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We escaped the temple, only to find a paladin outside, going on about some artifact. He said he worshiped the Platinum Dragon. We told him it wasn't safe to go in there alone, and to come with us to the tower. Luckily, it was unoccupied. Around the end of the 3rd watch, apparently we had a visitor, because when I awoke we had a mis-shapen (not that it's easy to tell with them) goblin called Garlock serving as our new tower guard.

After we had healed up, we decided to go back down the eastern stairs. I wanted to even the score with the brown-clad people who killed Kobort, but the route we took ended up offering some interest in the form of a pillar-filled latrine, that we felt the need to explore. Ja'heim was scouting the area out, and when I moved forward to offer some light, we all heard crooning, and Ja'Heim started acting funny and walked right up to a harpy, who tried to take off with him. Before we could help, a steel gate slammed down. Beckett, our paladin friend, and Finster eventually got the door open, and the melee that followed was much like the others; a room with multiple doors, each of which opened with a new foe. We HAVE to start spiking or trapping these.

Lorimar and I climbed pillars while Finster kept bringing people back behind the barred door after he pulled Zaragoth to safety.

All in all, we fought 3 harpies, several ghouls, and a couple of ghasts, as I have learned they were called, attacking us with paralysis and foul odors. Yes, even fouler than the contents of the latrine.

We did find a chest this time, and a handy corner to recover in if we need to.

I have started getting headaches, and Finster has a cough. We need to find out what we are coming down with before it affects us in a fight or kills us in our sleep.
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May your fortune be better in the Fields of Glory
Kobort died.

I guess we'll need to go about finding his family and telling them of his brave sacrifice. Perhaps when we return we can find his body, if it isn't defiled or made to host some lung-wracking disease, such as may have befallen Finster and I after being coughed upon by an unfortunate prisoner.

Always ready to lead the way, lighting it both with his lantern and his innocent mirth, he was a true warrior, and gave twice as good as he got, but this time his foe was mightier. If not for him, perhaps we would never have escaped. It was all we could do to help Finster to his feet, feeding him potion after potion, but they did little, and eventually, and almost costing Hamish his life, the others were able to hoist him onto their shoulders and carry him away.

Would that we could have done the same for Kobort.
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The Drum Tower
I need to keep better notes; the bards will want to know all about this someday.

We set off in search of this temple, and it was right where it was supposed to be. Huge courtyard with a large structure in the center, surrounded by spooky fences and gargoyles.

Our scout went ahead and found us a path that avoided the temple in favor of a drum tower at the northeast corner of the curtain wall. It bristled with arrow loops, and the large front door was closed. Upon attempting to enter near the front, we were beset by giant ravens which roosted in the crenelations above. We defeated most of them and drove the rest away.

We used our ropes and grapples to ascend to the top of the wall, which got us close enough to the lip of the tower. When we pulled ourselves up, we chased away more ravens, and found the 3rd level collapsed into the 2nd. We came down, and found a trap door, and rigged up a rope so we could open it safely.

Thinking quickly, I threw a flask of burning oil into the hole, hoping it would bounce and hit something, maybe roll down the stairs and cause some panic. Instead, it just blocked our way, and Ja'Heim had to put out the fire with one of his spells. We lobbed a few arrows in once we saw the staircase around the inside of the tower and the people below, mercenaries with bows, crossbows, and swords.

Someone must have said something to Kobort, because he charged like a fool to the bottom of the stairs, and tried to take them all on at once. Then someone cast a spell to cause the men now crowding around him to sleep. Kobort and Zaragoth then set to killing the sleeping men, while the melee combatants came down the stairs and the ranged ones sniped from the top.

The crossbowmen went down quite easily, though they did us some injury. So we were astonished when the sergeants came in and seemed indestructible. Finster ended up toe-to-toe with one, and Ja'Heim bore the brunt of another's attack. A third would have turned the tables but he was put asleep in the nick of time.

We fought a long while against them. Near the end, half of us were down. Those of us who remained had a tense fight on our hands, and in the end I even had to abandon my bow and wade in with my trident.

We took one prisoner, and Ja'Heim dressed him in clerics attire, and placed him in a large bed in a chamber occupying 1/4 of the tower. He charmed him, and when the man awoke, he asked him many questions about the temple. We ascertained he was evil, but his only bond to the temple was money.

The loot was quite rewarding, and among the treasures was a magical shield and an enchanted sword. Ja'heim found notes in the desk that suggested there was a secret passage somewhere, and we turned the place upside down looking for it. Eventually it was found to be under a heavy chest of drawers. We went down the brass rungs that led down from the hidden trap door, and there we found a corridor that headed to the east. Along the way we found cloaks, a bow, a bag of pearls, and some enchanted arrows, among other things. I took the arrows for myself. I've heard some creatures of evil can only be struck by magic, so I hope this will help me to be useful when we meet one of the devils.

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Lareth is going down.
Rufus and Burne made it pretty clear that we weren't done at the moathouse. I figured, what, there might be a few bandits left, nothing to worry about.

Well, we set out today, all of us but Lucan who had some business to take care of, and on the way there we ran up against a group of mercenaries enjoying pheasant around a bonfire. Hamish went out and tried to speak with them, but they weren't having it. Finster then waltzed across the clearing, his axe lowered (that's a pretty friendly gesture, if you know Finster.) That was the last straw for them; they then became bellicose and I put an arrow in one of them, and Finster's bearded axe clove the other in twain.

The others begged for their lives, and pulled on our heartstrings, so we let them go to Nulb. Something was definitely fishy, them camping so near the moathouse, heading to Nulb for work, but nothing we could deal with right then.

We then did some recon of the cave entrance east of the moathouse, and when we decided it was safe (meaning Finster could just walk there nice as you please, like he was going to church or something), we headed in, determined not to get caught in the hallway of death again. We killed a couple of guards, and one remaining begged for his life. Finster said fine, if he'd serve him. He agreed. Poor fellow. Karl, he's called. He's not so bad, but I hope he's not in the habit of surrendering all of the time.

Anyway, Finster came up with the idea of smoking them out. We ended up cutting brush to that end, but in the end, they smoked themselves out. Out the other entrance that is. Somehow they escaped us through the cracked walls of the southeastern moathouse tower while covering their escape with burning barrels of oil.

Hamish tracked them, though, and we followed them into a forest path. Spells were cast, the one with the tangling vine, and the one that makes people sleep. I lofted an arrow that ended up missing its mark. After that, things get blurry. Lots of running through the woods, lots of shouting and blood. I ended up overextending myself in the middle of the woods, forcing Zaragoth to put himself in danger to come with some healing when I got attacked by two of the men we were tracking, guards for this mad cleric.

I thought I was going to die. I decided to play possum. They lost interest in me and went for Zaragoth. I owe him big, he took a couple of hits meant for me, but I jumped to my feet and got one of them square in the back. The guard was a cornfed guy, he didn't go down despite his new back decoration. Then I was shooting arrows at the cleric, then behind me at these other guards, who were getting mowed down from the rear by Hamish and Ja'Heim. Finster was rooted in place by a spell from the cleric, and then fell.

Meanwhile, Lorimar gave chase to the cleric. I don't know how far away he was by the time the last guy went down, but it must have been pretty far, because I think the vines stopped tangling things by then.

I got the last guy with my bow, and looked around. Everyone was down, hacked, hewn, and bloodied. I ran to Ja'Heim, and found his medicine bag and hoped beyond hope he had a few of those berries left. He did, and we slowly came to. Everyone is just now starting to come around. I'm going to wrap this entry up.

I think we're going cleric hunting.
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Heads Will Roll
While we were standing around waiting to be eaten by wolves, a giant lobster came out of the water near the waterfall! We filled it with arrows and it went down pretty quick.

The wolves. Well, there we were, surrounded by the damned things, some of them hiding in the trees. Finster was nearly dead. Lucan decided to rig up a rope and climb through the waterfall to see what was beyond, and he fell into the water and hit his head, and nearly drowned. Then came the attacks.

They came in waves, and we fought them for a while. I think Finster started to get bored, because he started skinning the wolves and cooking the lobster between the battles. Good idea though, they were worth some gold when we went to town.

When it was all over with, Zaragoth was in rough shape.

The biggest, meanest wolf ran off, and we figured he was headed for Hommlet, so, after resting in the cave and healing up, we headed back. Hamish found a way back that let us avoid the swampy area where the lizard men attacked us.

When we returned, we sold most of our stuff, and I got some of the first gold to grace my pockets in a while.

I wanted to check on our friend the dairy farmer, who had been attacked by the wolves, and he was coming around. Maybe all of this talk about werewolves was just talk. So much the better, a few of us got bit by the wolves.

When we were trying to sell our things at the moneychanger, he wouldn't take our amulet, wine, or snuff box. The amulet, he said, belonged to the leatherworker's wife. We moseyed on over and I gave the leatherworker condolences for his wife's injuries. He didn't know what I was talking about. I thought maybe that big wolf we shot at was her.

Well, he said she'd been missing the amulet for a little while, around the same time they brought that lad, Oliver, that we met by the road, into Hommlet. Seems they adopted him.

We went and asked him about the amulet. He said he hadn't heard of it. His dad started asking him what he meant, since they had discussed this.

We reasonably decided we should cut everyone with Finster's silver dagger and see if anyone was a werewolf.

This didn't go over well.

Eventually, when we got the lad, he tried to pull away. When Hamish grabbed at him he turned into a wolf-boy. Someone, I think Lorimar, put him to sleep with magic, and then we started discussing how we'd tell Rufus and Burne about this, and put it in the best possible light, all while his adopted mom is crying and his dad is ready to hit us with a log.

Someone, maybe I shouldn't say who, cut the wolfie's head clean off. Of course, it turned into a little boy's head. Try explaining that.

Well, we did. Turns out Rufus and Burne are pretty decent guys. They even bought our wine from us. 350 gold!

Yep, I think I am starting to like this "Hommlet".

We should probably go tell Jaroo that this dairy farmer probably has the lichen thropy.
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