Although the Nentir Vale is not under immediate threat from another large scale invasion, the area still has more than it's share of monsters, evil gangs and otherworldly dangers. Most of the communities that sprang up during the Vale's heyday are still present but greatly reduced in population and influence.
Between these points of light lie vast tracts of untamed land and ruined outposts dating back to before the Bloodspear War.

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I have very strange friends.
Very strange.

I thought 'The Nomad' was the weird one in the group. Ach he probably still is - let's face it I've 'known' him (her?) a few weeks now and still don't know anything about him. Doesn't speak. Don't know what he looks like. Bit of a recluse. Kinda an oddball if you ask me - needs to get a bit more OOMPH about him. Maybe I'll take him out for a swally to loosen him up a bit.

And now - to make things even stranger - Ember's horns seem to have quadrupled in size all of a sudden. Pretty bloody weird if you ask me. I didn't even know she was a Tiefling at first. Now you canny miss the fact!
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The Shadowfell Rift
I attended a meeting tonight in Wraftons Inn. Valthrun called myself and some village elders for an emergency counsel.
It seems that we have a foul cult of Orcus operating in the area. Valthrun has known the true purpose of the old keep for a while and now that an undead cult is at large has shared it with us. The Gods help us!
The heroes, for that's what they are, have agreed to investigate the keep and drive out the cult if it is operating from within.
I am going to prepare the town's defence in case they fail, but there is something about them that makes me think that they will succeed.
Good luck heroes and may the gods watch over you.
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The Kobold Lair
The party set out to locate and destroy the kobold lair with the help of a local priest of Kord, Moronicus, as Ember and Rab took advantage of Valthrun's offer of hospitality and they searched his library for clues.
The rest of the party made it to the kobold hideout and made short work of the enemy forcing the few survivors to flee inside their lair, cunningly hidden behind the waterfall.
Moronicus then left to report back to Winterhaven and Rab and Ember arrived in time for the lair assault.
The party worked well together to quickly put an end to the kobold threat.
The kobold leader, a vicious goblin called Irontooth, was obviously a worshipper of Orcus and further evidence in the lair points to an active cult of Orcus working in the area.
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Greetings my friend,

I know I left without saying goodbye. I know I shouldn't expect you to care, but...
I need you to meet me in the Nentir inn in Fallcrest on the night of the next blood moon.
I can't explain just now.


Asteroth Kane
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