Weep, for the light is dead

A D&D4E campaign set in the Darkmoon Vale region of the Pathfinder Campaign Setting. Beset by fey, lycanthropes, and a sudden demonic incursion, the PCs explore a haunted wilderness on the borders of human and dwarven civilization.

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A soulless vessel is a bit of a misnomer...
Soul Displacement

A soulless vessel is not truly soulless, but the victim of soul displacment. A soul is a precious commodity in the outer planes - Demons, especially, keep fields of soul larvae that they can harvest for power or use as currency.

In a moment of inspired cruelty, Izyagna was the first demon to split a soul larvae in two, dividing it into smaller and smaller pieces until no remnant of the original soul's personality or power remained. The resulting diluted larvae seemed useless, until a resourceful Demon Lord thought to use these incomplete souls to 'fill' a mortal body, while pulling its soul into the Abyss.

Abyssal Crystal

This amber-colored crystal, pulled from the rock below Darkmoon Vale, seems to thrum with the energies of a distant abyssal consciousness.

Once consumed, the wielder can treat any soulless vessel (such as one whose soul has been trapped by soul displacement) as if it were dominated. This effect only ends when the wielder's soul has, itself, left its body - to be processed in Hell, re-materialize in Abbadon, or manifest as a soul larvae in the Abyss.
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