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Welcome to the modern world, a land of technology, discovery and dark hidden magical secrets. A world ruled behind the scenes by mages and the ministrations of demons. A land of supernatural occurrences hidden behind the mask and illusion of normalcy.

You are a stranger to this hidden world, you awake in the wreckage of a military lab unaware of what has happened and even more confused at what is happening around you. You are hunted and you do not know why, you have abilities that confuse you and your only friends seem to be beings you thought never existed.

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Entry 2
It is now October 15 in the year of our lord 1691. It seems a few members of my congregation are on trial down at the Governor Bradley’s home, apparently they want to keep the trial quiet. The people in question are Amule Brouer and his younger brother Adam. The younger McCarthy boy Fitzpatrick has something to do with it as well, I have never liked that family much but they keep their theology to themselves and for the most part have not bothered my flock so that’s something for them. Most of the recent Irish Catholics haven’t been good at keeping away from my people. They all learn in time this is a new Puritan nation so no worries I suppose. I may even be able to convert some more as I have the Collins. But this is all beside the point. I have been asked by The Governor to come oversee the trial. It seems the 3 boys are under investigation of murder and their defense is not that they have not killed anyone but that the people they killed were not people. They claimed that the dockworkers were practicing the black arts. This may seem cruel but I do hope the boys are lying and the heathen magic’s have not followed me to this new world. I myself have no way of battling them and do not wish to turn back to the damnable Catholics for help. And even if I did I doubt they would help me without there being a price. I will write more when I return home tonight.
- Father Frewin
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Entry 1
This all seems rather silly, me talking to myself through a book. Although, my daughters have a point, when I need to recall something this will be very helpful. My name is Father Frewin and I am the head of my small perish in Massachusetts Bay. Well I suppose my full given name is Richard David Frewin. It is now October 12 in the year of our Lord 1691. I have now been in the new world for 3 years with my 2 daughters, Alana and Henrietta, and my eldest son, Isaac. The younger Emmanuel did not make it over but he has moved on to our Lord, I wish not to speak of this more. The congregation seemed tense today there has been speaking of magic down at the docks. All I am able to do is assure them that we are still better off here. Free from the Catholics and their lies. Free from our restrictive brothers in the Church of England. Even in this open age they were no more than a puppet to the Pope and his rhetoric. The only thing they could do properly was send the pagans to be judged. Too bad they were equally as good at killing my puritan brothers. I personally believe that they were in league with the pagans and their pacts with Satan. I am so happy to be away from that blood soaked country. I do hope that the rumor of magic at the docks is only that, a rumor. My daughters are here with dinner. I will write some more later if I get the chance.
-Father Frewin
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