Some 4 decades after the Balls Deep crew prevented Raven d'Vadalis from unleashing the horror of the Flood upon the island nation of Qresh and relative peace reigns over the world under the watchful eyes of queen Varesh and her chosen agents.

With new resources and technology being discovered via the Great Portal to the Plane of Air a great rush of exploration and colonisation has begun with innovation and invention taking leaps and bounds forward as new marvels are uncovered, some folks reckon these years are the golden beginning of the Great Qreshi Empire.

However threats both mundane and terrible await in these Unknown Skies from pirates, slavers and marauders to who ever lurks beyond the Grand Stream and of course the terror sealed within the great, broken ring which dominates the region.

Guarding against this stand Varesh and her newly formed Royal Air Navy, the emancipated Warforged community and of course the combined resources of house Draco, House Bellarmina, Master Grobb of the Stonefist and Saxons flock.

But it all turns on the actions of 4 of the latest Newforged who have yet to graduate from the Royal Air Academy.

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