• Drow_thumb
    Vrilix Drow/M/Stkr/Sorcerer
    Description:... V'rlix's is a descendant of those Elves that refused to abandon Golarion on discovery that the Starstone would strike the world. Their bravado shaped and changed these elves, making them the sinister Drow of legend. Ebon black, with pupiless milk white eyes, mysterious V'rilix's entrance rar...
  • Eq_thumb
    Equinox Elf/M/Ldr/Rogue/3
    Description:Equinox An elf with a bow.....
    Background:Equinox of the House Caerenyi was born in the River kingdom of Hymbria his family fleeing the machinations of powerful men in the Southlands. His father an able warrior chose to take the young familly to in Brevoy to settle on the border of the Stolen Lands but the chaos of this region eventua...
    Details:Elven Rogue level 4 Feats, PB Shot & precise Shot Traits. Reactionary and Poverty stricken NB Swapped Elven magic racial trait for Envoy
  • Sirio_thumb
    Silvio Human/M/Monk/3
    "Para La Republica"
    Background:Born in Varisa, Silvio grew up traveling the area with his family's troupe of entertainers.His father the strong man and his mother an acrobat, he grew up learning both strength and agility. However, as he came of age he started to notice the world around him. He saw people tied to the land, no...
  • No_img_thumb
    Morbash Half-Orc/M/Cleric/3rd
    Background:Morbash was born in New Stetven, Brevoy’s bustling capital city and seat of power. His painful birth resulted in the death of his mother, and he was told that potent divine magic had to be employed to ensure his survival. Having been infused with magic at such a young age, it seemed as though M...
  • Paladin_thumb
    Ishmael Human/M/Paladin/3
    "Better die tomorrow!!"
    Background:Ishmael was born in a poor noble family. When he was 6 years old in a dark night his family were shlaughtered by demonic knight. Five paladin tried to kill the knight but only one could survive and escape whit Ishmael. Ishmael sworn that he will destroy all evil creatures. He still looking fo...
    Details:Feats: Weapon focus (long sword) Skill focus (knowladge religion) Power attack Treats: Armour expert Devine warrior
  • No_img_thumb
    Lukas Human/M/Ranger
    Background:Lukas's earliest memories are of living in poverty on a tenant farm with his mother and grandparents in rural Rostland. From an early age he was taught woodcraft and farming and soon found he possessed an affinity with the animals, much more so than with people. His lack of father meant that he w...

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