[color=brown]Barra[/color], the world that spins at the center of the multiverse, all else is but a ripple of this prime element.
On it lay five continents and a multitude of islands, each with its own culture, history and secrets.
   Ancient [color=green]Mu[/color], a land almost completely conquered by the Shou nation, its many secret societies each vying for supremacy.
  [color=green]Werris[/color], a land of splintered Kingdoms, from Aethyr in the north to the distant Kam Empire in the south, all threatened by the ongoing 500 year old war between the Goblinoid hoards and those willing to stand against them.
  [color=green]Vallor[/color], a wilder-land, some tamed by man, some still existing in its primeval state, young nations fighting for their own freedoms.
  [color=green]Rangar[/color], a continent colonized tens of thousands of years ago by elves and those humans willing to live by their rule.
  Thix, a continent that is ancient, hiding many mysteries and secrets.

  A small island,[color=green] Skagin[/color], far to the north west of Werris also plays a huge role in the ongoing unfolding mysteries of the Barran sphere.

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New Job
As expected I managed to joint the group that was the target of an assassination attempt in Jarrah. I feel no attachment to these people but as long our goals are the same i shall work with them and they shall come to appreciate my skillset in due time. They call themselves the Seahawks if i gave a damn what I was to be called I would have protested. The seahawks are also being hunted down by assassins so i can't see how my chances of survival have improved by joining up with them. they have no idea why they are being targeted, or maybe they do not trust the "new guy" with that information but then why, when told that I killed one of the assassins, would they have asked if I had a chance to question the assassins? perhaps they know what the assassins are and know they have valuable information or information they want kept from me? It seems unlikely due to the fact that these people don't seem to be important enough to warrant the threat of highly trained assassins. Anyway although I enjoy time alone the day spent with the seahawks wasn't a total letdown as i got to kill one of the assassins targeting them ( caught the fool trying to follow the seahawks) I quickly lured him into an alleyway and bested him in combat, I ran one of my daggers (one of the ones i keep hidden in my leather gauntlets when i'm in places that don't allow for carried weapons) into the creature's head. Another death with me as its cause, for another moment i was a master of death and I had obtained complete power over another person.
Their plan to elude these assassins was a hastily put together plan which involved fleeing like rats off a sinking ship. In fact these people seem to want to leave Jarrah and by the looks of things they may go far away from the only true home i have ever known, I better get paid good money for travelling with these people.
It is strange to contemplate missing Jarrah, it wasn't until just now when i thought of being away that I realised how much I enjoy living here (although to be honest i don't have any fond memories of anywhere else i lived). But it seems that meaningless fate has elected to cast me out of my comfort, no matter this time when I this world I will not be a small frail child. No! because this time I meet the challenge of anything out there on equal footing, this time I can fight for myself. Indeed.. I will need to fend for myself and I can not let the seahawks be my cane for past experience will tell me that there are two things i can count on: 1) the world knows no mercy or compassion, it will throw all of its horrors upon you if you are not ready for them and 2) you can only rely on your own strength, others will only serve to disappoint and hurt you. So i must be alert at all times and not become complacent in my new surroundings
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Okay since that one entry the group have found work on the Merry Kestrel, helping some Thixian sailors deliver their cargo to Jarrah. Funny how a shady House from Vega was seriously interest in boarding their ship. Anyway safe in Jarrah the group collect their chosen wage ( Thixian coin or furs)and retire at the well known Red Brick Inn (of course most of the group enjoying the special initiation). That night several things happen. In no particular order - Momo suggests there is a job in clearing out the sewers, the group lose Sicarus, gain a new member, one Egil, Athelina and Momo's 'relationship' is placed under strain and the boys think there is something peculiar (almost 'queer') happening between the two. Skardi heads off to see 'the man' and returns with an idea to take up the same job suggested by Momo. Egil seems to make a few socially uncomfortable but shows amazing skill at getting piss out of furs. Excellent night, lets see what a few days in Jarrah bring on...
Session: Game Session 4.4 - Monday, Jul 01 2013 from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM
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Dear Dairy 4/3/3/1046
Well, my SeaHawkenites and I went on a wonderful adventure. That being said, we found out about this Dragon like critter from some traveling merchants. Being true adventurers we decided to head out for the bounty on it! With a wonderful spring in our step we swaggered out towards where about the attacks happens. A lack luster of birds gave the bestie away and it flew at us at a great speed. Turning Skardi into a pile of poo on its first run, I heroically leaped into the trees and fired a shot off. Unfortunately the sun obscured my vision greatly, and my shot went really wide. The second shot was a narrow miss as well. The creature sprung upon me and I quickly smacked its head with my beatin stick! It let out a streak and decided I was to much a threat and it paralyzed me with its tail. The other members of the party did it in quickly afterwards and we went to a tavern for the night till we could return to town.
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Okay last game of the current saga cycle - Heroes :1 Forces of Chaos: 0. Hopefully one of players will be a little longer on the explanation of what took place. Time travel - it IS all timey whimey!
Session: Game Session 44 - Monday, Apr 01 2013 from 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM
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Tags: end game
Since the last entry the group has been bounced around time and space. Their adventures I will leave for them to record.
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