Uktar, Year 1481, Feast of the Moon

Standing in front of the window, his eyes searched every flit, every shadow, dancing across the courtyard. From the many lit torches, he could see the servants below, loading the waiting carriage with supplies necessary for the journey.

"Sire, perhaps the Lady and you should proceed ahead?", said a voice from behind him.

He turned, letting the curtain fall back in front of the window, "No, Geoff, we can not. The child is already on its way and I would not risk the birth within the moving carriage, midwife or no."

"But Sire, surely the carriage would be a better place than risking..."

"I said no, Geoff, do not ask me again. We will wait and then proceed once the child has arrived."

As if in answer a shrill cry from the adjoining room turned their heads. A brief smile lit his face, then quickly faded as a somber grimace took its place. He strode across the room and through the door. The midwife stood at the side of the bed, a small bundle of wrapped cloth in her arms. A strong cry from the newborn babe resounded throughout the room.

"A girl", said the lady from the bed, "a strong, healthy, girl has graced our family.", she said as she smiled up at her husband. He moved to stand beside her, holding her hand as the midwife brought the bundle low, placing it in his other arm. He knelt with her beside the bed, placing the babe between them; never had he been so torn between both joy and sorrow.

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