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    Rierden Aurelion Kellid/M/Ldr/Phalanx fighter/3
    "Hold the line"
    Description:Rierden is a tall imposing figure with close cropped coal black hair and dark olive toned skin. His facial features are well defined and stark, while marred in many places by small insignificant scars. His eyes are a deep blue grey, and though normal "smiling" at anyone he meets, become very inte...
    Background:After the cataclysm that struck his home when he was 10 Rierden followed trade routes , and hitched rides along with kind travelers, and sometimes barely scraped by in the wild until he came to the city of Magnimar. He spent those first years living in the ghettos and orphanages of the city until...
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    Armona the Scarlet Drake Human/F/Stkr/Swashbuckler/3
    "You shall fear the Scarlet Drake!"
    Background:After waking up to the devastation of Freedom's Heart, she took a moments to take in the desolate wasteland that was once her home. She was all alone, her parents were gone and her friends and other family members were nowhere to be found. Without much thought she started to wander alongside the ...
    Details:Armona is a tall skinny woman with flowing red hair with black and white attire. While she is beautiful she is also daunting for she wields many blades and wont hesitate to cut down anything in her path.
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    Nism Earon Human/M/Stkr/Cutpurse Rogue/3
    "If it's so easily obtainable, why not do just that?"
    Description:Nism Earon doesn't seem like much at first glance, but looks can be deceiving. He is a average height, weight, and overall.. average in most ways. His shoulder length brown hair, stubled face, and lean body don't particularly bring any threat or attention to himself. That is however, his advantag...
    Background:Freedom's Heart. My home and safe haven. My life was a simple one. Not only in the aspect of living with my Mother Maglyn and my Father Romck as a farmers family, but as well as being quite young, being only 7 before the incident. The Earon farm was big enough to care for my family and neighbor...
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    William "Bill" Overbeck Human/M/Wizard/3

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