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Session Three: I'm in a Cave and...
The party followed a underground brook which, according to Coconut, would lead them to the secret entrance to the burrow. As the partied followed the brook, they traveled through a fungal grove of Towercaps, enormous, luminescent mushrooms as large as trees. In that grove a glint caught the keen eye of Ben. Investigating, the party found a silver amulet with a bronze chain resting in a shallow pool of water. As the party crowded around to investigate, Ben felt something on the back of his leg. Spinning around, he saw some sort of motile, acidic ooze creeping up the back of his leg. Another, similar creature slipped down from one the tower caps and attack Reese. The battle was hard fought, but the party prevailed. The gold they found (And the amulet) must of been what remained after the oozes had dissolved their previous victims.

Continuing onward, the party entered a strange, new section of the caverns, which had been changed since the last time Coconut had been there. The party proceeded carefully, their flickering torches casting light down the ominous caves.

Then, something moved in the darkness. Or, more accurately, something skittered. From all sides swarmed a horde of Kruthik, undoubtedly defending their lair. They party battled their way through the hordes, continuing on their journey post-haste just as a larger, older Kruthik arrived and sent of pair of acid-covered spikes at their retreating forms. Fortunately, once they left the Kruthik's territory they stopped their pursuit.

Their journey concluded, the party began their infiltration of the burrow. Fortunately, the room where they emerged from the secret entrance was deserted. Moving quickly but stealthily, the party hatched a plan to have Coconut knock on the door of the Armory, then ambush the guards. Unfortunately, plans that hinge on the involvement of slightly retarded kobolds rarely turn out well, as the guards quickly saw threw the plan. However, the party was still able to dispatch the guards quickly and without allowing them to raise an alarm. Unfortunately, they were not able to do so quietly, as a sharp-eared kobold from the barracks came to investigate. An epic battle with a group of Kobold Warriors and a Kobold Wild Mage followed. In the end, the Wild Mage tried to flee, but was decapitated by a trap.

The Party continued downward towards the civilian levels of the burrow. They defeated the kobolds on the second level, and then set up their defenses to defend the nursery containing the precious eggs.

Then Skaal, the Obsidian Blade Kobold who had been put in charge of the burrow, launched his assault. He himself was wreathed in lightning. Every step, every glance, every movement caused bolts of energy to reach out from him to his surrounding. Flanking him were two enormous iron hounds, as large as a man and powered by some fell magic.

His initial burst of lightning sent Cyrus, Rhonyn and Coconut reeling from its savagery. A vicious melee ensued until Ben launched an expertly arrow into Skaal. Specifically, into his eye. As he reared in pain, he dropped his guard, allowing Rhonyn and Cyrus to launch a deadly flurry of blows that ended his life, and, shortly thereafter, the "lives" of his mechanical companions.
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Session Two
Their wounds healed, party pursued the escaping kobold, hoping to find his lair. They tracked him across the country side, relentlessly chasing him. His wounds slowed him, and they gained ground on him until Cyrus, in one burst of speed and athleticism, caught the kobold and tackled him to the ground.

The clearly terrified kobold explained that Sggrak, his clan's chieftain, had sent them to capture the duo under the orders of Matarkos, chieftain of the Obsidian Blade Clan. The Thousand Claws, once a mighty clan whose warriors where without number, had recently been defeated by the Obsidian Blades and forced from their burrow. They were currently excavating a new one beneath an abandoned watchtower.

With this knowledge in hand, the party went to negotiate with Sggrak, hopeful to gain his aid against Matarkos. Though the Thousand Claws may have lost much of their power, when gathered in strength they were still too many and too powerful for the party to defeat alone. Fortunately their honeyed words and silver tongues were able to persuade Sggrak.

He burned for vengeance against Matarkos and the obsidian blades, but they had kept the Thousand Claws noncombatants and eggs hostage when they expelled them from their burrow. Thus, the party agreed to rescue them in exchange for the kobold's aid.

After being provisioned by the kobolds, they set out for the entrance to the underdark that would provide access to a secret entrance to the burrow, lead by their trusty kobold guide Coconut. On the treacherous path up the mountain they were ambushed by a host of stirges and malevolent, bloodsucking plant. After dispatching them with ease, the party continued towards the entrance.

The heroes found a small nest of giant rats inside the cave entrance. What they didn't find was the chokers waiting in ambush. After a hard fought battle, the chokers were dispatched. Judging by the number of skeletons in their lair, the chokers had been there for quite some time. Enough time to gather a significant sum of treasure from their victims.

The party then set out into the Underdark, a strange, foreign realm full of awe-inspiring wonder and terrifying danger. It was that danger they encountered first when an umber hulk, undoubtedly attracted to their lights. They managed to escape, but were forced off of the path they had planned to follow. What awaits them, perhaps only Yala knows.
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Session One
A band of kobolds trekked through the woods, their humanoid cargo in hand. Why they had been sent to capture the pale one and the technomancer they did not know, but they had succeeded. Unfortunately, fate would ensure that their success would be short lived.
For it must have been that Yala the fate-spinner had spun her silk to bring together the prisoners, the captors and the rescuers. What would her webs show in their future? Only time would tell.
The disparate rescuers fell upon the kobolds, but one managed to escape and summon aid. So the heroes laid in ambush, and fell upon them as well. But again, one escaped.
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