Welcome to Short Form Games!

Short Form Games is an online community centered around "accessible" roleplaying gaming - that is, games that don't require players to have a lot of background knowledge of the setting or play history to jump in. This usually comes by way of one-shot games (demos), short-arc campaigns (2-5 sessions) or ongoing, episodic campaigns (such as the RPGA's Living public play campaigns).

We welcome all systems and genres of gaming and are willing to help you with the technical details of playing RPGs online. Most games are played over Skype or Google+ Hangouts, though PbP, PbE and other methods are viable as well.

Come check out our calendar for upcoming games or our wiki and campaign journal for examples of past games. The wiki also contains the basic community guidelines and some helpful hints for interfacing with EpicWords itself. If you have any questions, please contact Ryven Cedrylle at ryvencedrylle@gmail.com. Thanks for stopping by; we wish you good gaming!

P.S. You shouldn't need to create a character for this campaign to do all the necessary interface but if you do, please use your username. Also, the passkey is 'pickup.'

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