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I always thought they'd be bigger somehow.

I've been quite a bit busy since last I recorded our mistakes and exploits. We've delivered on several jobs, dealt with at least one mad man, and I nearly got eaten by an exomorph.

However, that experience while harrowing, did give me enough personal experience to utilize itself to my benefit later on.

We ended up traveling from a Thrall filled fort to the wilderness. We faced down an omnivrax, and generally lived rough as has been our common life as of late. It isn't as if I am not used to it, but I need time and a lab, to experiment and develop alchemical assistance to our journeys. I think with whatever value we gain this time, I'll at least get a hut for me and Spirithawk. He is a reliable companion, and doesn't ask much but to face the experience itself.

Recently as we crossed towards the ziggurat which was our goal we were chased by wild beastmen who sought to slay us. We managed, barely to outrace them.

Yet having the iron gate slammed in their mishapen faces wasn't enough! They tried to climb over the wall. I did some wizardry to slow that down and it wasn't enough. They assaulted us and split us thanks to our poor planning. Staying together would have been better I think, but I won't second guess our sole warriors choices beyond a "maybe." He did slow them down. The rest of us managed only a poor showing against their numbers, though their slow minds took my illusion well enough to slow them down. A giant exomorph eating me was a fine trick. I still long for some more combative abilities. Where are the Erythrian battle mages lost books? I know of one Zorion, but there must be others!

I doubt the demon scribed ziggurat will hold what I seek but gold, I hope that will assist me.

We struggled a lot to open the doors through battle to make our escape into the tomb-like halls.

Unfortunately poor Sharl was not strong enough alone and though she tried her best, the poor Equus simply could not do it.

They told me to leave without her. What kind of fool leaves his mount to beast-men, in the middle of nowhere. I'd not strike that tragedy upon her after trying so hard to obtain her service in the first place. Beast of burden she may be, but ally too. I know, I'm odd, but one does not throw away resources if one can help it, especially when one CAN change the outcome.

Yeah, I know, my mother would die laughing at my foolishness.

I know they don't understand, but true power comes from complexity of relationships, and choosing not to abuse them, but build them.

Magic is but one relationship, so to my strange friends, and allies!

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Lorna's Journal- 11 Phandir
The morning after we joined the others on the Ardan we all set out early for Punten's house following the map provided by Ingond. It was a clear morning with light, breezy winds, and the temperature rose to about the mid-nineties fairly quickly after the twin suns rose into the sky. These Sindaran collectors are interesting, and Ingond told us last night that her grandmother collected imperfect things. Ingond also told why Punten collected imperfect things; her theory was that Sindarans are intellectually perfect because of their two brains, and that imperfect people of other races were able to use magic because of their imperfection. Clearly, she had never been touched by the divine hand of Fortuna, or any other deity for that matter. Interesting theory, but I think that the theory is imperfect because any person can become a vessel for the divine and channel that divinity into magical effects.

The map to Punten's house was very accurate and we found the place without any trouble. Although the map was only of the outside of the house as Ingond informed us last night that she has never been inside the central, wooden rooms, where Punten's laboratory is located. The fact that Punten had wooden structures was somewhat strange given the Sindaran architecture that I've seen thus far. As we approached the cliff that the house was built up against, we could see the flat roof of the wooden rooms, to which were attached sand-colored tarps that formed the roofs and walls of the more typically Sindaran construction. There were no windows, but a single doorway granted access through the front wall. There was a small tin chimney sticking about three feet about the roof, and about three feet from the cliff face. Around the house was rocky ground with some cactus and scrub, as well as numerous lizards, insects, and disgusting spiders.

We entered the outer tarped section of the home and searched around the wooden structure first. We found the normal things a person living out in the desert would have, and the things that a Sindaran would own; a hammock, water trough, table, shelves, stools, wheelbarrows, shovel, pick, barrels, stove, and a Trivarian game. Curiously, we found a sectioned off area filled with rubble. After thoroughly searching the outside patio and tarped-off rooms, we decided to examine the wooden structure. There were two doors at different locations on the wooden structure, but one of them was clearly the main entrance. Hanging near the door is an oval mirror that was about two feet high, and the frame was gold with onyx gems set into it. I didn't find it particularly pretty, but it was obviously valuable because of the materials. This was one of the heirlooms that Ingond wanted us to recover.

The Djaffir merchant Djharim hand some lockpicks handy claiming that he was trained as a locksmith, imagine that! He tried to pick the lock on the front door, but couldn't crack the lock on it. Since no else was skilled with locks we were kind of at a loss of what to do next. It seemed that brute strength was called for at this point, and Jarl naturally was the one to break the door down. We all stood back a good distance, and Jarl hafted his massive waraxe and shattered the door with a single and mighty stroke! As the door shattered into a spray of splinters, a barbed blade swings through the doorway at about four feet off the ground. Luckily, Jarl was standing back outside the doorway about a foot or so to get a good leveraged swing at the door and was missed the trapped door when the trap was sprung.

After moving the barbed blade out of the doorway, we peered inside the exposed room. There wasn't much to see as it was pretty much barren and devoid of the normal trappings of a house. The floor was stone, and there were a few nick-knacks hanging from the walls, and few shelves along the walls, but that was pretty much all that was there. There was another door directly opposite the front door set into the far wall. After the trapped entrance we were naturally a little leery of just walking into the room. So Thrand, the Cymrilian Wizard, summoned a Wood Whisp to aid us. The creature was so cute! I just wanted to reach out and pet it, but I restrained myself. Thrand sends the creature into the room to scout it out. We could see it flying about the room examining the walls and items, but after a few minutes it returned to Thrand and landed on his shoulder. After several questions from Thrand, it communicated to us through pantomime that it didn't find anything out of the ordinary and so we eventually decided to enter the wooden structure.

We all walk into the room cautiously, and me leading my Jarl by holding his arm. Unfortunately, Djharim discovers a pressure plate trap on the floor by activating it. Suddenly, a trap door in the ceiling opens up and a glass vial of incendiary powder falls to the floor and shatters releasing an instantaneous burst of flame that envelopes the room and all of us! The smell of burning hair and flesh immediately fills the room, as well as our screams of shock and pain. It was over in a moment, but in the aftermath Thrand discovers his cute little Wood Whisp friend was incinerated and died. I couldn't hold back the tears as they welled up in my eyes thinking about the poor creature. Thrand was pretty upset about his summoned friend dying as well.

The great goddess Fortuna answered my prayers and allowed me to channel her divine spark to heal my Jarl, and our new companions. Unfortunately, I am not able to withstand more of Fortuna's divinity and cannot fully heal all of us, but it was enough to alleviate the majority of the pain of the bad burns, and transform them into minor wounds. After that terribly unlucky moment, we decide to go forward and change our luck, Fortuna be praised!

Djharim takes his time to examine the door on the southern wall and thinks that it's not trapped, and that it is locked. After a moment or two, he has successfully unlocked the door. He turns his masked face to look at us, and I was drawn to his eyes; they had a determination in them that was infectious. He turns back to the door and opens it and goes into the next room, which turned out to be Punten's alchemical laboratory.

The room was the largest room of the wooden structures, and it was filled with tables of various height, all covered with alembics, pots, vials, and tools. The south wall is covered from top to bottom by a thick, heavy tapestry depicting three Sindarans playing a game of Trivarian and has the date of 220 N.A. Clearly, it was depicting an important Trivarian game in Sindaran history, but none of us was sure who the Sindarans in the tapestry were and why this game was significant to Sindarans.

Also in the room was a shelf along the north wall that had two vials of some substances. Thrand examines them and determines that both were some form of solvent, and he takes them. He said that he was also an alchemist, so no one really objected to him taking the items. Besides, he did seem to know the approximate worth of the things we found in the room. Near the south wall was a free-standing oven with a tin chimney leading up through the roof. There was no fire and it wasn't hot.

However, we notice a portrait of a stern-looking Sindaran woman wearing a checkered sash hanging on the north wall. Obviously, this was the portrait of Ingond's ancestor that she wanted returned along with her grandmother's body. Thrand also finds four drams of contrary vine, one dose of vitriol with a quicksilver vial, three more quicksilver vials, seven drams of blamroot, and miscellaneous alchemical tools and items.

Spirit Hawk, the Ariane Seeker, looks behind the tapestry and tells us that the south wall behind it is stone, and that the east and west walls are embedded into the cliff face along the wall. Also, there is a door in the center of the southern wall behind the tapestry. Spirit Hawk moves the tapestry aside to move to the door, and suddenly there was the sound of breaking glass and there was a flash of light on the floor just below the tapestry. A grayish powder surrounds Spirit Hawk and affects Jarl. Thrand recognizes it as morphius powder, which he said was a powerful sleeping powder. They both became very drowsy, but otherwise were still capable of functioning reasonably well. Djharim moves behind the tapestry and examines the door. Once again, Djharim says that he doesn't detect any traps on the door, and is able to unlock it. He opens the door and suddenly a dense amber vial flies from down the hallway at the Djharim. Praise to Fortuna, his reaction was incredibly quick and he dodges the flying vial. The vial shatters on the door spraying deadly acid nearby. Djharim's desert robes were burned with pinholes of acid. Thrand examines the acid and tells he thinks that it was an alchemical mixture called alchahest. Certainly, if Djharim was hit by the vial he probably would have died horribly by burning acid.

After another close call, we looked into the stone hallway and find that it was dark and unlit. Thrand uses his arcane arts and creates a light spell and puts it on the end of his staff. We enter the now lighted hallway and discover that is cracked and strewn with small pieces of rubble lying on the floor near either wall, and the central path down the middle of the corridor was clear. The corridor itself was about twenty feet long and opened up into a large chamber that was about thirty feet by thirty feet in dimensions. We see that there's a writing desk and chair that is overturned one side of the room, and on the other side of the room on the floor we found an overturned lamp that had spilled and burned its oil, a Sindaran left foot, and a fair amount of Sindaran blood. Looking around the room further revealed to large mosaics, one on the north wall and one on the east wall. Suddenly, a land kra comes bursting out of the ground and down the hallway into the chamber to attack us!

Everyone fights for their lives and each others against this heartless predatory creature. I threw my knives, Spirit Hawk and Djharim fired their bows, and Thrand hurled Arcane spells at the ravenous kra. The creature's size made easier for Jarl to hit the creature with his massive waraxe; although, he did nearly cut off Spirit Hawk's left foot with one badly placed blow. In the end, it was Thrand's final Arcane Bolt that felled the toothy beast. Having destroyed the massive creature, we were free to search the chamber. Near the north wall we found hundreds of colored tiles that were each about an inch across. They are laid out in a pattern showing a standing Sindaran with a red band or cap on his head. It appeared to us that Punten was trying to piece together the deteriorating mosaic on the wall. The mosaic was incomplete, but the heads, and some body parts, of three Sindarans are still visible. On the east wall of the chamber had another ancient mosaic that depicted a strange scene. In the scene there is a Sindaran and a Man are facing each other, each with one hand raised as if in greeting, and behind the Sindaran is a dark shape that is much like a circle resting on a square with a light gray triangle centered in the circle. Behind both the Sindaran and Man are several trees of the trees of a temperate forest, and many of the tiles of this mosaic are missing. However, we did notice that some of the tiles had been glued back into place fairly recently.

None of us really understood what the mosaics were trying to depict, and after examining them for a while we decided to exploring the earthen tunnel in the southwestern corner of the chamber. We found that several large stones near the tunnel entrance that had been recently displaced, and we deduced that these stones were placed to block the tunnel entrance off from the chamber. With the clarity of hindsight, it appeared to us that the land kra broke through the make-shift stone blockade and attacked Punten. After Thrand cast a light spell on his staff, we entered the tunnel entrance and discovered that it was a natural system of caverns and caves. The deeper we went into the caves the smell of bat guano and heat nearly became unbearable, and it was difficult to breath. Finally, we came to what seemed to be the terminus cavern of the complex, and we then returned to surface.

Once we returned to the mosaic chamber, we retrieved Punten's foot and carefully climbed over and round the land kra carcass to return into Punten's house. Well, it was Spirit Hawk who took care of the grisly task of recovering Punten's body part. Once inside the house, Thrand set about picking and choosing the choice items from Punten's laboratory for us to take in payment of our services as agreed upon with Punten's granddaughter, Ingond. We used the wheel barrel to load up the items we decided to take from the house, and set out for the town of Uthan and Ingond's house there. We retrieved four drams of contrary vine, one dose of vitriol in a quicksilver vial, three empty quicksilver vials, seven drams of balmroot, a small oven, and miscellaneous alchemical equipment and tools. Even though it was a pleasant day and an easy trip back to Uthan, it was an uncomfortable walk because we were all still injured in some way from our battle with Punten's traps and the hungry land kra there.

Once we reached Uthan, we go to the market square and Djharim went about the business of haggling for the alchemical goods and wares we recovered from Punten's house. Seeing Djarhim in action, I am convinced that the man certainly is an expert in his craft; he was to fetch five hundred and fifty gold Lumens for all the items! As a trained alchemist, Thrand thought that this was a very good price for the items sold. In good spirits from the sale, we searched for and found Ingond's house. She was home and invited us inside warmly. She served us some tea and hard biscuits as we told what we encountered inside her grandmother's house. We gave her the family heirlooms recovered, as well as Punten's foot. Ingond was saddened by the news that only her grandmother's foot could be recovered, but she thanked us with great dignity and was pleased that there was, at the very least, something to conduct a proper burial. In a somewhat despondent mood, we departed Ingond's house and returned to the Ardan sometime in the late morning and just before noon.

Captain Peris and the crew readied the ship immediately to set sail upon our return, and soon we were underway to our next destination- the Sindaran town of Kiran. It was a fairly pleasant trip as the Ardan rumbled down the road and across the Sindaran landscape. We arrived at the town of Kiran sometime just before the twin suns set in western sky, and were disappointed to discover that the town of Kiran wasn't much of a town at all. It appeared that the town was really more of an outpost to support the sun-signal apparatus, and cater to travelers along the road. As we neared the town, Captain Peris stopped the Ardan near the town and slightly off the main road. The crew went about their normal chores and soon we were settled in for the night. We all stayed the night on the Ardan and waited to see what the town of Kiran held for us the next morning.

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Random thoughts recorded in the tamar of Spirit Hawk the Ariane Druas
My mentor used to say, "Show others you mean them no harm and they'll never hurt you... Nine times out of ten." My experiences away from Altan suggest that my mentor was overly optimistic. Perhaps nearly reaching the end of my current incarnation is influencing my thoughts too much. A wound from a creature called a necrophage left me with the Black Curse, a terrible ailment that quickly incapacitated me. Thankfully, my companions acted quickly and with great skill to concoct a remedy.

I know the death of my current shell is not the end of my existence, but I found that the reality of letting go was difficult to face. Whether this is because I don't feel I've learned and experienced all that I am fated to, or because I'm afraid of the pain of death and rebirth. I hope it is the former, but I will have to meditate on this.

I have found life away from my peaceful homeland makes it difficult to keep from being pushed and pulled by the baser drives of the world. Much seems to be driven by the desire to acquire and do violence to those who oppose you. Sometimes this makes me worry about my friend Thrand. He seems to be only interested in acquiring magical knowledge for academic reasons, but he has shown that he may be provoked to anger and violence. This generally leads to unfortunate results when combined with great power. His actions, though, are usually more moderate than his words and I've not seen him act maliciously. So, I trust that he will find balance in his life. He has certainly been a good fellow to travel with; saving my life and others on several occasions. He has also helped me navigate some of the strange customs of these foreign lands.

Hopefully, our two new companions will help in my understanding of the wider world. They have been willing to put themselves at risk to aid others and I think I will enjoy traveling with them. They should provide some unique views on things.

Milvago, a Gryph who has never even been to Tamaranth should be an interesting contrast to the Gryphs I know. Perhaps some aspects of what is inherent to a Gryph's nature and what is part of their upbringing can be observed.

Magna, is quite a mystery. She seems very interested in the details of the lives of others, but reveals little about herself. I know little of Gnorls and I believe they are rarely encountered even in their native lands. I should be able to bring back some knowledge about them to the great Tamar.

Well, feel the warmth of the rising suns and it is time to begin our next adventure.

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Djharim's Letter- 10 Phandir
My dearest Yashira,

The day started off well enough, but this day was nearly my last; or, at the very least, my last day as a free man. I nearly became a slave of the horrible Satada! Last night, the Ardan docked at the base of the Sindaran town of Durjan. The morning portion of the day went rather well, if not strangely. It was a clear day with little to no winds, and the temperature hovered around 95-degrees. Oriman, the Cymrilian trader and my employer, told me, Thrand, and Spirit Hawk that he would be trading in the morning and that the Ardan would sometime after noon today, which meant that we had the morning to ourselves. We decided to visit Durjan proper itself, and so we got in line to take the huge black iron basket ride up to the mesa top and town. After a good wait with traders, merchants, and beasts of burden, we reached the front of the line and could see the mechanism operating that large black iron basket and chains up and down.

There are chains over the edge of the mesa and suspend a black iron basket for carrying passengers and goods. This basket is about twenty feet square. It takes about half a minute to ascend or descend. The winch is powered by four Monads who turn great wheels, whom seem to handle the loaded basket's weight quite easily. At the front of the line, we discovered that the Sindarans charge one copper piece to travel up or down the basket to the town above on the mesa top. We paid and were quickly lifted up to the top, and exited the basket to be questioned by several Sindaran Investigators at a checkpoint right after you exit the lift. After giving our names and our business in Durjan, we entered the Sindaran town and started looking around.

As walked around the market area we overheard people talk about a speech taking place at midday in the town's plaza. Curious at this seemingly big event, we showed up at the plaza and found a place in the assembled crowd where we could see and hear fairly well. Shortly after arriving, a female Sindaran in her mid-to-late twenties stepped forward and introduced herself as Undin. She stated that the issue of her speech is 'One Brain, One Vote.'

As we listened to the speech, which difficult to follow since the Sindarans are so long-winded, it became clear that her position was that the Nadir Absolute Modan should be allowed two votes on the Council of Kings because he has two brains. She claimed that it was unfair and discriminatory to allow only a half vote per brain of the Nadir Absolute.

I made some comment out loud on the proposition and suddenly I was almost literally thrust into a debate with Undin on her position of One Brain, One Vote. I tried to refuse and not be drawn into this uniquely Sindaran debate, but the crowd around me would not let me escape and moved up to discuss it with Undin. I orated for a few minutes about how this idea would only cause strife and disunion in the Seven Kingdoms, and did fairly well I must say. After our discussion, the speech ended and I returned to my friends in the crowd.

The Sindarans around us in the crowd congratulate and thank me for providing a different perspective on the issue, and one Sindaran man offers to buy us a drink as gratitude. He introduces himself as Pardan and takes us to a drinking establishment. He buys us a drink of Skoryx and we have an interesting conversation. He tells us that Undin belongs to a small group of Sindarans who call themselves the Neo-Neurians, and that they are attracting younger Sindarans to their cause. Apparently, when the Archaen Codex was made public by the Lyceum Arcanum the Sindarans discovered that they are descendents of a race called the Neurians, which came to Talislanta from another world.

After having a few drinks and good conversation with the affable Pardan, we had to return to the Ardan before it left for the town of Uthan. A little after midday, the Ardan leaves Durjan and we leave for Uthan. It was thrilling to be on the deck of the land-ark, and you could see the landscape pass by comfortably at a good pace.

Now, this is where I almost left this world alive, or as a free man. I was standing on the deck when suddenly something sharp and painful slams into my side, and I am instantly yanked off the deck and slams to the ground. The wind knocked from my lungs and as I gasped for air, I started to be dragged across the harsh terrain. I was struck by a crossbow bolt that was attached to a thin cable. On the other end reeling me closer to it was a Satada slaver! The Ardan was ambushed by a group of four Satada slavers.

Captain Peris brings the land-ark to a stop and the crew and my companions attack the Satada with spells and missile weapons. As I was being reeled closer to my Satada captor, the other Satada were shooting their strange capture crossbows at my companions on the deck of the Ardan. I struggled and used my dagger to try and cut the cable. It was very chaotic and jumbled for me since I was singularly focused on breaking my capture cable. As I understand it, during the fight both Thrand and Spirit Hawk were struck by the capture bolts but were able to break the bond before they could be reeled in with their magical abilities. The Yassan Krono was struck and pulled off the deck as I was and hit the ground hard too.

Finally, one of Thrand’s arcane bolts of energy explodes the head of the Satada reeling me in to him and my line goes slack. Two of the other Satada flee into the ground through some escape tunnel. However, the last Satada seemed determined to get me and rushed to grab the bolt which was still attached to me. Once again, I was being reeled closer toward another Satada slaver. I furiously cut at my cable and finally broke free, and the harassment from my companions caused this last Satada to abandon me and flee down the tunnel.

We examined the hole they disappeared down, and found it curiously sealed from within and unable to open it. This was fine with us and, once back on the Ardan, Captain Peris quickly gets the land-ark up to speed and put a good distance between us and the location rather quickly. I was severely wounded in the attack, and Spirit Hawk cast a healing spell which greatly sped up my healing. He also cast a spell on Krono, who was also injured. The Ariane seeker also removed the bolt that still stuck in Thrand’s thigh.

The rest of the day’s travel passed uneventfully and we reached the Sindaran town of Uthan around dusk. As the crew went about docking the great land-ark, we were hailed by the strangest couple, a Sarista woman accompanied by a blind Kang warrior. His face was hideously scared by claw marks. They are brought onboard and we discover that they were sent by our employer as extra help, and confirm this with a secret code word given to us by our employer for this contingency. The Sarista woman introduces herself as Lorna, a Priestess of Fortuna, and the blind Kang introduces himself as Jarl Koutan.

Shortly after we meet and welcome Lorna and Jarl onto the Ardan and our small company, a Sindaran woman comes onto the deck and enters Captain Peris’ cabin. After some time, the Sindaran woman exits the Captain’s cabin and approaches us on the deck. She introduces herself as Ingond, wife of Hortid and daughter of Khires. She tells us that Captain Peris has given her permission to offer us a job here in Uthan.

Her grandmother, Punten by name, was an eccentric alchemist who took to living in the hills south of the town. Ingond believes that Punten has died and she was us to recover the body along with three family heirlooms from the residence, which were a silver mirror with a gold, gem-studded frame: a small automaton of a Drac capable of walking and moving its head and a portrait of Ingond’s great-great-great-grandmother, who was a local heroine for leading a defense of the town against Satada in the late 5th century N.A. In return, we could salvage whatever we like from the home.

After some pointed questions, Ingond reveals the catch: Punten had become very distrustful, imagining that other people were conspiring to rob her and take her accumulated wealth. To prevent this, she commissioned a carpenter to build wooden moms within her house, something unusual for a Sindaran, and purchased several Kasmiran traps with which to protect herself. Ingond hasn’t entered the home because she is afraid the traps since she doesn’t know the location or nature of the traps installed due to Punten’s paranoia. After some discussion we agree to do the job in the morning, and Ingond gives us a map to Punten’s house so that we can find it. She also gives us directions to her home in the town of Uthan so that we can find her once we’re done with the job and return her grandmother’s body and family heirlooms.
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Captain's Log, 9 Phandir
With the suns rise on 9 Phandir, the Ardan sets sail for the kingdoms of Sindar and Kasmir. Oriman, the Cymrilian merchant and Seven Moons Security Company Associate, will be doing some trade in both Sindar and Kasmir. Accompanying him will be three other passengers who are contracted as guards to travel as far as the Sindaran town of Tordan; and they are Thrand the Cymrilian wizard, Spirit Hawk the Ariane seeker, and Djharim the Djaffir merchant.

The itinerary for the trip is as follows:
  • Day 1: Cymril to Durjan. just past the Sindaran border. 80 miles, full day's travel.
  • Day 2: Durjan to Uthan. 35 miles, half-day travel.
  • Day 3: Uthan to Kiran. 30 miles, half-day travel.
  • Day 4: Kiran to Tordan. 40 miles, half-day travel.

The temperature is quickly reaching the 100-degree mark as the suns rise in the sky this Median morning. The sky is clear with few clouds, clear visibility, and little to no winds. It looks like Krono will be running the wind machine most of the day.

All the crew and passengers are loaded and ready to travel, and we set sail shortly after dawn. By midday the temperature easily reaches close to 110-degrees and there still is light to no winds. The travel passed uneventfully until late afternoon when we arrived at the Cymril-Sindar border. There is an extremely long wait and line to pass through Customs. It takes the Ardan four hours to finally pass through Customs and the border into Sindar. For some reason, the Sindaran border guards have decided to be especially picky today. Perhaps they're being paid for overtime. The Ardan arrives in the town of Durjan late in the evening, and the crew gets to work securing her for the night. Oriman's guards are given crew bunks below and set up watches for the night on the deck.
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