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Session #2 Recap
Through the panicked streets of Sandpoint our heroes race toward the sounds of battle. Dian and Rierden lead this newly formed band of adventurers to a small grassy knoll not far from the northern gate. Oddly little stirs. As the party approaches the grassy square they are confronted by beasts they were all too familiar with. Dreadful smelling creatures shorter then the average human snarl at them finally taking notice. Their teeth and claws are covered with fresh blood. As the beasts are fought the look of hunger is clear on their face.

The party came up victorious, though some ill. Recovering from their skirmish the party finds Jon F'haar, a young member of the Sandpoint Watch. Jon had been sent to gather cold-iron weapons from the armory before being ambushed. Even injured the young man attempts to press on. The party decides to aid the man and fetch the weapons for him, splitting up into two groups. Armona and Anabelle head to aid the defense while the others head deeper into the town of Sandpoint.

Once again lead by Rierden and Dian, the first party runs into another familiar face among the chaos. Nism getting a closer look is spotted by the murderer from The Old Lion tavern. A small group of cloaked figures and herself have the groundskeeper, caught by them trying to flee to safety. Dian calls her out for being one of The Broken, servants and worshipers of Rovagug. To the party's dismay, the women murders the groundskeeper before slipping away despite their best efforts. The skirmish with the women's lackeys is swift and deadly, leaving our heroes to lick their wounds and morn over the dead. Still they press on.

Reaching the armory the party sneaks in behind a young looter. A young boy, no more then fifteen stands before them. The lad puts on a tough face but his lack of training shows. The party decide to let the boy loot and go, him needing the weapons to protect his young sister. Snagging the bundle of cold-iron weapons, they head back to the northern gate as fast as they can.

The second party, Armona and Annabelle, find themselves fighting for the life of others in a burning building. Children have become trapped in their home as it burned around them. Armona thought it a good time to test the cleric and assess her worth. Through the combined efforts the duo was able to save the children but not their parents. In a odd way Armona talks the children through it giving the eldest child the courage to push forward. A surprising act for the pirate.

Eventually the duo reaches the gate, pushes through it and enters the fray. Alongside member of the watch they clash steel with many of the demonic horde that lay siege to Sandpoint. When the final wave falls, chanting of victory can be heard among the survivors. The demons and their human cohorts retreated and chanting for The Scarlet Drake flowed down the battlefield.

Once again regrouped the party as a whole head to the aid of the southern gate only to find the demons repelled here as well. A tall, wartorn looking man greets them. Jeoffrey Higgum is the man's name and he leads Sandpoint's watch. News had traveled fast as he was already aware of the party's contribution to the defense. He offered a bag of coin for them all and offered more for their blades. He explained how bandits plagued them more then usual and needed to be rooted out. Dian was against this claiming that more important events were soon to transpire. The party agreed to follow Dian back to their home, but not before Rierden called in a favor to give Jeoffrey the support he needed from Magnimar.

The party is now set to leave for home. By boat they will travel up north, back to the place where this all started. Do they expect answers? Will they get answers? And what of Dian Lamoth, the man of many mysteries?
Session: Call of Heroes Session #2 - Saturday, Jun 22 2013 from 6:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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Session #1 Recap
An age old battle will rage once again centered around a group of people tied by homeland and fate. Following a pull that had grown in intensity over the years since their hometown was destroyed, our group of heroes from Torraccuti Voimei end up in the small town of Sandpoint.

It's a normal spring day when our heroes finally reach the town of Sandpoint, each coming from their own life and their own story. A simple farmer, angered at the lack of support from the Magnimar military berates and verbally attacks Rierden. With the farmer distracted Nism takes the opportunity to pocket some coin, but knowing the rough life of a farmer returned it with a gold piece.

On the opposite side of Sandpoint Armona ran into an old 'friend' from Riddleport who tried to make off with her coin. Some quick eyes and a stern talk and the elf knew to back off. Wanting little to do with anyone from Riddleport, they quickly went their own ways, Armona to visit a site of old memories.

Looking for a place to stay while in Sandpoint, the others end up searching for the nearest tavern finding it empty save for a single, beautiful woman. Quickly they find something wrong, corpses litter the tavern rooms. When Rierden returned to confront the woman she's gone. Rierden and Nism begin a foot chase but are unable to catch the women. While Rierden decides to stay, Nism makes the wise choice to not get involved and flee.

As the pull intensifies and smaller pulls surround it, our heroes make their way to the source of it individually, The Old Light. Outside a scarred groundskeeper gave Nism all the information of The Old Light and it's relation to Sarenrae, including the rumors surround it. The man had been injured years ago when the Shadow Kris pirates had a skirmish with Magnimar forces over Lord-Mayor Haldmeer's son.

Curious they all enter with many of them hostile at first. A secret room revealing a pristine hall brought them together, at least temporarily, to figure out what this strange draw was coming from. Inside they find ancient traps and guardian's they dispatched with ease, as well as the fate of a cleric of Sarenrae before them. Hidden away in this place, they discover a smooth, black stone that gives off a strong sense of death and dread when touched. They decide to take it. Not soon after screams are heard above.

Quickly returning to the surface they are overwhelmed with a sense of deja vu. Sandpoint was under attack, just like their home. Just like during the attack on their home, the same traveler appears offering them weapons, his name, and little explanation. Dian is his name. Soon after meeting the newly formed party race off to the northern gate of Sandpoint to aid in the defense with Rierden and Dian leading the pack.
Session: Call of Heroes Session #1 - Saturday, Jun 15 2013 from 6:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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