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Thoughts on recent events

Today I put thought to paper to address issues I have with the verse and to clear up some ideas about me. Of late I’ve had a good deal of trouble thanks to the TWO MILLION CREDIT! Bounty on my head. Let me say for the record, bounty hunter are the verses lowest form of scum.
In the time of war, I took great pain not to harm civies or take hostages (something my fellow officers did far too often) In the case of the bounty hunter, the dread ultimatum and hostage, hostage I have a hostage seem to be par for the course. I can’t tell if they are lazy, cowardly or both. They will do anything to get that bounty. “Yes sir by crackie , out here on the rim they will fuck a leper for a plat. It makes me want to blow chow.
Take Mercy Black (bounty hunting legend in her own mind) This dain bramaged bitch gets my beloved crew (here after referred to as my or the children) into a trap. The idea bing that I turn myself over without a fight, she gets the TWO MILLION CREDITS and spends the rest of her days surrounded by servant dew (servant do this, servant do that, God everyone a Wing want to be)
Meanwhile the children (clever little bastards that they are) slip the trap and come in behind me. The ship I was on was unarmed, The “BLACK SUN RAISING” had one gun, Ms Black’s ship had an e m p generator , guns and I don’t know what all else. With a clear tactical advantage, she turned and ran, DO YOU HEAR ME, RAN! No way I can respect the bitch after that. So I told everyone I knew that”when the going got though, Black got going in the opposite direction” Oh, least I forget the children blew out her bridge and I got on her ship. Therefore in a pout, SHE BLEW IT UP! Good thing I got out in time.
So, now Ms black is on a tear, killed two of my good friends and my Da’, all to make me come out and turn myself over to her. That I can not, will not do.. Did I love those I lost YES!, do I fear death at the hands of the enemy NO! What I do fear is being turned into a mindless “meat puppet “ disavowing everything I now hold true and all the good the children and I have done for the “brown coats” Thus I have sent my charges fore in full faith that they can put an end to Black’s shite. I have never doubted for one second they can survive without me . Rather I doubt I could survive out there without them.
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Here we go again
This is how it is, Doc's staying on Miranda to do his "medicine man" gig & jake's stayed on Boros. Took on two new people, Ki long & Liam shaumaucher they both seem nice enough, but tim will tell. Liam's real polite, talk like a cowboy from the western holo-vids. he'll be taking over for Lily who' staying on Miranda to raise her baby rosie. Don't know much about Ki, other then she "kills bad people" bad is a relative term even at the best of times. Will she want a debate before ever "ruttin firefight "oh great and powerful Jeebus please nooooo!
Since the browncoat's relocated to Miranda, they've taken over all my projects there leaving me on the fringe, Look like it's back to being an itenerate frighter captain hauling goods from here to there and rescuing the odd town from whatever "woopti-ruttin-do" what a wast of my talents. On the bright side at last I have another ship! No more seeing "sick Vic, crazy Dave, or the kid" where ever I look. makes me want to pipe Sulsa music through the ship grab Delta or ki or Rachel (hell why not all three) and dance my ass off.
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Well, this sucks.
We are, or at least we will be, on our way back to Bellerophon, after I sent off a letter on New Caanan

Everyone's going to be so angry with me.

I need to make sure I pull Lilly aside and speak with her. Hopefully she understands and can keep a secret. Maybe I'll tell Rachel, too.
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Crisis of Conscience
It didn't go quite as planned, but after Kamron told me our youngest sister Leiponi had been forced to marry the youngest Wing son and was being abused by him, the Captain, crew, and I went to save her. It turns out cousin Caelanna was there too. We managed to get both of them out.

But...there's a bit of a snag. I offered myself to Geoffrey in exchange for Leiponi. I didn't see any way out of it, since he was at the other end of a room and using her as a shield.

I mean, I managed to get out of there before he used me to replace her, but...that I gave my word, and I went back on it. I'm struggling with that; I have no idea what will happen because of it.

I'm not really sure it was worth it.

Too, Leiponi may never believe what I did for her. And will she hate me for running away, again?

I have a tough decision ahead...
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Well....THAT was interesting..
That was most certainly interesting.

So, first things first. We decided to confront this el gilipollas Ravenick. The question was how? He has this whole chingar army of reavers -- horrible things I had heard.

We'd landed in a dry dock area where the reavers, Ravenick and company were getting ready to congregate in "greeting". I don't think they wanted to welcome us.

We all had separate jobs to do, and it started by Rachel finding a sniper's nest of sorts. Jake and Lily snuck off before our opponents arrived to get past the reavers and sabatoge the reavers' ships as a plan to defeat them. Top's job was to man the guns and the Doc was in his lab working on reaver cures I guess, while I walked out with the captain, listening to him sing "Kill the Ravenick, kill the Ravenick" the whole way and something about a sword and magic pistol. I hung back while the captain went out to meet Ravenick. There was no way Ravenick would make it out of this alive.

There was a brief show of what appeared to be testosterone, though from what I hear I'm not sure Ravenick had hormones, and before long they were trading blows. After a rather decent looking blow to the captain by Ravenick, which left a rather painful looking gut wound, a shot rang out and Ravenick dropped to knee. I can only assume Rachel was involved. By that point, I had noticed Ravenick's assistant circling like a hawk, ready to attack the captain if he killed Ravenick. I think to the shock of many there, Ravenick conceded that he'd estimated the captain.

The assistant worked out where the bullet had come from that had downed Ravenick, and started for Rachel. I lost track of her after a point, being where I was. There was another shot, and then stunned silence for a moment. A reaver in the front row had shot and killed Ravenick. Then the reavers started to leave.

I knew they were headed back for their craft and getting ready to leave Miranda, but Lily & Jake were still there! The ship's guns were deafening as they went off, and soon after I saw what seemed to be the end of a beautiful arc as the assistant's body plummeted to the planet's surface.

The last thing I remember from that event is after going back into the ship, coming back out to help the doctor and looking in dismay at him while letting out a string of Spanish swear words that would make even the most evil man turn in his grave as I realized he was going to try to keep Ravenick alive. ¿¿¿¿¡¡¡POR QUE!!????
Session: "The Soulless Ones" - Sunday, Nov 02 2014 from 1:30 PM to 5:30 PM
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¿¿¿Que en El Enfierno???
Que en El Enfierno was all that about? I don't quite understand. I just.. had this feeling, and I just KNEW what was going to happen. Maybe it's all the training I had to become a Companion.

Yeah, that's it. I was just reading body language...or something.

I don't know. That doesn't seem right. Usually I can tell. Maybe it's second nature now? This is really unsettling.

I shouldn't have known that though, should I?

I guess only time will tell.
Session: "The Soulless Ones" - Sunday, Nov 02 2014 from 1:30 PM to 5:30 PM
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Reflections in a pile of Go shi part du.
Well the hour has come at last, soon I will put an end to "Raving Ravenick" and there wil be one less "spawn of Saten" in Gods great verse. Since seeing the Alliance for what it was and coming out to the rim, I am troubled by how scewed up the verse realy is.
Take Miranda for examble, a perfectly good planet with more then a dozen cities hoing to waste. One day it came to me that it would be a great place for some of those displaced by the war to start fresh. The crew and I manage to get some fourteen thousnd soul to Miranda from Borose, only to find "crazy Vic" on Calebasus babbling about claiming Meranda because it's the "Reaver Homeworld" yeah, like we'd realy let that happen.
Then there's Blue Sun,the mega control freaks of the verse. word is they have had an eye on the planet for some time. an out of the way place to do god knows what to god knows who. again, not gonna happen! So, take the "goose-stepping Alliance, nut jobs like old vic, Top it all off with the on again off again "war for independence and you've a fine rescipe for a "black age" were the little guy get screwed up, down and sideways. ves, I say unto to you brthers and sisters "they fuck you in the black age" I repeat " they fuck you in the black age"
I want our Miranda colony to be a place were the only fucking is that which puts a smile on your face and makes babies. I WISH TO HELL THEY'D LET ME GET THE JOB DONE! Some may have the idea that I want to put down roots on Meranda, neagetive, too many minions of Satan out in the black that need to be put down. Once I get the colony some ack-ack guns add some more sats and get them armed, then I am off to fight the good fight "Once more into the breach dear friends, We few, we happy few" the crew of the dark sun rising.

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Chingar this Ravenik guy...
It's been about two months since I joined the crew now. I've really started coming out and joining everyone, and have even played the violin a bit. I really wish I could find that song book, though!

I haven't had much to do yet, but I do keep hearing about this Ravenik guy. He sounds TERRIBLE! Por que en El Enfierno would anyone want to try to control Reavers? That just sounds crazy! It couldn't possibly work. I just...I don't understand, but it sounds like this guy needs to go, even if it's to protect other people.

Oh, I finally got a chance to learn some about Yang-Chen...whoops about the spelling in the last entry. He seems very...dedicated to his work. I don't see much of him, but it seems like this is normal as it doesn't seem to phase anyone.

But yeah...Ravenik needs to go.

Oh, and she should probably take a small concealable weapon...just in case, for her protection. You never know, after all.
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Reflections in a pile of Go shi
Ok, time to take a minute, write stuff down get it right in my head. It's been a good while sine I left the service, so this entry will be way different from my first. Thing have turned into Yi Da Tuo Da Bian. The Chwen Hands Of Blue have a huge price on our heads, The crew is talking about working for the Yu Bun Duh new war, Feng Le Ravenik still on the lose and Jake craves Astria, but wouldn't admit same if his balls where on fire (say now, there an idea he he he)
The "blue boys" rutting bounty is bound to bring out every Wei Shian Dohn Woo
in the verse. have to grow another set of eyes just to stay alive. time will come when I get afraid to pick up a women for fear she might turn us in, Wo Cao!
Most people out this way think the "new war" is some grand and holy cause that we need to joyfuly get behind, not me. What they don't see is that one, two, or three decades from now we could and most likely will be doing "the same dance to a different tune" When you get past the drum beating/flag waving and pretty words.It comes down to getting your ass shot off for a maybe at best, I've done my time in the trench. Me, work for that Hwen Dan Blake, Ni Ta Ma De
Ravenik has himself a pickette fleet, that will make him damn hard to find. Once the poor bastard out here are done with "Blakes fouly" the nu-Reaver will like as not run through them "like crap though a goose" can you say "COME AND GET IT!' sure, I knew you could (sigh)
Jake and Astria, what can I say. Fom the the first moment I saw her on video, I wanted to be with her. there's a freshness about her. the way she views everything with the wonder of a child gives me more hope than I've had in ages. In another time and place I would lavish that women with as much attention and affection as she could stand. These are dark time however and the batttlements call me to stand and be ever watchful.
While duty calls, Fuzzie-wuzzies like Jake go riding, have picnics, and try to play "hide the salami" they call it "having a life" how can they do it in these dark days? you ask, because people like me are on the battlements. As a soldier you learn not to exspect thanks or consideration for what you do, it's "the job" and comes before all else.
Can't blame Jake for being attracted to her, Mum always says " people can't help what they feel son" that's true enough. What bugs me is that he won't admit how he feels about her. I've got no problem telling the verse ' I care for her (Astria) very much, I know Jake does too, why in hell can't he say so. if he did I might get out of his way. What in the world can she see in Jake when his balls have crawled back up in his belly? more later

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Epilogues and Interludes (Continued)
(More 'off camera' events...this occurs just prior to "Too Many Questions")

Where The Kid Went

Tim was pulling another all-nighter, repairing the damage from the bomb a 'ninja' put on the ship's pulse drive, and wondering once more whether Jack Harkness was a necessary part of the crew of 'his' ship...meanwhile...

Two men sit in a darkened room, waiting patiently. A console signals for attention, and one of the men activates a monitor.

"Getting a signal..."

"About time..." his partner intoned. "Don't lose it again. You'd think he knew about the tracking software, the way it keeps fading in and out. What's he doing?"

The man at the console brings an image up on the monitor.

"Working on something, from the look of it."

The second man leaned forward, squinting at the screen. "Is that an Iskellan F zero-one-four drive? Millions of credits spent on making this kid a super genius and he ends up a mechanic?"

"Just be glad they put the security upgrades in this one's implants. He's not the first to escape Experimental Division, but at least we can get him back." He punched in a series of commands. "Link stable. Cognitive suppression and motor control overrides active. Get a fix on his location, see if we have a team close."

His partner got on the adjoining terminal. "Got it. Retrieval team en route. Do we bring in a cleaning unit as well?"


"It's standard procedure. Any unauthorised persons having contact with the subject are to be eliminated."

The man looked over, grimmly. "And the last time we got this close and used cleaners, they blew up a drydock. They made it look like an accident, yes, but it still drew too much attention. They're getting sloppy. We'll do a workup on the crew and flag the ship's registration. If they make waves, we can deal with them."

He typed in a last set of commands. "Time to come home, Subject 1842..."

A moment later, Tim Tapner suddenly stopped what he was doing, dropped his tools, and walked without a word out of the engine room, off the Shiny Hope, and to a non-descript vehicle waiting not far from the landing bay. The rest of the crew, asleep, noticed nothing.
Session: "Too Many Questions" - Sunday, Mar 11 2012 from 1:30 PM to 5:30 PM
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Epilogues and Interludes
(Vignettes of what happens 'off camera' during and between sessions)

(The following takes place after "Terrorform" and during "Sides of a Line"...)

The Attack

I.A.V. Demeter

"Approaching the source of the distress signal...freighter on scan." Reported the ensign.

"What have we got?" The Captain asked.

"Just like the distress signal indicated...engines off-line, orbit decaying. Estimate ten minutes until they hit outer atmo."

The Captain sighed. "Can we get close enough for grapples?"

"Not ourselves...too deep in the gravity well."

He nodded. "All right...launch escort wing for recovery. Have them bring it in."

The ensign saluted and went to relay orders.


Aboard the freighter, renegade Alliance doctor Victor Ravenik smiled grimly as he watched the gigantic crusier looming in the distance. He spun in the pilot's chair to face his 'crew'...a half-dozen Reavers, scarred and feral-looking, but waiting surprisingly calmly.

"Remember to attach the siphons forward of the secondary bypass filters...that feeds into their primary atmo system. It will take the Malinax Chlorodizaphine some hours to work through the entire ship, so take it slowly...let our new recruits thin out the first wave." He explained, referring to the settlers the original freighter crew had brought to the terraformer as 'laborers' (i.e. slaves), but now waited restlessly in the hold as the newest breed of psychotically feral Reavers.

Their condition was courtesy of the Doctor's "life's work": a reformulated variant of the Pax that had created the original Miranda reavers, but specifically designed to cause the biochemical changes that stripped the victims of emotional control and inhibition, induced psychosis, and hyperstimulated aggressor response...and the freighter's auxiliary tanks were filled with the invisible gas, ready to be pumped into the cruiser's life support system..


A dull thump echoed through the hold as the security and rescue teams waited at the airlock for the docking seals to the freighter to secure and pressurize. The indicator went green, and a soldier moved to unseal the airlock...

"Hello?" The medics called. "It's all're safe now..."

Then the screaming started...

The ship sat silent in the black, unmoving, for what seemed an eternity...then, slowly, it began to move...turning to head deeper into the black, in search of new prey, pausing only to discard a no-longer-needed annoyance...

Session: "Sides of a Line" - Sunday, Oct 23 2011 from 1:30 PM to 5:30 PM
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Personal Cortex Log, Yang-chen Davis, second entry
Hangovers are terrible things to suffer through at the best of times. This isn't exactly one of those, making this one that much worse. Of course, the fact that I've been dry (not by choice) the last ten days or so may have something to do with it, as well. Unfortunately I don't have any more whiskey, so a repeat experiment will have to wait.

Where did I leave off last time? Oh yes, trapped on the terraformer with a new crop of Reavers. Well, we tried to make the cargo ship on time, but some of Dr. Ravenik's progeny were waiting for us with machine guns. Although I'd never really fired a pistol before, I tried to help take them out. Jack and James performed credibly, although Jack should have taken cover; good thing he wears that armor. Emmett showed up just as things were starting to look bad and tipped the balance, though. At which point we somehow managed to split up again. Dave and James went back down to the engineering decks to get computer access while the rest of us headed to the sickbay.

Jack and I helped to treat various injured members of the crew while we waited for word from Dave. Lara and Emmett went to check out the doctor's office but there wasn't anything useful there. While keeping an eye on the environmental monitor, I saw the doors lock and the atmospheric vents open all over the station. I called Dave on the intercom to find out what was going on, and the feh feh pi goh told me he was venting the station to kill the Reavers - never mind the several thousand non-Reaver crew. The reason he gave me was 'They're not us.' I managed to talk him out of this plan, thankfully.

On the upside, he did find another ship for us to take, and sealed a route for us to use which wasn't horribly infested with Reavers. We have to take the good with the bad I guess. After perhaps the worst, most horrible climb I've ever made in my life - complete with Reavers breaking into the shaft nearby and Dave dropping an optical bomb on them - we managed to get to the level where the bay containing the ship was. That's when things started to go sour for us, just when we were starting to pull together.

Seems we weren't the only ones who had found out about the ship. The foreman and some of his goons were there trying to break in, as Dave had apparently sealed the access. After a confusing time of trying to talk to them over everyone else - James refusing to let the foreman on the ship and Dave trying to talk the guards into shooting him - I managed to get through the fact that we were all pretty much humped if they didn't just bi jweh so we could get out of there. So we got on the ship.

James headed for the bridge with Emmett, Jack and Dave went to the engine room, and Lara and I started taking stock of the rest of the ship. James fired up the reaction engines and took us out of the bay, flew about 10 klicks, and landed us so Dave could work on the engine or something. While I was treating his minor wounds, the ship's shuttle took off. Dave somehow got it into his head that this was Dr. Ravenik taking off to gas us with hidden Reaver-bombs and jammed the comms, and refused to unjam them until he'd searched the ship. No bombs. Lara, Jack and I wanted to warn the incoming Alliance cruiser about the incoming ship loaded with Reavers and Reaver-gas, so he disabled the radio. Juh shi suh mo go dohng shee?

Apparently we're now living in the Republic of Dave - no, make that the Dictatorship of Dave. I lost it, started yelling about how humped we were now that there was going to be an Alliance cruiser full of Reavers out roaming the space-lanes. Then I went and found my old friend ethanol and we had a party. I vaguely recall being asked to talk to someone on the comm about the Reavers and trying to do so, but I probably wasn't too coherent at that point.

So I woke up this morning feeling like ri shao gou shi bing, but I still managed to cook a decent meal. (Ah, the wonders of food and water - lots of water - for someone with a hangover.) Apparently the smell attracted everyone else. James basically said someone needs to be Captain - not him - and left. Emmett put himself forward as a candidate, Lara nominated Jack, Dave got sulky, and nothing got resolved. Ai yah wo mun wan leh...

We're headed for Beaumonde, should be there in four days or so. I'm really strongly tempted to see if I can find someone who knows one of my 'friends' at the docks and arrange for transport to some quiet little Rim moon that needs a doctor. Maybe I'll see if Jack and Lara want to go along, although I doubt it. But there's still this nagging feeling I have that if we don't try to stop Ravenik we're all going to look back on our horrific experiences on the terrorformer as 'the good times'.
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"Terrorform:Lara's View"
So, if being at the birth of a new batch of Reavers isn't proof enough that God, or Buddha, or whatever is in charge of the 'Verse hate's me, then maybe this will help.

After seeing a man torn to pieces before my eyes, things went kind of fuzzy for me. I was watching what was going on, but I was reliving that horrible day almost 15 years ago. All I could see was Reavers tearing apart my friends, then, my parents. I'm just glad Jack was there, or I would have been next on their menu. Somehow, he managed to get us away from the Reavers and onto the cargo ship. I felt better, even though the occasional blood smear was still making me queasy. There were also a few other remains, but the less said about them, the better. Everything was going O.K., until we got to the control room. The door was shut, so we looked through the window and saw four figures crouching on the floor. Jack must have seen something I didn't, because he ducked out of the window. I wasn't so fast. One of the figures turned and looked at me. Yep, more Reavers. I'm not really sure what happened next, but I had to get out of there. I started running as fast as I could looking for some place to hide. I found a place, and ducked into it. It took me a bit to get my bearings, but I figured I was near the engine room. I heard footsteps and stayed really still and quiet. It was a Reaver, but this one looked like a Reaver. I mean, the new ones we'd been seeing just had that look in there eyes. This one had done some pretty horrible things to his face. That either meant that he had come on the cargo ship, in which case I probably wouldn't have gotten this far, or the Reavers had been here longer than we thought.

I stayed there until he walked into the engine room, then I hid some more. What can I say, I'm not exactly a fighter. I only know enough martial arts to make a person take their hands off me when I don't want to be touched. I sat there until I heard someone whistling. since I've never heard of Reavers whistling, I knew it had to be Jack. I came out of hiding and he got me off the ship and back to the loading bay. We ran into the "workers" coming to the ship and warned them about the Reavers on board the ship. They started picking up whatever they could and saying they could take them out and get the ship. We let them go and Jack and I went after the others. He took me down a hallway that he said he had seen the others go down. As we were going down the hall, arrows started showing up on monitors telling us where to go. We followed them and found, not only James and Yang-Chen, but also Dave! Apparently he hadn't been killed after all. Of course, just as we walk through the door, a shot rang out and Jack got hit. Turns out James was a little trigger happy and shot at the first thing that moved. It didn't kill him, but it hurt him.

We sat and started talking about what to do next when a strange man calling himself Dr. Revnick showed up on the monitors. He started going on about some Mi Tian Gohn about Reavers being the next evolutionary step of mankind. We found out that he was trying to lure an Alliance cruiser to the planet. It was 2 hours away from the planet, so we decided it was time to get off the planet and went back to the loading bay. It was then we discovered our next mistake. Ten new Reavers stood there with guns and started shooting at us. I'm not really good with a gun, but I took a shot with a pistol that Jack had given me. I didn't hit anything, but I shot. The others did a number on them, and then Emmet showd up and finished them off. At that point, we had another decision to make. go for the transport, or go somewhere else and find another way off the 'former.
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Personal cortex journal: Cpt. Jack Harkness-Sitrep 1
First entry
Day 8, 1600hrs

No doubt, it seems strange that I still use my rank after seperation from the service. What can I say? old habits......
My service trousers and boots attract some attention out here on the rim, mostly from old brown coats who think beating me, verbally or physically, will somehow change the outcome of the war. War's done, folks. Let's move on.

Signed on with a cargo freighter transporting relief supplies to a terraformer on Vishnu. Now 2 days from station. We picked up an escape pod with a young Alliance officer and a woman who could melt snow in a blizzard. I drew the job of escorting the young lady to quarters while the kid headed for the comm center. Girl sort of reminds me of Angie around the mouth and eyes. I'll check in on her later to make sure she's comfortable.

Went back to check on Lara, the young woman we rescued, and found her quarters empty, so I went looking for her. I have an early shift tomorrow, so I had to stop looking. After all, what trouble can she get into on a cargo ship?

day 10
Haven't seen Lara since the other day, begining to get a bit concerned. We're coming up on Vishnu, so I'm going to look for her one more time before we get there.

Go Neong Yung Duh!!
I found Lara. She's been locked in the Cargo hold with the "Supplies" we're transporting. Turns out that we're transporting Ta Ma Duh Slaves! Lara also told me that one of the other crew told her that they had killed the kid we found with her. I think she may have fancied him a bit. Now, I just need to get out of here and get to the bottom of this. Unfortunatly, they locked down the cargo hold in preparation to land on vishnu. Mi Tian Gohn!

They led us out of the hold, not realizing that I wasn't a new "worker" and took us up to the "Worker's quarters". They were just 10' X 10' cells. I decided I needed to get out of there. I told one of the guards that I was a member of the crew, showed him my side arm, and he let me go. Lara took a cue from me and convinced them she was just a hired companion that was "keeping me company" and we got locked in. I went along with it and we both got out of there. She also managed to convince the quards we didn't need an escort back to the ship. she took me to the med bay saying something about recognizing someone in the loading bay and that he'd probably be there. Once we got there, she recognized some other people, but didn't seem to happy to see them. She asked me to wake one of them up. I did as she asked. The guy looked at my pants and boots and spouted off more of the same Mi Tian Gohn I've gotten from several ex-browncoats. just another Wu Ming Shau Jwu upset at the way things turned out. Unfortunatly, I kinda agree with him...
Lara stumbled over her words a bit, trying to tell this guy about the slaves when another man walked in that she recognized. She threw herself at him, gave him a big hug, and was able to tell the whole story a lot better. Just after that, some of the transport crew walked in, saw me and Lara, and went for their guns. Lara went for cover and the rest of us took them down. Two of the Huen Dahn actually hit me, but thanks to my ballistic mesh jacket, it just bruised me a bit. After the firefight, we heard alarms. We figured they were on to us, but no one showed up. Turns out there was a reacter problem. The other man who showed up tured out to be a doctor and told us that "something" had killed Dave. I don't know who Dave is, but it seemed to bother the rest of them. We decided to take the transport and get the "workers" out of here. Lara and I went with a man named Emmet and a woman who seemed pretty attached to him to get the workers out while Yang-Chen, the doc, and James, the browncoat, went to try to get control of the transport.

It took us some time, but we got everyone out of the cages. We did notice some strange gas leaking into the cargo bay and the system was alerting us to an atmospheric leak. Strange, though. The gas was coming from the ventilation system. Lara and I went down to make sure the gas was gone before telling the others to come down. We got down there, saw it was clear went back up to tell everyone it was clear, and headed back down. We got off the lift and sent it back up. That was probably the wrong thing to do. But we did get to have front row seats to the birth of a new batch of reavers.
The last 48 hours have been a real Tian Fuhn Di Fu.
Session: "Midwife Crisis" - Sunday, Sep 25 2011 from 1:30 PM to 5:30 PM
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Personal Cortex Log, Yang-chen Davis, first entry
Spending two days with five other people in a shuttle rated for three isn't pleasant. Fortunately I had the presence of mind to grab some tranquilizers before we left the ship, which helped to keep everyone's metabolic level low. Even so, we were breathing a lot more CO2 than O2 by the time we managed to set down - on the last wisps of fuel - on this terraformer, here on Vishnu. They mistook us for a supply ship at first, so there may be a way for us to get off this rock soon. Hopefully we can get to a Rim planet and start a fresh life.

More later, I just heard that the supply ship is coming in. I'm going to go see if I can arrange passage.

Addendum: Okay, the 'supplies' are mostly people. This is the 'new life' they'd been told they were going to get, press-ganged into working on a terraformer. Nice place they're running here. Lara showed up at the med-bay - the Companion I mentioned earlier - with some shwie purple-pants named Jack Harkness, a former Alliance Captain (Marines, I assume). James doesn't seem to trust him much, not that it's easy to tell with James. They informed us that it's worse than I thought, these people are outright slaves, locked in cells at night and forced to work at gunpoint. So forget asking to be taken off this rock by the crew of the supply ship - we're going to take the ship and get these people out of here.

Looking around, I notice Dave is missing. At first, I ask around the crew of the 'former, trying to find him, but nobody seems to know where he's gone. So I try to put myself in his mindset and realize he'll be looking for a terminal, as he seems obsessed with 'helping data be free'. Hmm. These levels are too public, and the terminals all seem to be locked down pretty tightly. Admin areas are going to be monitored, so Dave would head for the engineering areas - which are the lowest levels.

I find him in the bowels of the 'former, rewiring a terminal. He tells me that 'Bob' has showed him some things that are very bad, very wrong. Fully one-quarter of the station's atmosphere processors are offline - actually, they aren't even showing on the grid - and there's some odd contaminants. I'm trying to get a breakdown on those when there's this... growling. It doesn't sound quite animal, but it's fierce. Dave seems to ignore it, I'm trying to get him out of there to somewhere safer when he pushes me towards the lift and runs off the other way. He rounds a corner, there's a blood-curdling scream that cuts off abruptly - and I light out of there as fast as I can.

Back at the med-bay, I explain what happened to the others. As we're starting to work on a plan to get the slaves out on the ship, some of the ship's crew shows up. It seems they recognize someone - probably Lara or Jack - and they go for their guns. Joo fuen chse! I dodge to the side and lay one low with a Dragon Star Strike, although he was probably in a bit of shock from being shot as well. Both Jack and James seem quite at home in a gunfight; I may need to learn something from them if this is indicative of the future...

After that, things get even more tense. Alarms go off, and I think we're even deeper in f'n zse, but apparently it's a reactor problem. Really? We split up - James and I go to try and secure the ship, Lara, Jack, and Emmett head to free the prisoners. Down in the bay, there's pandemonium - some kind of atmospheric leak is flooding the bay, the doors are sealed, no way on the ship. Funny thing is, the gases are coming from the ventilation system. We can't get in there through the crew airlock, either. Sure wish Sparks was around, he could probably talk his way around that lockout. Or at least cross-wire it.

We cruise down to the bay we landed in, do a hasty refuel of the shuttle, and fly out to see if we can get access that way. I keep forgetting how big this thing is, though; the whole ship's in the bay. So James holds it steady while I jump over and work the manual release - another experience I don't want to repeat - and we land on top of the ship in the bay. After a near fall from the catwalk, we turn to go in the ship - and find out it's been invaded by something. Blood all over, handprints smeared on the walls - not a good sign. James says something about Reavers... great. I'm starting to wonder why I specialized in Pharmacology, when all biochemistry seems to do is complicate my life. We decide to leave, and just as we're getting out of the lift inside the 'former, that's when the gassed people start getting up, acting like lunatics. They jump the prisoner with the wounded leg who was helping us and start tearing him apart with their teeth and nails. James puts a bullet in his head and starts picking off the maniacs coming for us. I spot Lara and Jack, who have exited a lift across from us, and signal them to go back up!

And then I hear Dave's voice coming from the comm-system, telling 'Smiley' (James, I guess, though I've never seen him smile) to come meet him. I thought he was dead, guess not. Anyway, we run, locking bulkheads behind us as we can, and follow the voiced directions. We find Sparks, again deep in the station, talking with 'Ted' (another terminal). He says we have to go to the dark area of the station. So we do, and after James dispatches a Reaver with a rifle (what?) the nurse from the med-bay attacks us. After James splatters her all over the wall (but not before she gashes Dave up pretty badly), we have a convo with the doctor, who, it seems, is the one behind this whole mess. And apparently the cargo ship has now been gassed, so the people we were trying to save are on their way to becoming Reavers. Lovely.

Hopefully there's another way off this place. Maybe the doc has a small ship stashed elsewhere on the station; I just hope we can find it quickly.
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