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Epilogues and Interludes
(Vignettes of what happens 'off camera' during and between sessions)

(The following takes place after "Terrorform" and during "Sides of a Line"...)

The Attack

I.A.V. Demeter

"Approaching the source of the distress signal...freighter on scan." Reported the ensign.

"What have we got?" The Captain asked.

"Just like the distress signal indicated...engines off-line, orbit decaying. Estimate ten minutes until they hit outer atmo."

The Captain sighed. "Can we get close enough for grapples?"

"Not ourselves...too deep in the gravity well."

He nodded. "All right...launch escort wing for recovery. Have them bring it in."

The ensign saluted and went to relay orders.


Aboard the freighter, renegade Alliance doctor Victor Ravenik smiled grimly as he watched the gigantic crusier looming in the distance. He spun in the pilot's chair to face his 'crew'...a half-dozen Reavers, scarred and feral-looking, but waiting surprisingly calmly.

"Remember to attach the siphons forward of the secondary bypass filters...that feeds into their primary atmo system. It will take the Malinax Chlorodizaphine some hours to work through the entire ship, so take it slowly...let our new recruits thin out the first wave." He explained, referring to the settlers the original freighter crew had brought to the terraformer as 'laborers' (i.e. slaves), but now waited restlessly in the hold as the newest breed of psychotically feral Reavers.

Their condition was courtesy of the Doctor's "life's work": a reformulated variant of the Pax that had created the original Miranda reavers, but specifically designed to cause the biochemical changes that stripped the victims of emotional control and inhibition, induced psychosis, and hyperstimulated aggressor response...and the freighter's auxiliary tanks were filled with the invisible gas, ready to be pumped into the cruiser's life support system..


A dull thump echoed through the hold as the security and rescue teams waited at the airlock for the docking seals to the freighter to secure and pressurize. The indicator went green, and a soldier moved to unseal the airlock...

"Hello?" The medics called. "It's all're safe now..."

Then the screaming started...

The ship sat silent in the black, unmoving, for what seemed an eternity...then, slowly, it began to move...turning to head deeper into the black, in search of new prey, pausing only to discard a no-longer-needed annoyance...

Session: "Sides of a Line" - Sunday, Oct 23 2011 from 1:30 PM to 5:30 PM
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