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Chingar this Ravenik guy...
It's been about two months since I joined the crew now. I've really started coming out and joining everyone, and have even played the violin a bit. I really wish I could find that song book, though!

I haven't had much to do yet, but I do keep hearing about this Ravenik guy. He sounds TERRIBLE! Por que en El Enfierno would anyone want to try to control Reavers? That just sounds crazy! It couldn't possibly work. I just...I don't understand, but it sounds like this guy needs to go, even if it's to protect other people.

Oh, I finally got a chance to learn some about Yang-Chen...whoops about the spelling in the last entry. He seems very...dedicated to his work. I don't see much of him, but it seems like this is normal as it doesn't seem to phase anyone.

But yeah...Ravenik needs to go.

Oh, and she should probably take a small concealable weapon...just in case, for her protection. You never know, after all.
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