Even a life-long prosperity is but one cup of sake;
A life of forty-nine years is passed in a dream;
I know not what life is, nor death.
Year in year out-all but a dream.
Both Heaven and Hell are left behind;
I stand in the moonlit dawn,
Free from clouds of attachment.

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A begining of the end...
Darkness, something that I've grown quite used to, but now it stood between me and my way out. This damned goddess was going to be my end. This place, this... prison was sapping me of my strength. My equipment taken from me, my bird stolen, it seems that all that was left was my own sanity, though that was slowly disappearing as well. I am not sure how long it had been when they first came down to take away the others. I knew not what we had been called in for, but upon learning the errand we were running, I doubt the package I had been carrying would be of good repute.

My mind was running when they came for me, I couldn't concentrate enough to take control of their mind, so I had no choice to go with them. As they walked towards me all I just tried to block my senses, as I have heard of no pleasant exchanges during an interrogation. With each step, I focused on becoming numb. After another minute of walking, I doubt having a limb chopped off would have phased me. When they finally placed me on a chair and strapped me down, I could merely fell pressure, and then silence.

A man walked in, slowly and somewhat deliberately. I'm not sure what his opinion was of me, but from the first few words out of his mouth, I knew exactly what had been said by my “companions” The great fire stone was our package, and apparently I was the thief who managed to steal it. The story is what they wished of me, so I recounted in great detail of our adventures in the forest, and the deal I had made with them. He kept asking me if that was the story, if I was the real keeper of the item. These questions answered truthfully, still did not satisfy him. It seems I am to be killed for some demon Godess, but I will reveal any of the secrets my companions have to get out alive if I must.

After being led back to the cell, my mind was almost as blank as my ability to feel. A way to escape seemed to be the only way to survive, but in this place, managing that would be near impossible. Trying to focus my powers I tried to teleport through my cell, but the power of this place kept me from doing so. Hours crept by, until a unusual noise was heard.

Stone, moving? This surely couldn't be happening, but sure enough the sound of a block falling. “Are you nathair” spoke a voice. Another protector of Nathair? Who was this person to be important enough to warrant a pair of assassins and a rescuer for protection. If I ever got out of this, I would need to dive into his memory more. After a quick banter between Nathair and this, Takimo I believe was his name he set to work opening up the cells, though rather loudly. I was grateful to have a rescuer, but we might just all be captured again if we alert the guards to soon.

Quite quickly our cages were open and we left through this hole quickly with Takimo moving the stone back into place. This chance saviour seemed to good to be true, but I'm not one to complain when an answer is brought to light. It seems we were in some kind of mine, judging from the smell and the way the ground felt, but my assessment was cut short as everyone stopped.

“Whats going on I called out” and was answered by a pool of darkness. Gene stepped forward but a voice filled the cavern. The Demon Tsukiyomi, was here. Rage boiled underneath my skin. My adversary, one comparable with the devil was here. I was to enraged to hear most of the conversation, but from what I understood, I would have to become a follower to survive.

A follower of a demon, never! My mind raged. I also knew of Kaname and Celine's dedication to such a goddess so I held my tongue for a moment. That prison, was also going to be my sanctuary, I just had to get back to it. A death for a crime I didn't commit still seemed better then servitude to the forces of evil. When I finally awoke from my thought I only felt Nathair and Takimo near me. She was still speaking of the boon's she could grant us during her service.
My mind perhaps called out faster then it should have as I yelled “And what of those who oppose you!” The demon of course didn't seem to care that I just defied it, viewing me as a petty mortal no doubt. My defiance flared at this insinuation. I will bring this plot down even if, and probably would kill me. Though my other two companions had a different school of though, they also opted to not go through. We searched for a few moments for another way out of the cavern, but alas we came up with nothing. It was then decided we would go to our captors and tell us of the plot in exchange for leniency.

As they moved back to the cell to remove the block again, I heard someone come through the pool. Celine, a extremely devout follower of this goddess, and also probably my executioner if I were to try and foil her plans. Instinctively I pushed myself against the wall to get as much distance between me and her.

The dialog that was exchanged between them did nothing to ease my fears as I let my senses of pain return. I gathered my mental energies to try and go through the wall again, failing again to do so. Panicking I started blurting out anything I could to buy time, naming the island of celine, other memories of hers that should have been a dark secret. It was not having the desired affect though as Nathair walked over to a corner. I was unsure of what he did but he then proceded to walk through the portal, as did Takimo soon after. Just me and her.

A second chance to join them was offered, but my mind had been decided. Be it through the adrenaline, luck, or the hand of god I was able to focus enough to teleport through this wall. I ended back up in the dungeon, though this time it was my shield from my new-found enemies. I sat there for a moment, collecting my thoughts on what I would say to the guards who would be no doubt dumbfounded upon entering an empty dungeon.

The information I had could be extremely useful to them, hopefully enough for me to be called clean of this affair. As my joy of being free was getting close at hand another thought crept into my mind. I could not only be free, but prevent a demon from getting what it wanted. A hero is what I would be called for this, and might even earn my place in heaven.

I had not lied to the guards before and I would not do so now. I would even help them and do everything in my power to stop my old “friends” from obtaining the stone again. No, Tsukiyomi, you will NOT have your precious plans succeed.
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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
They seemed to be a little more clingy then last time I thought to myself as I exited the docks. My decision to stay here for a few more months to keep searching had saddened my parents, though that was to be expected, but I am positive that there is something here. As I strolled down the market there was a much different feel then yesterday. I could feel the emotions in the air had turned from their normal business oriented to something a little more... almost angry or sinister, but more subtle.

I decided it would probably be better for me to stay in my inn for a few days, but walking down the street there was something off. I stood out far more then normal, but it was about the time I realized why I felt so... out of place.. that I was approached by four men. I really wasn't in the mood for this but as I was caught somewhat off guard I was in a slightly less then favorable position. They cornered me against a wall but I was already preparing my abilities. I reached out to the man in front of me as he stated something, I wasn't really sure what he said but his thoughts were more then enough to guess. His eyes started to glaze over as I knew it was taking effect, but unfortunately his companions seemed to have a bit of a stronger mind. I was about to start on them as well when a young man, a gaijin no less, leaped out of the crowd to my defense.

This was very unusual to be sure, as anyone who was from here obviously knew that people with swords had authority over those of lesser status. He did manage to gain the attention of the remaining three ronin I believe they are called, and I thought this a good chance to escape. Alas, they were still paying attention to their prey and caught my hand as I started to back away. The thought crossed my mind of taking over his body, but that would cause far to much of a fuss especially in the market square, and this newcomer interested my a bit so I just stayed put for a moment. After some banter between my captors and this man, another samurai waded in through the crowd, though I should really say that they made way for him and were rather anxious to get out of his way. He appeared to be coming to my aid, though very very displeased about it.

The next few moments are somewhat hard to describe as the movements were hard to follow through Beatrice's eyes. The samurai summoned a ball of lightning and threw it through the lead ronin. A fellow user of the mind I thought momentarily, but I attempted to remain unnoticed. As their intentions were now entirely focused on the combatants, I stepped back and let my illusion captivate the ronin closest to me as I disappeared from his sight. A cheap trick, but extremely effective. A few punches came out from the Gaijin as his fist met two of the ronins heads and killed them upon impact. Another woman who seemed to be of peasant descent hopped into the fight momentarily as well, helping to take out the final ronin. It all happened so fast it was hard to remember it all. There was a rather strange woman, who I suspect has altier motives came into the fight trying to pull Nathair (the young man) out and get him away. A ronin got a swipe at him which looked terrible, but he seemed to be able to stand well enough to finish the fight before letting the woman take him away.

I was rather curious about Nathair, so immediately after thanking the samurai, who just brushed me off, I tried to follow. Apparently the samurai had the same idea, but we were both unlucky in finding them as my tracking skills are almost non existent. He seemed to notice I had been following and after inquiring what I was after, turned to leave. It was then that I noticed his tattoo's resonated with my stone. I got a little over zealous and asked him if he had found something similar to it, which again he just answered no to, but I am not convinced. He has information, and I will get it, but that is for another time. I thanked him for his time, and let him go. I will look for more information about him later. For now I decided it would be best to relax at the docks for a bit while the tension in the city died down.

I made my way back through the market way, and no one seemed to try and stop me this time. I wasn't sure if it was the threat of my unseen protectors jumping out from no where, or just that samurai showing up again. Upon arrival of the docks there was a rather large mass of guards, many more then the usual. As I approached one of them seemed to recognize me, though granted I'm rather unique around here. It seems as though the emperor had shut down the harbor for the time being, as for what I couldn't find out due to the guard not having been told any information. It was then that I learned Lord Takashi had invited me to his home to stay for the time being. I presume it must be because of the violence in the streets, and because the ties with my parents are a rather large source of his income.

It was quite a walk up to the palace. Walking through the market square for the third time today, gave me still a different feel then just a few moments ago. It seemed that the locals were looking at me with hoping eyes that I was on my way to be punished. This feeling was rather foreign to me, and then it hit me. There were NO Gaijin anywhere. Nathair who I had seen earlier was the only one I had seen all day. It seemed as though the air itself was trying to rid itself of a foreign presence. This was creepy, even for me.

Upon entering the palace, there were two guests, both Gaijin and one of them was Nathair. It seemed that Lord Takashi had been going over the situation with them, though he broke their conversation to come and greet me with a very formal bow. I never understood that notion towards me. Without the aid of Beatrice, I would never have known you were bowing in the first place. A handshake or some other physical greeting would have been much preferred but I suppose that was just their custom. He was very welcoming as he explained that the emperor had been the one to order all the ships out of port and to close it down for the time being, giving no explanation or time frame as to when it would be open again. As I reached out to his mind, there was something wrong with his statement. There was more information then he let on. I got the feeling that I was going to be here for a little while, so I let it go, as I knew I would have more then enough time to probe it out of him over the next few days.

The other girl who was with Nathair seemed to be rather good at acting, having Lord Takashi explain even the most simple of terms that would make a child blush from embarrassment. There was something not right about her. She isn't as stupid as she lets on. I must make sure I keep my eye on her as long as I am near her. After a little more conversation with Lord Takashi, I assured him that I would make mention of his generous care to my parents as well as the other traders, though it was rather funny that he misheard that as traitors the first time. After gently correcting him and once again thanking him for his offer to stay at his house I decided it was time to retire to my room. I let my control of Beatrice relax and plunged back into the welcoming abyss known as darkness. After feeding her and letting her fly free for a while I sat down to scan the area for another stone.

An hour of concentration, is a very long time for someone who is unpracticed. This activity though, is something I had done far to often for it to be difficult anymore. I placed both hands over the stone and let my psyche pour through it. Memorizing every detail, every pattern, every particle of energy, reconstructing it over and over again with my mind. The amount of energy started to gather as my concentration focused. As I let the pulse go the exhilaration of feeling so much at once is unmistakable. I sensed myself, the maids, the samurai, the peasants, the entire city all at once, though none save for two, matched what I was looking for. My stone, and that samurai I had met earlier.

I sat back onto my bed, letting myself rest a little bit from the ordeal. I estimated that I searched over a mile, but alas still no stones. I must get more information out of that samurai. Through some very good turn of events, I was informed by one of the the maids that the samurai, whose name I found to be Gene, will be watching over me during my stay as my bodyguard. The only question that remains now, is the information he has going to be given up freely, or will I need to take it.
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My new assignment...
It had been a couple of days since the problems with the Gaijin. It seems like tension keeps building within the city and it can only bring more hatred and fighting.

The port was closed... I knew Lord Takashi would have problems with this as he lives for his money and the port is his main source of money.

Lord Takashi explained the emperor had closed down the ports in many cities and we were no different. There is growing hatred for the Gaijin and he cannot afford to have any of them to die. I must say I don't understand the hatred for others for being from someone else. I must say I have disdain for everyone equally... It really doesn't make sense to me but I suppose it is not my place to question.

I was doing my usual route, making sure we get as many Gaijin back to the House of Takashi before any are hurt or killed. I heard the commotion first, it was obvious something was happening as many locals were gathering. "What is happening here?!" I was not pleased and these peasants were not helping the fighting by sitting there watching. The crowd cleared the way for me as they should.

There we were with what appeared to be a blind woman surrounded by 4 men with one man and his sword ready to do something stupid. "What is happening here?" the man looked at me like I am bothering him from his work, that displeases me greatly. The man said, "Just playing with this scum, nothing you need to worry yourself about!" Personally I really don't care what happens to this woman even if Lord Takashi doesn't want anyone hurt but I have killed for much less and I would not hate killing him. Without giving him time I gathered my energies for my first volley of attacks. With the familiar feeling of lightning and glow from my tattoos, I think I may have felt what most people call content.

With a large amount of energy built up I released, the man tried to get out of the way but he was far to late and it hit him squarely in the chest. I could smell burning flesh, I wouldn't want to imagine how painful it was but I cherished his pain as mine and it filled me with what some may call happiness but it is still just a hollow feeling. He was still alive... I was glad he was able to feel the pain but it was time he died. I let loose one Kunai into his chest and that seemed to do the trick. I turned to the other three, "Do you wish to suffer the same fate?" It only seemed to fuel them.

Strangely enough some others decided to join the fight. I would rather them mind their own business but even I must admit they are quite capable and dealt with two of them instantly. The third that was angry I killed his leader lasted long enough to try and hurt me. Unfortunately for him we was unaware of my shield of pure energy I cast long before his friend died. He aimed for my head but I stood there knowing what would happen. The sword bounced off my shield with a bright flash of energy. I saw the look of confusion and anger on his face. I don't understand people and their useless emotions. He was killed quite handily as well.

Well it was over and I was to finish my route. I removed the kunai as I walked past, wiping the blood off on his clothing. I returned it to its rightful place.

The blind woman thanked me for my help. She owes me no apology as I did not do it for her. I had decided to follow one of the strangers as I recognized her as one of the prominent traders daughter. I figured this may be intriguing to see what she is running off for and lord Takashi would want her safe. It was apparent that she didn't want anyone to follow her and I do not wish to waste my energies, I turned on my heels and continued on, I noticed the blind woman following me. I passed her wanting to just do my job. "Excuse me, may I speak with you?" I turned, it was the blind woman once more. It was obvious she was curious about my tattoos, I wonder if this woman is actually blind... I doubt it, I suppose it doesn't matter. She pulled out a stone reluctantly, "I am looking for something similar to this, would you know where I could find something similar?". I just want to do my job, why is everyone trying to stop me? I felt a great connection to the stone as it reminded me very much of my tattoos. I wonder if the woman who gave me this tattoo in the forest used the same material, I am quite positive that it is. I turned back to her from my thought, "No I haven't, seeing as I do not, we do not have anything else to talk about." I turned, She thanked me once more.

The rest of the night was much less exciting. I returned to the house of Takashi that night. Lord wished to speak with me. Apparently he wishes me to take care of this woman. I suppose I will protect her, if I am expected to be someone's servant they will be sorely disappointed.

I took a swig of sake and left to rest my mind for the evening. I am not pleased with this new turn of events...
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Rule change- Level Modifiers
Brandon has discovered that we have been doing level modifiers incorrectly. They are explained in better detail here, and we will use this ruling from here on. Anyone with a current level modifier is welcome to PM me any changes to their character that they wish to make based on this new information.
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Just an average day...
Ah Setsu, such a fine city I though to myself as I walked down the street. Many familiar voices called out to me as I stopped to chat. The local merchants of the city were always happy to see me as I usually brought back trinkets from my travels around the mainland, which could always be sold for a reasonable price. Mingling like this was less about the physical goods being transferred, but rather the knowledge that could be obtained. Thanks to my abilities, local gossip was abundant as always, though I was rather interested upon hearing about was the bodies in the center square. Supposedly there were some men who were causing a ruckus and were punished for it. It wasn't the first time something like this had happened, but it did remind me that this place is not the most welcoming to visitors, so keeping a level head is most important.

After a few more hours of talking around it seems there hadn’t been much in terms of trade able goods that had come into or out of the port recently, so I decided it was time to go pay my parents a visit. Making my way into the harbor I was stopped by a pair of guards that obviously did not think I needed to go there. After a brief conversation, their viewpoints changed and let me pass freely, though they probably wouldn't remember it for a while. As I strode towards the end of the harbor, the very familiar minds of my parents were present. They must have seen me approaching because I was met by my mother before I was even halfway across the boarding plank. I handed her the money from my latest trip and sat down telling the tales of my journey to a few of the towns.

After a few moments my father came out and joined the conversation as well as the rest of the crew of their ship. Paintings, exotic spices, and even a few new birds were brought out to show what they had gathered from the mainland, though I never understood the fascination of paintings. Many stories were told of bargaining and nobles who had stopped by to see the wares. They then informed me they were shipping off back to the mainland within the next few days, and gave me a small list of what to keep my eyes out for if I should come across them in my travels. The list was the same as usual, precious gems, exotic weapons, etc... Not that I usually found much, but every once in a while I stumbled upon a fascinating item. As usual they offered to have me stay on the boat, but again as always, I preferred to stay at an inn. Sleeping on a rocking boat isn't quite my cup of tea.

Unfortunately is was late now as I walked to the inn where I usually stayed. The owner of the place was more then happy to see me as I walked in, knowing I always payed for the most expensive room. Other patrons of the bar seemed to be getting quite drunk, and I could sense their thoughts turning to me. After politely declining quite a few of their... offers... I ordered them a round of drinks to keep them happy and quietly went up to my room. I pulled out my crystal, and let my psych resonate with it, the object fascinated me, it was almost as if it was alive. The exhilaration that I felt just by attempting to use it was amazing. There must surely be more like it, I thought. After fiddling with it for a few more moments I lied back and let myself rest. Another day of searching would begin tomorrow after all.
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