Can a party of five survive the depths of Dragon's Delve? Stay tuned for our next exciting episode.

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I AM here...
I've never done anything like this before, but I keep seeing Erich, the bard in my group, writing in his journal and it seemed like a good idea. After the loss of 2 of our members and the numerous close calls we've had while down here I'm thinking it would be a good idea to leave SOME sort of evidence I existed, in case I am unable to survive whats this delve has in store.

I've only ever meant anything to one person, my dad. I was told my mother died during childbirth. My Dad was nothing but a low-life swindler using his one gift, his amazingly nimble fingers. He would put on a show with his lucky deck of cards, taking people for their money, then toss me a couple of copper for food, and blow the rest on ale. I do owe him one thing, however, he passed his nimble fingers to me, and it helps when you haven't eaten in a week to be able to pull out a deck of cards for an hour, then put them away with a few silver along for the ride, a few gold if I give it my all. At least... I think he cared about me.

Around my 13th birthday he disappeared. I searched for him for days but gave up after finding his lucky deck of cards stained red and torn up in a ditch not for from the edge of town. I had to move on.

Over the next few years I traveled from town to town, living off of everyone I could take money from. Until one day I met a man by the name of Andaris. He knew every trick I used and offered to teach me more. Apparently he saw potential, where others saw nothing but a street rat.

Well that's all for tonight. Hopefully I will still be drawing a breath by tomorrow, so that I can continue this. If not... oh well, bury my cards with me.
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