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    Elasha Winterflower Wild Elf (Grugach)/F/Fighter/Magic User/6/6
    "The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it."
    Description:Elasha has penetrating blue eyes, porcelain white skin, and jet black hair, usually worn loose and wild or held back with a simple filet of leather. Her body, lithe and muscular like a gymnast's, seems to vibrate with some unnamed potential energy even when at rest. Her arms, thin yet supple, ar...
    Background:Elasha hails from the forest of Ardred. She once belonged to the Hoar Fox Clan, a semi-nomadic tribe of grugach elves who called the perilous forest home until they were decimated by their enemies. Elasha, the only survivor, turned her back on her past at the tender age of eighty and journeyed ...
    Details:15% XP bonus She is 138 years old and remembers the last winter She stands 5’ 3” tall and weighs 80 pounds She has a great fondness for chess Languages: Common Dwarven Elven Orcish Goblinoid Giantish Sylvan Draconic Abyssal Infernal Celestial Elasha's Sword: Her sword...
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    Hesper Human/F/Druid

Retired Characters

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    Grünthok (Retired) Human 15% XP bonus/M/Barbarian
    "armor.. ax and my speed are my armor"
    Description:Grünthok can best be described as massive, yet lightening quick. He stands at a hair under seven feet tall... not counting his top knot. Rugged facial features render him handsome in a wild way. He considers armor cowardly however wears a pauldron made from the skull bone of goblin he killed many...
    Background:Born a second son to his clan's Chieftain he was destined from birth to be the Protector of the Clan and his older brother, Hrunde,who would inherit the Warlord's Reign. All was well until the Chieftain passed on to the next world and Hrunde took control of the clan; A spoiled child he became an ...
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    Dunrick Wolfhammer (Retired) Dwarf/M/Fighter
    "Bust'n mangy wolves wherever 'n whoever they be!"
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    Dr. Zalano (Retired) Human/M/Thief/1
    "Pick a card, any card."
    Description:Dr. Zalano fancies himself a Prestigitator, often using magic tricks and slight of hand to keep his victims distracted while he palms their coins or slips a dirk precisely between their ribs. The Doctor has a far away, dark skinned exotic look to him. Sporting a red turban, a waxed mustache and b...
    Background:But of course, the Doctor worships Furina, the Goddess of thieves, unlawful gain and trickery.
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    Alarin Tarwyll (Retired) Human/F/Ranger/5
    "Life's a bitch and then you die."
    Description: Five years' passage had not been kind to me, but it had not been cruel, either. So Time had actually been rather ambivalent, which was fine by me. I had been 17 when fiends in the shape of humans had razed my home to the ground. Where before, as the cherished daughter of nobility, I had kep...
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    Oswin the Far Seer (Retired) Human/M/Cleric of Woden/6th
    "The future must be met, however stern and iron it be."
    Description:Oswin’s armor and clothing indicate the wealthy circles that he once served, but their state are reminders of the fall he has suffered. His rich purple wool cloak is thick and obviously expensive, but it is travel-stained and hastily patched, the gold thread carefully plucked free weeks ago to p...
    Background:Oswin Wodenson, Oswin the Poet, and Oswin the Healer are all names he has used, but he prefers to call himself Oswin the Far Seer. He feels it adds flair and mystery which only enhances people’s excitement over his readings of signs and portents. He was born to a merchant family in Vinovia, o...
    Details:Oswin is 29 years old, 6'2" tall, and weighs 205 pounds. Bonus XP: 10% Languages: Elven, High Elerian, Reptilian
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    Hrotsvitha (Retired) Human/F/Druid/1
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    Hraðgar (Retired) Human/M/Assassin/First
    Description:A traveling assassin, Hraðgar is a man of the forest. He awaits travelers with wealth to hire him for his services. Of average height, Hraðgar seems to prose little threat, but prides himself on this misconception. Armed with a short sword and hidden daggers, his killing abilities are second to n...
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    Jig (Retired) Halfling/F/Thief/8 (8d6)
    "Well that was anticlimactic."
    Details:Level: 8 Experience: 63054 (next level @90k) (XP Bonus: +5%) Saving Throw: 8 Hit Points: 44 Alignment: chaotic neutral Skills (add to saving throw): +1 to delicate tasks +2 to hide in shadows +2 to move silently +2 to open locks +4 to save against magic +2 to save on devices 80% t...
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    Niamh (Retired) dwarf/F
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    Asphodel (Retired) Human/F/Druid/5

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