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There's Always a Catch
A few more days of slogging through the murk and misery of the Blightwald and we came across a group of people who actually didn't want to kill us! They appeared human, though they didn't speak so much as whisper into our minds with telepathic powers. I really hope they didn't dig around too much in my horned head. Their women had beautiful ebony skin and such round, firm...okay, see what I mean? Best not to upset our new hosts. Oh, and my friends think I am scary or creepy sometimes? At least I don't go poking around their heads!

Anyway they were very welcoming. And they knew something about the Amber King, and were willing to share it. If, you know, we did something for them first. Of course. Nothing comes for free, my old mentor used to say when I was thief on the streets of Starfall. You either take it or you pay for it, but nobody's giving anything away. Only a sucker thinks otherwise.

So what were we to do but pay the price? And naturally it turns out to be some ancient, blighted evil we had to destroy. Fair enough. We are pretty good at that sort of thing. So we travel for a day or so through more of the swamp until we find an old, overgrown cave. Yup. Creepy, blighted, and radiating evil. That must be the place!

Eat hell-toads, assholes!

Turns out it's not that easy. A bunch of dragonborn fanatics who look like they've been living (and inbreeding) in the swamp are guarding the place. They probably thought they were fierce and gonna murder us. I proved them wrong. Unleashing a frigid blast stolen from the depths of Cania, I swept them off their feet and then unleashed a rain of hell toads. My little friends ate well! Oh, that didn't take care of all of them, to be sure, so my blade got a work out as well.

We felt pretty confident after that. We crept in, past old bones and wards of necromantic magic that my imp had spotted. Scouting ahead? Always worth it. That's when we reached the dark cave at the bottom and what lurked there. A dracolich.

HOLY FREAKING CRAP! Was it too late to apologize and back out slowly?

It was a tough battle. For everyone else, that is. I slipped though a quick poral in and out of the Nine Hells and engaged the thing from behind. It roared and blasted a foul, black breath charged with necrotic energy. The thunder of its voice stunned the others. But me? It all fell off me like a light rain. I was magnificent. My blade bit deep, and the thing fell after what seemed like a thousand blows. We had won. The information was ours. And more importantly...the treasure!
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The Drowned Land
We went deeper and deeper into the swamp, following what remained of the ancient roads that been drowned by the ever-present murky water. Solid ground became a memory. It was hot and humid, and the insects bit at every inch of exposed skin. This place was dismal. Were we any closer to finding the Amber King?

It was all kind of a moot point when a bunch of troglodytes attacked us. Well, we attacked them. To be fair, it looked they had been stalking us for quite a while. Shava caught their sight - or more likely their scent - and gave us a heads up in time enough to set up and ambush of our own. They were tough foes, and the fact that they smelled like a privy after Dozer got done using it made going toe-to-clawed foot with them an unwelcome proposition. The fact that they used poison on top of that was just the froth on the mug. We were all fairly sick afterwards. Except Gwenn. I'm pretty sure her average hangover was worse.

Gah! They made the lizardfolk look pretty! And they smelled worse than Dozer after chili night.

As bad as that was, the night that followed was worse. The giant crocodile we had encountered before returned. I recognized the wounds on its scaly hide. Apparently they had long memories and little in the way of forgiveness. The phrase "crocodile tears" suddenly made a lot more sense to me. But we managed to slay the beast without anyone being eaten. Permanently, at any rate. I don't know that Cana Larksong would ever get the giant croc's bile out of her hair or off her wings. Amazing she could still fly.

Yup. More stuff that wanted to eat us.

It wasn't long after that when we found the ancient ziggurat. It had been on the map, and it seemed important. It had been flooded, and getting inside via a half-covered entrance on the upper face proved difficult. But not impossible. We made our way into the pitch-black interior, only to find a blind, mean, and hungry hydra. We also found a fair bit of treasure down below. And maybe, just maybe, another lead...

I hope we get out of this swamp soon.
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