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    Oriseus Half-Elf/M/Sorcerer/Warlock/1st
    "One Chessanta"
    Description:Tall and thin Oriseus's Mulan heritage is apparent from the coarse if thinning locks of red hair and pale complexion. His eyes are however distinctly not Mulan- but rather an amber color that appears intensely bright at times depending on mood.
    Background:Simply dressed and wearing only an average chain shirt beneath common traveling robes Oriseus's dress is nothing remarkable. A red crystal amulet rests on his chest. A light pack hangs from his back, a thin blade from his belt. On his opposite hip is a coiled whip.
    Details:Oriseus speaks with a baritone ill fitted to his slight frame. Calm, commanding and confident, his words are deliberate but sweet- a demanding tone well soaked in honey.
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    Dinsdale Grimbane Half-Orc/M/Stkr/Rogue/7
    "I have to know whats behind that door"
    Description:he is of a stocky build and at 6'0 he is shorter than most half-Orcs, he has the physical attributes of his father and appears more orc than human.
    Background:Dinsdale was born in the port city of airspur and was the youngest of 15 children his parents Greta, and Hanzell we're also half-orcs. one day after his father hanzell got home from working at the docks he gathered his family together and sadly explained to them that they could no longer afford t...
    Details:Though he physically resembles his father he has both the intelligence as well as the agility of his mother who unknown to him was a low level sorcerer
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    Arrakes Delmirev Dragonborn/M/Cleric/7
    "Some say I'm sensitve about my age..."
    Background:Arrakes Havarlan Delmirev was a quiet child, disciplined, made little fuss in his growing up due to the stern hand of parents with eyes on his future, he did moderately well in his studies and very well in combat, being able to use what's about him to subdue his opponents and through both skill s...
    Details:7'1" Silver Dragonborn with green lizard-like eyes, fin-like ears with a gold band pierced into one, wears a uniform/armor combination. Sounds like Sean Connery.
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    Brother Dareus Wood Elf/M/Monk/7
    "Serenity comes from within"
    Description:Dareus is a young, athletically built wood-elf with dark green eyes, short black hair, and a highly tanned complexion. He always has an air of confidence emanating from him. He wears the traditional blue and white clothes of his monastery even though they have cast him out. Height: 5'6" Weight...
    Background:Dareus has lived most of his 151 years at Garic Abbey, a secluded monastery located in the Maerchwood of southern Chessanta. The monastery was named after its founder some 300 years ago and teaches the various disciplines of the monk. Dareus came to the monastery at a young age under less than id...
    Details:BROTHER DAREUS 6th Level Wood Elf Monk Medium Male Humanoid Armor Class 16 Hit Points 60 (7d8) Speed 60 ft. Senses Darkvision 60 ft. Str 12 (+1) Dex 16 (+3) Con 14 (+2) Int 8 (-1) Wis 16 (+3) Cha 8 (-1) Alignment Neutral Good BACKGROUND Outlander Origin: Outcast Feature: Wan...

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