A trip into the dark world of RÛL under the unforgiving eyes of the Demon Lord

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When we last left our group...
The heroes have been investigating the town and have literally gotten right in the muck, even questioning the Goblin Waterworks Crew.
They've last investigated "Frank's Chicken House" a licensed, (albeit financially corrupt) brothel, having just had a recently open position filled.
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Tuesday- February 9, 2016 Starter session
The City of Crossings...
Your starting area, your home town.
A bit of a backwater province of the troubled Empire.
At the center of the northern reach, crossings spreads across a ring of hills overlooking the lake known as the Dark Waters. Six pale spires rise above the city, obscured by the perpetual smoke spewing from the stacks of the industrial districts. Miles of farmland spread to the east wall the hills known as "The Barrows" form a natural border to the south, crawling around to the "Black Hills" where the cities wrestle ore from Dwarven dug mines deep within the dark earth.
The present city is the latest in a long line of communities that of stood on the shores of the Dark Waters. Previous settlements can be seen in the cities architectures, from looming fairy spires to the arches left by the first people, to the castles raised by the Edene when they rule the lands. The cities cobbled streets, ancient cemeteries and statues of people and defense long forgotten have all poorly withstood the passing of years.
The crossings of today group from exiles, bandits, and refugees fleeing the empires tyranny and squatting in the ruin of a town empty by the plague. Though the new settlement was a lawless and dangerous place, the influx of settlers in the march of the Crusaders to establish their citadels tempered the communities excesses and helped it's people establish a ruling law that has made the last century a stable one. Isolation and wealth have given crossings a great deal of autonomy, and the city acknowledges the rule of the provincial capital of Sixton in name only.

City founded by free people's, Crossings has no interest in balance scraping before an aristocracy. Instead the city elects a mayor to check charge for a term of a few years with the position lasting until the people decide to put someone else in office. A counsel advises the mayor, featuring members who represent the cities districts industries of other interests. All councilmembers are appointed by their predecessors but the council can expand or contract it's numbers based on a vote of its members.

The Council and The Crossings
Katrina Edgerton- Human Female, Mayor for 3 years

Elder Fobb- Halflings Male, council member rep

Father Paulus- Human Male,acolyte of The NEW GOD

Commander Rena- Human Female, Martial Council Member

Ezekiel- Human Female, council member (youngest of them)

Master Dreen- Human Male, merchant representative on the Council

Ambrose Quick- Human Male, Merchant/ Brothel owner

Jon Crawley- Human Male- Commands the Brown Cloaks

Gundren the IronMonger- Dwarven Male- Miner Baron, industry rep

Inquisitor Randolfus- Human Male- Grand Inquisitor

The Brown Cloaks- Town Guard known for their simple brown cloaks and iron clasps.

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