• Cy_thumb
    Cyrus the Skunk Skunk/M/Druid
    "I'd hit that."
    Description:Nobody is sure where Cyrus came from. He was found in the rubble of a city, which is strange considering how he is generaly an outcast. His strange seductive nature has also confused all who have met him, as well as caused unneeded represed feelings of lust. Even though people are open about thie...
  • Killer_kayden_thumb
    Kayden Human/M/Sorcerer
    "It happens."
  • Sentariel_thumb
    Sentariel Rana'taan Lupin/F/Stkr/Gladiator/5
  • Angelico_dragonborn_thumb
    Angelico deNote Elven/Dragonborn/M/Cleric/5
    Description:Tall, with long, black hair and pearly scales covering his body. He has four horns, two short and two long, and tall, white wings. He is, in short, an odd, imposing looking figure, and due to his striking appearance he not an easy man to approach. However silent, he is caring in his own distant, ...
  • Paladin_thumb
    Hailla Martellus Human/F/Cleric/4
    Description:A bit taller than most humans and is of a pleasing figure. Auburn hair and green eyes. Her deity is Kord. Her armor is burnished bronze scales that shine with the glory of her god. Not very talkative...
  • Millhouse__the_cleric_of_kord_by_chronokhalil_thumb
    Hardradas Martellus Human/M/Def/Paladin/4
    "I'm going through the door"
    Description:Taller than most humans with the powerful build of one used to fighting. Green eyes and auburn hair. His deity is Kord. He prefers half plate armor or shining steel and wields twin war axes.

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