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    Yang-chen Davis M/Doctor
    Background:I was born into a family of wealth, if not of privilege. The Davis clan is fairly well-off due to their shipping business, but has never sought to move into the aristocracy on Persephone; most of the family sees no point in ‘putting on airs’, and would rather be about the serious business of ...
    Details:Intake questionnaire 1. Your name is? a. Yang-chen Davis. Doctor Yang-chen Davis. 2. What do you look like? a. I am of mixed Asian and Caucasian descent; I usually have puffy bags under my eyes from late nights working in the clinic. 32 years old, but I still often get asked for ID when I...
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    Rachael Hacht Caucasian/F/Pilot/Longarmsman/Veteran
    "I'll get to it in a minute."
  • No_img_thumb
    ""Run when you can't fight. Talk if you can't run. Fight when talking doesn't work.""
    Description:Mailaña Estrella Denítcierru, or Mai Dení, is a Registered Companion. Aged 22, she's 5'7 and 155 lbs. She has a birthmark shaped like a wing on the back of her left hand. Mai is toned, with some muscles, and slender but curvy in the right places, with an ample chest and buttocks. Her face r...
    Background:Mai is from Bellerophon, where she was raised in high society. But when the fightin' started, her parents fell on hard times (well, hard times for rich people), and they tried to sell her to a self-righteous brat named Harold (Atherton's younger brother, worse than him). As the date of the weddin...
    Details:She knows the way of high society, and gets along with most people no matter what their walk of life. She can pass herself in most crowds, and is a good diplomat. She's sensitive and sometimes shy or nervous, but not afraid to do what's right. Given what happened with her parents, she's hesitant ...
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    Captian Jack Harkness Caucasian/M/ former Alliance Captain
    "1..Improvise, adapt, overcome. 2. soft my ass."
    Background:Jack Harkness was born on Londinum to John and AnnaBelle Harkness. His father(a retired alliance sargent-major) was a security guard at The Londinum Museum and his mother was a secretary for a low level bureaucrat in the division of waste management. Growing up, his mother read him tales of Kin...
    Details:1. Your name is? (Why is this your name? How did you get it? Any nicknames or titles?) Jack Harkness. My name is actually John Harkness Jr., but I’ve always been called Jack. I’m also known as “Handsome” Jack, or “Captain” Jack in official circumstances. 2. What do you look li...
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    Delta Leigh Human/F/Stkr/Mercenary/Veteran
    "I wouldn't advise that, sir."

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