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January 6th, 2015
The party trekked towards the dam, coming up to it's massive wall. They saw the incredibly large dam before them, 5 skulls along it's side, one of them covered by a large spout of water. The likely cause of the flood was when that finally burst.

To the west, large stairs guided them up to the west side of the dam, but it was a trek. Some of the steps weren't exactly easy to get up either, especially the final ledge that guided them to a small cave near the dam. The group found and dispatched a group of ettin here with ease, and even found a small amount of loot as well.

Continuing to the dam, they moved closer to the building in the middle of the dam, that which likely had the dam controls. However, with the rain picking back up, the waters of the Storval Deep surged on the north wall. The floor of the dam was slick with not only water, but also mold and algae from the surging water. To the south, a wonderful view of the long drop the dam's face, 300ft below to the pond below.

However, before they could enter the building, some exausted ogres stood before them. Tired and with pickaxes in hand, they sluggishly fought against the party. Naolexa easily zapped 3 of them, while reiner cleaning up the other peon looking on. The larger one however, began using his weight to push the party members around, trying to shove them off the ledge. Valtyra almost got pushed off the ledge, but she luckily caught herself before getting thrown over to the drop below.

They fell this ogre, then two locked doors stood before them. Valtyra whipped out the mold-encrusted Chime of Opening from the Foxglove Manor, and used it to open one of the doors. They flung open with no problems, and left our heroes to it's interior. Reiner and Vincent at the ready, the peered inside the building to find them face to face with trolls, and quite a few of them.
Session: The Road to Skull's Crossing - Tuesday, Jan 06 2015 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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December 16th, 2014
The group rested in Turtleback Ferry shortly, and also ran into a familar face. Reiner had apparently went on a covert ops mission after their time in Fort Rannick. He had located a hint of his location of his sister due to another "slave trade receipt" found in the cathedral. He sneaked off with no-one noticing immediately, and managed to find his way to a Hook Mountain encampment. By the numbers he saw there, he would have been outnumbered too easily if he went in there by himself. After getting caught up on the situation, he urged that Hook Mountain be a stop on the adventures in this region.

Before heading north to Skull's Crossing. Newly suited up by the loot found within the Black Magga's stomach, the heroes encountered an issue that magical weapons and armor can't solve: the bridge was taken out during the flood.

While they debated about how to get across the river, Shalelu remembered the ferry service back in town. Unfortunately, Naolexa's Dimension Door spell was only able to ferry 4 people, so someone had to be left behind to find another way over, along with the cart. Valtyra begrudgingly sent Shalelu back to town to use the ferry, and then catch up with the group.

After they finally met back up, they continued their journey north, and ran into a small scuffle with some local bears. These bears stood no chance against the heroes, and Valtyra managed to skin some of the fur off of them. Unexpectedly one of the furs was magical, and for payment for making her go back to the town, she happily handed her a Bear Pelt of the Bone Breaker.

After gathering enough meat for dinner and the pelts to sell for later, they continued forth on their journey towards Skull's Crossing. While the sun has pleasantly began shining through the clouds, the once quiet Skull River has been roughed up along the edges, while dead fish sometimes line the river banks. Will the heroes be able to secure the safety of what's left of the town?
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December 9th, 2014
The Black Magga towered over not only the our heroes, but also over the building of the town. It slowly progressed through the town, grabbing villagers, smashing buildings, and splattering the villagers against buildings here and there.

The group started a distance away from Black Magga, as Naolexa and Dov began shooting lightning bolts down towards the beast. They noticed that there was an issue, however, as sometimes the lightning didn't effect her at all. Yama and Nevik split up, climbing up on top of the buildings to try to get at eye level with the beast. Yama managed to cut through the beast's flesh, as it immediately snatched him up in a tentacle. Vincent began bolstering morale, as he attempted to shoot from a distance, as Shalelu did the same with her bow. Valtyra supported as best as she could, despite the fact that she could not see the beast.

The beast through Yama, and began to leave back for the lake, when Nevik leaped upon the creature's neck and drove his wakazashi into the demigod. Naolexa threw a fireball down towards the beast, putting Nevik at risk of being caught in the blast, but she brought the terror down to the ground. Nevik gouged deep in her chest to be sure, as the sudden roar of the villager's cheering came from all directions.

Seen as Heroes in this area, they received much praise. Maelin Shreed worked his way from the church to where they were, and offered his congratulations. He spoke solemnly, however, after looking north out of town.

MAELIN: "Well, we can rebuild that bridge no problem, barring no ogrekin interruptions, but something tells me there is a problem at the dam. Skull's Crossing was the only thing holding the Storval Deep from expanding over this town, and the Black Magga was known to inhabit there. I can't say if she is the cause of the flood, but either way, there must be something wrong at the dam. Can I ask you heroes to look into it? I will reward you as best as this village can."

YAMA: "Now now, we did just save your town from utter destruction. We could use the funds to stock up for a trip up to the dam, we don't know what might be up there."

MAELIN: He thinks to himself for a moment, and then speaks, "Fair enough, I believe we can spare 1000 gold pieces for each of you. We have a fair amount of material from the spoils you have brought from your adventures here, so trade may bolster for our supply."

VINCENT: "I'll take half, keep the 500g to help your village recover from this tragedy."

MAELIN: "That is well appreciated, good sir. Now, friends, shall you rest before or after looking into our dam?"

The party all decided rest would be the best idea for the group, and then they will head out tomorrow. What awaits them at Skull's Crossing?
Session: Save Turtleback Ferry! - Tuesday, Dec 09 2014 from 8:30 PM to 11:30 PM
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December 2nd, 2014
Vincent, Nevik, and Naolexa too the lead, peering into the dark cave to see what they could find. They used lights and torches to guides their way, as Valtyra helped the two dwarves locate some clothing.

The gang ran into a small cluster of eggs. After observing them, Naolexa was able to determine them as shocker lizard eggs. Vincent decided perhaps it's not the best idea to light these a flame, as shocker lizards are very protective of their kin. As they continued forward, a few more clusters appeared here and there, but they finally saw two beady eyes in the distance, along with the occasional crack of lightning. They managed to find a live lizard, and it already knew the group was there. Nevik slowly approached the lizard, keep a steady eye on it to see if it was going to react to him. Luckily, the lizard only hissed and kept a sharp eye on Nevik as well, but did not attack. Nevik decided it would be best for him to scout ahead and see what might possibly be in this area.

After passing by a few more lizards, he came upon their den. Eight lizards were before him, but also someone he didn't expect to see; Kaven Windstrike. He quickly shushed Nevik, and scurried over to him. He explained that after not hearing from them for a while, he thought it would have been best to try and sneak in via the cavern behind the waterfall. Nevik called him a fool for coming out this way, and the two of them hurried back to the others.

After meeting up with everyone, they worked their way back to the cart, and headed back out to Turtleback Ferry to rest, sell, and figure out the next plan of action. They said their goodbyes to Kaven, Jubrayl, Jakradros, and Kipp as the gang headed on their way.

It, however, was still down-pouring outside, and it seem even heavier than usual. The roads were a bit muddy, and a little hard to traverse on. On the road, the party encountered an Ettin, which they dispatched with no problems. Continuing to Turtleback Ferry, they could tell the water level was rising in Skull River, and in it's lake as well. Vincent and Naolexa immediately got out of the rain to a warm food and warm bed. Valtyra went with the dwarves and Shalelu to sell the load of equipment, and Nevik decided to wander around the town for a bit.

Nevik, while wandering, noticed a man lifting crates out of the rain into the general store. Every time the man reached down to pick up the crate, Nevik noticed a tattoo on the man; the Sihedron. He staked out for two hours, watching this man enter and exit the building numerous times. After all of the crates were done, the man didn't exit the building. Nevik decide to confront this man about this, so he entered the store. The man and his wife were there, as they owned the establishment. Nevik made small talk, then got down to business. He asked if the man knew of the purpose behind the tattoo on his back, and where he got it. He explained it was a member's mark for Paradise, which sank recently.

Nevik explained that the symbol on him was linked to foul magics, and that he basically sold his soul to a sinister cause. Of course, this frightened the man, and he stated he would go see the priest first thing in the morning. With that, Nevik decided to turn in for the evening.

The next morning, Vincent woke up to get some food from the innkeeper. Nevik and Naolexa still snoozed, so Vincent went downstairs. However, the innkeeper was no where to be found. There then was a scream from outside of the house. Waking Nevik, he peered out the window to see what the commotion was about. Vincent and Naolexa rushed outside to see what the problem was.

Turtleback Ferry was drowning. The rain was still continuing, but there seemed to be a sudden increase in the water level around the town. The church was 3ft deep in water, and our heroes could see a few people scurrying on the second floor to protect what they could. Closest to them, a boat was on the verge of capsizing from a boa who was unintentionally landbound. In the boat was a large number of school children, along with their teacher. Naolexa, scared of snakes, decided to stay way from the ordeal, while Vincent rushed ahead to help the school children. Nevik instead rushed towards the building next to them to try to get on top of the roof.

Vincent attempted to throw a rope and pull the boat away, but the moment that the rope connected with folks on the boat, the boa turned his attention to Vincent. Nevik has made it to the roof by this point, and set up a rope to try and get the children to safety. As Vincent weaved into the snake with his rapier, it eventually turned it's attention towards the children again. This time, it managed to get a child in it's maw. Vincent and Nevik heard the bones of the little girl crunch underneath it's teeth, as the little girl screamed. Vincent furiously slashed at the beast, while Nevik began firing bolts at it. The boa eventually had to release the girl from the pain, and it scurried off back towards the lake. Two of the school children made to the roof, while the teacher ran with the girl in her arms. Passing by Naolexa, Naolexa offered the potion of cure serious wounds found earlier. The teacher gratefully took the potion, and continuing fleeing from the town.

However, at this time, the bridge that crossed over the skull river was destroyed, as a large surge off water came crashing through, along with a large, shadowed figured. It slunk down into the lake, and then burst through the water, turning it's gaze on the town. There was a a sense of dread coming over the party, as the Black Magga was ready to wreck havoc over the town.

Session: Take Back Fort Rannick! Part Quatre - Tuesday, Dec 02 2014 from 8:30 PM to 11:30 PM
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October 14th, 2014
The heroes came to a decision on how to raid Fort Rannick: They were going to infiltrate it from the Eastern Gate by utilizing a grappling hook and scaling the side. Nevik and Dov decided to try and get a better view of the current status of the fort by getting up in a tree nearby. While the South Gate did have quite a few ogres, the grounds themselves were actually quite barren. They saw only one ogre at the eastern gate, so the group traveled through the Kreeg Woods to a section close to the east gate. They left the cart in the capable hands of Reiner and Oswin, and Nevik swigged a potion, rendering him invisible, as he dashed straight for the ogre at the gate, polishing something in his left hand. As Nevik attacked, he saw a polished human skull roll away from the mess.

Nevik set up the rope for the party to climb up with, and eventually the party made their way up. Getting a better look at the scene, they noticed three things; 1) The new barrack was indeed made out of wood, and had a fair amount of noise coming from it. 2) The South Gate had 4 guards posted there, one missing a lower jar and wielding an ogre hook. 3) One of the building closest to the party looked like it was ready to collapse.

The group decide to split into two teams. Nevik, Vincent, Jakardros, and Shalelu would head to the south gate, while Naolexa, Dov, Valtyra, Jubrayl, and Kaven would handle anything that might pop out from atop the wall. The South Gate party rushed over to prep to strike, as a Fireball from Naolexa came crashing into the barracks. It caught the attention of the guards, as they heard loud bouts of screaming. Nevik went in to kill one of guards up top of the tower, as the other three started firing arrows.

Meanwhile, the East Gate team noticed some noises starting from the old building. Naolexa quickly flung a lightning bolt towards it, bringing it all crashing down on whoever was inside of it. as the dust settled, a large ogre burst from the rubble, and threw a javelin at the wall, right at Valtyra. The party easily whittled away at the beast, felling it with little injury.

However, the South Gate scene had a few troubles. Nevik took the opprotunity when the other ogre up top the tower tripped on his way down to leap uptop of him, causing death from above. However, the other two ogres saw this and flanked him. One ogre fell to his wounds as Shaeleu riddled him with arrows. However, the one ogre that remained was the larger one with the hook, and the vicious-looking weapon cleaved a good blow into Nevik. Nevik managed to duck out of harm's way, and the party fell the foe before them.

Both gates cleared, two building destroyed, and a large fort in front of them. Before our heroes could get comfortable, a large ogre came from the cook house and it stood aghast at the site in front of him.
Session: Game Session - Tuesday, Oct 14 2014 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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September 22nd, 2014
The group inside the house decided to drop off loot outside, and join their comrades to get them up to speed with what all has happened. While discussing, Reiner and Nevik managed to make it through the forest, cart and all.

REINER: "Caldbolg cleared the way, but it certainly took some work. We started working our way to you as soon as we overheard fighting."

The party introduced Nevik and Reiner to the Black Arrows they rescued, and also got them up to speed on the current mission. Nevik, eager to get into some action, wanted to come along with the group to the basement. Vincent decided to take moment to heal wounds, letting the rest of the gang go along without him. Valtyra, Naolexa, Nevik, and Shalelu all headed down into the basement.

Before them were three doors; right, left, and in front of them. The room to the right, as Valtyra discovered, housed nothing but a large pile of human skin. Valtyra closed the door quickly, disgusted.

She then went to the door that was originally on their left, which opened to a storeroom area with another set of doors in the back corner. The piles of stuff here all seemed useless, as they peered over the belongings, so they continued through to the next door. A small hallway greeted them, and while they were persistent on keeping an eye out for traps, they made it to another set of doors with no problems.

However, through the next door was something completely unexpected. A tendriculos greeted them, and as soon as it could, it got a grip of Valtyra. Naolexa warned everyone of these creatures having very potent paralyzation fluids in their stomach to eat their prey, so the party worked viciously to try to cut Valtyra free. Luckily, Nevik managed to stab the Tendriculos in just the right spot, forcing it to drop Valtyra and focus it's attention elsewhere. Naolexa conjured up a fire elemental to help burn the creature, knowing a tendriculos possessed powerful regeneration capabilities. With enough work, the group brought the beast down to the ground, as the fire elemental singed it's flora body to stop the regeneration. Next to them, a small door opened up to a closet area, revealing a chest.

The chest contained the loot of the Black Arrows, along with a few other things only assumed to be "trophies" from previous kills.

They found Jakardros' bow, identified by Shalelu, two rapiers and a pistol, all of which had the Black Arrow insignia somewhere upon it. The armor they found was in pleasant condition as well.

They grabbed everything and began to work their way up when they remembered that there was one room they hadn't explored. Nevik quietly opened the door to reveal a ogrekin was work at a workbench here, along with two giant rats by his side. He took the opportunity to sneak up on the ogrekin, and stabbed him in the back. The rest of the gang joined in, as they quickly took out the ogrekin, and skewered the rats. They grabbed what they could find and continued up stairs.

Outside, they presented the gear back to the Black Arrows, who were glad to still see it in one piece. While they suited up in the barn, the group decided to just kill off Rukus, as he might have been more of a nuisance than it was worth.

Everyone headed back to Turtleback Ferry to allow people to rest, sell, and create a plan to take Fort Rannick back from the ogres.
Session: Game Session - Monday, Sep 22 2014 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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