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The Beginnings!
I surveyed the parties character sheets. A Lupin Gladiator (Fighter), A Halfling Rogue, A Dragon-born Cleric, Two Human Twins, the male a Paladin, the female a Cleric, and a river-spirit Wu-Jen. Finally the last Human Sorcerer. This was going to be interesting.

The party begins in Ranno-Tyr. A majestic capital, in the midst of celebrations. In the center of the metropolis stood a gleaming coliseum.
Made of white marble with gold trim, it was truly a masterpiece. To further increase it's eccentricity, there were stairs leading to an upper platform, high above the center of the ring. Magic spells places on it so that gravity shifted, allowing occupants to sit in the seats and look 'up' at the combatants.

The first fight, an elimination round. The Lupin Gladiator versus a small fish-like creature. Easy work, and with a flourish she lopped of it's head, sending the crowd into an uproar and earning her a little extra gold as well.

As she rested in the rooms below the ring, disgusted with the constant stench of blood and sweat. A girl with extremely long hair, piled up into buns on her head, tried to sneak past the Paladin Guard, with little success.

The next fight began, Team Battle. THe Halfing Rogue and the Lupin Gladiator. As the doors opened they charged their opponent, a buff orc weilding a great-axe. As the did so, they forgot the one key fact. It was a team battle. A kobold snuck up behind the halfing, unleashing a devasting backstab. Before dissapearing once again into the shadows. Again and Again he struck until finally the spotted him. With a grin he looked at the Lupin, chanting arcane words, a powerful black aura enveloped her, making her feel the pain of her own blade. He then tapped his hat, making himself larger and buffer. Then, as they fought, a giant wyrm rose up from the ground to the center of the Arena. The crowd screamed in horror, some even ran in fear. The Lupin and Halfing panicked, and the Halfing shot the Wyrm. As she watched her bolt it sailed straight for the wyrm, and... into the wild blue sky beyond it! It was just an illusion. But it was to late, after a few more minutes of fighting, the Kobold and Orc team felled both combatants. The Kobold grinned, and leaning down, he whispered into the Lupin's ear. "The name is Ssssavericus!" Then walked off, the victor.

The Lupin and the Halfling retreated into the lower-quarters to treat there wounds. Outside, the girl was still arguing with the Paladin guard. She called for help, and a man appeared, and, with a word to the Paladin, forced him aside. The little girl, brought water and fruit the the Lupin, who has being treated by an exotic cleric. One with scales and wings protruding from his back. After some discussion, they convened with the Paladin Guard and headed to the bar for some R&R.

After a number of drinks, the party discovered that the mages were putting on a fireworks show. Deciding to crash the event they headed out, however, as the exited the door, an earthquake shook the town, devastating many buildings and cracking even the sturdiest of structures. As it did, the party, each feeling a tingling feeling in his body, then their stomachs began doing flip-flops, and as they blacked out they felt one last violent jerking motion.

Hours, Days, Weeks, maybe even Years passed, and as they came too, the found themselves at the mouth of a cave, miles above the ground, with the only thing to keep them company is a body of a man the size of a Galley....
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