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April 24th, 2016
The party toiled over the Scribbler's riddle, trying to determine it's purpose and the location of the Runeforge. Vincent helped decipher it, and they found out that the Runeforge is located way up north, at Lake Stormunder's northeastern shore. Rimeskull houses 7 different pillar, and if given a spell of the appropriate school, they would provide a key.

After finding the lake on the map, our Heroes set off to Magnimar, to hire a boat and crew to take them to Brinewall. This northern city was not very well visited, and Nevik had some hesitancy to go there. He declared he would never set foot in that town ever again, but despite this off-puttedness, the party sailed from Brinewall. Once they arrived, they stayed the night, enjoying themselves. The next morning, the group traveled to the nearby lake, and flew across it's waters.

They ascended the mountain with little trouble, and arrived at the fabled location: a ring of seven statues. They quickly went to work with the statues, retrieving the keys quickly. Each one, when having the proper spell casted on it, absorbed the spell and began to glow. It would shake the ground, and make a very high pitched trill noise. These would eventually subside, and the key would appear in the statue's mouth.

However, something sinister was at work, as a wall of ice suddenly appeared to block off the entrance to the stairs and also the way they came. A bellowing voice came about "WHO DARES DISTURB THIS ANCIENT SHRINE?" "We seek entrance to the Runeforge." Valtyra responded.

Arkrhyst reared his ugly face on our Heroes, flying near the mountain, and declaring the hero's death. Despite Vincent and Valtyra's offer to speak with it, He blasted Vincent, Yama, and Naolexa with a frosty breath. Yama courageously darted straight for the dragon to begin his work, but the dragon met him in kind with numerous attacks, nearly killing Yama twice.

Philip, with a bit of luck and quick thinking, polymorphed the dragon into a goose. Naolexa then finished off Arkrhyst with a suffocation spell, causing the bird to plummet to his death 200+ ft below. Naolexa flew after him, after learning that Philip actually needed the scales from him. She retrieved the bird, dispelled the magic, and got the scales from the now dead dragon.

The heroes turned to the stairs, knowing they had to ascend them, and enter the cave above. Would they find this dragon's hoard? Would they find the Runeforge? Both?

Who knew what awaited them?
Session: Chapter 5: Where the Road Takes You - Monday, Apr 25 2016 from 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM
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January 17th, 2016
After the dust settled, they looted the area, and scouted around. They found the loot of what presumably would be the scanderig’s lair – it looks like another small adventuring party met its fate here. They took the loot to sell or use, as it would do better in their hands than their enemies.

Finding a new hallway, they caught on quick to the giant double doors with a sihedron on them. They referred back to the Writ of Access and Entry they received from the Monk, and read aloud the password given, “Vivosanxi”. They were able to open the doors just fine, however were greeted with a fireball , followed by a “ohmigosh I’m so sorry I thought you were Mokmurian, I was planning my revolt!”

Zaki, Dov’s old childhood rival from his tribe, was for whatever reason holed up here in an ancient library. He helped the party learn about the remaining area here, and the librarian introduced them to the subject matters at hand. They learned much about Karzoug and Xin’Shalast, among other very valuable topics to the party. Zaki was originally asked to help with the fight against Mokmurian, but was afraid that he would be too fragile to assist. They took a moment to prepare themselves against Mokmurian before heading out in the direction Zaki recommended…
Session: The Jorgenfist Raid: Part 17 - Monday, Jan 18 2016 from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM
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December 13th, 2015
Our Heroes decided to make a quick stop at Sandpoint before returning to Jorgenfist. While the rest of the group had some magical items made, Reiner took Malia aside to explain to her why he wished for her to stay here in Sandpoint. Malia fought it at first, but did see the merit in Reiner's words about staying safe, and protecting the one town that meant the most to the group. He entrusted her with the safety of the town, and left her with Algren at the group's manor. After the group rested, they teleported back to Jorgenfist.

The stone doors still showed to be closed, but paranoia got the best of the group, as they spent magic spells to prepare themselves for battle. After they prepared, they worked together to pull open the doors to find a long, empty hallway that lead downward. They jogged at a nice pace down the hallway in hopes to find the library, and maybe even Mokmurian.

As the hallway continued, more stonework began to show in this area. Dov immediately recognized it as Thasillionan stonework, similar to what he saw in Thistletop. When the group reached an intersection, he began to notice that the walls had no angles to them; corners of the wall, and the connections from wall to ceiling and wall to floor were rounded out. This differed from Thistletop, and was very strange to see.

After deciding to go to the right, the party discovered a dark room that only one side of the room was lit on. When Nevik poked his head in to see what might be around the corner, he instantly shrank in size. Worse, the room seem to stretch and not keep exact dimensions, which nauseated Nevik. While vomiting and dealing with that, it was clear to the rest of the group that something in this room wasn't right.

Once Nevik got his bearings back, he stepped fully into the room to scope out the room. When he did, two boulders launched at him, narrowly missing him on both sides. These boulders were now roughly the same size as him in his reduced form. Naolexa cast dancing lights and ordered them to float down out and down the room, which illuminated the two giants in the room.

These giants, however, looked very different. Their muscles bulged, skin incredibly tight around them. They also had strange scars on their skin, which showed to be in the shape of runes seen before with the sihedron. Nevik and Yama jumping into action, they quickly took care of these foes while the rest of the party either dealt with the reduced size or the nauseating effect in the room. Aferwards, Nevik was able to identify the magical trap in the room and disable it, which allowed for the rest of the party to pass through unharmed. The group continued through doors to the south.

Yama kicked the doors in and rushed ahead of the group, eager to see what was in store for them. The next room encountered showed to have a white smoke flow out of a cauldron in the near-center of the room. The smoke filled most of the room, however seemed different from your normal mist spells.

Next to the cauldron was a stone golem, who stood motionless despite the heroes in the hallway in plain view. Yama attempted to get the sneak on her, but was unsuccessful in doing so. Reiner went in, stepping into the smoke. The smoke reared up and harmed him badly, temporarily blinding him and making him sick to his stomach again. The stone giant got some clean blows into Reiner before he was able to get away. Nevik attempting to jump over all of the mist and land on the golem, but sadly over shot the jump and landed on the other side of the golem. He, however, was unaffected by the mist. Yama rushed in as well, unaffected by the smoke, after attempting to throw daggers at the golem. Naolexa tried to freeze it, however the magic was ineffective.

A powerful stone golem is hampering our heroes, as they try to deal with it's immunity to magic and reinforced stone that can resist hits. How will our heroes fair?
Session: The Jorgenfist Raid: Part 15 - Monday, Dec 14 2015 from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM
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August 2, 2015
After observing the situation from the small alcove in the pit, the group decided the best path of action was to teleport up to the top of the ramp and see where this Black Tower might lie. Conna explained that the only entrance to the tower was on the ground level, so they needed to get up there somehow.

The party teleported with the help of Naolexa and Vincent, while Philip simply burrowed into the earth. They observed the outside courtyard, which luckily was empty of any of the stone giants. On the towers that rise above this ring, stone giant sentries seemed to be stationed at each one, aside from a larger tower that stood double in height. As it was behind the mammoth stables, Conna helped the group sneak around the stables without alerting the mammoths, and over to the Black Tower.

They were cautious of entering the tower, but luckily Yama was able to confirm that no traps were armed on the door of the tower. He entered in cautiosly, and the group immediately confirmed that there was a trap door that was in the middle of this room. Vincent swung it open, and Valtyra confirmed that it was the only way down in this area. Valtyra tied some rope securely, and knotted the rope with Shalelu's assistance. One by one, the heroes descended into the lower level of the Black Tower.

Yama was first, and as he landed, he noticed the room was very cold. On the floor, there was a body wrapped in linens and holding a scroll case very tightly. Yama's greed got the better of him, and he rushed over to try and get a closer look at the scroll case. As he did, the body rose up, revealing that a mummy held Yama's treasure. With a wild spin, the mummy burst open the linens that secured him arms, revealing a chain that held the case to him.

The mummy put up a tough fight for the group, as he spread around disease with every hit he made. After all of the heroes made it into the room, he let forth a black fog from his mouth. This caught everyone but Valtyra off guard, but the party noticed that they felt generally weaker. The monk got a few blows onto Yama and Arvel that left behind spreading black marks. Yama stabbed his blades into the creature with one final swing, as the mummy began to spin around wildly. It stopped, locking it's gaze with Yama. It's jaw, already dislodged, fell to the floor, as the light faded from his eyes. The linens begin to fall apart, and fell into a pile onto the floor. The scroll case landed softly on the pile as well.

Yama eagerly picked up the scroll case. Inspecting it, he could tell that this was made out of adamantine, but also has 5 locks on it total. It took quite a bit of time for Yama to pick the locks on the case. Inside, greater treasure awaited for the group. Numerous scrolls awaited in here, all which Yama carefully pulled out of the case He could tell that they were quite fragile, so handling them could be extremely dangerous to them.

All of these scrolls were written in Thassilonian, which Naolexa and Dov studied. Yama was able to read these as well, but it didn't make sense as to why. He then remembered the strange gold ioun stone that orbited him, and immediately caught on that it was likely the reason.
The scrolls held powerful magics, all of which the casters were eager to find. Two other important things were in this, however. One was the Writ of Entry and Access, which read the following (in Thassilonian):


To be presented to the clockwork librarian of the Therassic Library for the securing of full access to all archives held within.

Ware the shining guardians, for they guard the library without bias, and any who would enter are counted thieves and vandals to be slaughtered.

Speak aloud the name of the Master Architect, Viosanxi, afore entry is attempted via the bronze doors, if thou wouldst avoid their blinding wrath.

Furthermore, a larger scroll puzzled the group. Naolexa unwound it, and the writing on the scroll shined brightly. After that initial flash, the light died down and revealed another magic spell written in Thassilonian. This was Deathwine, which Naolexa went ahead and cast. After the potion converted to a dark red liquid, the scroll wound itself up, and despite any efforts that Naolexa or Dov had, they could not open the scroll again.

They returned to the upper floor, but the strain on the party to recover from the monks flurry caused the heroes to need some rest. Philip used his staff once more to move stone and seal off the door. Naolexa found enough room to summon a small shack to which the Heroes all piled into to try and get some rest for the rest of the trials that lie before them.
Session: The Jorgenfist Raid: Part 5 - Monday, Aug 03 2015 from 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM
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July 12th, 2015
As the sun rose over the valley, our Heroes stirred for the morning and sat around the campfire to get a game plan. They decided that Naolexa would take 3 others and dimension door over to the lower cave smelling of lizards. Nevik would do his best to read the other scroll and teleport himself and the remaining two present party members to the cave as well.

When they arrived, Yama immediately spotted a large gem shining in the sunlight, as it rested upon a pile of sand. The gem, almost as big as his head, immediately drew him in to try and retrieve it. The other members scoffed it off saying “You’ll get yourself killed doing stuff like that all the time. You remember the giant gecko cave?”, with Yama returning saying, “Yeah? And no-one died. It’s fine, I’ve got this.” He happily strolled right on up to the gem and almost got a hand on it, when he heard a hissing sound from throughout the cave. The other three areas of this cave acted as a resting ground for the wyverns, and Yama was attempting to abduct their favorite treasure.

As the fight broke out, Reiner grabbed his trusty sword and ran head-on towards the wyverns. After getting a clean blow into one of them, one of the wyverns managed to get a hold of him and sting him, injecting poison. This burned through his veins, but did not stop him from teleporting around the enemy and cleaving it in two.

Yama battled with another one of the wyverns, and after trading blows and help from Reiner, the second one collapsed. The final one approached Naolexa, but was failing to hit her at all. Nevik and Malia ended up joining the fight and struck the beast down.

The dust settled within the cave; the rogues were inspecting a bone pile that was poorly covering a chest, while the rest of the party tended to Reiner’s poison. Both were handled, but as they explored the cave, this seemed to be the end of this area. No hidden doors revealed to them. They then had to repeat the process of using the dimension door scroll and spell to get to the other cave; the one crawling with bugs.

As Naolexa got everyone up there, the party stood there for a moment, taking everything in. Naolexa, however, reacted quickly, and lobbed a fireball into the cave blindly. The impacted area did burn away some of the thick webs in the back of the cave, and plenty of the bugs that crawled all over the floor. However, in the screeching of the bugs, other noises came through that caught Yama’s, Reiner’s, and Nevik’s ears. Giant spiders crawled off the walls, blackened a bit by the fireball. Thinking quickly, the party wrapped up these three spiders with another fireball, a sling shot, and a few arrows. They collapsed, and fell apart, revealing that these giant spiders were completely made up of dead insect husks and shells.

Naolexa, looking over through the webs, noticed a secret door at the back portion of the cave and signaled Reiner and Yama over to help start clearing away the webs. After about 5 minutes of clearing, Reiner cleaned up the webs and made an open path to the door. The others found a pile of unfortunate adventurer’s previous weapons and armor. Valtyra scooped these up into her bag of holding, and the party started squeezing through the small tunnel found at the back of the spider cave. Reiner had a sneaking suspicion that this lead into Jorgenfist; He was about to find out if he was right.
Session: The Jorgenfist Raid: Part 2 - Monday, Jul 13 2015 from 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM
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May 3rd, 2015
The Heroes left for Jorgenfist, following the Lost Coast Road north, heading through Galduria, then Wolf's Ear, Ravenmoor, and then reaching to Storval Stairs. A 15 day trip on foot, the heroes visited the Goblin Squash Stables and those who did not already have a horse or way to travel, bought a horse. This helped speed up the trip and helped shave off roughly 2 days.

As they headed north, they staved off a giant vulture who wanted to pick a fight, and shortly thereafter encountered a mysterious cave that peaked Yama's and Nevik's curiosity. Valtyra, Naolexa, and Philip were not interested, but Yama got the smell of loot to be had, and quickly surveyed the area to get an idea of what was in the cave. They were able to spot a small tail out of the shadows of this very dark cave, but could not identify it from the tail alone. Yama approached, and discovered that these were simply giant geckos. Yama, not worried about these pests, dismounted his horse by leaping blindly into the cave to discover what might be inside. He managed to catch himself on a wall before running into it, spooking the geckos as he rebounded off the wall. Nevik approached more calmly, walking past the hissing geckos, and into the empty cavern area.

Nevik saw an odd sight past the geckos, however. Using Philip’s everburning torch, he illuminated the room to find a large egg in the corner. If these geckos were anything like the shocker lizards, these eggs were not that of a lizard’s. Intrigued, he picked up the egg, alerted the 4 near him, and booked it out of the room. Vincent, recently being rewarded a new enchantment on his rapier, got overzealous with his attack on the gecko. He skewered and killed the gecko, but put too much force into the attack, and ended up snapping the blade. Vincent was devastated, but picked up the broken blade pices and focused on assisting Nevik. Vincent could tell at a range that it was a bird’s egg of some sort, perhaps a giant vulture’s, an axe beak’s, or even a giant eagle. The spots were a little different on the egg shell, however, upon closer inspection.

VINCENT: “Now that I am closer to it, I can confirm this is some sort of axe beak egg. However, it is a little different, as the spots on a normal axe beak’s egg are usually circles. These are...filled-in circles, which is a little different.”

Nevik was happy with his catch regardless, and hefted it into the cart with Shalelu’s assistance.

Yama walked into the opposite side of the cavern from Nevik, and found himself in a room with 4 geckos, and a small coin purse on the ground. He picked up the coinpurse, and immediately alerted the geckos in the room, who moved to attack him. He slew them easily, but not before one got a hefty bite on his foot. He shook this off with no problems, and retreated from the cave. However, two of the geckos still remained from Nevik’s troubles, and headed right for Yama and his horse. They gnawed away at the horse’s legs, and brought his massive beast to it’s knees. Yama killed off a gecko, while Shalelu sniped the other. Yama refused to ask for a heal for his horse, and immediately put it out of it’s misery. Everyone was shocked at this motion, but Vincent decided then that he could ride his horse, Nightmare, and place Yama on cart duty. Yama agreed to this, and took a moment to review over the coinpurse. Delighted, he squandered it away, but not without Shalelu and Nevik knowing of the coinpurse. Shalelu dismissed it, knowing there was better things to worry about, while Nevik met Yama with a look of understanding between two thieves, and let it slide.

The group continued onward, and found themselves passing through Galduria and Wolf’s Ear. On their way to Ravenmoor, they found themselves in close proximity to a large ant hill. It was covered in tiny carpenter ants, but something caught the group’s eye; a belt was hanging in the top of the ant hill. Philip, intrigued, mage-handed the belt to him, but not without covering himself in ants that were on the belt. Valtyra acted quickly, fire-hosing Philip via a create water spell, washing off the ants and drowning them easily. However, the incident stirred up the ants within the hill, who formed massives swarms, aimed for those trying to pass. Naolexa acted quickly, tossing a fireball at the hill. It scorched the ants quickly, and the group escaped from the scene quickly before they could recollect.

The group found themselves at Ravenmoor for the evening, trading with a few vendors and merchants before the heroes went to their own wishes or resting. They neared the Storval Stairs, closing in closer and closer to their destination of Jorgenfist, where they hope to find answers.
Session: On the Road: Jorgenfist! - Monday, May 04 2015 from 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM
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April 12th, 2015
The group prepared themselves as the giant slowly moved it's way over. It downed a potion while he approached, and rested his hand on one of his picks. He saw an opportunity arise while the party moved about, and he threw the smaller of his two picks. It was aimed directly at Valtyra.

It hit with sure accuracy, and severed her right arm off. Carried by the momentum, her arm smacked Vincent in the face, and the pick went crashing into the raised platform that Shalelu stood on.

While the party tried to handle the situation, the giant had made it close enough to speak.

???: "Are you certain you want to fight? You seem to have a member not fully functional. I offer to you a bargain; let us leave the town peacefully at this point, and we will spare your lives. Stop us, and you will die beneath the foot of the Plateau People."

Reiner, worried about Valtyra wounds, gripped his sword tight, and stood to face to giant. The others tried to help Valtyra get it under control, but Valtyra insisted she would be fine and told them to worry about the giants.

???: "Very well. Men?"

Before, the giant only showed himself. However, behind the houses, other stone giants were waiting, along with another dire bear. The party was certain they were outpowered by these numbers, but stood against their foes.

Naolexa conjured up a Wall of Ice, in an attempt to bottleneck the forces straight to Reiner. Yama used the opportunity of tall ice columns to climb on top of them, ready to get the drop down on the enemy. Vincent did what he could to help assist by casting haste and get a few bow shots off, and Shalelu fired a barrage of arrows on the enemy. Valtyra handled her wounds as best as she could, just in attempts of stopping the bleeding. She wavered a few times, but managed to keep herself alive through out all of it.

The group slew 4 of the giants before the mysterious leader decided to retreat back into the town. The remaining giant followed after him when the bear was defeated, and the party decided not to give immediate chase to help Valtyra deal with her continuing wounds. Yama, not well-versed in the medical fields, took the opportunity to get a vantage point from a rooftop to keep an eye on the boss.

When he did, he also saw that there were numerous villagers being stuffed into bags. He caught sight of a few isntances, but since he was not from Sandpoint, he didn't recognize the people. He saw a human female being snagged from the Pixie's Kitten (Kaye Tesarani, Naolexa's mother), a Tengu male being stolen from the Rusty Dragon (Greyland, one of Dov's tribes members), a human wizard, being defended by a tiny bird who pecked at the giant's hand (Thanning Catum, Naolexa's childhood friend), and finally a red-headed human woman from the general store (Shayliss Vinder, who at a tryst with Nevik eariler this year). Other villagers also were being grabbed, but they were not as well seen as these four.

The group had to act fast if they wanted to rescue them all, but how would they go about doing it, and taking out the retreating leader?
Session: Raid on Sandpoint?! Part Trois - Monday, Apr 13 2015 from 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM
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March 29th, 2015
Luckily for the town, the Garrison was mainly made out of stone, so it was able to take the dragon’s fire and not catch fire. The Heroes knew they had to get the dragon’s attention and away from people. They needed space, and the best place there was in Sandpoint aside from outside it was in front of the Sanctuary. The Heroes, some still bolstered by haste, swiftly moved over to the open area and set themselves up to lure the dragon. Dov knew that dragons in general were not only greedy creatures, but also prideful. They would not stand down from a challenge, and Reiner was just their man to stand up to a dragon fearlessly.

The dragon, perched upon the garrison, was swooping down to eat random villagers and cause chaos, enjoying every second of it. A moment later, arrows flew by the dragon’s head, one hitting the dragon. Shalelu, from near the church steps, was impressively firing arrows over 200 feet to hit her target. This was enough to at least get the dragon’s attention, as Reiner also fired a shot that passed right by the dragon’s eye. As it did, he yelled at the dragon to fight him if he was looking for a fight. The dragon smirked, and began its flight over to Reiner, where the rest of the party was prepped to lay into this dragon.

As it landed, Naolexa immediately was attempting to hex it, while Reiner, Arvel, Nevik, and Yama all went in to strike at the beast. Dov slowed the dragon, as Valtyra buffed Reiner’s defenses. It took our heroes little time to damage the dragon enough to scare it away. Nevik leaped onto its back, but unfortunately was knocked to the ground as it took flight. Fortunately, Dov’s Slow spell prevented the dragon move moving its full speed, so it was still in range for Naolexa and Dov to get two final lightning bolts crashing towards it. This was enough to kill the dragon outright, as it came tumbling to the ground. After the dust settled, the sound of a war horn pierced through the air. As the Heroes looked to the west, they saw a stone giant dressed in different garbs. He stood near the Old Light, and had the heroes right in his sights.
Session: A Raid on Sandpoint?! Part 2 - Monday, Mar 30 2015 from 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM
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December 16th, 2014
The group rested in Turtleback Ferry shortly, and also ran into a familar face. Reiner had apparently went on a covert ops mission after their time in Fort Rannick. He had located a hint of his location of his sister due to another "slave trade receipt" found in the cathedral. He sneaked off with no-one noticing immediately, and managed to find his way to a Hook Mountain encampment. By the numbers he saw there, he would have been outnumbered too easily if he went in there by himself. After getting caught up on the situation, he urged that Hook Mountain be a stop on the adventures in this region.

Before heading north to Skull's Crossing. Newly suited up by the loot found within the Black Magga's stomach, the heroes encountered an issue that magical weapons and armor can't solve: the bridge was taken out during the flood.

While they debated about how to get across the river, Shalelu remembered the ferry service back in town. Unfortunately, Naolexa's Dimension Door spell was only able to ferry 4 people, so someone had to be left behind to find another way over, along with the cart. Valtyra begrudgingly sent Shalelu back to town to use the ferry, and then catch up with the group.

After they finally met back up, they continued their journey north, and ran into a small scuffle with some local bears. These bears stood no chance against the heroes, and Valtyra managed to skin some of the fur off of them. Unexpectedly one of the furs was magical, and for payment for making her go back to the town, she happily handed her a Bear Pelt of the Bone Breaker.

After gathering enough meat for dinner and the pelts to sell for later, they continued forth on their journey towards Skull's Crossing. While the sun has pleasantly began shining through the clouds, the once quiet Skull River has been roughed up along the edges, while dead fish sometimes line the river banks. Will the heroes be able to secure the safety of what's left of the town?
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December 2nd, 2014
Vincent, Nevik, and Naolexa too the lead, peering into the dark cave to see what they could find. They used lights and torches to guides their way, as Valtyra helped the two dwarves locate some clothing.

The gang ran into a small cluster of eggs. After observing them, Naolexa was able to determine them as shocker lizard eggs. Vincent decided perhaps it's not the best idea to light these a flame, as shocker lizards are very protective of their kin. As they continued forward, a few more clusters appeared here and there, but they finally saw two beady eyes in the distance, along with the occasional crack of lightning. They managed to find a live lizard, and it already knew the group was there. Nevik slowly approached the lizard, keep a steady eye on it to see if it was going to react to him. Luckily, the lizard only hissed and kept a sharp eye on Nevik as well, but did not attack. Nevik decided it would be best for him to scout ahead and see what might possibly be in this area.

After passing by a few more lizards, he came upon their den. Eight lizards were before him, but also someone he didn't expect to see; Kaven Windstrike. He quickly shushed Nevik, and scurried over to him. He explained that after not hearing from them for a while, he thought it would have been best to try and sneak in via the cavern behind the waterfall. Nevik called him a fool for coming out this way, and the two of them hurried back to the others.

After meeting up with everyone, they worked their way back to the cart, and headed back out to Turtleback Ferry to rest, sell, and figure out the next plan of action. They said their goodbyes to Kaven, Jubrayl, Jakradros, and Kipp as the gang headed on their way.

It, however, was still down-pouring outside, and it seem even heavier than usual. The roads were a bit muddy, and a little hard to traverse on. On the road, the party encountered an Ettin, which they dispatched with no problems. Continuing to Turtleback Ferry, they could tell the water level was rising in Skull River, and in it's lake as well. Vincent and Naolexa immediately got out of the rain to a warm food and warm bed. Valtyra went with the dwarves and Shalelu to sell the load of equipment, and Nevik decided to wander around the town for a bit.

Nevik, while wandering, noticed a man lifting crates out of the rain into the general store. Every time the man reached down to pick up the crate, Nevik noticed a tattoo on the man; the Sihedron. He staked out for two hours, watching this man enter and exit the building numerous times. After all of the crates were done, the man didn't exit the building. Nevik decide to confront this man about this, so he entered the store. The man and his wife were there, as they owned the establishment. Nevik made small talk, then got down to business. He asked if the man knew of the purpose behind the tattoo on his back, and where he got it. He explained it was a member's mark for Paradise, which sank recently.

Nevik explained that the symbol on him was linked to foul magics, and that he basically sold his soul to a sinister cause. Of course, this frightened the man, and he stated he would go see the priest first thing in the morning. With that, Nevik decided to turn in for the evening.

The next morning, Vincent woke up to get some food from the innkeeper. Nevik and Naolexa still snoozed, so Vincent went downstairs. However, the innkeeper was no where to be found. There then was a scream from outside of the house. Waking Nevik, he peered out the window to see what the commotion was about. Vincent and Naolexa rushed outside to see what the problem was.

Turtleback Ferry was drowning. The rain was still continuing, but there seemed to be a sudden increase in the water level around the town. The church was 3ft deep in water, and our heroes could see a few people scurrying on the second floor to protect what they could. Closest to them, a boat was on the verge of capsizing from a boa who was unintentionally landbound. In the boat was a large number of school children, along with their teacher. Naolexa, scared of snakes, decided to stay way from the ordeal, while Vincent rushed ahead to help the school children. Nevik instead rushed towards the building next to them to try to get on top of the roof.

Vincent attempted to throw a rope and pull the boat away, but the moment that the rope connected with folks on the boat, the boa turned his attention to Vincent. Nevik has made it to the roof by this point, and set up a rope to try and get the children to safety. As Vincent weaved into the snake with his rapier, it eventually turned it's attention towards the children again. This time, it managed to get a child in it's maw. Vincent and Nevik heard the bones of the little girl crunch underneath it's teeth, as the little girl screamed. Vincent furiously slashed at the beast, while Nevik began firing bolts at it. The boa eventually had to release the girl from the pain, and it scurried off back towards the lake. Two of the school children made to the roof, while the teacher ran with the girl in her arms. Passing by Naolexa, Naolexa offered the potion of cure serious wounds found earlier. The teacher gratefully took the potion, and continuing fleeing from the town.

However, at this time, the bridge that crossed over the skull river was destroyed, as a large surge off water came crashing through, along with a large, shadowed figured. It slunk down into the lake, and then burst through the water, turning it's gaze on the town. There was a a sense of dread coming over the party, as the Black Magga was ready to wreck havoc over the town.

Session: Take Back Fort Rannick! Part Quatre - Wednesday, Dec 03 2014 from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM
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November 18th, 2014
The Heroes searched the room for any other items on interest in the Captain's quarters, and they noticed the nearby wine cabinet. Naolexa quickly snatched up the one bottle of wine that was intact, and Dov noticed it was quite the find. However, the group all noticed that some of the wood of this cabinet was warped, and revealed a small compartment. They peeled off the wood to find three things: a wooden coffer, a pair of olive green boots, and a silver locket. Naolexa, finding a pair of shoes in her favorite color, immediately took the boots and put them on. Vincent inspected the locket, and by opening it found a lock of golden hair. This was identified as nymph hair. The coffer, however, revealed the most interesting information, as it contained numerous parchments that contained sonnets to a Myriana, and detailed the Whisperwood. Luckily, Dov recognized the name of Whisperwood, knowing it was close to the Shimmerglens, both southwest of Turtleback Ferry.

Jakradros and Jubrayl never knew of their commander, Lamatar, to have a creative side. As they thought for a while, they remembered that Lamatar would take 2-3 days journey every month as "communion" walks. It was possible that this was cover up to go see this Myriana, but it just so hapened to be that the ogres attacked Fort Rannick while Lamatar was away. Eager to find out the status of their commander, they noted that perhaps it would be worth it to head in that direction to find this Myriana, and perhaps Lamatar.

However, they need to wrap things up here at the Fort. They moved along to the lower floor, and ran into a sight they never expected to see: pillows, fine fabric rugs, and exotic incense filled this small room found down here. Near the back of the room, a beautiful woman stood, wine glass in hand.

???: "So good of you to join me, I take it you were the ones causing the ruckus upstairs. Who might you be?"

Valtyra, at the front of the group who waited patiently in the hallway , spoke with this woman. She described herself as the leader of these ogres, her name being Lucrecia. She stated that "Mokmurian would love to meet you." as Valtyra scoffed.

VALTYRA: "Do you have anything to do with the Sihedron?"
LUCRECIA: "Indeed, what do you know of it?"
VALTYRA: "We ended it's operations in Magnimar. Some bitch by the Xanesha ran the organization of it all, but now she lies in the dirt."
LUCRECIA: "Ah, sister is dead, is she? Well, that's unfortunate to hear. I will just have to put a stop to you myself!"

With that, she transformed into a large creature with a snake like bottom and human torso, as she whipped two daggers into her hands to attack. The group ran into little issue from her, as she was only able to fail at casting a spell on Valtyra before being pounded into the floor. Jakradros riddled her with arrows along with Shalelu, while Dov cast a spell to start climbing the walls. Jubrayl and Vincent laid into her with their rapiers, sliving into her with deep cuts. Naolexa hexed her into lowering her defenses, as Dov managed to color spray her. She dropped her daggers, hands over her eyes, as the final blows were administered. With all of the cuts and slices and arrows into her, Dov finished it off with a blast of searing heat, countering the smell of the incense with burning snake skin. Lucrecia collapsed to the floor, dead, as Vincent riddled her with more holes just to be certain.

They found numerous things upon her, but one in particular was of note: a scroll with numerous names upon it. One in particular was circled however; "Kaven Windstrike". This document also had an intriguing header: "Those who have agreed to grant their greed to the master's need." Puzzled by this, Dov studied it while Vincent and Valtyra looked through the nearby door.

Prison cells lined the walls here, but Valtyra could hear the faint sounds of a light whimper. In the farthest cell from the door, Valtyra came upon the sights of two dwarves: one older, and one younger. The younger of the two was passed out on the floor, while the older one whimpered to himself. Valtyra took pity upon them, and bathed the area in holy light. After getting themselves to their feet, the older dwarf thanked them.

???: "Had you not come, we'd likely would have been the next ogre dinner. I still don't know why were weren't eaten right away..."

The dwarves were traveling merchants, Binwyn and Mardos, who had been all over Varisia in their traveling caravan. Unfortunately, their trip to Fort Rannick ended up sour, as their whole caravan was destroyed, their body guards killed, and for some reason, these two locked up and thrown in the cells. While they are dressed in rags, they offered their services to buy and trade on behalf of the group, and also his son possessed magical capabilities, and might be of some use to the group as well. Valtyra warmly welcomed them, but advised that we should maybe find them some new clothes as soon as we could.

Meanwhile, Naolexa and Dov noticed a small door handle made to be concealed within the stone wall to the south. They pulled it open, and before them was a dark cave before them. Valtyra and Vincent rejoined the group, introduced the dwarves, and prepared themselves to enter the caves...
Session: Take Back Fort Rannick! Part Trois - Wednesday, Nov 19 2014 from 6:45 AM to 9:45 AM
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November 11th, 2014
Our Heroes continued up the stairs of Fort Rannick to try and find the leader of this takeover. Before them were three different doors. Jakradros explained that they lead to the chapel, the tribunal, and the captain's quarters. With the chapel being the closest door, Nevik readied himself to open the door.

Meanwhile, a shadowy figure kept hidden watching the group. It kept itself around the corner, waiting to observe the groups movements. As Nevik opened the door, the Heroes sneaked up on the massive ogre currently in the chapel. As soon as he heard the Ogre roar, the figure rushed into the chapel to join the fight.

This figure was Yama, a vanaran rogue who recently enlisted with the Black Arrows about two weeks before the Fort was taken over. Yama rushed into the scene to help bring down one of his most hated foes: giants. As soon as the ogre fell to the floor, it was Yama who first leaped up onto the back of the ogre, cutting into it multiple times in a frenzy. When he was satisfied, he hopped down to meet gazes from our heroes, most flabbergasted at the sight of a human-sized monkey attacking an ogre. Jakradros and Jubrayl greeted him warmly, as Yama would most of time travel with these two on patrols. He was not with the group when the fort was overtaken, but he certainly did not leave alone. They ran into an ambush on their way back, and Yama was the only survivor who escaped. Jakradros offered for Yama to join the group, as they were focusing on taking back the fort from the ogres. Yama agreed, but said he wanted to locate his stuff while he was here too.

The group moved onto to the Tribunal, as Nevik tried to get the surprise on an ogre found in there. They dispatched this ogre and the other with little effort, as Nevik also released the Black Arrows bodies that were found hanging from the rafters. Yama went to the map room, not only to find some of his stuff, but also some maps of unknown areas to him. He stashed these and rejoined the group. Nevik explored the storeroom found connected to here, but nothing seemed to be of importance in these ruined rooms.

The moved onto the Captain's quarters, steeling themselves for a fight. They heard some muffled talking, so they knew some trouble was to be found here. Opening the door, they revealed two different ogres than before; one in robes and the other with a giant metal jaw. The group took out the robed one easily, but it did manage to get a spell off that left Reiner and Yama confused. Yama accidentally tried to swipe at Reiner, but his sickle simple clanged against Reiner's armor.
The ogre got plently of good hits into Jubrayl, but our Heroes dispatched the metal-jawed ogred before any trouble happened.

The dust settles, and our Heroes remained. Where will the group go now? Down to the dungeon floor? Or will they begin to look elsewhere for more of the Sihedron? The downpour outside continues to stir the dirt.
Session: Take Back Fort Rannick! Part Duex - Wednesday, Nov 12 2014 from 6:30 AM to 9:30 AM
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October 28th, 2014
As our heroes gathered on the ground level of the fortress, they hear an unsettling sound. Grunts from a massive creature, as it exits what was known as the cook house. The heroes worked together to bring the creature down, but not without Kaven running into some very big swings. Bruised and battered, Kaven suggested to the party to perhaps switch spots with Oswin and Reiner, as they are perhaps more suited to take blows from ogres instead of himself. "I can tend to my wounds at the cart instead of slowing you guys down." After some muttering under the other Black Arrow's breath, the heroes agreed for this trade and worked together to get the south gate open and accessible.

Turning their attention to the Fort, the battered doors blocked their path. A little wedged by some shoddy repairs, Valtyra and Reiner were able to tug enough to get the doors open wide enough to get through. As they entered, they treaded lightly for the heard the sounds of humming from their right side, and the clanking of armor from the left. The party decided instead of getting ambushed from behind them by focusing on one room, they would split up the efforts for these two noise sources. Oswin and Jubrayl headed for the humming door, Shalelu and Naolexa ready at ranged, while Reiner, Valtyra, Jakradros, and Kibb readied themselves for the possibility of additional foes.

Oswin and Jubrayl busted down the door to find a ogre using a human's corpse as a paint brush, painting the walls with blood and other wastes. They went straight to work, with Jubrayl slicing the ogre across the eyes, blinding him. As they pummeled the ogre to pieces, another two ogres looking to be of lower ranking, tried to squeeze themselves through the door to join the fight. Luckily, Reiner was at the ready, and swiftly cleaved into them with his Caladbolg.

As the fight wrapped up, they gathered the ogres weapons and threw them out in the court yard area to tend to them later. Jubrayl and Jakradros helped tremendously with the navigation of the other rooms, with the party working together to clear out the this floor. They tactically handled the barracks within the fort,as 4 ogres attempted to pelt Valtyra with javalins. All of them found themselves sticking in the door, however, as arrows and fireballs came crashing in from both sides.

Further in, they found themselves in the infirmary room. A grotesque scene, as this room as more of the organs splattered about the room. A unfortunate man found his fate here, the cleric of the Black Arrows. He was found propped up in a position that displayed him eating his own intestines with a spoon. Jakradros especially enraged, the ogre in the room clapped happy seeing his had new "subjects" to play with. Of course, our heroes brought this foe down with great speed, avenging the death of the cleric.

The heroes were left with two choices: Go upstairs to what was reported as the captains room and chapel? Or go downstairs to what was reported to be the dungeon rooms? They decided to go upstairs to attempt to find just exactly who is leading all of these ogres, and maybe even find out who Xanesha's sister is...
Session: Take Back Fort Rannick! - Wednesday, Oct 29 2014 from 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM
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October 14th, 2014
The heroes came to a decision on how to raid Fort Rannick: They were going to infiltrate it from the Eastern Gate by utilizing a grappling hook and scaling the side. Nevik and Dov decided to try and get a better view of the current status of the fort by getting up in a tree nearby. While the South Gate did have quite a few ogres, the grounds themselves were actually quite barren. They saw only one ogre at the eastern gate, so the group traveled through the Kreeg Woods to a section close to the east gate. They left the cart in the capable hands of Reiner and Oswin, and Nevik swigged a potion, rendering him invisible, as he dashed straight for the ogre at the gate, polishing something in his left hand. As Nevik attacked, he saw a polished human skull roll away from the mess.

Nevik set up the rope for the party to climb up with, and eventually the party made their way up. Getting a better look at the scene, they noticed three things; 1) The new barrack was indeed made out of wood, and had a fair amount of noise coming from it. 2) The South Gate had 4 guards posted there, one missing a lower jar and wielding an ogre hook. 3) One of the building closest to the party looked like it was ready to collapse.

The group decide to split into two teams. Nevik, Vincent, Jakardros, and Shalelu would head to the south gate, while Naolexa, Dov, Valtyra, Jubrayl, and Kaven would handle anything that might pop out from atop the wall. The South Gate party rushed over to prep to strike, as a Fireball from Naolexa came crashing into the barracks. It caught the attention of the guards, as they heard loud bouts of screaming. Nevik went in to kill one of guards up top of the tower, as the other three started firing arrows.

Meanwhile, the East Gate team noticed some noises starting from the old building. Naolexa quickly flung a lightning bolt towards it, bringing it all crashing down on whoever was inside of it. as the dust settled, a large ogre burst from the rubble, and threw a javelin at the wall, right at Valtyra. The party easily whittled away at the beast, felling it with little injury.

However, the South Gate scene had a few troubles. Nevik took the opprotunity when the other ogre up top the tower tripped on his way down to leap uptop of him, causing death from above. However, the other two ogres saw this and flanked him. One ogre fell to his wounds as Shaeleu riddled him with arrows. However, the one ogre that remained was the larger one with the hook, and the vicious-looking weapon cleaved a good blow into Nevik. Nevik managed to duck out of harm's way, and the party fell the foe before them.

Both gates cleared, two building destroyed, and a large fort in front of them. Before our heroes could get comfortable, a large ogre came from the cook house and it stood aghast at the site in front of him.
Session: Game Session - Wednesday, Oct 15 2014 from 5:30 AM to 8:30 AM
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September 22nd, 2014
The group inside the house decided to drop off loot outside, and join their comrades to get them up to speed with what all has happened. While discussing, Reiner and Nevik managed to make it through the forest, cart and all.

REINER: "Caldbolg cleared the way, but it certainly took some work. We started working our way to you as soon as we overheard fighting."

The party introduced Nevik and Reiner to the Black Arrows they rescued, and also got them up to speed on the current mission. Nevik, eager to get into some action, wanted to come along with the group to the basement. Vincent decided to take moment to heal wounds, letting the rest of the gang go along without him. Valtyra, Naolexa, Nevik, and Shalelu all headed down into the basement.

Before them were three doors; right, left, and in front of them. The room to the right, as Valtyra discovered, housed nothing but a large pile of human skin. Valtyra closed the door quickly, disgusted.

She then went to the door that was originally on their left, which opened to a storeroom area with another set of doors in the back corner. The piles of stuff here all seemed useless, as they peered over the belongings, so they continued through to the next door. A small hallway greeted them, and while they were persistent on keeping an eye out for traps, they made it to another set of doors with no problems.

However, through the next door was something completely unexpected. A tendriculos greeted them, and as soon as it could, it got a grip of Valtyra. Naolexa warned everyone of these creatures having very potent paralyzation fluids in their stomach to eat their prey, so the party worked viciously to try to cut Valtyra free. Luckily, Nevik managed to stab the Tendriculos in just the right spot, forcing it to drop Valtyra and focus it's attention elsewhere. Naolexa conjured up a fire elemental to help burn the creature, knowing a tendriculos possessed powerful regeneration capabilities. With enough work, the group brought the beast down to the ground, as the fire elemental singed it's flora body to stop the regeneration. Next to them, a small door opened up to a closet area, revealing a chest.

The chest contained the loot of the Black Arrows, along with a few other things only assumed to be "trophies" from previous kills.

They found Jakardros' bow, identified by Shalelu, two rapiers and a pistol, all of which had the Black Arrow insignia somewhere upon it. The armor they found was in pleasant condition as well.

They grabbed everything and began to work their way up when they remembered that there was one room they hadn't explored. Nevik quietly opened the door to reveal a ogrekin was work at a workbench here, along with two giant rats by his side. He took the opportunity to sneak up on the ogrekin, and stabbed him in the back. The rest of the gang joined in, as they quickly took out the ogrekin, and skewered the rats. They grabbed what they could find and continued up stairs.

Outside, they presented the gear back to the Black Arrows, who were glad to still see it in one piece. While they suited up in the barn, the group decided to just kill off Rukus, as he might have been more of a nuisance than it was worth.

Everyone headed back to Turtleback Ferry to allow people to rest, sell, and create a plan to take Fort Rannick back from the ogres.
Session: Game Session - Tuesday, Sep 23 2014 from 5:30 AM to 8:30 AM
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