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Dragons and gods used to walk the land of Ael'reth as common as men and elves. But a great war occurred between them all and few have been seen or heard since then.

This is the story of those who have been left to deal with the war's implications and effects many years later. Racial tension is strong, faith is fierce, magic is maddening, and a withering desert spreads across the land.

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I: The Once and Future Queen

Melissadraess sat within her office, reading the scroll she was just presented. Mikhael her man servant knelt below her, waiting.

"I have always known this day will come," she offers.

"When, my queen?"

"When my exile would end."

A dry laugh echoed through the necropolis.

II: Tending the Flames

"Look at you, the proud father. Who would've ever thought?"

"I have known for some time. As did my father."

The eggs were unlike anything Beatrice had ever seen. Bathed in fire, the gold and red tones shone with unfathomable light. They were brighter than the rising sun, and as foretelling as the stars. Many comets would streak the sky on their hatching.

Despite their glory, she could still feel the weight of Paelvrick's presence. Even in all his kindness and pride, a heavy sorrow still cloaked him. His mind never seemed fully with her anymore, she worried he was lost between what had happened and what would be.

"Try to smile, Paelvrick. You're a dragon, the world will smile with you."

The gold dragon hung his head.

"And when dragon's weep, the world weeps with them."

III: The Power

She had started remembering. The first thing she remembered was that man. He was clever. He knew where to look and how to find things. He knew how to hide, and sneak so well that even the dark things couldn't see him. He knew secrets, and soldiers, and how o open a door with out the sputter clack. He knew her name.

Yes, she was sure he did.

She also remembered the camps, though she hadn't remembered how she forgot. She remembered seeing the Others drag him away. She remembered how his new face left her to die, smiling at her as it left. Why did it take him? Because he knew sadness? She was unsure.

She remembered the needles. She remembered the knives. She was special so they kept her. Tried to grow her mind before eating it. Instead they gave her the power.

When the others passed, her she would think as loud as she could about how much she hated the power. She was lying of course, but she saw how they thought now. How could a small one lie to such a great creature? The power is what made her free.

Now the power in her was stronger than ever. She had collected as much as she could. Her body could no longer hold it. That's why she was leaving. That's why she stopped belonging.

There were too many memories and too much power. Her mind could no longer hold it all. She would have to be infinite.

Her other eyes glaze over for a moment, her red and black eye rolling back into her head. She understood, she held many secrets and many memories, but good byes were due.

IV: Daddy Issues

Professor Darshall rubbed his forehead as looked over the city. Everything here was beautiful. Some would say beautiful enough to never leave. Those people were idiots.

Rumor had it that a particularly large number of tieflings had been running amok of late. He was sure atleast two of them were his daughters. He had known a long time ago he had no interest in being a father but this only confirmed it.

Daughters were nothing but trouble.

He couldn't even go after them if he wanted to though. There were horrible rumors of what had happened to those who had left. He would be surprised if Ludwyn ever came back from his sabbatical. The last time anyone from the divination department left, she had come back foaming at the mouth after cutting off her own ears.
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RE: Game 10: Distant Rumblings...
There is sand everywhere. In my armor, in my hair, in my coffin. If the journey home does not kill me, my brothers and sisters will put no end to mocking me. Yet, I truly have the upper hand over them. I am free.

The halflings spoke of a demoness followed by a pack of wolves, and an angel that flies through Gorren and Domill. Apparently, I chose even better than I knew.

Little Axe given me a message that came during the day. Since my master died, his other children and siblings have made an alliance with a lich. We will be preparing for battle when we return. If they know where I am, but refuse to help me I can only guess this a test of my will and cunning. Trying to see if I've been tamed, I suppose.

The death of Tragedy was a beautiful thing. How many thanks I owe those scoundrels.

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Game 9: It's beginning to look like Shining Eve
The Shining Eve is coming up, and I can't help thinking of home. Last night I dreamed about my old life. I remembered fishing with my brothers out on the frozen lake. I've thought about going back for the holiday, but I'm not really the girl they knew any more. In retrospect, Jeremiya Glitters was a stupid name.

I don't really know what I'd even tell them...

Dear mom, dad, etc.,

After lizard men destroyed the house, I was kidnapped by a kobold and almost sacrificed to a red dragon. Instead I was saved by a group of insane mercenaries and joined a cult to a crazy mask. Everything is ok now except for war.

Enjoy the Shining Eve,


No. Just no.

In better news, Rhade is back and I think we've gotten to be friends at this point. Honestly, the poor guy could use to have a few more. Most of the friends he had turned out to be dead or crazy. Not that I'm much better I guess.

On that note I should get him a gift. He'll probably say something about Dracha holidays and how they're all about stabbing each other over reproductive rights or something, but secretly be totally excited and moved by getting a present that isn't just about murder. He's a bit of a softie under all those scales.

Daniel and Lily have gotten a lot older a lot faster. I can see how much Daniel hates staying in one place and that its starting to get to him. As for Lily, she just had to order a break-in into a church of her own god. I think I have just the thing to cheer them up though. I know they've been putting all their money into the war now, so I talked to Oculus about getting them something for The Shining Eve. I know they probably don't celebrate it, but it's a good tradition and this city still needs a few more lanterns. I think the humans do something with candles and planting winterblooms. I'll ask Lily about it.

For Persistence, I got something to help with her missions. I don't know how much it'll actually help, but it can't hurt. That girl needs to watch herself though. I really don't want to see her get hurt. Between her crazy sister and calloused jerk of a dad she doesn't need much else in her life. I feel a little bad about fighting with her the other day. We're all just stressed and scared.

Maybe I should write home after all.

Dear everyone,

It's me Jeremiya. I go by Jitters now. I'm living in Gorren and Domill, with some friends I've made. They're a little eccentric, but they're good people. Aside from you guys, they're the only family I have left. I've had to do a lot of things to protect both them and myself, and I don't regret it.

I still love you all very much, but I don't know if you'd approve of the person I've become. I do I know that our people are in trouble, and I'm doing what I can to make the other races see that. I hope this adds a little more light to you Shining Eve season.

Your daughter, sister, and fellow halfling,


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Game 8: Wheels
It sees the wheels turning.

It's wyrm eye quivers. The dragon that sleeps will die. Yes. This place is ending. It's eye brother will see to his people. They are growing, yes. Growing like the desert, growing like destiny. It senses danger for it's brother.

It's pit eye turns to glance. The plane-touched ones are birthing. New eyes will blink in the sun. One on the shining mountain side and one in the dark unending depths.

It's shadow eye is watching. The lich touched does not know yet. Does not understand the weight of its actions. It can not turn it away. If the lich touched succeeds everything will change. It does not know for ill or beauty.

The forbidden eye is awakened. The ancient keepers are rising. It snatches and kills, but there are so many to take. The iron and brass men have sought it out. Asking it to return to what it once was. It can not do that. It can snatch but it can not return. Concerns it.

The wild eye hails chaos. The bear king is crowned and seeks a champion.

The clay man's eye weeps and thrashes against itself.

The wooden eye struggles and spasms. The golden cage is tiring. The desert will explode with life and knowledge.

But the crystal eye is clearest. Each day it is closer to where it belongs. Not here. It never belonged here. It's creation is a mistake, soon changed. It will be pure.
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An OOC break down of what the fuck is going on in this crazy game
The Plot So Far

After being united by a mysterious spell-caster (Paelvrick), Persistence, Rhade, and Mord-Ovian destroyed a cult to an evil red dragon, Magmoar. While there they discovered a magical artifact that allowed one to communicate with Magmoar, and rescued a halfling, nicknames Jitters. Back in town Mord-Ovian looked for a bard to train Jitters, as well as write the epic ballad, "Patience and the Dragon Man." On discovering this bard (Daniel) was part of the Guild of Smiling Masks, you all decided to enlist him in helping to fence your stolen goods.

As you all traveled through the woods you encountered a magical house that was the domain of a creature from the plane of thought called "Mother" and her "family," an enslaved ranger and several kidnapped children. While fighting your way through an extra-dimensional maze you encountered another creature from the plane of thought that manifested as a pink mushroom.

After all that nonsense, Mord built his first head shrine (it has magic nature powers), Persistence and Rhade fought about appropriate parenting styles, and Daniel started recruiting Persistence. Mord-Ovian also took one of the children upon himself and started calling him Axe.

On reaching Gorren and Domill chaos ensued. Mord-Ovian sold the Meat and Great bear steaks, Rhade demanded coffee, and Persistence destroyed the local prostitution economy. The group also received word of several buyers, two of which ended up being traps (sort of).

At one buyers place the party found some dead gnomes and a dead wizard. A favored soul claiming to be god, hid in the pantry and claimed to see a man with golden hair and claws kill the gnomes after they killed the wizard. With this "god's" approval Mord-Ovian sold the gnome meat to the Meat and Great calling it "Gnu Steak."

The party sold a map of ancient dwarven holdings to mysterious entity known as "Oculus."

Meanwhile Persistence was sworn into the Guild of Smiling Masks along with Jitters and Rhade came with. This lead to Rhade being killed after questioning Tragedy. Persistence begged Tragedy to revive him (it did), and Tragedy began inhabiting Daniel.

Then the party met Morwan and killed a councilman. Mord was not thrilled by this as he hates undead flesh. Mord continued his serial killer behavior and built another shrine, this time one that is necromantic.

Then the group went to go fight dracha to the north, losing Morwan and gaining Reyna and creating Totem in the process. Persistence also left the party, and Fiora showed up tailing her.

Then everyone fought some demons and annoyed Grazzt by smashing his freaky spawn egg. Beatrice was met and she was adorable and old. Somewhere in there Peter was depressed about baby making and Rhade convinced him to bang Magmoar (will edit this part later).

Morwan led the group to kill the sheriff and his allies in a variety of gruesome and ridiculous ways. The party met Jitters and Lily (Daniel's wife) and through them met Oculus. Rhade cut out his eye and drank tea with a Paladin. Fiora became more evil bent. There is a sorcerress with a succubi cat. It's all very dramatic.

Now you guys have a magic mirror and lantern that you are going to use to kill Tragedy.

The World Around You

Since the beginning of the game Gorren and Domill have slowly broken down, mainly through officers of the law and political representatives being killed. Things are pretty tense and people are keeping their noses down. The fight ring the PCs went to was busted and the meat and great is on lockdown. There is a search for the people who were seen talking to the Sheriff's cleric before he died.

The remaining council members seem to be taking advantage of the climate of fear to make more arrests and encourage xenophobia. A large number of spellcasters and non-humans have been arrested on fairly low level and/or fluff claims.

So what's going on at the moment?

You all are hiding out in Daniel and Lily's house along with Jitters. Jitters is preparing to kill and/or intimidate out of office with the help of Persistence, Lily, and two guild members Fang and Half-Man. This is to make Tragedy appear publicly for it's coronation as sovereign, where it does not have a buttload of traps at it's disposal. Then the PCs bust in with their magic equipment, save Daniel and make him and Lily the king and queen. Then there is massive civil war. It will be awesome.
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