After a long struggle the evil sorcerer Kulfast has been defeated, and the continent of Rella has been freed from the dominion of Osparagath. A party of adventurers hunting the remnants of Kulfast's army will discover something they never bargained for. There are gates, gates in the very fabric of the world. And these gates lead to a strange and magical land known only as Haven.

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so, for the next 30 days, if I bust my ass at my job, I get a 5% paygrade increase, meaning I get a 25% percent cut from my jobs from then on. So... I won't be available until September 10th. I'm so sorry, but I need this job, and I need this money. I hope you can forgive me.
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do the time warp yah!!!!!!
as we sat down to play the room begain to spin and we where in a horror movie. and everyone started to die around us. not phone or cell and on star did not work. the car missing the spark pluges
and more and more died we made a brake for it. and the bff of the cheer leader (wanted to be a cheerleader and her boy friend) it we up to the cheer leader and the rich kid to get out of this alive and 9 blocks where out of the jenga and the rich kid needed 3 more but we killed the murdurer and made it to safety.

and next week we will return to New Rella
we had a great time Jeffery.
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large city of thinkers with an endless market of everything
did come buying and selling at the market

the witch started to become a citizen of this new city

the smithy wanted time to make things.

we when to meet the "Creator" and we saved the helpers
and they in turn will watch over the portal and aid anyone that comes throw it. but know we are in dedted to the "Creator"
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the Bird people
travaling with the Gnomes to the new portal
as well as helping the "creator" destroy his helpers.

on the way we were attacked by demon like creatures.
they dead now

found out that Bird People where taken
followed demon traces to lair and made them dead too!
save Bird People.

went on to new portal to fight some more
Session: Session for Haven: Southward Ho! - Sunday, Jun 12 2011 from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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Blah blah blah
I don't get it. Truly and sincerely. Do. Not. Get. It.
Gods- Buncha all powerful pompous asses that can't get their little minions to walk a straight line..
Spirits- Mildly entertaining because you actually see them doing stuff.
Minions(aka:devout followers)- buncha whiney pricks that can't bolster the confidence to do it on their own.

I don't get why they can't mind their own business rather than get into a territorial pissing contest.

"Oooh~ my god's better than your spirit!"
"Oh yeah? Well your God's a cross dresser!"
"At least my god wears clothes!"

It's enough to drive me crazy... Er.

The voices knocking around my braincase at least make more sense than this lot.

Well, except for that one telling me that the eyes are buried under the Mayor's house, but I tend to ignore that voice.


My solution:
Step 1: Find a big ass rock.
Step 2: Paint a 'free booze' sign.
step 3: Place sign in front of small enclosed space with only 1 exit/entrance.
Step 4: Wait for hapless idiots to enter space.
Step 5: Barricade only exit with the big ass rock.
Step 6: Walk away.

Result #1: They solve their problems and work together to escape.
Result #2: They insist on being pricks and starve to death rather than help one another.
Result #3: They kill each other.

I might try proposing this to the Mayor....
Session: Session for Haven: The Trial of Arathi - Sunday, Jun 05 2011 from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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