(Based on Joss Whedon's Firefly)

Six months ago, the secret of the Reavers' origins were revealed to the 'Verse, and things may never be the same. The Parliment maintains its denial of any involvement, but the Allied Planets are not as allied as they appear. Border worlds are on the verge of rebellion, threatening to spark a second War of Independence, and even the Parliment itself is divided. Lines are drawn, sides are chosen...while an evil thought destroyed rises again with a new face, and even older sins come home to roost with ramifications that will change the 'Verse forever.

Thrust into these epic events, a small crew of fugitives and misfits fight to survive. Can they find a safe path through the chaos, and perhaps chart the course of the entire 'Verse, or be lost forever in the black age of history?

(Players run original characters based in the Firefly verse. Firefly, Serenity, and associated elements are copyrights of their respective owners. No infringement is intended.)

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Thoughts on recent events

Today I put thought to paper to address issues I have with the verse and to clear up some ideas about me. Of late I’ve had a good deal of trouble thanks to the TWO MILLION CREDIT! Bounty on my head. Let me say for the record, bounty hunter are the verses lowest form of scum.
In the time of war, I took great pain not to harm civies or take hostages (something my fellow officers did far too often) In the case of the bounty hunter, the dread ultimatum and hostage, hostage I have a hostage seem to be par for the course. I can’t tell if they are lazy, cowardly or both. They will do anything to get that bounty. “Yes sir by crackie , out here on the rim they will fuck a leper for a plat. It makes me want to blow chow.
Take Mercy Black (bounty hunting legend in her own mind) This dain bramaged bitch gets my beloved crew (here after referred to as my or the children) into a trap. The idea bing that I turn myself over without a fight, she gets the TWO MILLION CREDITS and spends the rest of her days surrounded by servant dew (servant do this, servant do that, God everyone a Wing want to be)
Meanwhile the children (clever little bastards that they are) slip the trap and come in behind me. The ship I was on was unarmed, The “BLACK SUN RAISING” had one gun, Ms Black’s ship had an e m p generator , guns and I don’t know what all else. With a clear tactical advantage, she turned and ran, DO YOU HEAR ME, RAN! No way I can respect the bitch after that. So I told everyone I knew that”when the going got though, Black got going in the opposite direction” Oh, least I forget the children blew out her bridge and I got on her ship. Therefore in a pout, SHE BLEW IT UP! Good thing I got out in time.
So, now Ms black is on a tear, killed two of my good friends and my Da’, all to make me come out and turn myself over to her. That I can not, will not do.. Did I love those I lost YES!, do I fear death at the hands of the enemy NO! What I do fear is being turned into a mindless “meat puppet “ disavowing everything I now hold true and all the good the children and I have done for the “brown coats” Thus I have sent my charges fore in full faith that they can put an end to Black’s shite. I have never doubted for one second they can survive without me . Rather I doubt I could survive out there without them.
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Here we go again
This is how it is, Doc's staying on Miranda to do his "medicine man" gig & jake's stayed on Boros. Took on two new people, Ki long & Liam shaumaucher they both seem nice enough, but tim will tell. Liam's real polite, talk like a cowboy from the western holo-vids. he'll be taking over for Lily who' staying on Miranda to raise her baby rosie. Don't know much about Ki, other then she "kills bad people" bad is a relative term even at the best of times. Will she want a debate before ever "ruttin firefight "oh great and powerful Jeebus please nooooo!
Since the browncoat's relocated to Miranda, they've taken over all my projects there leaving me on the fringe, Look like it's back to being an itenerate frighter captain hauling goods from here to there and rescuing the odd town from whatever "woopti-ruttin-do" what a wast of my talents. On the bright side at last I have another ship! No more seeing "sick Vic, crazy Dave, or the kid" where ever I look. makes me want to pipe Sulsa music through the ship grab Delta or ki or Rachel (hell why not all three) and dance my ass off.
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Well, this sucks.
We are, or at least we will be, on our way back to Bellerophon, after I sent off a letter on New Caanan

Everyone's going to be so angry with me.

I need to make sure I pull Lilly aside and speak with her. Hopefully she understands and can keep a secret. Maybe I'll tell Rachel, too.
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Crisis of Conscience
It didn't go quite as planned, but after Kamron told me our youngest sister Leiponi had been forced to marry the youngest Wing son and was being abused by him, the Captain, crew, and I went to save her. It turns out cousin Caelanna was there too. We managed to get both of them out.

But...there's a bit of a snag. I offered myself to Geoffrey in exchange for Leiponi. I didn't see any way out of it, since he was at the other end of a room and using her as a shield.

I mean, I managed to get out of there before he used me to replace her, but...that I gave my word, and I went back on it. I'm struggling with that; I have no idea what will happen because of it.

I'm not really sure it was worth it.

Too, Leiponi may never believe what I did for her. And will she hate me for running away, again?

I have a tough decision ahead...
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Well....THAT was interesting..
That was most certainly interesting.

So, first things first. We decided to confront this el gilipollas Ravenick. The question was how? He has this whole chingar army of reavers -- horrible things I had heard.

We'd landed in a dry dock area where the reavers, Ravenick and company were getting ready to congregate in "greeting". I don't think they wanted to welcome us.

We all had separate jobs to do, and it started by Rachel finding a sniper's nest of sorts. Jake and Lily snuck off before our opponents arrived to get past the reavers and sabatoge the reavers' ships as a plan to defeat them. Top's job was to man the guns and the Doc was in his lab working on reaver cures I guess, while I walked out with the captain, listening to him sing "Kill the Ravenick, kill the Ravenick" the whole way and something about a sword and magic pistol. I hung back while the captain went out to meet Ravenick. There was no way Ravenick would make it out of this alive.

There was a brief show of what appeared to be testosterone, though from what I hear I'm not sure Ravenick had hormones, and before long they were trading blows. After a rather decent looking blow to the captain by Ravenick, which left a rather painful looking gut wound, a shot rang out and Ravenick dropped to knee. I can only assume Rachel was involved. By that point, I had noticed Ravenick's assistant circling like a hawk, ready to attack the captain if he killed Ravenick. I think to the shock of many there, Ravenick conceded that he'd estimated the captain.

The assistant worked out where the bullet had come from that had downed Ravenick, and started for Rachel. I lost track of her after a point, being where I was. There was another shot, and then stunned silence for a moment. A reaver in the front row had shot and killed Ravenick. Then the reavers started to leave.

I knew they were headed back for their craft and getting ready to leave Miranda, but Lily & Jake were still there! The ship's guns were deafening as they went off, and soon after I saw what seemed to be the end of a beautiful arc as the assistant's body plummeted to the planet's surface.

The last thing I remember from that event is after going back into the ship, coming back out to help the doctor and looking in dismay at him while letting out a string of Spanish swear words that would make even the most evil man turn in his grave as I realized he was going to try to keep Ravenick alive. ¿¿¿¿¡¡¡POR QUE!!????
Session: "The Soulless Ones" - Sunday, Nov 02 2014 from 1:30 PM to 5:30 PM
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