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March 10th, 2015
Confronted with this threat they thought they handled, they had to act fast. The water has rose from previously, so getting to the dam the same way might have been difficult. Instead of taking the road by Kreeg Wood, the heroes opted to go by Ash Wood, and north into the Wyvern Mountains.

They made it to the border of Ash Wood when they ran across the scene of a cleric huddling over a body. He noticed the adventurers approaching, and rose to greet them. He explained that his friend was recently taken down by the local werewolves. Luckily, by inspecting what he could see, there were no bite marks on the body, only claw marks. The cleric did not want to see his body rot out here, but also wanted the equipment to still be put to good use. The party opted to relieve the gear from the cleric and provide it to Malia, giving her the opportunity to train with sword and shield.

They assisted with getting the deceased cleric's body back to Turtleback Ferry with the cleric, and then rethought their decision on attending to the dam first. The only thing stopping them was the guilt of still carrying around Lamatar's remains in a bag of holding.

VINCENT "The people can defend themselves against the flood. They can't defend themselves against the wrath of whoever this person was demanding the bones."

They opted to go to Whitewillow first, return the remains, and then head to the dam. They recovered a fishing boat to get the group across Claybottom Lake. When they neared Whitewillow, they heard the small sound of someone crying. Continuing forth, they discovered a small pixie trying to get their attention, as it was talking about how his mistress has gone mad and cursed the forest. The pixie was requesting the help of the adventurers to help put Myriana at peace. The heroes happily agreed, since they now knew the pixie could lead them straight there.

However, this forest was certainly cursed, and proved to have some troubles for the group as they passed through. Gnarled trees, mystical reflections in the water, and a ghost pirate ship greeted them here. Passing all of this and trying to stay focused, they followed the pixie's guidance the entire time.

Reaching Myriana, they discovered her sad fate of also being undead. Not wanting to anger the fey spirit, they offered Lamatar's remains rather quickly. Instantly gratified, she began to make numerous lights around the forest spin in the clearing they were in. As they swirled faster and faster, the area grew brighter and brighter. Vincent got a last glimpse of the nymph, as she smiled upon him before the flash. He felt confident from this smile.

When the light died down, Myriana was no-where to be found, and before them was a naked elf. Myriana used her own life force to bring Lamatar back to life via reincarnation. Vincent offered his cloak of elvenkind to the elf to help him cover himself. Lamatar thanked the adventurers, and stated he should honor Myriana's sacrifice and take over the forest as it's protector. Seeing the forest restored back to it's glory, the group said their farewells to the elf and went to pursue the ghost ship.

Luckily the ghost ship was still there, as they clambered up onto it to see what they could find. Inside of the captain quarters, they found the remains of the captain, but also a massive harp. On top of it was some sheet music, of which Vincent immediately snatched up. When the group exited the captain's quarters, they saw a white, ghostly dog sitting on the ship, looking off into the distance. It got up, hopped down off the ship, and then ran off into the forest.
While Reiner wanted to pursue the dog, the group decided they should leave this place. Out of fear, Vincent left the sheet music behind on the ship.

They moved quickly to try to get up to the dam. They decided to just go as far as the water would take them along the Kreeg Wood, and travel north-east through there. They made it to the dam and used Dimension Door to pop right back to the room where they fought the Skull Ripper. Seeing the device there, Vincent walked up to it and pulled down on one of the skull's mouths. A sudden rumble shook the dam a little bit as water began going through one of the floodgates. Too terrified to return to the devil with no results, they evacuated the dam as quickly as they could, not knowing anything about his condition.

After checking back in with Turtleback Ferry and updating the Mayor, they decided they were ready to head back to Sandpoint to try and help with the raid if Sandpoint still stood. They recovered the ferry which had floated down towards Pendaka, and followed back through the Yondabakari River to Magnimar. After making some quick stops to the library and various stores to sell and restock on supplies, the group made their way to Sandpoint.

Arriving there, they saw the building still stood, the people still here, and the seagulls still flying above. The town looked the same, but on the horizon to the north-east there were billowing clouds of white smoke...
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January 20th, 2015
As quick as he could, Reiner rushed into the fray with the scorpion. The scorpion snatched him up with his massive claw, and held Reiner in the air. Unable to attack, Reiner was helplessly being crushed. The rest of the group went to work, doing everything they could to at least get the creature to drop him. Philip had fear overtake him, and had to flee from the room. It was then that he was joined by a winded, grizzly dwarf leaning on a Lucerne hammer. Algren, had recently rushed over to the dam on word that the group came here.

ALGREN: *breathing heavily, winded from running* “What’s…what’s in there?”

PHILIP: “Sc…Sc….Scorpion!”

ALGREN: *sigh* “Right.”

As he swung his hammer over his shoulder, he rushed into the room. He shot an arrow into the beast, while the rest of the group wailed on the target. Reiner managed to get free of the claw’s grasp, but unfortunately Yama took a blow from its stinger, managing to get himself poisoned. In retaliation, Yama went into a frenzy, stabbing and tearing apart the scorpion skull by skull. It fell to pieces, scattering across the floor. Beyond them, a small model of the dam stood in front of them. While they would sense magic about it, they were unable to determine its exact purpose. Vincent, however, noticed a small gem wedged in a crack of the dam. He mage-handed the gem to him, and the moment it reached his palm, the gem sprung into the air and began circling him.

VINCENT: “Great, now I’m going to die. Last time I mage-hand things to myself…”

As the group left the area, they contemplated returning to the door found at the bottom of the pool. They decided against it, and headed back to Turtleback Ferry to rest and recover. The next morning, they met with the Mayor to update him on the situation. He asked if water was released from the dam to assist with the pressure, but alas, the adventurers did not operate the dam controls at all. With a worried tone, he stated he will have the town evacuate away from the river, back into the forest. The adventurers needed to decide where they headed next, however, as they had two leads:

There was the lead of the Ogre Camp, where Reiner’s last lead was that her sister was there.

There was also the lead of Myriana and Lamatar in the Shimmering Glens area, to try and figure out what happened to the Black Arrow’s commander.

The group decided that the ogre camp was of more pressing concerns, and head out for the camp. The excitement in the air heightened as the group got closer; Reiner excited to possibly rescue his sister, and Yama excited to cut into some ogre flesh once again.
Session: The Battle with Skull Ripper! - Tuesday, Jan 20 2015 from 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM
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January 13th, 2015
Reiner quickly rushed into to meet the trolls head-on, and began slicing them to shreds. Since his blade was wreathed in fire, he ensured the trolls were dead, and stayed dead. Others did what damage they could to the creatures, but something was aiding them. Some mysterious, unseen force was empowering our heroes, but since this only was in benefit to them, they didn’t want to bother with it until after the trolls were handled.

The group spread out inside the room when the trolls lay dead on the ground to cover some ground, Yama sneaked away into a room during this, while the party was a little startled to see what stood before them.

A farmer with a garden hoe, standing among the carcasses of the trolls.

Valtyra, while a little startled, immediately feared for a peasant’s safety within the confines of an ogre and troll invested dam. The farmer, however, waved away all caution:

???: “There is no need to be concerned of my safety. I am well versed with magic, and have traveled far using that ability. I, however, need your assistance with my own endeavors, should we be able to aid each other. If you all help me discover the cure to the curse placed onto my village recently, I will aid you in your quests, wherever they may lead.”

VINCENT: “What curse was placed upon your village?”

???: “Petrification. My whole village turned into stone by riders wearing a purple cloth. There managed to be a scrap of it left behind, and it’s the only clue I’ve had this whole time. I’ve heard there is a underground library in Jorgenfist that might be able to tell me more, but I fear I would not survive the journey.”

VINCENT: “Well, there shouldn’t be any harm in helping, but pray tell, what is your name?”

PHILIP: “Philip Beeswort

However, while the sense of surprise calmed now they knew the farmer’s purpose, Yama returned to the room to sneak over and bring his sickle to the farmer’s throat.

YAMA: “Who are you? Why are you here?”

The rest of the group quickly jumped to calm Yama.

GROUP: “He’s just a farmer! He has done nothing wrong, and will be helping us!”


VINCENT: “You do so much as knick his skin with that blade, I’ll skewer your eyeball out with this here rapier.” He said while raising a rapier straight to Yama’s eye.

The situation defused after Yama was finally able to calm down, as the group continued on their current quest to figure out the dam. After exploring a bit further, they discovered blood smeared on a set of stone double doors. Vincent translated:

After the group managed to pull the door open, they proceed down a long flight of stairs 100 feet downward. After they came to another set of doors, they pulled these back with no problems, and this leaded them to a new room with a large pool in the middle. Standing on the other side of the pool was a large troll, who greeted them with a loud yell. This was Grazuul, chieftain of the Skulltaker tribes. Yama ran around the pool and launched an acid vial onto Grazuul. Nevik then swiftly leaped over the pool itself, and decapitated Grazuul with no effort at all. Reiner gladly took his unwieldy, large trident from Grazuul, while the group began exploring this room. A side room had a small pool, which what was discovered to be a large hole at the bottom of it. This led into a deep dark tunnel, but couldn’t be explored at the current moment.

The northern room held something quite unexpected: two circles, one with a crimson dust, and the other with a withered, powerless pit fiend. He greeted the party feebly, as he mustered himself to stand.

He begged the adventurers to let him free. He explained that he has been her for close to ten thousand years, summoned here to be used to power the dam. He explained that the power of the dam was fueled by his life energy, and there used to be another pit fiend held here too. He crumbled to dust 100 years back, leaving only the one pit fiend to fuel this entire dam.

Yama was eager to spin the winch and let the pit fiend free, and nearly reached for the device. Reiner stopped him from any sort of thing, while Valtyra and Philip began questioning the devil. The devil responded with a bargain, “Promise me you’ll release me from this cage, and I will tell you what I know of my captor.” They swiftly agreed, and continued questioning. Philip eventually presented his purple cloth and asked:

PHILIP: “This cloth, do you recognize it?”

<Pit Fiend>: (gasps, take a moment) “…Karzoug…”

He explained the very powerful wizard Karzoug was the one who trapped him here, and his forces usually wore that purple cloth. Satisfied with this information, and seeing the devil had none further, they promised they would find someone to replace him in this dam, and set him free. They continued to the final room, and as Valtyra creaked open the door, there stood before them a massive scorpion, created entirely of skulls.
Session: The Road to Skull's Crossing Part Duex - Tuesday, Jan 13 2015 from 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM
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