fiend. It came to attention at that point, that this creature was undead. A frost wight, which was then assumed to be the missing commander, Lamatar. Knowing he was undead, our heroes rather wanted to show him peace than mercy, and quickly slew him after a short battle.

A howling wind came blowing through the wind, carrying the screaming of a woman.

Return my beloved to me! Return my commander to my heart, or I shall find him with my vines and my dark trees will eat the land and churn your people to bone and misery. Return Lamatar to my embrace!

Being immediately frightened for their future and safety, they removed his armor and weapons and shoved the remains of his body in one of Philip's burlap sacks. Being left with two choices here, however: deal with the forge or deal with the stone giants. After discussing the issue thoroughly, they decided the forge would be better to take so that the reported 11 ogres do not ambush them during their fight with the stone giants.

They prepared themselves for a heavy fight. Vincent caused one of the campfires in this room to burst with light, blinding the tougher looking ogre and a few others. Reiner came crashing him, sweeping the tougher ogre off of his legs, while Nevik got a running start a leaped an incredible distance, bringing the blade down into his foe. The ogres began to gang up around Reiner, who then doubled in size and strength and met eye to eye with the ogres.

The tougher ogre died before he could even get up, which cause a good number of the other ogres to panic. Some of them began running towards the staircase, trying to escape. They met toe-to-toe with Vincent, who immediately used fearing magic to cause them to flee back into the room. As Shalelu, Valtyra, and Philip all took swings and shots at the weaker ogres, eventually all of the ogres lie dead on the cold ground Within a matter of a minute or two, the room of 11 ogres was massacred, with no sight of Malia.

They traveled to the final room, not knowing anything of what will happen, but expecting answers. They discovered that the humans in the room were undead, dressed in slave's rags. However, one person was next to the throne occupied by one of the stone giants. It was Malia.
Session: Hook Mountain Summit: Ogre Overpower Part 2 - Wednesday, Feb 18 2015 from 1:00 AM to 4:00 AM
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January 27th, 2015
Our Heroes hiked and traversed through Hook Mountain with general ease. They came to a corner of a mountain, with on their left side a large mountain face that showed no plateaus within sight, and on their right a long drop off a mountain cliff. Their reason for concern with this is because Vincent spotted a troll who was busy relieving himself on the side of the mountain.

Remembering the fight with the trolls in Skull's Crossing, they recalled that they needed to douse these trolls in either fire or acid. Knowing this, Philip bolstered his own bolts and Shalelu's arrows with flames. Nevik attempted to run along the cliff side to get around the trolls, but he discovered 5 additional trolls around the corner.

They knew being near the cliff side would be a bad idea, as the trolls could easily knock them straight off the mountain. Some of the trolls did attempt to push Nevik off of the cliff, but he managed to stay his ground against the trolls. Philip lit off a fireball, hitting the additional trolls, while Vincent, Valtyra, Nevik, and Shalelu all went to work against the beasts.

They dispersed this group with no major injuries, and proceeded further on the mountain. Getting closer to the reported ogre campsite, they decided it would be best to make camp here for the night, and attack the camp at full strength.

Steel yourselves adventurers; there is no telling what might be in this massive cave.
Session: To the Hook Mountain Summit! - Wednesday, Jan 28 2015 from 1:30 AM to 4:30 AM
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January 20th, 2015
As quick as he could, Reiner rushed into the fray with the scorpion. The scorpion snatched him up with his massive claw, and held Reiner in the air. Unable to attack, Reiner was helplessly being crushed. The rest of the group went to work, doing everything they could to at least get the creature to drop him. Philip had fear overtake him, and had to flee from the room. It was then that he was joined by a winded, grizzly dwarf leaning on a Lucerne hammer. Algren, had recently rushed over to the dam on word that the group came here.

ALGREN: *breathing heavily, winded from running* “What’s…what’s in there?”

PHILIP: “Sc…Sc….Scorpion!”

ALGREN: *sigh* “Right.”

As he swung his hammer over his shoulder, he rushed into the room. He shot an arrow into the beast, while the rest of the group wailed on the target. Reiner managed to get free of the claw’s grasp, but unfortunately Yama took a blow from its stinger, managing to get himself poisoned. In retaliation, Yama went into a frenzy, stabbing and tearing apart the scorpion skull by skull. It fell to pieces, scattering across the floor. Beyond them, a small model of the dam stood in front of them. While they would sense magic about it, they were unable to determine its exact purpose. Vincent, however, noticed a small gem wedged in a crack of the dam. He mage-handed the gem to him, and the moment it reached his palm, the gem sprung into the air and began circling him.

VINCENT: “Great, now I’m going to die. Last time I mage-hand things to myself…”

As the group left the area, they contemplated returning to the door found at the bottom of the pool. They decided against it, and headed back to Turtleback Ferry to rest and recover. The next morning, they met with the Mayor to update him on the situation. He asked if water was released from the dam to assist with the pressure, but alas, the adventurers did not operate the dam controls at all. With a worried tone, he stated he will have the town evacuate away from the river, back into the forest. The adventurers needed to decide where they headed next, however, as they had two leads:

There was the lead of the Ogre Camp, where Reiner’s last lead was that her sister was there.

There was also the lead of Myriana and Lamatar in the Shimmering Glens area, to try and figure out what happened to the Black Arrow’s commander.

The group decided that the ogre camp was of more pressing concerns, and head out for the camp. The excitement in the air heightened as the group got closer; Reiner excited to possibly rescue his sister, and Yama excited to cut into some ogre flesh once again.
Session: The Battle with Skull Ripper! - Wednesday, Jan 21 2015 from 1:30 AM to 4:30 AM
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January 13th, 2015
Reiner quickly rushed into to meet the trolls head-on, and began slicing them to shreds. Since his blade was wreathed in fire, he ensured the trolls were dead, and stayed dead. Others did what damage they could to the creatures, but something was aiding them. Some mysterious, unseen force was empowering our heroes, but since this only was in benefit to them, they didn’t want to bother with it until after the trolls were handled.

The group spread out inside the room when the trolls lay dead on the ground to cover some ground, Yama sneaked away into a room during this, while the party was a little startled to see what stood before them.

A farmer with a garden hoe, standing among the carcasses of the trolls.

Valtyra, while a little startled, immediately feared for a peasant’s safety within the confines of an ogre and troll invested dam. The farmer, however, waved away all caution:

???: “There is no need to be concerned of my safety. I am well versed with magic, and have traveled far using that ability. I, however, need your assistance with my own endeavors, should we be able to aid each other. If you all help me discover the cure to the curse placed onto my village recently, I will aid you in your quests, wherever they may lead.”

VINCENT: “What curse was placed upon your village?”

???: “Petrification. My whole village turned into stone by riders wearing a purple cloth. There managed to be a scrap of it left behind, and it’s the only clue I’ve had this whole time. I’ve heard there is a underground library in Jorgenfist that might be able to tell me more, but I fear I would not survive the journey.”

VINCENT: “Well, there shouldn’t be any harm in helping, but pray tell, what is your name?”

PHILIP: “Philip Beeswort

However, while the sense of surprise calmed now they knew the farmer’s purpose, Yama returned to the room to sneak over and bring his sickle to the farmer’s throat.

YAMA: “Who are you? Why are you here?”

The rest of the group quickly jumped to calm Yama.

GROUP: “He’s just a farmer! He has done nothing wrong, and will be helping us!”


VINCENT: “You do so much as knick his skin with that blade, I’ll skewer your eyeball out with this here rapier.” He said while raising a rapier straight to Yama’s eye.

The situation defused after Yama was finally able to calm down, as the group continued on their current quest to figure out the dam. After exploring a bit further, they discovered blood smeared on a set of stone double doors. Vincent translated:

After the group managed to pull the door open, they proceed down a long flight of stairs 100 feet downward. After they came to another set of doors, they pulled these back with no problems, and this leaded them to a new room with a large pool in the middle. Standing on the other side of the pool was a large troll, who greeted them with a loud yell. This was Grazuul, chieftain of the Skulltaker tribes. Yama ran around the pool and launched an acid vial onto Grazuul. Nevik then swiftly leaped over the pool itself, and decapitated Grazuul with no effort at all. Reiner gladly took his unwieldy, large trident from Grazuul, while the group began exploring this room. A side room had a small pool, which what was discovered to be a large hole at the bottom of it. This led into a deep dark tunnel, but couldn’t be explored at the current moment.

The northern room held something quite unexpected: two circles, one with a crimson dust, and the other with a withered, powerless pit fiend. He greeted the party feebly, as he mustered himself to stand.

He begged the adventurers to let him free. He explained that he has been her for close to ten thousand years, summoned here to be used to power the dam. He explained that the power of the dam was fueled by his life energy, and there used to be another pit fiend held here too. He crumbled to dust 100 years back, leaving only the one pit fiend to fuel this entire dam.

Yama was eager to spin the winch and let the pit fiend free, and nearly reached for the device. Reiner stopped him from any sort of thing, while Valtyra and Philip began questioning the devil. The devil responded with a bargain, “Promise me you’ll release me from this cage, and I will tell you what I know of my captor.” They swiftly agreed, and continued questioning. Philip eventually presented his purple cloth and asked:

PHILIP: “This cloth, do you recognize it?”

<Pit Fiend>: (gasps, take a moment) “…Karzoug…”

He explained the very powerful wizard Karzoug was the one who trapped him here, and his forces usually wore that purple cloth. Satisfied with this information, and seeing the devil had none further, they promised they would find someone to replace him in this dam, and set him free. They continued to the final room, and as Valtyra creaked open the door, there stood before them a massive scorpion, created entirely of skulls.
Session: The Road to Skull's Crossing Part Duex - Wednesday, Jan 14 2015 from 1:30 AM to 4:30 AM
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January 6th, 2015
The party trekked towards the dam, coming up to it's massive wall. They saw the incredibly large dam before them, 5 skulls along it's side, one of them covered by a large spout of water. The likely cause of the flood was when that finally burst.

To the west, large stairs guided them up to the west side of the dam, but it was a trek. Some of the steps weren't exactly easy to get up either, especially the final ledge that guided them to a small cave near the dam. The group found and dispatched a group of ettin here with ease, and even found a small amount of loot as well.

Continuing to the dam, they moved closer to the building in the middle of the dam, that which likely had the dam controls. However, with the rain picking back up, the waters of the Storval Deep surged on the north wall. The floor of the dam was slick with not only water, but also mold and algae from the surging water. To the south, a wonderful view of the long drop the dam's face, 300ft below to the pond below.

However, before they could enter the building, some exausted ogres stood before them. Tired and with pickaxes in hand, they sluggishly fought against the party. Naolexa easily zapped 3 of them, while reiner cleaning up the other peon looking on. The larger one however, began using his weight to push the party members around, trying to shove them off the ledge. Valtyra almost got pushed off the ledge, but she luckily caught herself before getting thrown over to the drop below.

They fell this ogre, then two locked doors stood before them. Valtyra whipped out the mold-encrusted Chime of Opening from the Foxglove Manor, and used it to open one of the doors. They flung open with no problems, and left our heroes to it's interior. Reiner and Vincent at the ready, the peered inside the building to find them face to face with trolls, and quite a few of them.
Session: The Road to Skull's Crossing - Wednesday, Jan 07 2015 from 1:00 AM to 4:00 AM
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December 9th, 2014
The Black Magga towered over not only the our heroes, but also over the building of the town. It slowly progressed through the town, grabbing villagers, smashing buildings, and splattering the villagers against buildings here and there.

The group started a distance away from Black Magga, as Naolexa and Dov began shooting lightning bolts down towards the beast. They noticed that there was an issue, however, as sometimes the lightning didn't effect her at all. Yama and Nevik split up, climbing up on top of the buildings to try to get at eye level with the beast. Yama managed to cut through the beast's flesh, as it immediately snatched him up in a tentacle. Vincent began bolstering morale, as he attempted to shoot from a distance, as Shalelu did the same with her bow. Valtyra supported as best as she could, despite the fact that she could not see the beast.

The beast through Yama, and began to leave back for the lake, when Nevik leaped upon the creature's neck and drove his wakazashi into the demigod. Naolexa threw a fireball down towards the beast, putting Nevik at risk of being caught in the blast, but she brought the terror down to the ground. Nevik gouged deep in her chest to be sure, as the sudden roar of the villager's cheering came from all directions.

Seen as Heroes in this area, they received much praise. Maelin Shreed worked his way from the church to where they were, and offered his congratulations. He spoke solemnly, however, after looking north out of town.

MAELIN: "Well, we can rebuild that bridge no problem, barring no ogrekin interruptions, but something tells me there is a problem at the dam. Skull's Crossing was the only thing holding the Storval Deep from expanding over this town, and the Black Magga was known to inhabit there. I can't say if she is the cause of the flood, but either way, there must be something wrong at the dam. Can I ask you heroes to look into it? I will reward you as best as this village can."

YAMA: "Now now, we did just save your town from utter destruction. We could use the funds to stock up for a trip up to the dam, we don't know what might be up there."

MAELIN: He thinks to himself for a moment, and then speaks, "Fair enough, I believe we can spare 1000 gold pieces for each of you. We have a fair amount of material from the spoils you have brought from your adventures here, so trade may bolster for our supply."

VINCENT: "I'll take half, keep the 500g to help your village recover from this tragedy."

MAELIN: "That is well appreciated, good sir. Now, friends, shall you rest before or after looking into our dam?"

The party all decided rest would be the best idea for the group, and then they will head out tomorrow. What awaits them at Skull's Crossing?
Session: Save Turtleback Ferry! - Wednesday, Dec 10 2014 from 1:30 AM to 4:30 AM
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December 2nd, 2014
Vincent, Nevik, and Naolexa too the lead, peering into the dark cave to see what they could find. They used lights and torches to guides their way, as Valtyra helped the two dwarves locate some clothing.

The gang ran into a small cluster of eggs. After observing them, Naolexa was able to determine them as shocker lizard eggs. Vincent decided perhaps it's not the best idea to light these a flame, as shocker lizards are very protective of their kin. As they continued forward, a few more clusters appeared here and there, but they finally saw two beady eyes in the distance, along with the occasional crack of lightning. They managed to find a live lizard, and it already knew the group was there. Nevik slowly approached the lizard, keep a steady eye on it to see if it was going to react to him. Luckily, the lizard only hissed and kept a sharp eye on Nevik as well, but did not attack. Nevik decided it would be best for him to scout ahead and see what might possibly be in this area.

After passing by a few more lizards, he came upon their den. Eight lizards were before him, but also someone he didn't expect to see; Kaven Windstrike. He quickly shushed Nevik, and scurried over to him. He explained that after not hearing from them for a while, he thought it would have been best to try and sneak in via the cavern behind the waterfall. Nevik called him a fool for coming out this way, and the two of them hurried back to the others.

After meeting up with everyone, they worked their way back to the cart, and headed back out to Turtleback Ferry to rest, sell, and figure out the next plan of action. They said their goodbyes to Kaven, Jubrayl, Jakradros, and Kipp as the gang headed on their way.

It, however, was still down-pouring outside, and it seem even heavier than usual. The roads were a bit muddy, and a little hard to traverse on. On the road, the party encountered an Ettin, which they dispatched with no problems. Continuing to Turtleback Ferry, they could tell the water level was rising in Skull River, and in it's lake as well. Vincent and Naolexa immediately got out of the rain to a warm food and warm bed. Valtyra went with the dwarves and Shalelu to sell the load of equipment, and Nevik decided to wander around the town for a bit.

Nevik, while wandering, noticed a man lifting crates out of the rain into the general store. Every time the man reached down to pick up the crate, Nevik noticed a tattoo on the man; the Sihedron. He staked out for two hours, watching this man enter and exit the building numerous times. After all of the crates were done, the man didn't exit the building. Nevik decide to confront this man about this, so he entered the store. The man and his wife were there, as they owned the establishment. Nevik made small talk, then got down to business. He asked if the man knew of the purpose behind the tattoo on his back, and where he got it. He explained it was a member's mark for Paradise, which sank recently.

Nevik explained that the symbol on him was linked to foul magics, and that he basically sold his soul to a sinister cause. Of course, this frightened the man, and he stated he would go see the priest first thing in the morning. With that, Nevik decided to turn in for the evening.

The next morning, Vincent woke up to get some food from the innkeeper. Nevik and Naolexa still snoozed, so Vincent went downstairs. However, the innkeeper was no where to be found. There then was a scream from outside of the house. Waking Nevik, he peered out the window to see what the commotion was about. Vincent and Naolexa rushed outside to see what the problem was.

Turtleback Ferry was drowning. The rain was still continuing, but there seemed to be a sudden increase in the water level around the town. The church was 3ft deep in water, and our heroes could see a few people scurrying on the second floor to protect what they could. Closest to them, a boat was on the verge of capsizing from a boa who was unintentionally landbound. In the boat was a large number of school children, along with their teacher. Naolexa, scared of snakes, decided to stay way from the ordeal, while Vincent rushed ahead to help the school children. Nevik instead rushed towards the building next to them to try to get on top of the roof.

Vincent attempted to throw a rope and pull the boat away, but the moment that the rope connected with folks on the boat, the boa turned his attention to Vincent. Nevik has made it to the roof by this point, and set up a rope to try and get the children to safety. As Vincent weaved into the snake with his rapier, it eventually turned it's attention towards the children again. This time, it managed to get a child in it's maw. Vincent and Nevik heard the bones of the little girl crunch underneath it's teeth, as the little girl screamed. Vincent furiously slashed at the beast, while Nevik began firing bolts at it. The boa eventually had to release the girl from the pain, and it scurried off back towards the lake. Two of the school children made to the roof, while the teacher ran with the girl in her arms. Passing by Naolexa, Naolexa offered the potion of cure serious wounds found earlier. The teacher gratefully took the potion, and continuing fleeing from the town.

However, at this time, the bridge that crossed over the skull river was destroyed, as a large surge off water came crashing through, along with a large, shadowed figured. It slunk down into the lake, and then burst through the water, turning it's gaze on the town. There was a a sense of dread coming over the party, as the Black Magga was ready to wreck havoc over the town.

Session: Take Back Fort Rannick! Part Quatre - Wednesday, Dec 03 2014 from 1:30 AM to 4:30 AM
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November 18th, 2014
The Heroes searched the room for any other items on interest in the Captain's quarters, and they noticed the nearby wine cabinet. Naolexa quickly snatched up the one bottle of wine that was intact, and Dov noticed it was quite the find. However, the group all noticed that some of the wood of this cabinet was warped, and revealed a small compartment. They peeled off the wood to find three things: a wooden coffer, a pair of olive green boots, and a silver locket. Naolexa, finding a pair of shoes in her favorite color, immediately took the boots and put them on. Vincent inspected the locket, and by opening it found a lock of golden hair. This was identified as nymph hair. The coffer, however, revealed the most interesting information, as it contained numerous parchments that contained sonnets to a Myriana, and detailed the Whisperwood. Luckily, Dov recognized the name of Whisperwood, knowing it was close to the Shimmerglens, both southwest of Turtleback Ferry.

Jakradros and Jubrayl never knew of their commander, Lamatar, to have a creative side. As they thought for a while, they remembered that Lamatar would take 2-3 days journey every month as "communion" walks. It was possible that this was cover up to go see this Myriana, but it just so hapened to be that the ogres attacked Fort Rannick while Lamatar was away. Eager to find out the status of their commander, they noted that perhaps it would be worth it to head in that direction to find this Myriana, and perhaps Lamatar.

However, they need to wrap things up here at the Fort. They moved along to the lower floor, and ran into a sight they never expected to see: pillows, fine fabric rugs, and exotic incense filled this small room found down here. Near the back of the room, a beautiful woman stood, wine glass in hand.

???: "So good of you to join me, I take it you were the ones causing the ruckus upstairs. Who might you be?"

Valtyra, at the front of the group who waited patiently in the hallway , spoke with this woman. She described herself as the leader of these ogres, her name being Lucrecia. She stated that "Mokmurian would love to meet you." as Valtyra scoffed.

VALTYRA: "Do you have anything to do with the Sihedron?"
LUCRECIA: "Indeed, what do you know of it?"
VALTYRA: "We ended it's operations in Magnimar. Some bitch by the Xanesha ran the organization of it all, but now she lies in the dirt."
LUCRECIA: "Ah, sister is dead, is she? Well, that's unfortunate to hear. I will just have to put a stop to you myself!"

With that, she transformed into a large creature with a snake like bottom and human torso, as she whipped two daggers into her hands to attack. The group ran into little issue from her, as she was only able to fail at casting a spell on Valtyra before being pounded into the floor. Jakradros riddled her with arrows along with Shalelu, while Dov cast a spell to start climbing the walls. Jubrayl and Vincent laid into her with their rapiers, sliving into her with deep cuts. Naolexa hexed her into lowering her defenses, as Dov managed to color spray her. She dropped her daggers, hands over her eyes, as the final blows were administered. With all of the cuts and slices and arrows into her, Dov finished it off with a blast of searing heat, countering the smell of the incense with burning snake skin. Lucrecia collapsed to the floor, dead, as Vincent riddled her with more holes just to be certain.

They found numerous things upon her, but one in particular was of note: a scroll with numerous names upon it. One in particular was circled however; "Kaven Windstrike". This document also had an intriguing header: "Those who have agreed to grant their greed to the master's need." Puzzled by this, Dov studied it while Vincent and Valtyra looked through the nearby door.

Prison cells lined the walls here, but Valtyra could hear the faint sounds of a light whimper. In the farthest cell from the door, Valtyra came upon the sights of two dwarves: one older, and one younger. The younger of the two was passed out on the floor, while the older one whimpered to himself. Valtyra took pity upon them, and bathed the area in holy light. After getting themselves to their feet, the older dwarf thanked them.

???: "Had you not come, we'd likely would have been the next ogre dinner. I still don't know why were weren't eaten right away..."

The dwarves were traveling merchants, Binwyn and Mardos, who had been all over Varisia in their traveling caravan. Unfortunately, their trip to Fort Rannick ended up sour, as their whole caravan was destroyed, their body guards killed, and for some reason, these two locked up and thrown in the cells. While they are dressed in rags, they offered their services to buy and trade on behalf of the group, and also his son possessed magical capabilities, and might be of some use to the group as well. Valtyra warmly welcomed them, but advised that we should maybe find them some new clothes as soon as we could.

Meanwhile, Naolexa and Dov noticed a small door handle made to be concealed within the stone wall to the south. They pulled it open, and before them was a dark cave before them. Valtyra and Vincent rejoined the group, introduced the dwarves, and prepared themselves to enter the caves...
Session: Take Back Fort Rannick! Part Trois - Wednesday, Nov 19 2014 from 1:15 AM to 4:15 AM
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