War of the Dead is a campaign that takes your character from the first stages of the zombie outbreak and into a world forever changed. The normal rules of society, law, order, and decency are out the window. Gone. Forget about them. Luxury isn't a good movie, a new video game, or finally affording that dream home. Its being able to fall asleep at night, managing to wake up the next morning, and having survived another day without becoming a Living Dead. It's being able to find food enough to keep you moving throughout the day,or something to burn to keep warm when the nights get cold.

Welcome to the war for survival... the War of the Dead.

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Oaths and Promises

I'm so fucking tired and sore and hungry.

I'm glad Luke isn't a biter yet, I bet he'll be a sprinter when he turns, or mebbe one of those smart ones...hmmm, I don't like those. Good to know that you can get shot in the face and live. Sucks about the eye though but at least he can still eat.

Samantha is the cure, huh? That makes her special, very very special...no one can harm her - ever again.

Oh Alejandro - I'm sorry we couldn't get back for you. I hope you had piles of biters dead at your feet and if you are dead, you stay dead or I will shoot you. I'll make it quick my friend, I promise.

I'm going to go pass out somewhere now - too much blood (mine) and brains (friends) these days for my liking.

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By a Thread
Sorry for the blood diary, I've been up to my elbows in it, so there was no way I wouldn't get some on you.

It's everywhere right now, all over me, in my hair, the van...Luke. Thank god Sam's still a little tipsy from those drugs, I'd hate for her to see what a mess that asshole made of her dad. Somehow he's still alive.

He's hanging on by a thread right now...I think we all are in a way. This was just too much, that place, what they were doing to the people in there...I still don't know what to think. It's like humanity is the real plague right now and the Ghouls...I dunno, maybe they're here to smarten us up.

I sound crazy. I feel crazy. I've killed five people. Five real, flesh and blood, breathing people. One of them was a good man who took me in when this all started, taught me to shoot, shared his home.

I feel like I'm hanging on by a thread too.

I hope Alejandro and the Corporal are okay.
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Not the Face!!
"You won't let him die will you?" Samantha looked up through tear filled eyes at Ashley.
Ashley looked down at the little girl her hands covered in Luke's blood. The bullet had torn through his right temple and come out his eye. He had never seen it coming, and the fact that he was still alive was a testament to his will to save his child.
"Of course not," Ashley lied, not knowing for sure.
Joe carried Luke's legs, Jethro and Ann each had an arm, while Ashley cradled his head. Together they lifted him out of the hallway and into the warehouse.
Ann looked at him skeptically, "If he's already been shot in the head, does that mean he won't become one of them? A zombie I mean."
"Ann!" Ashley sounded appalled, but she shrugged, "I don't know, maybe, it might not have hit his brain..."
"My dad's not going to be a zombie is he?" Samantha sounded horrified as she trailed behind them.
Ashley's eyes went wide as she suddenly remembered herself, "Of course not Sam." And she threw Ann a glare.
"What?" Ann retorted, "I was just saying, he got shot in the face. If he should di...."
"ANN!" They all chorused, Jethro and Joe lending their voices.
Session: On the run - Monday, Jun 06 2011 from 12:00 AM to 3:00 AM
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Pleasantville my ass!

I knew this place was too good to be true! Figures that the doc flew over the cuckoo's nest and decided that experimenting on people was okay-dokey - quite the perfect setup. Bastards. Put me in a cell? OH NO YOU DINNIT! Ha! And then Luke was all - IN YOUR FACE with the guns.
HOW DO YOU LIKE THE MONSTERS NOW DOCTOR? MMMMMmmm good?? Huh? WHERE IS YOUR SCALPEL NOW YOU SICK FUCK? I bet you're really tasty, like turkey - humans, the other white meat. I miss Henry and Dale but this M16 is feeling awfully nice, like cashmere. We have to go back to Pleasantville for Alejandro - if they haven't strung him up like zombie bait. BASTARDS, they are so gonna mess up his hair!!
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Tick tick tick
Luke peered out into the night. He check his watch again, and then looked around at the townsfolk who were beginning to doubt the story of a zombie horde approaching Dalesbury.
He couldn't blame them, he wouldn't want to believe it either, but they had to remain vigilant.
Luke looked to the man on his right and noted the one snoring beyond him.
"Hudson, wake up Hicks."
"Why," the man whined, "If there really are zombies out there it's over man, it's fucking over."
Luke just rolled his eyes.
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