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July 26th, 2015
With the two roads, the party took some time to recover. Philip took some time in the morning to obtain a prophecy from one of his spells, Legend Lore. After communing for quite some time, he received the following riddle, of which he quickly jotted down so he could remember:

The Prophecy

The valley of Jorgenfist holds many mysteries and rumors, yet none so well known as the darkness of the Black Tower. Adventurers who come to this place seeking the caves interiors need first to visit the monk who resides in the tower, lest your adventure only lead to your death.

Mokurian resides here, and has spent much time building an army. He plans to raid the rest of Varisia, but is it his own flag he flies? Or does he serve another king? Nevertheless, he has numerous allies here who all assist him with his endeavors.

Should you find his dragon, he only serves out of pride.
Should you find the hill giant, you find his assistant to his rituals.
Should you find his kobold, you find an ally quick to anger.
Should you find his advisor, do not be so quick to judge.
Should you find his captives, they have a higher purpose than what they know.
Should you find his matriarchs, they are an ally from a different army.
Should you find his trolls, they guard the door to a ruin below.
Should you find his Mokurian himself, prepare for your demise.

With this information, they at least knew what they needed to locate within Jorgenfist. After determining what the game plan was proceed through this cave, Nevik determined that he could scout ahead and see what lies before them. He proceeded to the north, where he found a very small room that went off the normal path. A stone giant looked over the ground level of the pit here.

He skipped this to proceed further in, and found a mess hall area. It was relatively empty, but the kitchen area that was connected to the room did still have the cook. She was still cooking, but was too far away for him to determine what. He snuck through this room, and through a small tunnel to the north. This connected to another room, but this one was smaller and had a small altar.

He observed a stone giant pace back and forth here, and she muttered words to herself. She looked worried, but since she was speaking in giant, Nevik was unable to determine what was being said. He carefully returned to the room with the rest of the party, and they formulated a plan to teleport close to the room with this stone giant. The heroes cautiously walked into the room, it didn't take long for her to notice the group. She immediately began speaking in giant to the group, and then corrected herself to common so that everyone could understand her:

Female Stone Giant
I don't have much time, but know that if you are here to slay Mokmurian, I am your ally. We can speak here in peace, and I wish to speak of your quarrel here. Without my help, you might only find your graves below Jorgenfist.

She introduced herself as Conna the Wise, Mokmurian's adviser. SHe explained that several years ago, Mokmurian slayed her husband to obtain control over this area. She served as an adviser just to save her own life, but secretly planned for a chance of vengeance. now with the Heroes here to presumably kill Mokmurian, perhaps they can work together to meet a similar goal. She knows much about these caves and can willingly speak on the creatures that inhabit here. She also warned the Heroes that should they try to enter the library without speaking with the monk first, they would likely die. She explained that the monk waited in the Black Tower, and that they should see him first.

The heroes were very willing to allow Conna to help exact her revenge, and welcomed her to come along. The group worked their way back down to the hallway outside of the smaller room, as Conna described this to be the general's room. They rushed into the room, Conna screaming "The time for the uprising is now!" as she flung bright green rays of acid onto the general. The group flayed his mind, tearing away his mental capacities. Naolexa then put him to sleep and Nevik finished him off.

They just cut down an important figure in the army, but what of this monk? What does the Black Tower have in store for the group?
Session: The Jorgenfist Raid: Part 4 - Sunday, Jul 26 2015 from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM
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March 10th, 2015
Confronted with this threat they thought they handled, they had to act fast. The water has rose from previously, so getting to the dam the same way might have been difficult. Instead of taking the road by Kreeg Wood, the heroes opted to go by Ash Wood, and north into the Wyvern Mountains.

They made it to the border of Ash Wood when they ran across the scene of a cleric huddling over a body. He noticed the adventurers approaching, and rose to greet them. He explained that his friend was recently taken down by the local werewolves. Luckily, by inspecting what he could see, there were no bite marks on the body, only claw marks. The cleric did not want to see his body rot out here, but also wanted the equipment to still be put to good use. The party opted to relieve the gear from the cleric and provide it to Malia, giving her the opportunity to train with sword and shield.

They assisted with getting the deceased cleric's body back to Turtleback Ferry with the cleric, and then rethought their decision on attending to the dam first. The only thing stopping them was the guilt of still carrying around Lamatar's remains in a bag of holding.

VINCENT "The people can defend themselves against the flood. They can't defend themselves against the wrath of whoever this person was demanding the bones."

They opted to go to Whitewillow first, return the remains, and then head to the dam. They recovered a fishing boat to get the group across Claybottom Lake. When they neared Whitewillow, they heard the small sound of someone crying. Continuing forth, they discovered a small pixie trying to get their attention, as it was talking about how his mistress has gone mad and cursed the forest. The pixie was requesting the help of the adventurers to help put Myriana at peace. The heroes happily agreed, since they now knew the pixie could lead them straight there.

However, this forest was certainly cursed, and proved to have some troubles for the group as they passed through. Gnarled trees, mystical reflections in the water, and a ghost pirate ship greeted them here. Passing all of this and trying to stay focused, they followed the pixie's guidance the entire time.

Reaching Myriana, they discovered her sad fate of also being undead. Not wanting to anger the fey spirit, they offered Lamatar's remains rather quickly. Instantly gratified, she began to make numerous lights around the forest spin in the clearing they were in. As they swirled faster and faster, the area grew brighter and brighter. Vincent got a last glimpse of the nymph, as she smiled upon him before the flash. He felt confident from this smile.

When the light died down, Myriana was no-where to be found, and before them was a naked elf. Myriana used her own life force to bring Lamatar back to life via reincarnation. Vincent offered his cloak of elvenkind to the elf to help him cover himself. Lamatar thanked the adventurers, and stated he should honor Myriana's sacrifice and take over the forest as it's protector. Seeing the forest restored back to it's glory, the group said their farewells to the elf and went to pursue the ghost ship.

Luckily the ghost ship was still there, as they clambered up onto it to see what they could find. Inside of the captain quarters, they found the remains of the captain, but also a massive harp. On top of it was some sheet music, of which Vincent immediately snatched up. When the group exited the captain's quarters, they saw a white, ghostly dog sitting on the ship, looking off into the distance. It got up, hopped down off the ship, and then ran off into the forest.
While Reiner wanted to pursue the dog, the group decided they should leave this place. Out of fear, Vincent left the sheet music behind on the ship.

They moved quickly to try to get up to the dam. They decided to just go as far as the water would take them along the Kreeg Wood, and travel north-east through there. They made it to the dam and used Dimension Door to pop right back to the room where they fought the Skull Ripper. Seeing the device there, Vincent walked up to it and pulled down on one of the skull's mouths. A sudden rumble shook the dam a little bit as water began going through one of the floodgates. Too terrified to return to the devil with no results, they evacuated the dam as quickly as they could, not knowing anything about his condition.

After checking back in with Turtleback Ferry and updating the Mayor, they decided they were ready to head back to Sandpoint to try and help with the raid if Sandpoint still stood. They recovered the ferry which had floated down towards Pendaka, and followed back through the Yondabakari River to Magnimar. After making some quick stops to the library and various stores to sell and restock on supplies, the group made their way to Sandpoint.

Arriving there, they saw the building still stood, the people still here, and the seagulls still flying above. The town looked the same, but on the horizon to the north-east there were billowing clouds of white smoke...
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December 9th, 2014
The Black Magga towered over not only the our heroes, but also over the building of the town. It slowly progressed through the town, grabbing villagers, smashing buildings, and splattering the villagers against buildings here and there.

The group started a distance away from Black Magga, as Naolexa and Dov began shooting lightning bolts down towards the beast. They noticed that there was an issue, however, as sometimes the lightning didn't effect her at all. Yama and Nevik split up, climbing up on top of the buildings to try to get at eye level with the beast. Yama managed to cut through the beast's flesh, as it immediately snatched him up in a tentacle. Vincent began bolstering morale, as he attempted to shoot from a distance, as Shalelu did the same with her bow. Valtyra supported as best as she could, despite the fact that she could not see the beast.

The beast through Yama, and began to leave back for the lake, when Nevik leaped upon the creature's neck and drove his wakazashi into the demigod. Naolexa threw a fireball down towards the beast, putting Nevik at risk of being caught in the blast, but she brought the terror down to the ground. Nevik gouged deep in her chest to be sure, as the sudden roar of the villager's cheering came from all directions.

Seen as Heroes in this area, they received much praise. Maelin Shreed worked his way from the church to where they were, and offered his congratulations. He spoke solemnly, however, after looking north out of town.

MAELIN: "Well, we can rebuild that bridge no problem, barring no ogrekin interruptions, but something tells me there is a problem at the dam. Skull's Crossing was the only thing holding the Storval Deep from expanding over this town, and the Black Magga was known to inhabit there. I can't say if she is the cause of the flood, but either way, there must be something wrong at the dam. Can I ask you heroes to look into it? I will reward you as best as this village can."

YAMA: "Now now, we did just save your town from utter destruction. We could use the funds to stock up for a trip up to the dam, we don't know what might be up there."

MAELIN: He thinks to himself for a moment, and then speaks, "Fair enough, I believe we can spare 1000 gold pieces for each of you. We have a fair amount of material from the spoils you have brought from your adventures here, so trade may bolster for our supply."

VINCENT: "I'll take half, keep the 500g to help your village recover from this tragedy."

MAELIN: "That is well appreciated, good sir. Now, friends, shall you rest before or after looking into our dam?"

The party all decided rest would be the best idea for the group, and then they will head out tomorrow. What awaits them at Skull's Crossing?
Session: Save Turtleback Ferry! - Tuesday, Dec 09 2014 from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM
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October 28th, 2014
As our heroes gathered on the ground level of the fortress, they hear an unsettling sound. Grunts from a massive creature, as it exits what was known as the cook house. The heroes worked together to bring the creature down, but not without Kaven running into some very big swings. Bruised and battered, Kaven suggested to the party to perhaps switch spots with Oswin and Reiner, as they are perhaps more suited to take blows from ogres instead of himself. "I can tend to my wounds at the cart instead of slowing you guys down." After some muttering under the other Black Arrow's breath, the heroes agreed for this trade and worked together to get the south gate open and accessible.

Turning their attention to the Fort, the battered doors blocked their path. A little wedged by some shoddy repairs, Valtyra and Reiner were able to tug enough to get the doors open wide enough to get through. As they entered, they treaded lightly for the heard the sounds of humming from their right side, and the clanking of armor from the left. The party decided instead of getting ambushed from behind them by focusing on one room, they would split up the efforts for these two noise sources. Oswin and Jubrayl headed for the humming door, Shalelu and Naolexa ready at ranged, while Reiner, Valtyra, Jakradros, and Kibb readied themselves for the possibility of additional foes.

Oswin and Jubrayl busted down the door to find a ogre using a human's corpse as a paint brush, painting the walls with blood and other wastes. They went straight to work, with Jubrayl slicing the ogre across the eyes, blinding him. As they pummeled the ogre to pieces, another two ogres looking to be of lower ranking, tried to squeeze themselves through the door to join the fight. Luckily, Reiner was at the ready, and swiftly cleaved into them with his Caladbolg.

As the fight wrapped up, they gathered the ogres weapons and threw them out in the court yard area to tend to them later. Jubrayl and Jakradros helped tremendously with the navigation of the other rooms, with the party working together to clear out the this floor. They tactically handled the barracks within the fort,as 4 ogres attempted to pelt Valtyra with javalins. All of them found themselves sticking in the door, however, as arrows and fireballs came crashing in from both sides.

Further in, they found themselves in the infirmary room. A grotesque scene, as this room as more of the organs splattered about the room. A unfortunate man found his fate here, the cleric of the Black Arrows. He was found propped up in a position that displayed him eating his own intestines with a spoon. Jakradros especially enraged, the ogre in the room clapped happy seeing his had new "subjects" to play with. Of course, our heroes brought this foe down with great speed, avenging the death of the cleric.

The heroes were left with two choices: Go upstairs to what was reported as the captains room and chapel? Or go downstairs to what was reported to be the dungeon rooms? They decided to go upstairs to attempt to find just exactly who is leading all of these ogres, and maybe even find out who Xanesha's sister is...
Session: Take Back Fort Rannick! - Tuesday, Oct 28 2014 from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM
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